The Turkish government has attacked Gezi Park directly with water cannons and pepper gas aiming the said elements at men, women, children… They are now attacking the nearby hotels that have opened their doors to the wounded. it has been reported that they are entering the park with work machines. THEY HAVE ATTACKED CHILDREN! PLEASE pass this along as much as you can. it has been reported by local news channels that the government will be bringing in jammers to stop the broadcasts! PLEASE SPREAD THE NEWS. #occupygezi


Learn more about the Turkish government’s violent attacks on peaceful protesters. Educate yourself and spread the word. This is real. This is happening. This is unacceptable. We cannot remain silent.

Government Intolerance of Free Speech, Assembly Triggers Demonstrations:

In Turkey, at least 100 injured as police clash with protesters at Gezi Park:

As Istanbul protests continue, government turns off live camera feeds from Taksim:

Turkey must halt brutal police repression and investigate abuses at Istanbul protest:

Horrendous, violent attacks from the government against peaceful protesters in Istanbul:

Turkish police have violently attacked peaceful protesters:

Ask the White House to condemn the actions taken against peaceful protesters in Istanbul:

On Second Day, Anti-Government Protests Swell In Turkey:

Turkish demonstrators spark worldwide solidarity protests:

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From all the Turkey, all the citizens are resisting. All the people from all around Turkey are trying to support people in Taksim. And because of the government, the media is completely silenced! People are dying in the streets and at TV, there is series and stupid competitions. Because of that we used the power of social media and used mainly Twitter to take action and communicate but the government BANNED Twitter and Facebook in Turkey and many people have no access to Facebook and Twitter! This is now more than saving the nature! This is about raising our voice against the government!
Since our media is not spreading the news, we all need your help to strengthen our cause!
We are children of ATATURK and you cannot get away with what you have done that easily! We will not forget any of these…
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15-year-old Gezi victim Berkin Elvan dies after 269 days in coma
March 12, 2014

Berkin Elvan, who has been in a coma since June 2013 after being struck in the head by a gas canister during a police crackdown on protesters, died March 11, his family announced via Twitter.

“To our people: We lost our son Berkin Elvan at 7 a.m. in the morning. Condolences to us all,” Elvan’s parents said in the message.

The young teenager, the eighth person to be killed in the Gezi Park protests, went into a coma after sustaining a head injury from a gas canister as he went to buy bread during a police crackdown in Istanbul’s Okmeydanı neighborhood last June. Elvan has since become one of the prime symbols violence faced by protesters throughout the nationwide Gezi demonstrations.

He had only turned 15 in January while still in a coma. A ceremony will be held at a cemevi in Okmeydanı before the burial in Feriköy cemetery on March 12.

Scores of people gathered in front of the hospital where Elvan was convalescent for over nine months, in a show of solidarity with the family upon calls on social media.

Tension rose between a group of demonstrators and the police, which again resorted to tear gas regardless of the fact that the hospital’s entrance was nearby.

“Riot police arrived in front of the hospital as the funeral was ongoing to be sent to the forensics department. Some people also went that way and protested against the police. A scuffle occurred. The police officers did not restrain themselves at all from using gas. They once again used disproportionate force,” said Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) Istanbul lawmaker Melda Onur, who was participating in the vigil. “Tear gas even entered inside the hospital,” she added.

Onur also said a child was brought into the hospital after being injured due a tear gas canister.

Another man, who was going to the hospital to visit his sick wife, was also injured after being hit in his head by a tear gas canister.

Tributes also poured in under the hashtag #BerkinElvanÖlümsüzdür (“Berkin Elvan is immortal”).

Dozens of protests are planned in cities around the country for this evening.

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Dear conscientious people all around the world,

something so brutal is happening in Istanbul, Turkey. Police is attacking innocent people violently and continuously.

It all started when Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, current Prime Minister of Turkey announced that Gezi Parkı in Taksim, Istanbul will be demolished and on its place the 94th shopping mall will be built.

Our conscientious and environment-friendly public got together at Gezi Parkı the next day and started protesting.

Well, you might get the idea that they were violent and causing trouble; but no, that’s not what happened. They grabbed their books and baskets… They sat on the grass, read their books, had picnics, … They just spend some nice time there and because of the fact that so many people where at the area, the attemps of demolishment did not occur.

Then, as if the public were causing trouble, police started attacking. -I mean why is the police even there? Were there any danger? No! Were there any angry anarchist people? No!- The attack from the police resulted with a person with an operation need and many other injured people.

Because the police jumped right in to the public’s peaceful and harmless protest, people got angry and then it all started…

Public was at the park the next day. And the police was there also. It all got so big so fast. Police attacked the public with tear gas and water cannons. Public was being attacked unjustly. And the whole country, except for Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s proponents became one! There were protests all around the country.

May 29 was the beginning of all of these… It’s June 4 now, it’s the 7th day and it’s still going on.

There are over 3000 injured people and it’s believed that the number of dead people is 3.

The whole world is supporting us except for our ‘beloved’ Prime Minister.

And what’s worse is that the media channels are being censored! In order to not to display the news!

Please help me share this news! And help us and inform as many people as you can and let’s make an end of Erdoğan's brutal acts!

You can search this hashtag to get more and fresh news: #direngeziparki and #occupygezi .


-forward this to everyone you know


-let your local and national media channels know