glytches just promoted themselves for a big gig using the following arguments

  • we have a Y in our bandname
  • we copy joy division
  • our drummer is responsible for 50% of the money you made on selling beer on your parties and gigs the past 4 years
  • our guitarist has been on the cover of a japanese model magazine. look at drowners, they’re famous bc of matt hitt
  • our guitarist and singer sometimes make out with each other. pete and carl, alex and miles, john and paul, do we need to say more?
  • our bassist has a quiff
we'll be fighting on NYE if:
  1. they dont play nothing comes to nothing
  2. they do play nothing comes to nothing
  3. someone looks angry towards jonas
  4. someone makes a comment about smoking
  5. they play i bet you look good on the dancefloor
  6. they play rock ‘n roll star
  7. someone gets an arctic monkeys/babyshambles lyric wrong
  8. someone nearly bumps into us
  9. they start playing commercial shite bc it’s new years eve
  10. someone wishes us a happy new year