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She can stay! (At least until February 2018.)

A statue of a young girl that has been staring down New York City’s iconic Wall Street bull sculpture since the eve of International Women’s Day is not going anywhere — at least for another year.

The four-foot “Fearless Girl” statue was installed in front of the bronze “Charging Bull” in time for International Women’s Day earlier this month as a way of calling attention to the gender pay gap and lack of gender diversity on corporate boards in the financial sector, the Wall-Street firm that installed the popular statue has said.

Now the statue, which depicts a pony-tailed girl in a dress defiantly looking up at the bull, will remain at her post until February 2018, New York politicians announced at a press conference on Monday. It was set to be removed on April 2.

Above: Mayor De Blasio, who is 6′ 5″, poses with the statue as the announcement is made Monday. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

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Somerset Levels Mist by Tristan Martin


Through the Years → Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden (201/)

14 June 2008 | Princess Claire of Belgium, Princess Victoria of Sweden holding Princess Eleonore of Belgium and Princess Mathilde of Belgium participate in the christening of Princess Eleonore at Chapel of Ciergnon Castle in Ciergnon, Belgium. (Photo by Olivier Polet - Pool/Getty Images)

Aleppo, Syria

A wounded Syrian boy cries after the Russian army bombed the opposition-controlled neighbourhood of Firdevs in Aleppo. Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, spoke this week of ‘cleaning’ the besieged city, where a quarter of a million people are caught under heavy bombardment by his government’s forces, and using it as a ‘springboard’ for winning the country’s war

Photograph: Jawad al Rifai/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images