Best way to ask a girl to prom ever (by brochesis)

this is how i wanna get asked to prom 


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I got asked to prom today(:

My best friend and I were nominated for the award “Should have been a couple”, and ended up winning!  When we went up to receive out awards, the MC’s started going on this rant about how this award was a big deal.  Then out of no where, this guy comes running up with flowers, and gives them to my best friend.  Then he asked me to prom(:

It's Always The Hardest Choices That Come At The Worst Times

So tomorrow is the last day to buy junior prom tickets… which means I need a date by 12:30 tomorrow. Today I did some brainstorming: a guy (socalledbeast, I think I’ve called him previously - we’ve been hanging out recently) is trying to set me up for prom with this REALLY hot guy (he’s nice too!) because neither of us has dates. But if he doesn’t ask me, I’m going to ask flirtyboy. And if he says no, I have a few other choices. But flirtyboy and I videochatted for hours after school today, and I’m starting to like him more (as a friend, mostly.. but he is really cute and REALLY talented!).

As I was settling in to watch tv, pleased with my plans for picking a date tomorrow, shyboy texted me (of course).

Him: Hey, can we talk?

Me: Sure….

Him: Lol if you don’t want to you don’t have to.

Me: No it’s fine, I just wasn’t expecting this. I’ll try not to be bitchy tho!

Him: Ok. Well, I just wanted to clear things up. I admit it was a mistake what I did last week. But I really meant to give you the note so that you would read it.

Me: Read it? I wrote it…

Him: I know. You wrote it on Valentine’s Day. I just wanted to know what changed in those following two weeks that changed everything.

Me: Yeah. I think everything just kind of came apart around then, and I tend to pull away from those I care about when I feel like I need to concentrate on myself. Which isn’t ideal, but that’s how I am.

Him: Well I knew there were other reasons than the ones you gave me.

Me: How could you assume that? I’m not lying to you.

Him: I never said you were lying. I just know I could’ve done things better.

Me: Define “better.”

Him: Better meaning: Complimenting you when you change something like your hair. Giving you unexpected surprises like you did with me (in a good way). Talking more and not having awkward pauses or anything because I’m shy. There’s a lot I should’ve done better.

Me: Those things aren’t absolutely needed in a relationship. Maybe the shyness, but everything else was fine. It really wasn’t about you, and I know you don’t believe me but it doesn’t matter because I know my reasons.

Him: Alright. Well, I don’t know where to go from here then.

Me: Neither do I. Which is why I thought we ended this last time we talked. Idk.

Him: Well I think we’re done now.

Me: Fine. Can we be civil now? It wasn’t that bad on Friday.

Him: Well it’s a little easier for you than it is for me. The problem is whenever you’re not around I hang with all of your friends.

Me: I know that. But we all hung out on Friday and it wasn’t too bad.

Him: Ok. Well I just don’t think you get that I still have feelings for you, and that I’m trying to push away and hanging out with you does not help.

Me: I get it because I feel the same way, I’d just prefer if we were able to be normal. But whatever, if you want to move on it’s fine, we’ll move on.

Him: Lol I don’t want to move on. But when we hang out I remember the winter. And it’s just hard to concentrate on anything. Do you know what I’m saying?

Me: Yeah I understand. But I don’t think it would work to get back together right now. I kind of fucked that up enough and I’m sorry for that.

Him: Explain. Please.

Me: I caused enough drama/emotion/whatever and I’m done messing with your head. I’m just saying it could be good for both of us to move on instead of doing what you said you wanted and getting back together.

Him: We both made it more complicated than it ever had to be. I don’t know what happened. But I guess you’re right.

Me: Yeah. And it was because we hooked up, and clearly we both like each other, and a bunch of other things. But I think now we need to figure ourselves out and move on and figure out what we want out of a relationship instead of jumping right back into one that didn’t turn out so perfectly. Which is hard for me and I’m sure for you too, but I just can’t see us getting back together right now and pretending none of this took place. Because even though all the drama was unnecessary, it still happened.

Him: Alright.

Closure, anyone? I think this is the closest we’ve come to resolving our breakup since the actual breakup. I hope things go back to normal! (..Except I doubt they will).

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To The Girls Who Won't Get Asked To Prom
The fear of not getting asked to prom might shatter your self esteem, but don't let it. Prom isn't about being's about your enjoyment and happiness. Remember how beautiful and valuable you are, and let those positive feelings lead you towards the best prom experience ever.

A message to the girls who will not get asked to prom, because if you don’t attend prom because of that dumb guy/girl, you’ll be missing out on a day to celebrate and embrace YOU! 

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A guy is taking his girlfriend to prom. He waits in the ticket line a very long time bit gets them. He goes to rent a limo. The rental line is very long but eventually he does it. He goes to buy her flowers. The line at the Florist is long but he eventually gets the flowers. At prom, she asks him to go get punch. He goes to the refreshments table and there is no punchline.

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sleepover saturday yo
Steve Bucky SLASH - Stucky – AU – Teenage Dirtbag
I DO NOT own ANY OF THE CLIPS or THE SONG in this video, and therefore make no money from this or any of the other videos I have posted here. This is a high ...

This is a high school/post high school AU.  I wish it was more seamless, but I was limited.

I should also point out that I 150% prefer the original version of this song.  This version was sweet though, and about a guy, which was well… necessary.

Video basically follows the lyrics, but with a bit more happening.

Bucky is the school outcast.  Steve is the most popular guy in school.  Bucky has been in love with Steve forever.  Bucky gets a gift from a secret admirer asking him to prom.  He laughs it off.  It’s clearly a prank.  Who would be asking HIM to prom?  The week before prom he gets another gift from this secret admirer.  He’s tempted to believe.  Who would go through this much trouble just to screw with him? Steve calls him that night, and tells him, it wasn’t a prank, and yes, he wants to go to prom with him.  Bucky doesn’t believe him.  He thinks it over, and decides to give it a shot.  What’s the worst that could happen?

I’m here for the girls who won’t get asked to prom.
I’m here for the girls who asked someone and got rejected.
I’m here for the girls who won’t go to prom because they don’t wanna go alone.
I’m here for the girls who get told “I went with friends and it was awesome!” But don’t feel that it would be.
I’m here for the girls who have to put on their dress every few weeks before the prom so they feel pretty.
I’m here for the girls who don’t feel like they are having a true highschool experience because they are single or because they won’t have a date to prom.
Im here for the girls who know they shouldn’t care about how society says they need to be asked out to be beautiful, but that can’t help feel ugly or that some things wrong with them when they aren’t.
I’m here for the girls who have had More crushes than they can count and none of them have amounted to anything.
I’m here for you because I am you.
And I know it hurts.
And nothing anyone says will make it any better.
But I’m here for you, so you aren’t alone.

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au where chrom and robin have known each other since they were in diapers. Their bffs and as soon as they know what love is, they pretty much know their in love with each other but they never admit it. Everyone else knows and they finally get chrom to ask robin to prom ( bc he's a nervous dork ) and she says yes. At prom, Chrom's blown away by how beautiful Robin looks, and Robin's surprised to see him dressed all nice and without his glasses ( he looks like a prince ;3 ) and then they kiss❣

together au and oh gosh yes this is what makes me happy people

-MOd Aaron

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It's prom season but no one has asked you because they like to make fun of you. But Niall has had a crush on you forever and decides to make the most elaborate promposal for you.

Ok this is kinda long for a blurb but i’ll try my best. 

Even though Niall comes off as very confident around lots of people, he can’t help but to get nervous around someone as beautiful as you. It is getting close to prom season and no one has asked you yet. You weren’t really expecting an invitation and not because you didn’t think you were pretty enough you just weren’t on top of your social class. You had friends but only a few. Sometimes you would hear the popular girl whisper as you walked past them in the hall but it didn’t bother you that much. You were tough enough to shrug it off, most of the time that is. Despite the mean girls you generally enjoyed high school. Not because you were smart and aced every test but because you had the deepest crush on the most beautiful blue eyed boy. You sat next to Niall in english, math, and history. You could exactly say that you had a friendship with him but you two defiantly talked. Almost everyday Niall would lean over at the beginning of class and whisper “hey…ye got a pencil i can borrow?” He was the most unorganized mess you have ever met but you loved it. It wasn’t until a week before prom when Niall leaned over to you, naturally you picked up your pencil case getting ready to hand him another pencil. “hey…would you mind meeting me after class” he stumbled on his words a bit “i gotta copy ya notes for the next test…wasn’t payin’ attention.” There was no test coming up but you didn’t care “Of course” the words practically rolled off your tongue. Nodding his head Niall smiles and sits back. The minute the bell rings, Niall pop out of his chair turning to you. “Lets go” you back your bags up and follow Niall. You both walked down the hallway in complete silents, catching out of the corner of your eyes you see the mean girl whispers. Probably about how you are walking with one of the most popular guys in school. “Where are we going Niall?” you finally managed to get out. “Parking lot. Don’t want any teachers ta see me copying notes.” You just nod your head, starting to get a weird feeling in your stomach. A few minutes later you finally get out to the parking lot, Niall leading the way. Looking ahead you see your car in the distance but it looks different. The closer you get to it you start to see it. In big bold words, Niall had used car window to paint the word “PROM?” on the back on your window and his named signed. You couldn’t believe it. Once you both reach your car Niall smiles and turn around obviously waiting on your answer. Not being able to get a word out of your mouth you quickly nod your head.