Though this new friendship between Dipper and Ford can lead to some bad outcomes (namely, the twins getting split up) and yes, the idea does scare me, I still think that this relationship is very important to Dipper.

And I think this one line he said summarizes it perfectly.

Being a kid that grew up with some nerdy interests, I can see what he means by that, and what Ford means to him.

He’s used to being teased by everyone because of his interests; even by his closest loved ones. And while that teasing is not mean-spirited or meant to harm him, mind you, it still affects him.

Not only when it comes to the DDamD game, but with everything else. Dipper is constantly teased by Stan and Mabel in a way that other characters on the show aren’t; usually, for the way he acts, his interest in mysteries and books, even his voice.

It makes him feel silly for liking what he likes and being what he is, most of all; and to a growing kid, especially, that’s not good at all.

And then comes Ford, who is like him in so many ways. Not only that, but he also is an older, genius figure, one he has idolized and looked up to ever since he found the first journal.

And who, big shocker, actually respects what he likes.

Up until now, I don’t think that anyone truly validated his interests, not like Ford did. He probably feels like he’s finally found someone who he can share with what’s a big part of himself, one that he’s not able to share with most people; someone who just understands.

And really, Dipper needed it. All kids need this.






anonymous asked:

I still think he's going to be an antagonist. Not intentionally, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I am so glad you said this because I really really really want to talk about Stanford Pines! I apologize ahead of time for this being really long but I need to get this out.

The reason why I am so hesitant to call him a bad guy is because we just don’t really know what Stanford’s personality is actually like. He’s only been in two real episodes so it’s going to take time to see his fully fleshed out character like we’ve come to see Grunkle Stan. No matter how much we can speculate, Ford’s still a giant mystery to us. But there are two things that I feel are pretty accurate about him.

One, we know that he’s lonely. He wouldn’t have told Dipper about the rift if he didn’t feel like he could have a friend in the kid. He’s human and he needed someone to confide in after 30 years, even if Dipper is only 12 years old. He had no one else to go to and no one else that he felt so connected to.

Many people have already stated that this human flaw is going to have an impact on the twins. I won’t say much about that because so many people have answered it already.

What I really want to get to is something I’ve seen and speculated throughout the past few episodes that nobody seems to be bringing up.

Stanford is sooo friggin protective. DDAMD basically confirmed that for me. Not only did we see multiple scenes in the episode where Stanford took the helm to protect the others (especially Dipper).

We also got to see a little bit into how he thinks when it comes to the portal and his work.

I believe that Ford is trying to hide what he’s actually doing down in the basement with good intentions to protect his family. What he’s doing is some serious stuff. He even said himself that it’s “far too dangerous for a single living soul” and when Dipper asks about where he’s been and what he’s done, Ford immediately brushes away the subject, looking to the ground saying “it’s best if you and the family stay away from that subject”. 

He doesn’t want the family to know what he’s been doing because well from what we can assume it’s some pretty dark stuff.

Ok so we got a glimpse of the horrors of what Ford has seen from just the journals right? Now picture 30 years in multiple dimensions. There, even this small die has the potential to destroy the world. If that’s not enough of a hint then take into account that Stanford comes out of the portal with a bandage on his arm, a gun on his back, and clear fighting skills. This speaks of the potential harsh life he has lead on the other side. Not to mention that fact that he’s said himself that he made “powerful enemies” in his time. 

From what I can see, Ford believes that what he’s delving into is too much for the others to be around and experience. But it’s not because he feels like it’s because they wouldn’t understand, but because he doesn’t want them hurt or in trouble. He dismantled the portal because he knew it was too dangerous to keep up(he learned that after what happened to Fiddleford and finally came to his senses after 30 years) 

And realized what could have happened if Stanley hadn’t succeeded in saving him. 

He’s aware of the risks and feels he has to carry that weight on his shoulders alone for the sake of protecting his family and even the world from harm.

We even saw this in ATOTS. Stanford purposely leaves out his story about Bill some would say because some sketchy stuff went down. But I think it’s just like with avoiding telling them what happened on the other end of the portal. He wants to keep them away from the supernatural dangers. Ignorance is bliss after all.

Little does he know that the kids have already been exposed to it and met the very demon that’s caused him so much trouble for so long. (I’m waiting for that to appear in a later episode and blow up in Ford’s face.)

Stanford was in some deep shit when Stanley came to the shack. He was being haunted by Bill, probably hiding from the Society of the Blind Eye, and carried some pretty heavy secrets with him in those journals.

But instead of opening up and telling Stanley about what was going on, he tried to keep his brother away from the danger and skirted around telling him what was happening for fear that Stanley would want to stay and help.

This I think is going to be Ford’s biggest downfall. He’s so worried about saving people from the dangers of what he’s seen that it’s just going to cause even more trouble. Because he didn’t explain to Stanley what was really going on all those years ago, they got into a huge fight and he was thrown into the portal. Now he’s doing the exact same thing, and it’s likely that the cycle is going to repeat itself.

Ford is closing himself off from these people when he could easily look to them for help. Look at how well this team did during DDAMD!

There’s no denying that the Pines family is at their strongest when they’re together.

The fact that Ford’s carrying all these secrets is yes with good intentions. He wants his family safe, he wants them away from the dangers of what he’s seen, he wants to protect them. But with that intention he is easily going to cause more problems in the future.  Problems that may end up getting his family hurt as a result. He’s made enemies, so what will happen if they come after him? And how long is he going to keep Bill from everyone?

We’ve seen it time and time again in the show before, seemingly innocent actions have an effect on the people around them and our heroes actually become the seeming antagonists of the story. 

If this show has shown anything its shown that the good guys have flaws and sometimes those flaws cause the undoing of those around them. Stanford’s actions are seemingly no different in this case, yet the fandom is blaming him and treating him like this one dimensional character for doing the same thing that Dipper, Mabel, and Stan have been doing throughout the entire show. This is why I have trouble calling him an antagonist.

No, we don’t know the lengths Ford will go to to keep those dangers away from the world. But I do feel that whatever he does is going to be because of this complex to keep everyone safe. It’s keeping secrets that got Stanley into trouble with Dipper during NWHS. Its secrets that’s going to get Dipper into trouble with Mabel in the future. And its secrets that Stanford is going to keep from everyone that may turn them against him, even if it is all just to protect them in the end.

“Mabel feels left out because Dipper is spending more time with the author!”

“The author is going to separate the twins!”

“The author will see Stan in Mabel and will try to keep her away from her twin because he thinks she’ll mess everything up for Dipper like Stanley did to him!”

Yeah ok, maybe, but consider this:

“Whoa, six-fingered handshake! A full finger friendlier than normal!”

“Haha! I like this kid! She’s weird!”

“Here you go, kid who I apparently associate with the cause of my failure and frustration, you can have one of my most prized possessions because I trust you and you need to learn how to defend yourself because I CARE ABOUT YOU.”

“While we’re at it, take this crossbow, because I trust you know how to use it correctly in order for self preservation of both you, your twin, and anyone else who could be in danger…. did I mention I DON’T TRUST YOU AND YOU’LL RUIN DIPPER’S LIFE IN THE FUTURE?! STAY AWAY FROM MY PROTEGÉ!”

Yeah, like that’s really going to happen.