EXO reaction when you get a nipple piercing

(requested by anon: Can you do a exo react to you having a nipple piercing please??? Know ur not taking request… but please? 💕 (my english is not so good, sorry))

BTS version

warnings: smut*ish*

You had made a new piercing and it was a nipple one. The only thing was your boyfriend wasn’t aware of that – yet. As you changed clothes it became quite visible and it caught your boyfriends eye..


He wiped his lip with his finger while staring at you. You looked back at him and giggled, knowing exactly what caught his attention.


He was laying on the bed when your eyes met his. He was holding his face with a half freaked out and half smiling expression. He loved it but he was his usual, dorky self.


“Forgot something?” he was leaning against the door frame, smirking at you. His dark look fell down to your boobs and then back at you. “Someone’s in trouble”


He couldn’t keep his eyes off it. When you noticed his stare, you giggled. “Do you like it?” he nodded softly with a smile, still staring at it with a small pout.


His pure mood changed to a kinky one in a matter of seconds. He stared at you with a hungry gaze, biting his lip at you.


He liked it a lot but he was very composed about it. Once you got in the bed, he’d instantly start touching and rubbing it which lead to something more.


He looked at you with a confused expression, but deep down he liked it. “What’s that?” he played dumb. “Come and see for yourself”


He was just finishing the sandwich as he saw the piercing pop out a bit. He blushed slightly and looked at you amusingly. “Um babe you have some explaining to do”


At first he froze, staring at you with his mouth opened. Once your eyes met, he shook his head in fake disapproval, making you giggle.


He stared at your boobs intensely. “Lu, my eyes are right here” you giggled and his eyes flew up as he slightly blushed.


He liked it a damn lot and he didn’t hide it at all. “Kris why are you looking at me like that?” “Because I know tonight will be fun” as he spoke he made his tongue move more than regularly, emphasizing what was on his mind.


He liked any kind of piercings so yours was just as appealing to him. He bit his lip at you and smiled softly. Lord knows he won’t let go of it all night.

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Dye your hair. Change your clothes. Get a new piercing. Wear different jewelry. Put or or take off your makeup. 

Or even do none of that!

Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Your body is not a cage, it is your home, your temple, your garden. Make it feel beautiful.

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I really like the bros as dads and I was wondering how they would be with teenage daughters

I put these in headcanon form, hope that’s chill <3 Enjoy!!

Rip our boys. Teenaged girls are a handful.

Tagging: @chocobrodreamteam, @stunninglyignis, @themissimmortal, @itshaejinju, and @nifwrites for domestic bros being sweet. 


  • Most nervous dad award.
  • Noctis is extremely terrified once his daughter, Cecilia, started to show signs of rebellion. 
  • She would come home late from school.
  • Her grades began to slip. 
  • Wait… when did she get an extra piercing in her ear?
  • She often strikes up fights with her parents when they told her she must attend royal events, such as diplomatic dinners.
  • I don’t want to be a princess! I just want to be a normal kid!”
  • Noctis and his s/o exchange looks, finally understanding why their daughter had been acting so strange.
  • Noctis’s s/o is the first to attempt to talk to Cecilia, but has no success. 
  • That means it’s Noctis’s turn.
  • Noctis stand outside Cecilia’s door gathering his thoughts and thoroughly planning on what he was going to say.
  • He gently taps on the door and calls for her. “Cece?” 
  • “Go away, Dad.”
  • “I just wanna talk, Cece.”
  • “Fine. Make it quick.”
  • The second Noctis enters his daughter’s room he forgets what he was going to tell her.
  • She’s sitting stationary at her windowsill with tears falling down her cheek.
  • After a comforting embrace, Noctis begins to explain his struggles as a teenaged prince.
  • So much is expected of a child of royalty. Never truly do they have time to be a kid. 
  • Noctis sighs as he finishes and says, “How about you and I go fishing out at Galdin and clear our heads?”
  • Cecilia sniffles and smiles. “I’d like that, Dad.”


  • Most embarrassing dad award.
  • Prompto constantly is taking picture of his daughter, Ilaria.
  • Is Ilaria doing her home work? Better take a picture.
  • Dropping off Ilaria at a friends house? Better take like 20 pictures. 
  • Despite his constant picture taking, Prompto and his daughter have a very close relationship.
  • She tells him everything and really keeps no secrets from him. 
  • Like her father, Ilaria has her share of insecurities. 
  • When Prompto finds out about them, his heart absolutely breaks.
  • He finds out that she often gets bullied at school because of the plentiful amount of freckles that sprinkled her cheeks. 
  • Understandable so, the teasing gets to Ilaria. 
  • She begins to drop comments mentioning that she isn’t pretty. Or that she wishes she was better looking.
  • When Prompto talks to Ilaria about the subject, he suggests that he could talk to her teachers at school to put an end to the bullying.
  • Ilaria denies his recommendation frantically, saying she’d rather just deal with the bullying than having her own father stand up for her.
  • Prompto does as Ilaria says until she has a major meltdown after school one evening. 
  • The next morning, Prompto is at the school Principal’s door telling them of the situation.
  • Surely enough, the bullying that Ilaria had encountered stopped immediately.
  • The minute Ilaria came home from school she hugged her dad tightly. “Thank you, dad. I love you.”


  • Most protective dad award.
  • Camellia Amicitia has enough angst to bulldoze a town basically. 
  • She is a very moody teenager, making her a hard child to handle.
  • Underneath the angst, however, Camellia has a heart of pure gold.
  • When Camellia dropped the first hint of her being interested in boys, Gladiolus was very quick to reiterate a point he has made since Camellia was old enough to walk.
  • No dating until your 40.
  • Of course, the outrageous rule doesn’t stop Camellia from talking about all the cute guys that flirt with her during school.
  • Gladio has no chill over this.
  • May the six help whatever boy who even finds Camellia Amicitia attractive. 
  • If Gladio and his daughter are ever out in the Crowncity on a walk together and Gladio sees any boy take a lingering stare at Camellia…. RIP
  • “I think it’s time you learned how to defend yourself,” Gladio suggests once the two return home. “Boys do stupid things around pretty girls, and I am not letting you fall victim to them.”
  • Camellia simply sighs. “Fine, dad. Whatever you say.”
  • Soon, Gladio learns his daughter had inherited his natural strength. 
  • He’s a very proud papa. 
  • When Camellia suffers her first heartbreak, however….
  • RIP Part II.
  • Gladiolus is able to muster a hand written apology from the boy that dared to cheat on his darling baby girl.


  • Most strict dad award.
  • Education is the most important attribute in Ignis’s blind eyes. 
  • His daughter Aleena had grown up on that motto.
  • Since elementary school, Aleen maintained straight A’s and remained in the top of her class.
  • Even despite Ignis’s blindness, he helped her with her studies whenever he could. 
  • They bonded a lot during study sessions.
  • She always a very well behaved child as well.
  • Everyone adored her, her parents included, of course. 
  • Her intelligence allowed her to skip two grades, so she was placed into high school before most of her friends. 
  • The transition was tough, as teasing pursued Aleena due to her extremely young age.
  • Ignis assured her that those that underestimated her due to her age would see in time how intelligent she was.
  • Of course, Ignis was right as usual.
  • Things began to drift downhill as what seemed like endless piles of worked were thrown onto Aleena’s shoulders. 
  • She was losing sleep due to her studies and ended up falling ill and very anxious.
  • She wanted needed to keep her grades up. 
  • She didn’t want to disappoint her father. 
  • When Ignis discovered that her motives were only for avoiding his disappointment, Ignis felt horrible. 
  • He wants his daughter to be intelligent and well rounded, but he wanted Aleena to be happier than anything else. 
  • He did everything in his power to lower any type of pressure he put onto her. 
  • “Sweetheart, why don’t you take a break from your studies and go out with friends?”
  • “Are you sure dad?”
  • “I’m quite sure, Aleena. Go on and have fun.”

Septum piercing get!!

Everyone LIED it fucking hurt and while I was okay at first I got major mood drop and nauseous afterwards and shark week cramps didn’t help lol

Anyways. at home and happy with it cause it looks great but want to sleep a thousand years

BTS reacting to their Boyfriend getting a tongue piercing.

Author’s note: Unless it’s not specifically mentioned in the request, my reactions are gender neutral! I do not discriminate on this blog, thank you. 

He would be really impressed by him being daring enough to get his tongue pierced and would always want to look at it because it looks so good on him.

“Do you mind if I see it again? It makes you look even better~”

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He would take it as a joke and laugh about it until he reveals it to him and just stare at it in complete shock, not being able to react to it since he would’ve never quessed his boyfriend would do such things.

“What happened to my innocent Mochi and where did they take him?”

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He would approve of it a lot and would immediately want to kiss him since he’d be interested in finding out how it feels. It would take him a while to get used to it completely but grow very fond of it.

“Maybe you should get a piercing elsewhere too!”

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He would stare at him in shock when it’s revealed to him the first time and wouldn’t know how to respond. He’d just lean forward in his seat to take a closer look at it.

“But, did that not hurt?”

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When he tells Jimin about his plans, he would immediately approve of it and would suggest taking him there instead of going alone. The night before, he would look through the different kinds with him and pick out the ones he finds the cutest.

“Maybe you should get this one. I think it’ll look good and wouldn’t be a burden.”

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He would get kinda dissapointed at his boyfriend for not telling him about his plans earlier and taking him for moral support and would hold grudges at him for a really long time. He’d also have a really hard time accepting how good it looks on him because he’s used to his cute image instead.

“But you’re still going to remain my cute boyfriend, right?”

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When his boyfriend comfronts him with his plans, he’d get really excited and think about getting one as well. When he takes him to the place, he would look around for piercings as well and would ask for his boyfriend’s permission to get matching ones.

“It’s only on the tongue. We’ll still remain the cutesy couple.”

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-Love Youngmi~

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why do so many karmys bug out over jk?? if he wants to get lots of piercings & tattoos and wear baggy pants, who are they to tell him he can't? they don't own him.... i get he loves his fans & they are important to him but there's a line between that and letting other ppl control him. he looked kinda sad talking abt how ppl hate his pants & how he won't get more piercings or any tattoos bc he's worried abt what his fans may think... it's so restricting i hate it :(

uhm, i haven’t seen anyone telling him not to get more piercings? to be correct, he said “i want to get more piercings but /i thought/ you guys wouldn’t like it, so i didn’t”. i have never seen any krn fans on my twt telling him not to get piercings. the fandom is huge, if there’re people bugging jk about him getting more piercings, it’s not necessarily krn fans. for the record, they do check out int fans’ opinions too, not just krn fans. btw i remember seeing some int fans saying they don’t lile jk having too many piercings, so it’s not the problem of krn or int fans, it’s about each individual’s preference.

Voltron prompt

When lance was younger he was often overlooked by his parents and older siblings. Sometimes it got so bad that lance could start rambling for minutes on end without them noticing. Sometimes, when he realized this, he would start saying some weird stuff just to see if they would notice. Things such as, “bye mom I’m off to to the war” or “I’ll be back later I’m gunna go get my ear pierced.” And every time he would be be left with varying answers of “okay honey, have a good time.”

That continued for months and it wasn’t until he was accepted into the garrison that his family payed any real attention to him.

And then space. Space is a funny thing. It’s so big and so full of the unknown, but it can still make you feel trapped. Living in the castle with six other people you would think that if something happened someone would notice. But Lance found that what was happening at home was now happening here.

He would start talking and no one would notice. He would enter a room and anywhere between minutes to hours would pass before anyone would notice him and ask him when he had gotten there.

So he started up his old game again. Except after a few months he decides that it’s time to change the rules of the game. At the next planet he went to he got his ear pierced. One month later he got blue streaks in his hair. Things kept up like that to the point that he had a one tattoo, three ear piercings, black and blue streaks in his hair, a tongue piercing and his newly acquired eyebrow piercing.

It wasn’t until they were on their way to a new planet that they realized how drastically Lance had changed. Pidge was saying how the planet had a stronger magnetic pull so they needed to be sure not to have any metal on them, and they all watched in horror as Lance removed each of his piercings, laying them in his chair for safe keeping.

Neck Deep//Serpents

(My edit,not my photo)

Maggie is the universe giving me a gift. She is a happy person, she’s cheerful. Maggie is rare, she’s special. This, this will give her darkness. How could I do that to the most special person in the whole world? When I die, she needs to know that she did everything that she could.