This is in response to a post by eventing-dreams;

I want to cover Goliath’s stall in Get Well Soon cards. I want to surprise his mom when she walks in the barn to see him. I want to have to tape over cards because there are so many of them. I need your help to do this. If you make a card (I have lots of pictures if you need them), upload it to tumblr, use the tag “getwellsoongoliath” and I’ll print them all out and put them on his stall. Tell your friends, spread the word. I really want to do this guys, for the Big G-Man. We have to do this within a week and a half. His last test results come back in 2 weeks and if he doesn’t pass, he’s going to be put down. I want to keep everyone’s spirits lifted at the barn. Please help!

Dear Goliath, your owner, and all the riders who I’m sure have fallen in love with you,

I have never met you, but please stay strong big guy, you’re in our thoughts and prayers <3 

Make Goliath a get well card, and post it with the tag “getwellsoongoliath”!