One rule

We followed one rule.

Never become attached.

It was easy enough to follow. We were broken beyond repair; we hated each other’s guts, bitter and cold…..

Until…. they came to our lives…

We still don’t know how or why we eventually got along…But we still did…

At first, we would try to attack each other and they would beat us…then we got tired of those battles. We started talking…that was when we discovered that….our counterparts have been in pain for much longer than us…and yet here they are….still standing strong…..

And our one rule broke….

They were now our light, our saviors, our angels. We will kill for them, bleed for them…and now…they have become our weakness that shall hurt us the most…

Even though we may no more feel physical, mental and spiritual pain…..we can still feel emotional pain….

Healthy, simple, clean post-workout meal - grilled salmon (with garlic powder, oregano, paprika, cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper and avocado oil) with flavoured rice (cooked in stock), lettuce and cucumber.