I want a Soulmates fic where you don’t get the name until you’re like 21. Derek and Stiles are dating (and Stiles’ name has been on Derek’s wrist for years) and Allison and Scott are engaged and Allison saw Scott’s name appear on her wrist last year on her birthday. Stiles wears a thick leather band around his wrist until Scott’s birthday, because they always wanted to see together and so he refuses to look until they can do it at the same time.

Not that they’re expecting to be surprised. Its the principle of the thing ya know.

And then the whole pack is there for the double birthday celebration and they reveal their wrists. On Scott’s is Stiles’ name and on Stiles’ wrist, Scott’s name is clearly inscribed. Everyone is like oh my god this is terrible, they’re so happy in their other relationships, how could it not be Allison and Derek and then Stiles is like “told ya so” and Scott high-fives him and Allison has to give Derek $20 because they made bets and she lost.

Ya know, just like hey, your soulmate doesn’t have to be the person you’re in romantic love with.