I feel terrible saying this… but I do have to admit that I get mildly annoyed with Beating Eating Disorders for using content that isn’t theirs… I’m definitely glad the words get out there and people read them and they resonate with people. I don’t mean to be a content Nazi, but when I see people’s personal posts (specifically blogs I follow, my own posts, etc.) taken out of context for a quote, it just grates something in me a little bit. (Which maybe isn’t a useful thing either, it’s like a need to be recognized versus the content being recognized and I don’t know if I want to cater to that desire, but still the feeling is there… Which then makes me feel like a terrible human.) Overall their page is great and they offer a lot of support and that’s what matters. 

oh okay one last thing before I get off the internet–

I’ve been thinking lately about tumblr, and how its mostly-female users appeal to over-the-top emotional language (e.g., my feels, i can’t, cries, ARGH, and variants thereof.)

And it’s interesting, because most of us exist in societies that see excessive emotion as worthy of ridicule, an indication of irrationality, and “hysteric.” Feelings have become feminized, and what is feminine is deviant, Other, lesser. Pathos used to be a valid argumentative strategy–now, an argument rooted in emotion isn’t just bad, it’s invalid. And what is invalid can be dismissed without thought. (It’s unworthy of thought.)

But on tumblr, emotion is linked to power. Explicitly so. Feels can kill, feels can hurt, feels drive the creation of graphics/meta/fic and fierce battles over canonicity or interpretations. Feels are the currency with which you buy your right to fannishness.

Our reaction to a society that dismisses emotion as baseless is to crank that shit up to eleven and make it the gate through which you must pass to enter the community.

we’ve weaponized emotion.

how cool is that?

anonymous asked:

People are so fucked up! Like wtf is wrong with some people!! Some asshole called the home department at my work. My coworker answered. Next thing, I find her in the back crying her eyes out. The stupid prick on the phone was talking perverted things to her and knew her name!! Like wtf!! There is a whole internet to get your rocks off with. From now on no one is to give there name over the phone. (We use to have a little jingle to say which included my name is BLANK how can I help you)

Okay y’all probably hate me by now because the old one got so long, but let’s just talk about Jaspar and iconic romantic movies again

William & Anna from Notting Hill vs. Joe & Caspar

Richard & Ilsa from Casablanca vs. Joe & Caspar

(pic via @caspisnotonfire)

Baby & Johnny vs. Joe & Caspar

Okay I’m really sorry for this one

I will get off the Internet now, it will be better for all of us goodbye y’all

There’s only one person whom Mirai stares adoringly at like they’re discount udon  like that 

and that’s

Joe: We’re not [going out].

Excuse me but

No this is not a serious post

I want to make sure I smell nice to you.

Hey Honey?

What’s up?

How’s the date going?

The worst date

My Heart Will Go On

Dirty Dancing

Me and Caspar are going to share a bedroom anyway.

You’re gonna share a bed, are you?


I’ve got super soft arms.

Why does that make a difference?

That’s why Joe likes them.

Everyone do the maths now

This is Caspar’s and my bed, it’s like a proper honeymoon bed

That’s me and you in the future

I’m sorry for everything I will get off the Internet now

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I get Spotify ads in Spanish and for Astroglide. How you get those two things from listening habits that are primarily 1D and Little Mix, I don't know, but I can tell you that I laugh every time.

I get the same three or four ads, usually. I play my spotify at work, but it’s always one with an airhorn that says, “No internet connection? Get Spotify premium, blah, blah, blah…” and I’m like, bitch, clearly I have internet right now. Get off my case.

I don’t even know what that is and I should not post this, but let’s name it a… Jaspar work-out themed compilation

Caspar: You’re a slut

Joe: He’s training me well

Okay, let’s talk more about training and work out

Caspar: We work out together, by the way 


Caspar: And I dream about it, and I dream about Joe, and about how we could be… sweating together 






A Racist Bonehead Asks:

A very-clearly racist but possibly-deluded (& now-blocked) follower writes to ask:

What exactly defines a racist? Somebody who wants to keep their culture in their own country and not allow refugees to become the majority?

Yes, prioritizing your country’s “culture” (which we guess is like a precious museum piece that must be kept in a magic cultural vacuum lest it be HORRIBLY CORRUPTED SHOULD ANY INFLUENCE OUTSIDE OF ITS PRECIOUS BORDERS LEAKED IN!  BETTER GET OFF THE INTERNET RIGHT NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE & YOU RUIN YOUR COUNTRY’S CULTURE FOREVER!!!) over the lives of other human beings would make you a racist.

BTW, Racist, what country are you referring to in which refugees are anywhere close to becoming a majority?  The U.S., the UK, Canada, France, Sweden, Turkey, Germany,  Greece - all have refugees populations of less than 2% of the overall population.  Lebanon is probably the country with the highest proportion of refugees, but they account for just 22% of the population - a long way from being a “majority.”  So is there some other country we don’t know about where refugees are or are close to becoming the majority, or are you just pulling stuff out of your ass in an attempt to somehow justify your anti-refugee xenophobia and racism?

Somebody who knows that refugees commit crimes and cost another country mass amounts of money instead of fighting to fix the country that they’re leaving? 

Since there is more-than-enough evidence that refugees are no more likely to commit crimes than anyone else (but are more likely to be the victims of crime) (see also this summary of BKA crime stats) and that countries benefit economically from taking in refugees, yes, that would also make you a racist, given your will to ignore the desperate plight of other human beings & justify doing so with racist stereotypes that fly in the face of actual, well-established evidence.

I agree we should help those who cannot help themselves but at what point do we try to fix our own problems instead of fixing another races??

When you define & categorize people based on a hierarchy of scientifically-invalid “races,” and then identify yourself with your own “race,” and feel like this means it’s cool for you to ignore other human beings whose lives are in jeopardy, yes, that also makes you a racist.  As well as a terrible, terrible human being (note that the categories “racist” and “terrible human being” are correlated).

I’m sorry

But I couldn’t resist

Callum: Oh my god! You would be great at sucking - 

Lauren: You put the whole banana in your mouth?!


What might Joe have to say about this, we wonder


After all the horrible things I did today I will now get off the internet and bathe in holy water

Credits for the picture of Caspar’s Spotify song to the lovely @inlovewithjaspar