Let’s talk Wonder Woman for a second

Earlier this year WB made it clear that Wonder Woman will not be left out of the marketing.  So far we have:

Her front and center in two magazine covers

She’s getting her own statue, just like Batman and Superman

As well as her own Barbie Doll next year

And oh look, we’re also getting

A wonder woman shirt

Her own hat

Hot wheel toys

Another doll

And more

And in the last two trailers we have these gems

And oh look, she’s right in the middle of a Trinity shot again

And after many years and many delays there’s finally gonna be a Wonder Woman movie

So how about giving a lovely round of applause to Warner Bros. and DC for actually keeping their word and making sure their top iconic female superhero get the first class treatment she deserves?

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Keep it up WB/DC!

crazyfangirrl  asked:

How would the RFA(+V and Saeran) react to a MC that loves trying new and random stuff? Like, she always feels the need to do new things like gettinga tattoo or a piercing, or going on a road trip on a whim, or just deciding they are gonna learn how to knit just because they are feeling too much like a couch potato while binge watching stuff(lol this one is me) or joining a circus workout class. Sorry if it is a little confusing!

thank for request crazyfangirrl-nim

So if I’m reading this correctly, this MC sounds somewhat impulsive, but not reckless. more like extremely curious…let’s see how this goes

(I’m not happy with this, but I don’t think I could make this any better. Sorry~)


  • he’s a worrier
  • like 24/7
  • he’s always kinda standing around the side
  • watching you do some sort of extreme activity
  • or volunteering to do something that could potentially risk your life
  • i think he’s gonna have a heart attack cos of you
  • but he’s okay with your more chill activities


  • he’s had to some extreme stuff for roles
  • so when you tell him that you want to do the same
  • he hesitates
  • cos he’s hella protective of you
  • but he also wants you to be happy
  • he’ll eventually learn to relax
  • and may even join you 


  • whenever you do anything
  • she’s praying so hard to jesus that nothing happens to you
  • she made you get life insurance
  • (but she still yells at you because your premium is so high)
  • even so, she actually want you to do what makes you happy
  • and even if it means that she’s on edge more often
  • then so be it
  • but she does appreciate that your spontaneity helps with the cafe


  • Jumin doesn’t mind too much
  • since he has so many things in his house for you to entertain yourself with
  • but he will beg you to at least restrain yourself from doing more extreme activities
  • if you do ask him to join you
  • he’ll hesitate
  • he’s more about watching you be happy
  • Jumin’s content with letting you enjoy whatever you wanna do


  • he’s the one with the most training in learning to do a variety of different things
  • so he’ll be enthusiastic in joining you
  • but the more dangerous things…
  • he’s extra paranoid with the hypothetical that you’ll get injured
  • and sometimes he’ll get really angry at you for even suggesting it
  • it’ll take a lot of convincing to let him stand back and let you do what you want


  • he’s so concerned for your safety when you tell him about your desire to do things without much of a plan
  • but then you refute his concerns by reminding him that he did all sorts of things while blind!
  • you got him there
  • as long as he gets to document every moment of you picking up a new hobby
  • he’s happy that you’re happy


  • he doesn’t have any prior experiences to go by
  • so he has a neutral opinion about you wanting to do things
  • but he does get overwhelmed since you keep changing your interests all the time
  • however, it does offer him a distraction from his thoughts
  • eventually, he starts suggesting crazy things to do
  • and it’s up to you to check him
How to get As in your exams

Here is how I study or revise for exams:

1) Condensing my notes

So my subjects are normally split into topics and then into chapters. So for example; Maths - Calculus - Coordinate Geometry. So to begin condensing I would make notes on each chapter on an A4 page (bullet points, mind maps etc). I condense notes by reading through the textbook and my notes from throughout the year and picking whatever I feel is important. (Remember to think: “could I write this/use this in an exam?” to determine whether it is important) Then I would condense these notes and create an A4 page on the whole topic (these notes will be very broad but should contain the hardest to remember information). You could then condense the whole subject onto one page, if you wanted to.

2) Flashcards/ Cue cards

Flashcards should have questions on one side and answers on the other. The questions and the answers should be short. Flashcards only really work if the subject is information based (like history, some parts of science, religious studies etc). For languages, having your first language on one side and your second language on the other will help with vocabulary.

As you use flashcards place the ones you know and answer immediately in one pile (“easy” pile) and the rest in another (“hard” pile). Each session continue to go through the “hard” pile until it is non-existent. Go through these flashcards as much as possible before bed.

3) (essay based subjects) Write plans

Right, essays are my worst nightmare but this year I got an A in my essay based subject because of this technique.

Find every past exam question and compile them. Add to this list any questions you think could come up this year.

Now using marked essays from your teacher and hopefully with some help from them, you should know the perfect structure for the essays you will need to write. Using this main structure you need to write a VERY brief plan for each question that might come up. These brief plans help you to think about each question, so you’ve already created an opinion and thought about what evidence you need to know before the exam. It also helps you to know what information is unusable in an exam and therefore what not to put on the summary pages.

4) Practise questions

Self explanatory really… Maths subjects, just practise, practise, practise. For essay subjects, use your brief plans and write TIMED essays. Then after a while stop using the plans and just do questions from scratch. If timing is a problem, use a stopwatch and time how long it takes to write the essay. Then work on going faster. The more you practise the faster you will be able to go. (I cut ten minutes off my essay times in a month using this method, something about watching time tick away helps you write faster).

5)“Don’t Forget” page

This is a page of A4 that contains everything you always forgot/got wrong in your practise questions. It should also contain things that always came up frequently in the flashcard “hard” pile. This is the page that you hold in the queue outside the exam and throw in the bin as you walk past going into the hall. You should make this page the day before or the morning before the exam. Once this page has been completed forget any other studying and focus on relaxing and learning this one page.

Using these methods you should be able to ace your exams with relatively little stress and effort on the day.

Remember That One Time I Saved You? (Now I Can Stop Paying Your Dad Child Support.)

Hey there…Yin.
Remember that one time I saved your life?
Against the psycho ice cream midget
With the really long knife?

I mean, I may have not been around for first steps…
or first words…
or first birthday…
or any birthdays…
or school time…
or nightmares…
or puberty-


I was there that one time when you got your ass handed to you
And I stepped in to save your ass
Not that I should have
COuld have been saved the sass

But hey! That means no more child support!
No more feeding some leech
With my hard earned Lien
Especially one you can’t teach

Now why don’t you talk to your uncle?
He’s being quite the little bitch
Well, you’re here
So that should be a sinch!

Remember that one time I saved your life?
Then disappeared from sight!
It was one more save than you deserved
And yet Qrow scolds me, the nerve.

Now that we’re in agreement!
Hey, no kisses. I ain’t gettinga hickey!
Now if you wanna repay the favor…
Think yourdad’s up for a quckie-


Oh shit!

(Credit to @celticpyro for the idea)

What earth signs can contribute to their family
  • Stability and security. They will be the ones with a cool head, making sure that their family is safe.
  • Honesty. They may not be blunt, but they admit when they did something wrong and they don’t lie about a lot.
  • Realness. They don’t hide things, the good and the bad. You will know that they’re not fake. They don’t hide behind a mask of being very nice all the time, people know what they’re getting
  • A good eye. These signs are good at seeing things you missed and they will make sure that everything is smoothed over.
  • Dedication. They don’t give up in the middle of things, even when bored.
  • Quietness. Loud and obnoxious behavior will rarely be seen from them, because they also don’t like loud people.
Magnus stans Vs Alec stans - seriously?

Okay this is my reply to @dracosss, the post here was getting already pretty long so I figured out I should make a new one. 

Before I begin I’d like to clear things up: Emily, I feel horrible we ended up on opposite sides of a debate again, I have no idea how you feel about it but know that I 100% respect your opinion and I want to keep this on friendly terms, in all honesty.

Alec is my favorite character and will forever be in both the books and the show. The only reason I tend to stand faster for show!Magnus is because of the awful words I’ve already seen to describe him here; “predator”, “harrasser”, “abuser”, etc. I’m sorry but there is no excuse for this. Believe me or not, I actually have never seen Alec hate on my dash, and I’ve never once received an ask about it. I can’t say the same thing for Magnus. 

And I’m getting tired of seeing people taking sides.

I’m getting tired of people assuming who is right and who is wrong in the relationship, putting one of them on a pedestal, when it’s obvious they have both made mistakes, when it’s obvious they both need each other to move forward.

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