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So get this.

I was talking with my dad last night about his high school experiences (BFE middle of nowhere Kansas), and we got to talking about prom experiences. We were comparing our senior proms because he and I both unfortunately remember the unmitigated disaster that was my senior prom (personally. The dance? great.). So we were rehashing that whole dilemma, and then I asked him how they went about getting music for proms in the early ‘70s since now we just have DJs with laptops and all the musical access they can imagine. He said that they just found some ways to find people who wanted to play. I then had the best moment of my life when I asked my dad who played at his senior prom, and without missing a beat he said, “Oh, we had Kansas play. They were looking for gigs, so we hired ‘em.” AND THEN HE PROCEEDED TO TELL ME THAT AFTER PROM HE AND HIS BUDDIES HUNG OUT WITH THE MEMBERS OF KANSAS BECAUSE THEY WERE SUPER CHILL AND NOT FAMOUS YET. Kansas is one of my favorite bands ever. 

You do not get brownie points for asking someone disabled out

As Prom season comes before us, we are reminded once again that able people are superior to disabled people as they use them as props for self-esteem boosts, reputation points, or an average charity case. As surprising as it may sound, it is possible to ask out a disabled person to prom without alerting your local news stations about it. It seems like an ongoing trend that is only increasing in popularity for someone to make a promposal towards someone specifically mentally disabled (i.e. Autism, Downs Syndrome, etc) and put it all over their social media. They are than cast as a worthy citizen, a hero, a good guy to audiences through news sites as though asking someone out simply because you have deemed them unworthy of the ability to achieve this on their own is cause for an online uproar.  It is especially hurtful, to their image as well as emotionally, when these invitations specify some sort of “as friends” stipulation.

This situation only furthers the stigmas we see in fictional worlds on our television into real world inspiration tales. Because the media paints disabled people in a negative light as people who need attention, consistent help from others, and struggling, able-bodied people view it as an accurate image and portray that helping figuring in their everyday lives.

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Ayyy!! Winchesters back again! It's always good to hear from you guys! Your awesome sis Katie and I did some hunting while you were away. It was fun. Anyway, my question is how do you get someone to ask you to prom? Keep up the great work Katie and Winchesters! ❤ (oh, and there might be a shifter in my school, but I bring anything to kill it and I'm gonna get expelled. Suggestions?)

Uhhh…Katie you’ve been doing what while we’ve been gone? -Dean

Busted. -Katie

Seriously Katie? -Sam

So how do you get someone to ask you to prom guys? -Katie

I don’t know, we never went to prom. You guys have been hunting without us? -Dean

Sam, you never went to any dances? -Katie

No, Dad never let us. -Sam

Well that’s lame. I don’t have any advice really on how to get someone to ask you, but maybe kinda check around to see if that someone has plans to ask anybody else -Katie

We aren’t done talking about this hunting without us thing Katie. -Dean

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Women aren't oppressed in the first world. I'm egalitarian in the fact that everyone is equally worthless. Whether you think I'm a looser or not is meaningless. As is all of life, so quit bitching about oppression just because you didn't get asked to prom. If you want to do something with your life, do it. You have agency.

lol “sexism against women doesn’t exist”, continues to be overtly sexist. Thank you for proving my point.

I just can’t get over that I asked a girl I really liked to prom and she said yes. It wasn’t like a fancy promposal but I just walked up to her asked really quickly. I wont put her name because I don’t wanna make her uncomfortable Me: Pretty Girl, I have a question Pretty Girl: Okay? Me: Willyougotopromwithme? PG: Yeah! Me: Really? My smile was so wide and my heart was racing and I’m so happy. I’m just so happy and I’m gonna make her a real poster because our mutual friend was like yOU NEED A POSTER SARAH OH MYGOD

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Speak Q3 Post #3


Summary: Melinda stays after school to work on her art project, a tree, with Mr.Freeman. She only feels safe in the art room because that’s where she is most comfortable. Andy (IT) walks into the music rooms and asks where Rachel is but Melinda tried to hide and doesn’t answer him. As he got closer to try to see if she knew, she started to clench up but Rachelle came into the art room and found him. A few days later, in art class, Ivy “accidentally” colors marker on her shirt. As Melinda is cleaning her shirt in the bathroom, Ivy comes in and tells her she’ll clean it for her and starts to act nice. As the senior prom approaches, Rachelle gets asked by Andy. Melinda wonders why she is going with Andy because of the note Melinda sent her and starts to believe she ignored it. Heather comes crawling back to Melinda for help with decorating prom because the Martha’s make her do everything. Melinda says no and kicks her out of her house because she just left her behind for the Martha’s. Melinda finally had the courage to talk to Rachel and they start laughing together. But, Melinda starts to talk about Rachel and Andy being together, but Rachelle doesn’t want too. Because they were in a library, the get yelled at and just started passing notes, talking about their friendship. Melinda finally tells her the truth about getting raped by Andy and Rachel thinks she’s lying because she got the chance to go the prom with him. Finally, other people connect with Melinda and share different stories of how horrible Andy has done other girls. Melinda found out that at prom Rachel and Andy argued and Rachel left Andy halfway through. After school, Melinda goes into a closet to get a poster and Andy traps her in there. He started to talk to her about her story she told Rachel and how she “lied” to her because she was jealous. He locks the door and pins her against the wall but Melinda screamed. She started fighting back against him but he was stronger. Finally, she breaks a glass and holds it up to his neck as someone pounds on the door. She unlocks the door and the lacrosse teams is out there with their sticks held up, as someone else runs to get her help. On the last day of school, she sits in the art room working on her project to make it perfect. She tells herself that getting raped was not her fault and she will grow from it. As she starts to cry, Mr.Freeman gives her tissues and knows she’s been through alot and Melinda sits down and says “Let me tell you about it”.
Analysis: A lot of the time, the author has Melinda talking to herself and giving herself advice to help her stand up for herself.
Opinion: I hated this book until the last 50 pages because it started to actually get intense and get further than the beginning of the book had us.
Vocabulary: Mononucleosis (noun): an abnormally high proportion of monocytes in the blood.
Quote: “Look what I starts. I shouldn’t have tried something new. I should have stayed in the house. Watched cartoons with a double-sized bowl of Cheerios. Should have stayed in my room.” I loved this quote because this is me every time I step foot out of my house just because I love my bed.

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Day 72 of 365 days of Happiness- I went looking for a prom dress today. So my prom is in about a month, and I went to a place called Cinderella's Closet since my household is considered low income I could go and get a dress and things for free. I actually got a dress,shoes,a clutch, jewelry, and a little makeup. The dress is teal and really long. I might just bust my ass on it, and if I don't i will on the shoes because they're heels and I actually have no idea what I'm doing. -the happy anon

awww that sounds so nice! :D ahaha aww bless ya, you’ll get the hang of it! :D 
You been asked to prom yet? i mean do guys still do that or? mine was like pushing 5 years ago….holy shit 5 years
i had a light brown suit and looking back it was quite cool but my hair was absolutely dreadful, i used to straighten it in high school and it was fucking awful in retrospect :’)

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With Prompto's contacts messing up his eyes, could he be wearing glasses for the rest of YGABT? I'm asking for vulnerable-Prom-in-glasses-kink-reasons...

Last one and then I’m really going to sleep and will answer anything else after, because they need longer answers than my brain can handle at the moment. I just. Get so caught up because I love asks so much. ;_;

Yes! Glasses Prom is coming. One of the first things Cindy is going to make him do is get his contacts out (His eyes are bloodshot and watery and he’s rubbing them alot. She thinks he’s trying not to cry at first them throws a small tizzy when he admits his contacts are bugging him and he still hasn’t taken them out.) 

Low key, all the crying/cum shots to the face have just not been good for his contacts I’m afraid. 

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Congrats on getting asked to prom! (The fact that youve known the person since childhood is sO CUTE And my actual dream) (crush anon)

bless tysm. we have literally been friends forever idk i think it’s a lil odd but he’s tall enough that my six inch heels aren’t an issue

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So I'm graduating college in May, and after weeks of scouring Nordstrom Rack, ASOS, etc.. I can't seem to find something that I'm just absolutely in love with. I keep coming back to, "What would Taylor Swift wear?" Obviously you're the closest thing/person that I could ask! So... what WOULD Taylor wear to her college graduation? (ok guidelines though, like $200 and under, really looking for something timeless, not necessarily trendy) THANK YOU and I LOVE your blog/insta!!

Many moons ago I did put together a Taylor Prom Inspiration post, but I swear I need to start putting together Taylor-friendly links every year when prom and grad roll around because I get asked it annually like clockwork. 

I would honestly say you’re already doing all the right things. Maybe add Revolve or David’s Bridal into your searching rotation. For timeless - I would only say just avoid tulle, excessive rhinestoning/sparkle. Stick to A-Lines or column dresses in muted pastels or neutrals/jewel tones and you’ll be solid.

i just wanna say that if you’re upset about something right now, just know, that none of it will matter in like 5 years. didn’t get asked to prom? is that gunna matter when you’re married with kids? no. couldn’t get that job u really wanted? is that gunna matter when u have a better job in your 20s? nope. those are just silly examples and i know it might suck right now, and it hurts right now. but NONE OF IT will matter in the future. let your afflictions be but a small moment

Alright ladies, let me know if you know how to avoid getting asked to prom because I wanna go with friends but I literally cannot say no if anybody asks and two guys are 👀 and i literally have never spoken to them… SOS

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GUESS whomst is getting asked to prom tonight!?!? it's yours truly, This Bicc

this ask made me lauhgh thank u. i am goin to assume That Boy is asking u,,in which case…..AMAZING !!! i’m so hyped for u omgomg gonna need an update when prom happens !!