“Moony, if you don’t do it today, I’m going to swoop in and steal her, or else tell her that you’re in love with her!”

“You wouldn’t.” Remus glared at Sirius, who was exasperatedly trying to urge his friend into asking y/n out. “Anyways, I was going to ask her today.”

That night

Remus sat in a circle with his best friends, staring over at y/n.

“Well? Are you going to do it or not?” James lazily leaned against the wall with his arm slung around Lily, who was resting her head on his shoulder.

“Remus, if you put it off, you’re just going to scare yourself out of doing it.”

Nervously, Remus turned back to his friends and sheepishly, “I can’t do it. I’ll do it tomorrow.”

A collective groan was heard from the little circle, and Sirius sprang up. 

“That’s it. I warned you, and you didn’t listen to me.” He marched over to where y/n was sitting and tapped her shoulder. Remus watched, horrified, as y/n turned around and Sirius leaned forward and kissed her, full on the mouth, and caught her by complete surprise.

James, Peter, and Lily watched the scars on Remus’s face turn whiter against the red that was flooding his face. 

“SIRIUS !” Remus stomped over to the black-haired boy who was laughing with y/n, and shoved him away.

“Y/nwillyougoonadatewithme?” The words came stumbling out so fast that he had no time to think about what he was saying. Sirius stood back, crossed his arms, and watched with a satisfied smirk on his face. Y/n stared at Remus for a moment, shocked, before breaking out into a beautiful grin and nodding happily. 

As Remus and y/n hugged, Sirius padded back to his friends and sat down.

“I always get what I want.” 

For the love of--

We are months away from our last half season of Teen Wolf and despite the utter train wreck (heh–train wreck–gettit?) that was season 6a, I’m hoping to gods someone wrestles the script away from Jeff Davis long enough to redeem the finale. 

Now, I’ve seen the sketchy footage of Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin throwing a ball around on set and I read something about how Benjamin Wadsworth tweeted about his TW scene with Hoech (since taken down, cause I can’t find it now), so my hopes are pretty high that Derek will show his face before the end.

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I can’t tell you how that makes me feel because I’m not sure yet what that is except I miss seeing Derek something fierce. I have to have faith that Tyler H wouldn’t go back to TW without either a) a fulfilling script or b) a rewarding pocketbook—or even c) his crazy TW fam and their secret werewolf after party. So hope is uncurling from my shattered bitter chest.

If you’ve seen my previous posts, you may notice I’m a smidge worried for Stiles and how they ended 6b. If Derek is on the horizon I’m okay. I can breath. The ‘real’ alpha is coming. (What?! I quoted Stiles, lol). 

As for the end-game scenario, well, I have my favorite. Sterek is eternal and whether that means thru the Sterek fans, or onscreen, I’m already golden. 

What they did to Stydia was honestly a shame. I love the dynamic Stiles and Lydia share and what MTV hurried them through in 6a just to say they did it was painful. If they were going to go for it, I wish it had been done in a story line far more skilled than a bunch of recycled huhah. 

Like I said though, even if there is no Sterek ending, I’ll always be grateful that the actors themselves had enough chemistry that even a glance at a signature

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showed more (wistful/longing/hope/bittersweet/couldhavebeen) than one facemash reunion. 

Oh and yay other actors coming back! LOL

“That hair. Those clothes. That speech. Comparing yourself to Klein is like comparing the beauty of the moon to a turtle”

Clarine-fication (gettit?)
Suppon in kana refers to a turtle.

They are as different as day and night.

“Moon” in front of it it’s equivalent to English comparison of night and day of how big the difference is between the two things you are comparing.

anonymous asked:

Hey Sabo I hope all the weight is off your shoulders, and one day you'll be swept off your feet. Ya'know, one day you can wind down, and breeze through life. (Shameless puns. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Sorry if they suck)

“Hey, I’ll be the one doing the sweeping. When I meet the love of my life, in the far, far future, maybe I’ll even regale them with the tale of my life. Gettit? Re-gale? Hahahaha!”

got7 as food
  • mark: tuna (u gettit fam ?)
  • jaebum: sushi cos outside is dark but inside is colours
  • jackson: chicken wing bc that boy is thick in all the right places
  • jinyoung: cabbage cos he's good for u
  • youngjae: sweet tart (bc he's sweet !!!! )
  • bambam: vegetarian burrito bc makes no sense
  • yugyeom: chilli cuz he's evil
Drunk Naruto Characters

Requested by loklists!

How would certain characters act if they were drunk?

1. Kakashi: Super playful and even more of a mask tease

Naruto: “Sooo Kakashi Sensei….how about letting us see what’s under that mask of yours now?”

Kakashi: “Suuuure! Lemme just pull my mask down and OH LOOK ANOTHER MASK. And underneath that….ANOTHER. AND ANOTHER! Truth is you ain’t seeing my face, you gettit?”

2. Kakuzu: Spends money and then swipes it back the day after

Kakuzu: “Hidan, follow me. We’re going back to the aquarium.”

Hidan: “Eh? We’re going AGAIN? But yesterday was fun enough! You even pet the fucking dolphins!”

Kakuzu: “I want my $20 back.”

3. Chouji: Super intelligent 

Chouji: “And THAT’S why this precise formula is the key to winning any ambush attack. It’s virtually flawless!”

Ino: “You…you drew that up in 10 minutes!”

Chouji: “I drew what?”

4. Shikamaru: Super unintelligent and jumpy 

Shikamaru: “And THAT’S how I beat the stupid black and white buttface”

Temari: “That’s brilliant! I can’t believe you planned that far ahead!”

Shikamaru: “Yeeeeeah well he was pretty dumb to begin with….falling for shadows….why the hell do I control shadows CAN I CONTROL YOURS?”

5. Haku: Playful

Haku: “Wooop! Now you see me….now you don’t!”

Zabuza: “Haku seriously we’ve got to GO. Get rid of those mirrors!”

Haku: “Where am I?! Am I over here….or here….I’m everywhere at once! Hahaha!”

6. Kisame: Super emotional




7. Suigetsu: Also super playful and dramatic

Suigetsu: “Hey….hey Karin….I’m meeeeelting!”

Karin: “Suigetsu I swear to-”


8. Tenten: Aggressive

Tenten: “Do you SEE how many weapons I have?! NO! You don’t! I have so many concealed weapons on me right now you wouldn’t know what hit you!”

Neji: “T-Tenten please calm down! We’re in a restaurant!”

Tenten: “Goddamn I even have weapons in my cleavage” 

9. Minato: Plays ‘pranks’

Minato: “Hey…..Hey Kushina! Behind you”

Kushina: “Yes dear- oh my god not again”


10. Gaara: The same….sort of

Gaara: “Bring me…Naruto”

Kankuro: “G-Gaara are you alright?”

Gaara: “I love friendship.”