Stan Twins ~ 7 Years

Reuploading this directly to Tumblr (instead of youtube) because of some mobile viewing difficulties. 

The Stan Twins and everything they’ve been through still gets me emotional (and probably always will), so here’s a tribute to the journeys of my two favorite old men. 


I got myself some new watercolor paper last friday and did a few quick watercolor doodles to test it out.:) 

I really like it!! It dries more slowly and the color blending act out a bit differently as my usual (as you can see with merrow!matthew) but at the same timethe texture is super fine and the colors are super vibrant! (and i dont scrap my inking pens since the texture is not super rough.)

(Me as I’m about to press the “Post” Button: “Please don’t hate me, Pilot, please don’t hate me…”)  XD

@thelastpilot is having a cover art contest and I’m kind of a sucker for those, mostly because I’m not very good at graphic design and that kind of thing, so it gives me an opportunity to challenge myself.

Except… this is what happened instead.  XD 

Here’s the one at the required cover art size:

The contest ends on the 31st at midnight, so there’s still time to squeak by with an entry, if you’re interested! <3


dance dance it’s a nuzlocke baby

After putting together a character select screen, I and a few others commissioned @kaeveeoh to animate it! It was a very long process (hunting down art to put in the polygons and then the animation itself), but I’m super pleased with how it turned out!

Special shout out to @pettyartist @snoozelocke @bekkodraws and @imaowaffel for contributing to the commission money!! :’)

A full list of artists involved:

@wonderynuzlocke @systematical-error-nuz @shimshenanigans @zannyblogging @ocentropy @faultlinenuzlocke @platinum-sun-guild @emeraldskiesnuzlocke @hanasnuzlocke @dmkryl @adifferentkindofreality @fateofencounter @cc-nuzlocke @datnuzlockeblog @reagentnein @snoozelocke @jor-nuzlocke @superlucknuzlocke @crossout-nuzlocke @falseflaglocke @nuzlockeboutthatkid @genesisgijinka @nuzlockeonice and @mythsofunova


rose goddess au part 15!
so yes it was lance ! , i mean c’mon guys i used the blue color to sketch XD
have some klance  fluff !………before angst ………..pray for pidge
hope you like it !

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Too Sexy for This Song (Chapter 1)

Written because @ladyserendipitous suggested this idea, and I had to write it. An AU where every time you have a song stuck in your head, it’s because your soulmate is singing it.

AO3 link

“Fighting evil by the moonlight…”

Marinette grimaced as she found herself singing along to the song in her head. Her soulmate was singing it again. After the fifteenth time, she finally looked it up and learned her first fact about her soulmate. He was a Sailor Moon fan.

Well, the second thing. She’d known since she the first day she heard him that her soulmate couldn’t sing.

Still, she couldn’t complain, because she’d grown used to the sound of it popping up in her mind at the most random times. She didn’t often reciprocate, but sometimes when he got stuck on a song, she’d retaliate with her showstopper.

“Every night in my dreams… I see you… I feel you…”

The song in her head abruptly stopped, and Marinette snickered.

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