by David Isle

I’m usually skeptical of tailored clothing that can be described as “fun.” I worry about high school juniors standing in the corner of a Disco-ball-lit gym, wondering why their powder blue tuxedo has not attracted any dance offers. I worry about salesmen using their gag ties as conversation starters, wondering why their clients don’t get the joke. I worry about “fun.”

Like other worriers, I have a confused reverence for people who have never balked at a suggestion of fun, scare-quoted or not. These are people who don’t see scare quotes. They may even think they’re fun quotes. TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager is one such person.

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I even miss all of the good stuff I planned to wear for the playoffs. Actually, on April 7, the day before the Heat-Nets game, I had picked out about a half-dozen patterns from Rex Fabrics, where I get a lot of my stuff made. It’s well known internationally, and I don’t even look in the men’s section.
—  Craig Sager, in His Own Words, Inside His Recovery and the NBA World He Misses (5/7/2014 - Bleacher Report)