getting asked to prom


Aaahahaha oh mai these were all I could do for pone prom day two
Laaame quality but that adds to the ~comedic~ effect right
Shout out to this poor soul @pirateking-hightide who went to prom with Roni and had to wear something I designed
And to @rosa-the-pirate who made the reply for doodle no. 3
And also to @moonwish / @askstarlightsong and @ask-hexandtesla for appearing in doodle no. 4
And finally to @ask-goldenpen / @harmonscorner , @askdarlingadelaide and @ask-kashme the cute senseis in doodle no. 5

There’s so many prom senpais I still gotta doodle tho. Maybe in traditional since I won’t have the computer~

time for a rant bc my sick, disabled body is filled with rage:

it’s getting to be promposal time! yay! i loved watching my friends get asked to prom in high school and promposals are so cute!!  but you know what’s not cute? making a huge deal (as the media inevitably does around this time) of a non-disabled person asking a disabled person to prom.  i just saw a teen vogue article that was like “nothing will warm your (pitying, infantilizing, and tokenizing) heart like this non-disabled person asking her autistic friend to prom!!!!!” and i’m just like… what exactly is newsworthy about a disabled person going to prom? like why is that ~sooooo heartwarming~? is it because we don’t believe disabled people do normal, everyday high school things or have friends or go on dates or have social lives? is it because we are so moved by non-disabled people taking on the enormous burden of going with a disabled person to prom?  do we think they’re saints for lowering themselves to the level of disabled people? what exactly makes this proposal more moving than the zillions of others going on around the country? please stop pitying and tokenizing disabled people and making cross-ability prom dates some big deal.

tl;dr: stop acting like disabled people don’t do normal stuff/have friends bc that’s ableist af


Best way to ask a girl to prom ever (by brochesis)

this is how i wanna get asked to prom 

Fratboy/Jock!Michael Asks His Teammates To Help Ask You Out

REQUEST: “Frat Boy/Jock Michael gets his frat brothers/teammates to help him ask you to prom”

fuck it i’m making this a visual cos’ i can’t write a whole fucking preference about this okay bye

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