“As we move into the future and as we set new goals and blow them completely out of the water, I want you guys to know that I am never going to change.”

Even though the channel is about a week or so from hitting 6 million, I guess I just wanted to get a head start on this seeing as it happens almost in the blink of an eye. Being apart of this incredible community has been an amazing experience and I’m so happy that I hit that subscribe button all those months ago. I’m looking forward to the many months ahead and I’m so proud for all that Mark has accomplished. Congrats on (almost) 6 million subscribers! 




now did I promise myself and a couple other people that I wasn’t going to crack another daddy joke any time soon after this fiasco? yes. yes I did. but then some certain other people persuaded me that this one needed to be done. and I’m deeply sorry, but I succumb easily to peer pressure.

but hey did anyone catch my reference to a certain piece of zootopia fan art

“I worry about going insane. Ever since I was young, I have periods where my thoughts make no sense and I get very impulsive and I hit things or bang my head against the wall. I just need to feel pain. It’s the only thing that pulls me out of my head and calms me down and gives me something to focus on. I think about the number 110 billion a lot. I think that’s the number of planets in the universe, or cells in the body, or grains of sand, or people who’ve ever lived, or one of those things. It makes me realize how unimportant I am. There have been seven times recently where I’ve had a knife to my wrist and I was trying to get the courage to kill myself.”

I’m so into Dean and Cas having this phase where they’re like between friendship and something else, but everything still goes unsaid.

So sometimes they’ll be sitting on the couch and Dean will fall asleep and wake up in Cas’ lap. But it’s nothing, because Dean can’t control what he does in his sleep and Cas just didn’t wanna wake him by moving.

Or Cas will be helping out in the kitchen and he’s not cutting the carrot into thin enough slices, so Dean will take his hand to show him how he’s supposed to do it, and then take just a little too long to let go. But it’s nothing, because teaching Cas hands-on is just easier.

Or they’ll be on a hunt and Dean will get knocked on the ground and hit his head against something. And after killing the monster that hurt Dean, Cas will kneel next to him and take Dean’s face gently between his hands and lean in way too close as he heals him. But it’s nothing, Cas was just worried and Dean would have pulled away if he hadn’t been feeling so wonky.

And then one night, Dean is unable to sleep so he’ll go to the kitchen to grab himself some midnight snacks, and Cas will be there since he never sleeps. And instead of reaching into the fridge for something to eat, Dean will lean against the counter in something that’s almost like an invitation. 

Neither one of them will say anything but Cas will step closer, into Dean’s personal space, and that’s nothing either, it’s just the way he always is. They’re not even touching, they’re just standing there, and it’s a complete coincidence that they’re close enough so that Dean can catch that slight whiff of ozone that still clings to Cas, close enough so that Cas can feel Dean’s breath hit his face.

And whatever they have between them is so close to tipping over into something neither one of them can deny, which is why they stay still, even though their fingers are itching to touch. 

But Michael’s the kinda guy who would buy you an engagement ring and be waiting for the perfect time to propose so he’d have the ring with him 24/7 and one day he would he throwing it up in the air and catching it absentmindedly while listening to music and he’d miss the catch and lose the ring and you’d come home to find him searching underneath the bed for it and he’d have half his body underneath the bed and you’d ask him what he’s doing and he’d get so flustered that he’d end up hitting his head on the bed and proposing to you there and then before recruiting you into helping him find the ring

the special is: Sherlock and John are on a case, Sherlock gets hit in the head and blacks out and while he’s unconscious he dreams about himself and John in the Victorian era. he realises that back then he couldn’t have even tried to be with John, and when he wakes up and sees John’s face, he smiles and says, “I’d love you always”. they kiss and Mary is so angry that she dies.

This gif actually accurately depicts the exo members perfectly

you got jongdae being shy and getting bullied,

sehun the first one to act up “ayYY what’s with this hyung-” *ruthlessly slams the pillow on jongdae*,

minseok second to attack, lazy elder butt still kept on the seat,

luhan understanding the situation a second later than everyone else then proceeding to hit jongdae’s head,

yixing who initially gets up to join the fun but gets hit in the face by luhan and then twirls and sits back down,

and last but not least, richass mom $uho watching all his kids with a look that says, “oh look they’re at it again, how adorable”


someone brought balloons to my concert, so i present to you…

patrick vs. balloons: the reckoning