One frame of photography bleeds into another to create star trails over Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National park. Steam plumes from the geyser migrate back and forth over the hour waiting for eruption.


Fantastic view of geysers and hot springs, Rotorua, New Zealand


Upper Geyer Basin - Old Faithful & Hot Spring Pools

An afternoon spent exploring this extraordinary landscape is like being teleported to an alien planet. It’s really hard to believe some of this scenery isn’t out of a sci-fi movie set, but rather it occurs naturally in all it’s glory around this world renowned park. It’s safe more me to say that the Yellowstone experience offers more “bang for your buck” then any other national park I’ve visited.

I arrived at 7:45pm and walked up to see Old Faithful starting to erupt; a perfect way to start the day. Then I proceed to walk the boardwalk and trail from the Upper Geyser Basin to the Biscuit Basin and back over the course of 5-6 miles. This area of the park contains the highest concentration of geysers on the entire planet. There’s an incredible variety of prismatic colored pools, deep blue hot springs and steaming geysers teasing the crowds with spouting, spewing and signs of eruption. Only a few geysers can be reliably predicted with eruption times and the rest can end up being quite random. I was lucky to see about 6 amazing eruptions over the course of 10 hours and two trips around the basin. 

I can’t say enough great things about this amazing, colorful, volcanic landscape. If you only had one day in Yellowstone (that’d be a shame) then this would obviously be the place to explore. People from all over the world stand in awe at the surreal sites found here.


Slow motion capture of the steam cloud at Iceland’s Strokkur geyser


Firehole river