Oh man, I'm going to regret posting this.

I remember this one night i got shit faced with my friend. Holy fuck man, we were so drunk. Anyway, he needed a place to crash so i told him to come over.

All i  remember is going to my mom’s room and her asking me if i was drunk then me checking the time and it being 2 in the morning so we decided to lay down. We set up the air mattress and i just jumped on my bed and he rested on his bed for the night. I remember him calling corina and darla and shit then i fell off my bed and i said something like “i love daniela man, thanks for breaking my fall” then i kissed his cheek… then he kissed mine and we looked at each other and said “that was the gayest shit ever.”

I also remember running in the streets and wanting to get high. Crazy night.