~life update~
  • today i had blood drawn and it took the phlebotomist three tries to get the vein so now half of my arm is black and blue and i can’t straighten it without wincing :-) :-) :-) 
  • sunday is valentine’s day and you are all my valentines
  • but also i’m going to the huntington w my best friend and getting some champagne and having a wander around the gardens
  • i am very tired and i spent my friday night working, but on the plus side i’m gonna get #paid 
  • i get to go back home to rhode island for spring break this year!!
  • been dealing w some shit but i promise i’m going to get to your asks as soon as i can!
  • the undergrad english majors at my school have put together info sessions with grad students which is super cute and also going to be ~post–grad advice in real life~~ 
  • i need to start thinking about paper topics, which is very [theater masks emoji]
  • it’s 9pm and im gonna put clean sheets on my bed, take a hot shower, and read until i fall asleep :’)

“Homophobia: The fear that another man will treat you like you treat women." 

No, just no. Homophobia is the fear or hatred of homosexual WOMEN and Homosexual MEN. By agreeing with the above statement you are ignoring that women can also be homophobic and that lesbians also experience homophobia. Homophobia has nothing to do with straight women, please stop making LGBT issues/awareness into women exclusive issues, damn. 

“but you don’t look sick”

“oh, my cousin had that once”

“you should try this vitamin i read about”

“get better soon”

“oh, so you’re just tired all the time?”

“think positive, chin up, soldier on, it’ll get better”

“other people have it worse than you”

“maybe it’d get better if you exercised more”