blurryface vine psa


people avoiding the blurrface vine account for a reason and we don’t need it being on every social media. it’s coool if you watched it, but sharing it to tumblr/twitter might make those who are really scared right now get off the internet when really we are all scared and kind of need support right now.


if you watch the vines, fine. if you haven’t, fine.

don’t. share. the. vines. 

oh okay one last thing before I get off the internet–

I’ve been thinking lately about tumblr, and how its mostly-female users appeal to over-the-top emotional language (e.g., my feels, i can’t, cries, ARGH, and variants thereof.)

And it’s interesting, because most of us exist in societies that see excessive emotion as worthy of ridicule, an indication of irrationality, and “hysteric.” Feelings have become feminized, and what is feminine is deviant, Other, lesser. Pathos used to be a valid argumentative strategy–now, an argument rooted in emotion isn’t just bad, it’s invalid. And what is invalid can be dismissed without thought. (It’s unworthy of thought.)

But on tumblr, emotion is linked to power. Explicitly so. Feels can kill, feels can hurt, feels drive the creation of graphics/meta/fic and fierce battles over canonicity or interpretations. Feels are the currency with which you buy your right to fannishness.

Our reaction to a society that dismisses emotion as baseless is to crank that shit up to eleven and make it the gate through which you must pass to enter the community.

we’ve weaponized emotion.

how cool is that?'ll never win
  • Parents:can you get off your laptop now?
  • Me:*goes upstairs and gets phone*
  • Parents:get off your phone!
  • Me:*gets kindle*
  • Parents:God! Get off the internet!
  • Me:*goes on Xbox*
  • Parents:turn that off! Now!
  • Me:*gets ipod*
  • Parents:for God sake child! Stop! Go talk to your brothers of something!
  • Me:*walks into brothers room* can I borrow your phone?
  • Brother:sure
  • Me:thanks
  • See parents, you'll never win!

and i swear i can hear everyone shitting in their panties over in the mcr fandom. calm the fuck down. i love him too and i want to know whats up. but its his problem, his personal life, he doesn't owe us shit when comes to his life. so please shut the fuck up already. dont be little fucktards and send hate messages to anyone. thats rude and disrespectful. now go to bed bitches and calm down. 

that is all i have say about anything involving that.