Sylar has the best reactions to everything on the show.

Like his ‘duh’ face-

‘Getting real tired of your shit’ face

‘I’ve been emotionally compromised’ face-

His ‘not even going to bother’ reaction

‘I’m a good guy jk I’m a badass villain everytime you turn your back’

‘Are you fucking kidding me?’

idk, I’m just looking at all these pictures and shit of him and just laugh because Sylar is just-I can’t with him sometimes.


What are your thoughts on white people wearing “Black Lives Matter” shirts? I really want to order one but at the same time the last thing I would ever want to do as a little white chick is seem appropriative or over-stepping my bounds…. I really just want to show solidarity for the movement, and seeing as I’m white I really wanted to challenge my non-poc friends’ and family members’ ways of thinking….

Would any of you guys let me know your opinions? Seriously, tell me off if I’d come across as a complete asshole…

“but you don’t look sick”

“oh, my cousin had that once”

“you should try this vitamin i read about”

“get better soon”

“oh, so you’re just tired all the time?”

“think positive, chin up, soldier on, it’ll get better”

“other people have it worse than you”

“maybe it’d get better if you exercised more”