Future things for sale! We have a pink and green gezak. Right now I am thinking ill finish it as a partial and put it up for sale via ladder auction (if it gets to a certain price it will be upgraded to a fullsuit) 

and then there is the wild life collab coyote. Head built of a Wild Life head base and the rest will be finished by me. That will probably be a fully finished digi auction. 

Not sure of when either of these will be officially up for sale. working on lot of things right now and taking it day by day. 


Okay so I’ve honestly been going back and forth with myself whether or not to stay in this fandom due to a lot of icky stuff that I put myself through and causing me to stress over things that might not matter in the future.

That an I also get very VERY insecure when it comes down to my style of art, so I’m trying to experiment more.

I try to make my pieces as colorful as I can, hence using the buttload of color overlays in everything, regardless of the brown shading I use.

SO that being said, I’ve been looking at a few of my favorite artists and have been trying to figure out ways to incorporate color theory into my art as they have seemed to have mastered.

Artist being fivel, wolf-nymph, hoot and centradragon.

Do I doodled this up in about an hour, which was honestly quite surprising to me. I experimented more with shapes instead of being high strung over where the fur goes and whatnot, creating more strain on myself than there should be.


Expect more of this art style in the future.