shoutout to sixteenth century irish shitlord Richard Stanyhurst for the WORSTE aeneid translation i’ve seen yet!!

Literal: “Oh god! Is he leaving? Does this foreigner make a mockery of my kingdom?”

Stanyhurst: “Shal a stranger geve me the slampam? | With such departure my regal segnorye frumping?”

Dido, Aeneid 4.590-1

No More Tears (Simon D x Reader)

P.S. This was requested by an anon. I hope you like it, it was extremely fun to write and it’s super fluffy. Enjoy!


When Kiseok met you it was like love at first sight. Hyun-Jung had hired you to do her nails, and because she was busy you came to the studio. You were very good at your job, alot of artists were your regular clients and the prize might be a little bit high, but it was worth it. You were a perfectionist, you always made sure everything was just right.

When you walked in the room, with a bright smile and using both hands to hold your bag, your beautiful hair falling next to your face, Kiseok couldn’t take his eyes off of you. He was the one that guided you to were Hyun-Jung was, he even stayed there during the process cause ‘he was curious’. That was when your secret was discovered, you awlays liked to play music while working, so you put on your regular playlist and got to to work. a few minutes in and his song was heard, at first you didn’t realise it, but then you saw him smilling and you blushed, the playlist was filled with AOMG songs.

After that Kiseok made Hyun-jung do alot of stuff just so her nails can get at least a little bit dirty so you can come over, he even offered to pay for it when Hyun-Jung complained about it. The third time you came, Kiseok had to leave the room for a minute, Hyun-jung took the opportunity and told you everything about what was going on. When Kiseok came back, your hands were slightly shaking, you were extremely quiet, you didn’t look up from her nails. Kiseok looked at Hyun-Jung who smiled at him, he knows she told her everything. He asked you out the same day, of course you said yes.

Everything happened so fast. A few months of dating and you were married, he asked you to be his wive when you where backstage at one of his concerts. He had just got off the stage and you were all sitting in the dressing room having fun, out of the blue he turns to you and asks you if you would marry him. You laughed thinking it was a joke and said yes, then he got down on one knee and took the ring out of his pocket.

“I love you. That’s all I can say, you make my life better, you make me better. I promise to love you until death, will you marry me?”

Nobody except Jay knew about it- he had helped with the ring- You teared up and said yes, making everyone cheer and hug you, congratualting you for the engagment.

The wedding happened during winter, you always wanted to get married when it was snowing, and Kiseok did everything you wanted him to do. It was a beautiful wedding, only people that were very close to you were invited. Kiseok teared up when he saw you in your wedding dress, you looked more beautiful and happier than ever. He didn’t have a single doubt that you were the love of his life.

You both wanted kids. What better way to show your love of one another than a beautiful baby? You learned about your pregnancy when he was on tour, so you waited for him to come back and tell him. You put in a beautiful box the pregnancy test and a few pictures from your ultra sound. When he saw them he took you in his arms and geve you a kiss.

6 months after you that and 13 hours of labour pains, you could finally hold the little girl in your arms. She was beautiful, a great combination of two cultures. Everyone shed at least one tear when they saw the little girl, especially when they got to hold her.

“The AOMG princess”

Jay said. It was true, everyone treated her like royalty. She was full of life and innocnence, it was impossible to not like her, to be around her was to love her.

Now little Ye-na was two years old and the ultimate daddies girl. It is porbably because he was a very busy man, so she wasn'tused to him being around all day like you did. She missed him alot those few months, first it was the show me the money recordings, now it was the smtm tour, it was hard for her to understand why he was missing for so long, it mostly scared her.

“Where’s daddy?”

She asked while you bathed her. She was asking this every day, your hear ached when you saw her little pout and her dull eyes. You smiled at her and continued to wash her

“He’s coming home soon”

“You said that yesterday”

She said, looking down at the water. You weren’t lying, he was going to be here tonight, but after her bedtime, you wanted to surprise her in the morning.

“Come on princess, bed time”

You said wrapping her in her pink towel and taking her to her bedroom. You put her pajamas on and read her favourite book, ariel. She fell asleep in the middle of the story, you kissed her forehead and left her room, you cleaned around the house until you heard the door open. Your husband walked in the house, you runned to him and hugged him.

“Welcome back”

You said. He smiled and gave you a kiss. He looked tired, he probably was, the touring and the concerts, plus the long hours of the plane ride did not help.

“How are you? How was Ye-na?”

“She was good, she missed you a lot”

Kiseok felt guilty about living you and his daughter alone. He wanted what was best for you, that was why he worked so hard, so he can provide everything you ever needed. You didn’t stop working and you already had everything, but he still felt the need to work as hard as he can for you two.

“Go take a shower, you look like you could use some sleep”

You said to him. He nodded and walked to your bedrooms bathroom. He took a quick shower and changed his clothes, lying next to you. Before you could do anything you heard you daughter crying, instantly you got up and runned to her room. She was crying hysterically, you scopped her in your arms to calm her down

“Shhhhh princess, why are you crying?”

“Bad dream”

She managed to say. She had this often when Kiseok was not here, she missed him so much she could not sleep peacefully, you started bouncing her in your arms and kissing her head

“I want my daddy. mommy please”

You felt terrible. Kiseok heard his daughter and walked to the room with a smile

“Why are crying little girl?”

The second she heard him he turned to him and streched her arms for him. You passed her to him and he held her close, her little head on his shoulder as she cried. He rubbed her back trying to calm her down

“no more crying princess, daddy is home”


She said and kept crying. You were tearing up, looking at this sweet yet sad scene, her love for him was so strong that even when she saw him she still kept crying. Kiseok started singing to her her favorite song ‘won and only’ and she started to calm down.

“There you go, no more tears.”

He said smilling to his pride and joy. She wrapped her small arms around his neck keeping him close

“daddy is home”

She said. You could hear how tired she was from all the crying, kiseok kissed her soft cheek and hugged her tightly

“Didn’t I say that you would have to be good to mommy when I was gone”

He told her. She was an angel, but nights were difficult, she liked to be put to bed by him, mostly because he was home at the time.

“I am”

“She was a very good girl”

You told him. You approached them and rubbed your daughters back, she was slowly drifting back to deep sleep. Kiseok put her back on her bed and tucked her in, giving her the little winnie the pooh that Hyuk-woo had given her.

“Will you leave again?”

“I don’t know sweetheart, but I will try to get you and your mom to come with me, would you like that?”


He smiled as he saw her slowly closing her eyes. He kissed her forehead one more time, he runned his hands through her hair until he was sure she was asleep. He came to your bedroom and layed back with you

“It’s hard for her”

“I know. It’s hard for you too”

You missed your husband. But you knew that he was an artist, he had to do this.

“I understand, she can’t”

“I’ll try to get you two with me the next time”

“That would be nice, our first family trip”

He kissed your lips and brought you closer to him. He missed his family, he always wanted to have one and now he barely had time to enjoy it.

“I love you miss Jung”

“I love you too”

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Exo: After sex

Request: After sex with EXO? ~anon

Suho: Suho would be caring and would be talking a lot. He would be making you compliments and would ask you if you were happy. He would also be the type to make casual small talk with you after you had just gotten down and dirty.

Chanyeol: I don’t think Chanyeol would be very talkative after sex. He would probably be lying next to you, breathing heavily while staring at the ceiling, trying to catch his breath. He would be smiling from one ear to the other.

Baekhyun: Baekhyun would be lying facing you, smiling and looking into your eyes. He would like it when you gave eachother light touches, like touching your cheek. He would like talking a little, reassuring that you liked everything.

D.O: Kyungsoo would not talk a lot, if at all, since he’s not a very talkative person to begin with. He would smile at you and would make sure you were comfortable and didn’t need anything.

Kai: Kai would be all cuddles after sex. He would want to have you pulled as close as possible and would wrap you up entirely in his embrace. I see him as a quite affectionate person in general, so I think he would love skinship after sex.

Sehun: Sehun would be the type to talk a lot, he would geve you feedback and would then let the small talk go in any direction you guys wanted. You could be having wild sex with him one minute and the next you’re talking about birds.

Xiumin: Minseok would be very caring after sex. Chances are, he was quite rough a few moments before so he would be sure to make you comfortable and would bring you whatever you wanted. He would make you feel loved by him.

Chen: Chen would be smiling at you after sex and would love kissing you on the mouth. It would be a very sweet and loving kiss, opposite of the sloppy and quick kisses he was giving you just moments ago.

Lay: He would probably sleep soon after you had sex from being so worn out. He would want to cuddle and would love it when you rested your head on his chest the most. He would tell you he loved you before drifting off to dreamland.

Kris: Kris would also be quite tired and worn out. He would try talking to you as much as possible, but you would probably have to do most of the talking, since he would be so sleepy. He would kiss you on the forehead once.

Luhan: Luhan would be very sweet after sex. He would love showering you with kisses  and would really like holding your hands. He would make you compliments while sincerely looking into your eyes. He would be super gentle.

Tao: Tao would be completely out of breath post intercourse. He would probably be breathing too heavily to say words or even sentences. He would also like light cuddles, like you resting your head on his arm.


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It's the end. Frisk had freed them all, the barrier was broken. And now they had gone through all of the Underground again, had talked to every single monster again, had taken their time. They even went back into the Ruins, until they were at the beginning again, where they had fallen down. All the while, Chara had been quiet. And when they saw Asriel standing there before the flowers, they gripped their locket. They just stood there, while Frisk walked forward and to Asriel, looking worried.

Asriel was now exhausted. He’d been to hell and back and only had this time right now to rest. He’d be a flower again soon, wouldn’t he? What he did now was going to be his final moments in his true form. But he had no energy to do anything but sit and wait where his friend’s body lay, thoughts going a mile a minute. But, as Frisk got his attention, he turned and geve them a sleepy smile. “Don’t worry about me. Someone has to take care of these flowers…” The excuse would do for now. Frisk didn’t need to know all the details…

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You should seriously drop the fucking annoying idea of Elsa and that imbecil Albert and finaly do some Hansla. Joseff would have been more appealing if he were bi or gay, really. And if Heidi is 15, why does she look like she is 25? And I don't see any Anna in neither of those kids. They look like Kristoff himself geve them birth XP Joseff girlfriend's name is awfull. Who made that up. Im only looking forward to Heidi's guy :D After that, you should really die or something :/

I’m sorry, you must’ve completely missed the part where I gave a fuck.

On another note,
It’s one thing to talk about my OC’s but don’t you fuck around with my friend’s character. That’s something I won’t tolerate.