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In tokyo ghoul :re ghouls seem a bit more primal and vicious to me especially after reading the last chapter. Am i right or am i just imagining things?

I wouldn’t say they’re more vicious. I just think we’re gettinga better peak into the lives of investigators, and what they actually have togo through. invesitagtors are very human, and are subjected to death. There are a handful that are really strong, but the others, aren’t so much. We knew the ghouls lives to being with, while reading Tokyo Ghoul, we saw their point of view, where they made the CCG/Humans to be some really bad people. Granted, I see where they’re coming from, but the fact that humans were actually kind to them, mainly Kimi, Hide and Yoriko (I feel Touka completely disregards her), is enough to say that perhaps the ghoul’s logic is flawed, but I mean, can we blame them?

So far, in Tokyo Ghoul : Re, we’ve only seen the negative side of ghouls, and their hatred for humans. Save for Haise’s squad, and Fr. D, we’ve yet to see a ghoul act kindly towards the CCG. I know the ghouls seem primial and vicious, but I think these are the horrors the CCG must deal with on a regular basis. The last chapter, I believe, is a way for Ishida to show that “hey, the CCG deals with problems too, they always have, you just didn’t know”.

So that’s pretty much my opinion on it.

“Here’s a confession- I consider Siegfried the best Saber because he’s the only one who isn’t either another Saber clone or from Arthurian legend. Don’t get me wrong, I like Arthurian legend, but it’s gettinga bit much. (Tries to ignore the fact that I kinda really want to see Saber Lancelot…)”

Murdock’s Smoke Break 2

((This is where timelines start gettinga little weird; I wasn’t expecting to be so busy IRL so the smoke breaks aren’t going to line up with IRL time very well for a bit.))

“Gah! What th’ hell, Volt?”

“User requested scanbot flash a light at the start of recording last time.”

“Like, a small light. Jus’ summin’ t’ let me know recordin’s started. No need t’ slaggin’ blind me like that. Ugh.”

There is a low, rhythmic hum in the background in this recording. Occasionally one can detect a quiet rattling or the hiss of pneumatics as well. Murdock starts speaking, drowning out the quite flick of his lighter. “Smoke break, standard date twenty-one dash three dash one-six-six-six. By now thing’s’ve settled int’ somethin’ resemblin’ normal on th’ Proven Paradox, three days out on th’ way t’ Munchausen. ‘Ve had some time t’ wander around, get t’ know some a’ th’ crew.”

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