getting asked to prom

the pettiest thing i’ve done is when i found out this bitch i hate was getting asked to prom by a boy so i made my best friend get him to cancel on the bitch and go with her instead


Paring: Samuel Seabury x Reader

Warnings: None

Request: Can you do a Samuel Seabury x reader where the reader is really good friends with Sammy and she gets a huge crush on him. Then Sam asks the reader to prom.

Time: Modern


Prom. Next week is prom. I would be happy about prom if the person I had a huge crush on would go with me. Now I didn’t ask him to go with me, but that’s only because we are really close friends and I don’t want our friendship to go down hill and get all awkward if he doesn’t like me. It’s not like he is out of my league or anything, it’s that he doesn’t seem that he has feelings for me. To be honest, if anything, he would probably have a crush on his best friend, George.

“Hey, (Y/N)” There he is. My crush, Samuel Seabury. “Oh, hey Sammy! I didn’t see you there. So, are you gonna go to prom?” If anything he’s probably gonna go with George. “Oh yeah, I am gonna try to ask my crush if she wants to go with me.” After his said that sentence my happy expression fell. He has a crush and never told me. Great now I have a zero chance with Samuel. 

“Oh… Well good luck with that. Um I need to get going. See ya Samuel…” All of the happiness in my voice is gone and I even called Sammy his actual name with I never do. It’s always Sam or Sammy never Samuel. “(Y/N) are you okay? You never call me by my actual name. What’s wrong?” “I know i’m gonna sound jealous but I don’t care anymore. I have a huge crush on you for the longest time and I don’t feel good to know that this girl your talking about that you might have just met stole your heart before I did. Sam i’m… I’m in love with you.”

This is it. Sam is gonna hate me forever. “(Y/N)… Your my crush… I want to take you to prom.” What? I’m his crush? Me (Y/N) (M/N) (L/N) is Samuel Seabury’s crush? Wow. “Wait… Really!?!?” “Yup. So wanna go to prom with me?” Sammy asked with a glint in his eyes. “Of course.” I go to hug him but Samuel has other ideas. He grabbed my face and kissed me. “Well finally. You guys took forever to get together.” Another voice says. I turn around to see George Frederick, Sam’s best friend. 

He pats Samuel’s back congratulating him. “ Like I said Sammy i have to go back home. See you at prom~” After that I walk off with a big grin on my face. This is the best day of my life. 


(A/N): This was probably really bad, but I hope you guys enjoyed it. Also sorry for it being really short. Thank you for reading this imagine. Bye~

“You clarinet kid! *to kid one,* his name? Oh okay, anyways get the reed on your clarinet, rehearsal started ten minutes ago.”


“Look second clarinets, in this part you’re more important than the first clarinets. Think about it this way, *points to Kid 1,* this guys being distracted by the ladies. *Points to kid two* and this guys still getting the reed on his clarinet.”

Even later

“You can’t finish a song like that! It’s like, imagine your boyfriend, kid 2 here, asks you out to prom. So you get your dress. And your corsage, and a ride, and your moms taking pictures of you. And then he doesn’t show up. You know why? ‘Cause he’s still putting the reed on his clarinet.”

—  band camp director

inspired by a post I saw on storytime.ig on instagram

okay but imagine: late monday night, six days before prom, you get a phone call from your best friend Luke, asking you about the tux he needed to rent for prom. “what color should I get?” he asks you. confused, you respond, “idk why does it matter?” “well we need to match, ya know, so like what color is your dress?” Luke asks as though it were perfectly obvious and now you’re even more confused, he’d never asked you nor had he even hinted that he was going to ask you so you stop him mid sentence, “wait, Luke?” “hmm?” “since when are we going to prom together? like, as dates?” after a long pause he mumbles quietly under his breath,“fuck, I forgot to ask you” “LUKE!” you all but shout, unable to control your laughter as Luke runs his hands over his face laughing, “don’t worry I’ll make it up to you, just hold on,” Luke promises and you can hear movement as if he were trying to find his keys, “Luke, really its fine, I mean like yes I’ll go with you, you don’t have to do anything,” you assure him as he continues to get himself together, “no, I’m going to do this right. I promise” and the line goes dead and you don’t know what to expect, considering it was nearing ten o’clock at night. but, nonetheless, at almost 11 pm there was a tapping sound on your window and in opening your curtains you saw Luke standing in your front yard, holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand and he motions for you to come down to meet him, so you run down the stairs, jumping down the last few steps to reach the front door and as you pulled it open you revealed Luke, standing in all black, holding out the bouquet to you with a sheepish grin on his face, “so is it still yes for being my prom date?” blushing slightly, you take the flowers from him with a giggle, wrapping your arms around his torso tightly, “of course Luke” and he lets out a quiet ‘yes!’ embracing you and lifting you off the ground a little before looking down at you with a grin “now, about that dress color…”

I know that it’s prom season in a lot of parts of the U.S. right now and this isn’t the most fun time for a lot of girls who like girls.

My heart goes out to all of you, to the girlfriends who can’t go to prom together because it’s not safe or they’re in the closet or their school doesn’t let them, to the closeted girls who’ll spend this time getting asked if they’re going to prom with a boy, to the girls who watch straight people get to proclaim who they like to the stars and back while they can’t even dance with a girl without being afraid, to the girls who can’t go to prom dressed how they want, whether they’re butch/gnc or trans.

To all the girls who spend this time pretending and lonely and scared, I’m sorry and I understand and we won’t always have to feel this way and someday you’ll get to dress up in your fanciest clothes and dance with a girl you adore and it’ll be awkward and wonderful and you’ll step on her feet by accident and the music will suck and you’ll be safe and you’ll get to be yourself
mod hedera


Hi guys!

So I am an american senior this year, and so I have Prom upcoming!!

Now I have a french exchange student in my class, and she is a junior so she doesn’t get to go to prom, so I thought I would ask her so she can experience it!

However, I need help coming up with a promposal for her!! I was thinking it needs to be in french. This is what I’ve created real quick:

Je sais que t’es française;

Mais cette année t’es americaine;

Donc; s’il te plaît, sorte avec moi

À une nuit à Paris

Fait ma nuit memorable

Ça sera très incroyable

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