After this weekend...

I’m done.

I declare:

  • I will NOT sign up for any races over a 10k distance for the next 6 months
  • I will only participate in a few sprint distance triathlons this summer
  • I will NOT sign up for a half marathon at the insistence of friends, family or enemies
  • I will only register for events where I have adequate lead up training time
  • I will find my MOJO again
  • I will have fun running this summer
  • I will get faster for me
  • I will swim
  • I will successfully compete

Sidebar: I’m not having fun anymore.  Yeah I have tons of medals, but I’m falling short of my goals, I’m not training enough and frankly I’m over it.  Working out has become a chore for me and frankly that doesn’t work…so I’m taking a break from events.

That is all…Carry on… Carry on…