A Rant About Age Shipping

I don’t know if this is a rant anyone even wants, but you’re getting it. It’s been brewing for a while, and this morning @fencer-x posted a frustrated text post about people being freaked out about Yurio being shipped with “adults,” which is to say, Otabek, who is as she points out a handful of years older than he is, and IIRC is still a teenager himself. 

I will grant that Yurio at fifteen (though isn’t he almost 16 by the end?) feels young, though as a character he also feels old, and since this is, you know, fiction, it’s not hard to mentally jump him up in age a bit and comfortably ship him with Otabek, the most popular ship. The point, though, is that no matter whether or not people are uncomfortable with Yurio being sexualized, is that a nearly sixteen-year-old male is sexualized or has the right to be so, especially if he’s gay/bi/pan in these theoretical ships.

I’m not sure when we got this weird ban on sexuality for kids, but it can stop anytime. Who took the Judy Blume out of schools, and all the other books from the damn school library where heterosexual couples in fucking high school had sex in books I could order from Scholastic? Kids. Have. Sex. With each other, with people slightly older than them.

LGBTQIA kids also have sex, and it deserves to be shown, though there seems to be far more resistance to showing these pairings than anything else. I write new adult LGBT romances, and one of the reasons it’s new adult is because getting YA gay romance published is trickier. Far, far trickier. All the publishers I’d been working with when I started writing NA had a hard and fast rule: no one in the romance could ever be younger than 18. I had a character in one new adult I wanted to be seventeen for part of the book because I wanted his youth to be a factor, but all I could do was have him turn 18 on the opening day of the novel. 

Kids are not chaste. Kids have sex. Also, sex is not the devil. Americans in particular are so warped and weird about sex. We will let children watch horror movies and witness beheadings on the news, but one tit flies out during a football game and all the poor children who saw that must be protected. Why?

If you don’t want to ship Yurio, don’t ship Yurio. I haven’t shipped him mostly because he’s not my jam. But I support people who do and I am 100% behind their right to do so. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s that simple. But there’s zero call to carry placards around tumblr and make speeches against it. Nobody needs protecting. Not virgin eyes, not the children, not the poor orphans, and certainly not Yurio.

dating tom 3
  • if i’m being honest, he’d probably smell amazing 24/7
  • not even his cologne just like his scent, there’s just something so comforting about him too
  • the day before he had to leave for press or filming he’d cling onto you like a koala
    • “I’m not letting go until I absolutely have to,” he’d whine as you tried to push him off
    • “tom I have to pee,”
    • “no you don’t that’s false,”
  • reluctantly letting go of you so you could go pee
  • hearing your name through the door
    • [Y/N]!!!”
    • “come baaaack”
    • “….I can hear you pee” followed by loud giggling as you flush the toilet and quickly was your hands
  • he promises to call, text, and facetime you as often as possible when he’s away
  • and obviously he sticks to his promises cause he’s that guy™
    • “I miss yoooouuuu”
    • “harrison doesn’t cuddle like you”
    • “I miss your cooking” 
  • reuniting with each other is both your favourite things
  • you’d be waiting at the airport, trying to be as lowkey as possible since there was already a swarm of paparazzi’s
  • him noticing you as soon as he stepped through those doors
  • running and jumping into his arms as he threw down all his belongings
    • multiple kisses all over your face
    • whispering “i’m gonna make up for all our lost time when we get home”
  • and he so does
  • not being able to keep his hands off you the second you step through the door
    • “what gotten into you, tom?” you ask as he nips at your neck and collarbones
    • he freezes before shyly looking up at you, “I-I had a dream…about you…” he trails off
  • you nearly moan at the thought of him having dirty dreams about you
  • sloppy makeup sex 
    • both your actions would be so rushed, just wanting to be connected with each other
    • “fuck, I missed you so much babygirl,” 
    • him trying to make you come at the same time as him
  • as happy as he is to see you, he’s also exhausted and starving so you tell him to take a nap as you make something for dinner
    • “but I wanna nap with my girl,” he’d try to coax 
    • “after dinner,” you bargained as he let out a huff but agreed
  •  waking him up with head scratches 
    • whining when you stop and throw the blankets off him
    • not at all fazed by his naked body
    • him being surprised at you being unfazed because ????? 
  • him always trying to get you naked
    • “let eat dinner…..naked,”
    • “let’s play strip monopoly!” “not a chance tom,” “strip uno?”
  • “tom no”
  • “TOM YES”
  • he can be such a child, hiding all your left shoes or the toothpaste because it’s only a minor inconvenience 
  • whenever you’re at home with him and his family he becomes so much more british
    • “tom I can’t understand what you’re saying anymore”
    • “WHADYA MEAN M8″
  • him getting genuinely jealous when you pay more attention to tessa than him
    • “I’m spider-man though!!!!” he’d whine as you rolled around with tessa
    • having enough of your shit and picking you up, throwing you over his shoulder and bringing you to him room
  • when tom is sick its so much worse because he’s so much more clingy but you also don’t wanna get sick
    • “just a kiss on the nose, please darling” he’d beg as you sighed, finally giving him
    • tilting his head up so you end up meeting his lips instead
    • “if you get me sick i’m gonna kill you, holland”
  • you sitting on his lap because he loves having his arms wrapped around your body
  • if you were in public he’d always be checking behind your back for paparazzi’s because it was date night 
  • baking together becomes a tradition with you guys
    • him smearing icing down your nose before licking it
    • “you taste amazing, sweetheart,” him winking before you choke on a breath  
  • you lying in his lap in bed on nights you can’t sleep
  • so he begins playing with your hair and softly singing to because he knows that’s what puts you out like a light
  • waking you up with slopping kisses all over your face
  • you’re not a morning person so you don’t appreciate being woken up and put your pillow on your face
  • so he ends up eating you out and you can’t even get angry cause it was one of the best orgasms ever
    • “still hate me for waking you up?” he asks cheekily as you roll your eyes playfully
    • that day ends up full of sex, cuddles, and food
  • working out with him but he just ends up getting distracted by all your movements 
  • which leads to post workout sex
    • “your ass looks amazing in those pants, but it looks even better without them, darling,”
  • he secretly loves being domestic with you
  • like he loves doing laundry or cleaning the apartment and even going grocery shopping because he’s imagining your future
    • “you ever think about us? in the future?” he’d ask one day and he immediately regrets it thinking you’ll start freaking out
    • “all the time, bubs,” you say with a smile and he thinks his heart is gonna leap out of his chest
  • his parents and brothers already call you an old married couple
  • both of you agreeing that you’ve still got a long ways ahead of you before you wanna get married or start a family 
  • but you both want to 
  • you’re both each others rocks, always there no matter what time it is
  • sweet little kisses throughout the day 
    • like on the nose
    • or the forehead
    • of the top of your head
  • if you’re wearings rings he’s 100 percent going to play with them when he’s holding your hand 
  • he makes sure to bring you back a souvenir from each place he visits, even if it’s a magnet you love it so much 
  • sharing headphones while waiting for the plane to start boarding 
  • playing ‘guess the song’
    • “i lose every time though,” he’d whine but you just stuck your tongue out
    • purposely playing songs he doesn’t know just to see him pout
    • “you’re just too cute,” “i’m not cute, i’m hot,” “okay, tommy, whatever you say,”
  • him getting tipsy on the plane 
    • “let’s join the mile high club,” while giggling
    • “tom i’m trying to watch a movie,”
    • “and i’m trying to get laid,”
  • he’s actually such a child sometimes and you have to threaten him with no more sex until he finally calms down
  • if he has a random question he will ask you as if you have the answer
    • “how long are giraffes necks????”
    • “how do dolphins sleep with one eye open??”
  • poking your cheeks whenever you’re ignoring him 
    • “pay attention to meeeee,”
  • lying in between his legs on his chest because he insists on having you as close to him as possible

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I have the hottest lesbian friend and i've always thought she's way out of my league bUT the other day we were out drinking and she flirted with me a lot aND I ENDED UP BACK AT HER PLACE FOR THE NIGHT. IN HER BED. NAKED. WITH HER. i'm gonna put this on my resume


Yooseven texts #3
  • Yoosung★: I should probably top
  • 707: Yoosung... This is very sudden
  • Yoosung★: *stop
  • 707: I have always imagined me on top but-
  • Yoosung★: Wait what?
  • 707: ...