One of my favorite riders on the web.

Equestrians, we eat shit daily. 

Good job getting back on and doing more jumps.


My inspiration.

I haven’t been able to ride in a very long time. i wish I could get back out there and run 15 miles an hour on an animal’s back with no hands and jump a foot and a half and feel as confident as I used to. I wish I could get out and see King more often. He’s the horse I’ve been working on retraining but I haven’t got to see him in a few months. With every passing day I can’t ride, I feel my experience deteriorating and I feel so awful. Riding is me. Riding came before writing and music and acting and longboarding. It’s always been a part of me. It’s me, it’s what I do. But I haven’t ridden in so long, it hurts…