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[GOT7 as] Highschool Students

Mark: Sleeps in class. Gets 100% on the test. No one has heard him talk. Every girl wants a piece of him. Rumour has it he has a cute laugh. But no one has proof. Teachers let him skip presentations just because. 

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Jaebum: The hot bad boy. So done with this school. Just wants to graduate. Lowkey acts cute sometimes. Will never speak to you again if you point this out. Basically, owns the hallways. The best kisser around. 

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Jackson: Fitness is number one. Basketball is lyfe. Sports. Pray to the kale God. Juice cleanse. Will start an organic club. Is the captain of every sports team. He lifts. 

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My, my! Look how we’ve grown. As cosplayers and as friends. *wipes a single tear from my eye* It was a magical day in the early spring of 2015.. I had gone to comic con because I didn’t get asked to Senior Prom. Allie ( @the-mischief-managed ) was excited because the ever so famous Lettherebedoodles was going to the con. I had no idea who that was. So as we were waiting by the Evermore booth, my dad was talking to TT’s parents, and they were like “TT should be along any minute”. In a whirl wind of movement a group of Attack on Titan cosplayers descended upon us. Allie was most excited to see the Hanji cosplayer, so I assumed that was Lettherebedoodles. Then I was like…. that’s TT??? They’re their kid??? So I “know” them??? But that means…. they’re EVILTT ON DEVIANTART?! And for the brief moment they were there, they were like HI FAN, BYE FAN, and ran away. 

Since then our friendship really started as both of us trying to weasel our way into each other’s lives. From me working at Evermore, to being in art class together. 

TT is such a loving, accepting force in my life. They have helped me see things from a perspective I’ve never seen before. TT is passionate in all that they do, whether it’s analyzing an argument or developing a whole world of make-believe. They are always kind: helping siblings write papers, driving when it’s not their favorite thing to do, laughing and smiling at everything, and especially making people feel comfortable and valid. Their empathy and compassion is out of this world. They feel everything, and they feel for everyone. If you are sad or mad or happy, they are there with you 100%. And they will 100% share their feelings with you as well. TT is outgoing, confident, and strong. So, so, so strong. Like they could punch me in the face and I would love it. I love seeing them in makeup, whether it’s Sirius or Ariel or gosh dang Mad Eye Moody. I love seeing them with no makeup. They are so truly beautiful to me. And I loooove that when I get that stupid anxious voice in my head that says “Oh gosh I did that tiny awful thing, they totally hate me” I can immediately say, “That’s so untrue that your nose should be a mile long right now”. It is such a blessing and comfort to have them in my life. And they need to recognize how amazing they are, imperfections (I know, hard to believe from a Deity on Earth) and all. I love you!


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Ooo congratulations on your new job! Since it's prom season... how about a promposal fic? I guess in Auradon's case it would be a ball-posal though! :) Congrats again!

Oh, how cute! I didn’t get back until much later than I planned, so I’m writing this while I’m tired, but it’s too cute!

Guilt was becoming a more familiar emotion the longer they were in Auradon and it was one of the few things that Mal hated about her new school. She had felt it when Ben was drugged into loving her, she felt it when she held Fairy Godmother’s wand in her hands, she felt it every time she looked at her mother, small and scaly in a tiny cage.

Looking at the pride and excitement on Jay’s face, Mal felt that dreaded guilt again.

“I’ve been working on this for two nights,” he boasted. “I’ve kept it hidden under my bed, Pup has no idea.”

Mal didn’t roll her eyes at Jay’s ridiculously sweet nickname for his boyfriend. He never made fun of the names Evie gave her, she could return the courtesy.

“Are you sure he’ll…like this, Jay?”

“What do you mean?”

A giant, bright poster, spanning nearly the width of the room, laid at their feet. Swirled, elegant lettering spelt out ‘Carlos De Vil, will you go to prom with me?’ while stickers and crudely hand-drawn cartoons decorated the edges.

Jay looked at her cautiously, as if Mal was about to tear him down as often as she use to. “I was gonna have the cheerleaders hold it up at-.”

“Hold it up at the end of the last game.” Mal finished. “You told me. You said you were going to make a crazy announcement and have the tourney team lift Carlos in the air for it all?”

“Yep.” Jay crossed his arms and grinned.

“But Carlos doesn’t… He doesn’t like being the center of attention, Jay.” Mal pushed. “It makes him uncomfortable and nervous.”

He made a face, a mix of surprise and confusion, as if Jay doesn’t understand how he didn’t consider that or how Mal remembered it before he did. Jay furrowed his brows. “I-I know that.” He said quickly. “I was gonna make it quick.”

“Are you sure you want to ask him like this? I know you mean well, but this might embarrass him.”

“No it won’t!” Jay clenched his fists. “The whole point of this is to show I’m not embarrassed of him!” Mal opened her mouth to speak, but thought better of it, waiting for Jay to continue. “I… I want Carlos to know that I… I like him and I don’t care who knows it.”

Mal considered his words, hand on hip. She ventured over to Jay’s bed and gestured for him to sit beside her. “Maybe Carlos just needs to know that you like him and that’s all. You don’t need to make a big deal of your relationship to the school for him to know that.”

“It was gonna be big and spectacular,” Jay pouted. “It was gonna be memorable.”

“How about just make it special for Carlos? He’s the only one you’re asking, not the whole school.”

Jay rested his chin on his hands. “I guess. All the Pup would really want is just for me to ask him in between classes or something,” he muttered.

Mal snickered. “You can make it a little more special than that. It’s not like your only options are to make a spectacle or to do nothing. It’ll still be nice to make it special.”

“Well what are you doing that’s so special?” A moment passed. “You don’t have anything planned, do you?”

“No.” Mal joined him, slouching forward to rest her chin on her hands. “I was just gonna ask her with flowers and chocolate but that’s too simple for E. I mean, she’ll love anything I do because she’s Evie. But I want her to really love it. Nothing is grand enough.”

“We should switch.”

“No thanks. Carlos is pretty, but not as pretty as Evie.”

Jay laughed and punched her shoulder. “I meant we should trade promposal ideas, not relationship partners.”

“That’s…not a bad idea, actually.” Mal sat straighter, finger to her lips in thought. “Can you get Carlos’ name off of that sign?”

“I was joking.”

It was Mal’s turn to punch his shoulder. “But it’s perfect. E would love a huge, crazy prom ask in front of the whole school. I already bought the choc- don’t give me that look. Yes, I bought them, not stole - I bought the chocolates already, you can have them if I can take your sign.”

Jay gave her a sideways look. “Flowers and chocolate… Well, maybe chocolate and a new tool kit would really make Carlos happy. He would love that actually.”

“Let me take a look at this sign,” Mal hopped off of the bed and knelt on the ground. “I could go over and re-do a lot of these pictures,” she traced Jay’s pencil sketches and looked up, “I can definitely improve this. Can you pull some favors with the tourney team for me?”

“Yeah. You scare the piss out of Chad and Ben is still sweet on you,” Jay snickered. “If you get Evie out on the field at the end of the game, I can hook you up with the megaphone.”

A grin took over Mal’s face. Her smiles were no longer mischievous and nasty, but genuine and excited; the reminder of the change in his friend brought a smile to Jay’s own face.

“This is gonna be perfect! E will love having everyone watch her get asked to prom and have the cheerleaders holding up signs for her,” Mal’s grin grew at the idea of surprise and happiness on her girlfriend’s face. This is exactly what Evie would want, she bloomed like the fairest flower under attention and would flourish being in front of the entire student body.

Mal stood quickly, reaching for the door and calling over her shoulder. “I’m going to run back to my room, I’ll bring the box of chocolates and some paint!”

Her guilt for ruining Jay’s grand promposal effort was forgotten and replaced with two new emotions: excitement and joy. True, Mal had never experienced those things before Auradon, but the reason for them had been with her for many years. Excitement and joy were found in expressive brown eyes and curly blue hair, in soft hands and a softer voice, in ridiculous nicknames and in kisses that left Mal breathless.

And Goodness, she was going to make asking Evie to prom as exciting and joyful as the princess herself.

Headcanon: You and Bill going to Prom Together

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Full disclosure: I went to prom alone, many, many years ago, so this might seem a bit old school. I have no idea what it’s like to get asked to prom or what it’s like to go with a date, so please bear with me. We did not have things like prom-posals in my day.

This is an AU where Bill is not famous, and you go to a U.S. high school together. I also made Bill a little nerdy because I can’t help it.

I had SO much fun writing this. Basically, this is my dream prom experience. 

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  • You and Bill have been best friends your entire lives. You both have crushes on each other, but you’ve never admitted it.
  • One day during lunch, you complain to Bill that no one has asked you to prom.
  • “We could go together” Bill suggests “I mean, as friends haha”.
  • Bill would be so nervous that you would say no. Obviously, you say yes.
  • With prom less than a week away, you go out that afternoon to find a dress.
  • Almost giving up hope, you stumble across the most beautiful dress you have ever seen, in Bill’s favorite color.
  • Bill rents his suit and buys you a corsage with your favorite flower.
  • The morning of prom, Bill decides he is going to tell you that he loves you.
  • Nope, he can’t; he is too nervous.
  • No, he is going to do it.
  • “Come on Skarsgård; you can do this”
  • He goes to your house to pick you; his Dad loaned him his car tonight.
  • “No. I can’t tell her. It will ruin our friendship”.
  • Your mother opens the door. “You look so handsome Billy! She’ll be down in a minute”.
  • Bill waits for you nervously downstairs, corsage in hand.
  • A few minutes later, you walk down the stairs.
  • Bill’s jaw literally drops. He has never seen anything more beautiful in his life.
  • You look like an angel to him. His brain can’t function.
  • “Is that for me?” you ask, pointing to the corsage.
  • “uhhh…. YES!” Bill panics, quickly handing it to you.
  • You parents take a million pictures. Your face hurts from fake smiling.
  • Normally, your Dad would interrogate your date, but he trusts Bill. Plus, since Bill lives next door, he knows where to find him.  
  • You both walk to the car, and Bill opens the door for you.
  • “You look really beautiful” he says, turning bright red.
  • You don’t know what possesses you, but you kiss Bill on the cheek.
  • “I’m going to tell her” he thinks.
  • You get to the dance, and the gym is decorated with streamers and balloons.
  • The theme of the dance is “Enchantment Under the Sea”. There are cheesy sea shells, mermaids, and sea horses all over the gym.
  • Immediately, you take more pictures. Your mom will kill you if you don’t get 200.
  • Nervously, Bill looks at you. “Um… do you… would you like to… will you dance with me please?”
  • You smile at how cute Bill is. You should tell him how you feel.
  • Bill takes your hand and leads you to the dance floor.
  • You have the best time dancing like idiots. Bill spins you and twirls you around. You can’t think of a happier moment in your life.
  • The most popular boy in school comes up to you in the middle of prom. “Dance with me” he says, flipping his hair.
  • Bill gets so sad and steps back; obviously you would pick Mr. Popular over him. Who wouldn’t?
  • “No thank you. I’m only dancing with Bill tonight” you say, turning your back on Mr. Popular. He storms off in a huff.
  • Bill is so happy he could burst.
  • Drunk off excitement, Bill grabs your arm and pulls you in for a chaste, hard kiss. 
  • He pulls back, shocked at his actions. “Y/N I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to! I mean, I di, but I should have….”
  • You smile at his stuttering and pull him in for another kiss. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you give him a slow, passionate kiss. Bill grabs your waist and kisses you back with equal fervor.
  • When you need to come up for air, you place your forehead on Bill’s.
  • “I’ve been wanting to do that for a LONG time” you say.
  • “Me too” Bill replies. “I love you (Y/N)”.
  • “I love you too Billy!”
  • You spend the rest of the night dancing, laughing, and kissing.
  • Before they announce prom king and queen, you and Bill decide to leave.
  • Once you are outside, Bill gives you his jacket.
  • On your way back home, you look at the clock; you still have 2 hours until curfew.
  • “Can you make a stop at lover’s lane Billy? I want to look at the stars”.
  • Bill gets super fluster. “Lover’s Lane?” you smile and grab his hand.
  • As soon as you pull up to Lover’s Lane, Bill pulls back the moon roof of the car, so you can look at the stars. He wraps an arm around you and looks up.
  • Of course, you have other plans. You immediately climb in Bill’s lap and start kissing him. He is shocked at first but quickly melts into the kiss.
  • You make out for what feels like hours, until Bill glances at the clock.
  • “Crap! It’s past curfew!”
  • Never in your life have you seen Bill so panicked.
  • When you finally get home, Bill walks you to your door and kisses you again.
  • “Will you be my girlfriend (Y/N)?
  • “I would love to Billy”
  • He is so happy that he kisses you again. “Please don’t let your Dad kill me”.
  • You walk into the house, humming in happiness.
  • You see your parents watching TV on the couch.
  • “Did Bill finally make his move?” your Dad would ask.
  • “DAD!”
  • “Finally!” both your parents say in unison.
Wrong Date

Prompt: Phil gets asked out for (English) prom and finds a blind date for Dan, but no one is really happy with this arrangement

Genre: angst with some fluffy smut at the end

Kinks: praise kink from Dan

Warnings: um… jealousy? faking straightness.

“Hey, um, Phil, I was wondering if you wanted to go to prom with me?”
Dan looked up from his algebra homework - due next period of course - just in time to see Hannah the Brunette (there were many Hannahs at his school) blushing down at Phil, who was currently sitting down letting Dan copy his homework. Both the boys’ eyes widened, but for Dan it was mostly outrage; Phil looked more surprised… like a pleasant kind of surprise‽
“I’d love to.” Phil replied with a smile on his face, and Dan felt his heart crack in two. He’d always known that Phil was straight and would never like him back, but he’d never had a girlfriend, or any interest in girls at all, which had made Dan feel at ease.
Until now.
“Great! You have my number, right?” Hannah had a massive smile on her face. Phil shook his head. “Snapchat?” Again, Phil looked apologetic. “Okay, messenger. I’ll text you the colour of my dress so your tie can match! Or is that too American? English prom is funny when all the traditions are supposed to be American.”
“No, that’s fine. Talk to you then!” Phil smiled at Hannah’s retreating back for several seconds before turning in his seat to talk to his best friend with a big smile. Dan had had his eyebrows raised and there was a painful lump in his throat, but he managed to keep a straight (well, nothing could make him straight) face.
“What was that about? I didn’t know you liked her. I didn’t even know you knew her?” Dan immediately asked. He tried his best not to sound accusatory but it was difficult when he actually felt like crying.
“Well, I don’t really, but I might as well give her a chance, right?” Phil replied, and Dan sighed inwardly. That was his Phil; too kind for his own good.
“You sure? She could turn out to be an axe murderer or something.” Phil laughed at Dan’s statement.
“I think I’ll be fine thanks, Dan. Good to know you have my best interests at heart.”
“Just don’t say I didn’t warn you!” Of course Dan would never actually sabotage Phil’s date, but it still hurt. Phil may have been his crush, but he was also Dan’s best friend, and he was afraid that having a girlfriend would ruin that. The two were, and had always been, inseparable and their healthy balance of things in common and polar opposites made them the ideal pair of close friends, and all Dan could ever hope for was that it would stay that way. He went back to his homework.

The next day at the same time Dan and Phil were in exactly the same position; though Dan was copying Phil’s Spanish homework this time. As Hannah was walking over to their desk, it was difficult to restrain from rolling his eyes, but somehow Dan managed. He gave himself a mental pat on the back.
“Phiiil,” she said, elongating the vowel. “Prom is coming up real soon, do you want to travel there together? As in walking, not like a limo or anything.”
“Um, I was going to go with Dan? It was sort of already arranged.” Phil said, and Dan felt a burst of warmth in his chest - and maybe a bit of smugness. Hannah’s eyes narrowed.
“Well we could make it a double date then! Me and you, plus Dan and…?” Hannah trailed of, looking at Dan expectantly.
“I haven’t got a date.” He explained, not ashamed but feeling like he should be.
“That’s fine! I can set you up with my friend Amy. You won’t know her, she goes to a different school, but she’s really pretty!” Hannah suggested enthusiastically.
“Oh no, that’s fine. I don’t want to force myself on her or anything.” Obviously he didn’t want to go, and he would do whatever he could to get out of this.
“As if, she’ll be totally okay with it! You guys will definitely hit off.”
“You should try it, Dan. Maybe put yourself out there?” Phil said, unknowingly stabbing his best friend right in the back. Not literally, but that was how it felt. And Dan couldn’t reach him telepathically at the moment, so there was no way of mentally screaming at his best friend to shut the hell up. Then again, he couldn’t say no to Phil, not when he was this excited.
“Okay then, sure! Let’s all meet at Phil’s? That would be easiest since he lives closest to the school.” Dan faked a bright tone, his words running away from him faster than he could think properly as he hastily dug himself out of the hole that was already threatening to cave in on him, leaving him buried forever. And probably dead.
Hannah eyed him suspiciously. “How do you know where Phil lives?” Jealous girlfriend alert. And they weren’t even dating properly!
“Me and Phil have known each other for years, and I’ve been on countless sleepovers at his house.” Why was Dan having to explain himself to Phil’s clingy girlfriend?
“Whatever.” She scoffed slightly. “Anyway, see you later Phil!” Dan’s chest loosened a bit once the tension in the air had walked away. He put his head down and resumed the homework, not wanting to talk to Phil.

Dan checked himself in a shop window for what seemed like the millionth time. His new suit looked good when he had bought the suit - alone, since Phil was probably shopping with Hannah - but now he was growing unsure. Another problem was that he didn’t know if he would like Amy, or if she’d even turn up. Dan wasn’t sure if he was gay or bisexual yet, for god’s sake. Nothing made sense any more, and he’d give anything to be back where he belonged, in his own bedroom playing videogames with Phil - his best friend Phil, not Hannah’s boyfriend Phil. Damn the bloody school for making such a big deal of events like these.
Stopping outside Phil’s front door, Dan took a moment to prepare himself. He had arrived early so he could actually talk to Phil before they would be interrupted, though he also braced himself in the off chance that Hannah could already be inside with Phil, doing something he’d rather not see.
So, instead of even trying the door to see if it was open or using his own set of keys, Dan rung the doorbell for the first time in twelve years.
Phil’s surprise was apparent when he opened as he opened the door, and he didn’t exactly look overjoyed. “I thought you we’re Hannah or Amy. Why did you ring?” His tone was almost worried. Dan only shrugged. “Come in anyway.” Phil attempted a warm smile but, for the first time, Phil’s smile wasn’t real, so it wasn’t contagious or reassuring or (hypothetical) ovary-exploding. It wasn’t… Phil.
“What’s up?” Dan tried but failed to sound less-cringy than he would when meeting someone new.
“Nothing, ‘cept I’m nervous of course. You?” Even Phil was sounding awkward now.
“Same I guess. Not sure about this whole blind-date-thing. Or the thing about me leaving the house to go to a social event, with people and dancing.”
“Well that’s something I can relate to. It’s not exactly our scene, is it?”
“It’s never too late to back out, I guess?” Dan tried.
“It kind of is, since it’s not just us. We can’t let Amy and Hannah down, can we? It just wouldn’t be fair.”
Dan sighed. “If you say so.” The girls were still winning Phil over, and they weren’t even here yet.
Just then, the doorbell rang. “Coming!” Phil yelled down the stairs. “Do I look okay?” he asked Dan, sounding nervous.
Dan brushed Phil’s jet black fringe into place, and then nodded. He took a step back when he remembered he was mad at Phil for valuing his prom date and her friend more than his best friend of almost thirteen years. “You should go and let them in.” Phil seemed frozen to the spot, with nerves, perhaps. Once he’d gathered his senses Phil finally went downstairs to greet his girlfriend. Dan followed.
Hannah was standing right in the doorway, the perfect spot to give Phil a big hug as soon as he opened the door. Amy was hidden behind her while Hannah hogged the spotlight.
“Hiya Phil, do you like my dress? It took me ages to pick out.” It certainly was a lovely dress, strapless, red and figure-hugging. Not too much chest or leg space were being shown, and though she was amazingly proportioned in terms of figure, it just wasn’t to Dan’s taste. “Oh, and Dan, this is Amy.” She moved to the side slightly to present her friend.
Amy seemed much more down Dan’s alley. Pale skin and a slender body, she had bright blue eyes (though not as pretty as Phil’s, Dan thought) and darker brown hair with hints of red dyed into it. It would have looked better dyed black. The dress she was wearing was cute though, black with a green and red comic-styled pattern on the skirt and tank, the sticking-out skirt nearly reaching her knees but enough above them to look cool. She also had opaque black tights and strappy heels.
“Hi Amy,” Dan smiled politely at his blind date and offered out his hand for her to shake. She took it, and he could tell she was trying to seem as confident as her bubbly friend, probably to make a good impression. “Nice to meet you.”
“Likewise.” Amy replied, her voice soft and lacking the masculine deepness that Dan much preferred.
“Let’s get going then!” Hannah chirped happily, latching onto Phil’s arm and somehow nudging Amy to copy at the same time. She seemed to ignore this and Dan was content with that.
The four ambled along the road somewhat awkwardly - at least Dan definitely felt awkward. Hannah did all the talking for them, Phil and Amy sometimes replying, though Dan stayed completely silent. It had taken him a while to open up to Phil in the first place, all those years ago. What if things were never the same again? What if Phil decided Hannah was better company, and left Dan in the side lines? What if he and Hannah stayed together way into their old ages, and Dan never got Phil alone any more?
Dan continued to shrink into the shadows until they got to the school gym. Phil and Hannah went off to go and get a drink, leaving Dan and Amy alone.
“So, um, what do you like to do?” Amy asked, grabbing herself the nearest drink and taking a big gulp.
Dan felt like a rabbit caught in headlights. “Um, playing video games?” Amy’s blue eyes lit up.
“Me too! What’s your favourite?”
“Um, I really like Portal.” Dan named a random video game he and Phil liked playing sometimes.
“Have you played Portal Co-Op?” Dan nodded. “Same, it’s my favourite one. Me and Toni play it all the time.”
“Who’s Toni?”
“Oh, just a friend.” Amy looked wistful for a moment. “Look, I’m really sorry but I don’t think I’m really interested in guys.”
Dan felt as if a whole weight was being lifted off his chest. “Oh thank god. I wasn’t really looking forward to telling you that I’m only interested in guys.” He wasn’t quite sure what prompted him to say that, he wasn’t planning on deciding on his sexuality and coming out to his date on the worst night of his life.
“Seriously? That is so strange! What a coincidence.” Amy exclaimed happily.
“Wait, why are you on a blind date with a guy then?” Dan asked. Was Hannah really that inconsiderate?
Amy bit her lip. “I’m not actually out to Hannah. Or anyone, to be honest. You’re the first person I’ve told.”
Dan chuckled inwardly. “Same.” The two grew quiet, then Dan asked. “So, do you like, LIKE Hannah?”
“Oh, no, no. She’s so straight she doesn’t need a ruler. She’s actually, um, my step sister. Technically, at least. We don’t live together or anything, but she’s older so she’s always trying to help me be more like her, which obviously I’m not.” Amy paused for breath. “Also, there’s, um, someone else I’m kinda interested in.”
“Spill!” Dan felt like he was talking to Phil again. “Who do you like?”
“You don’t even know them.” Amy insisted. At Dan’s crossed arms, she tried again. “I’ll tell you if you tell me.”
Dan was aghast. “No! You can’t do that to me.” Amy crossed her arms, imitating Dan. “God, you’re insufferable. You have to go first.”
Amy laughed. “I think I know anyway. Mine’s my mate Toni. We’ve been friends for years and I’ve never been brave enough to ask their sexuality.”
“Have they ever dated someone while you knew them?”
Amy shook her head sadly. “I’m in the dark. Now you have to tell me who you like.” Dan’s cheeks flushed pink and he looked at his hands, which were resting on his lap, as if they were the most interesting thing in the world. “It’s Phil isn’t it?” Dan looked up. “It’s obvious. I’m surprised that even Hannah hasn’t noticed yet. She’ll probably figure it out sometime tonight. Then he’s all yours.”
“But he probably doesn’t even like me!” Dan burst out.
Eyes were rolled at Dan. “Have you even seen the way he looks at you? Forget crushing, he’s completely in love with you. And you love him, don’t you?”
“Okay, I do, I love him. And if you’re sure -”
“Which I am.” Amy interrupted.
“Fine then. You have to ask Toni out. At least ask their sexuality.”
“I can’t just do that!”
“Then neither can I.” Dan replied stubbornly.
Amy sighed. “Fiiine, I’ll ask. But if the world ends, I blame you.”
Suddenly, Hannah came thundering into view. “Amy, get your stuff. We’re going.”
“Why? What’s wrong?” Dan asked.
“None of your business, jerk.”
“Hannah, seriously, what’s up?” Amy jumped in before Dan could reply.
Hannah huffed. “You’re beloved Phil was leading me on. He refused to kiss me, then told me he 'wasn’t really into me’. What an asshole!”
Amy flashed a sneaky grin at Phil. “I’m sorry Hannah, you’re right. Can you get my coat from the classroom?” She nodded, and stomped out of the gym. “Dan, here. Write your number in my phone, and let’s keep in touch.” Dan did as he was told and when he gave Amy her phone back, she hugged him. “Thank you for being such a great date.”
“See ya.” He smiled as she left to find Hannah.
Minutes later he found Phil, not looking particularly bothered about this whole situation.
“Oh hey Dan.” Phil smiled. “Having a good time?”
Dan nodded. “Where’s Hannah?”
“I think you were right.” Phil looked sheepish.
“She’s an axe murderer?”
Phil laughed at that. “No, but well, I didn’t really like her. I was just being nice. But then she tried to kiss me, and I realised there was someone… something wrong.” Phil looked embarrassed. “How’s it going with Amy?”
Smiling, Dan said, “Great, actually. We’ve exchanged numbers and everything. Shame she doesn’t actually date guys.”
“What?” Phil looked like he was surprised, ashamed and hopeful all at the same time. That look gave Dan courage.
“Yeah. I guess opposites attract though, cos I’m gay.” He hadn’t meant to be that blunt, but it seemed to do the trick as something snapped in Phil, and he grabbed Dan by his tie to pull him in and press their lips together. Dan gasped into the kiss, then wrapped his arms around Phil’s neck. Luckily, the two both always seemed to end up in corners away from everyone else, so Phil pushed Dan up against a wall, wrapping his arms around his waist and biting his bottom lip gently. Dan gasped again, this time granting access for Phil’s tongue to collide with Dan. The intrusion was unfamiliar, but much better than had ever imagined before. Also, Dan was trying very hard not to grind up against Phil, constantly reminding himself that this was not a dream. When Phil finally pulled away for breath, Dan actually whined at the loss of contact. “Shit.” He whispered breathily.
Phil laughed nervously. “I probably should have asked to do that.” Dan pecked Phil’s lips then rested their foreheads together. A few people nearby were giggling, so Dan closed his eyes and blocked them out. Phil was the one and only important thing in his life right now.
“You can do that whenever you like.” Dan grinned.
“Good then.” Phil wrapped his arms around Dan again, this time for a hug. A big, bone-crunching, full of love hug later, and Phil was grabbing Dan’s hand and leading him outside. Once the cold night air had replaced their blushes for goosebumps, Dan and Phil made their way back to Phil’s house. Dan used his own set of keys to open the door, and the two of them were very happy to find themselves in an empty house. Grinning, Dan initiated their next snog the very second they got into Phil’s room, pushing him back onto the bed and straddling him. They kissed passionately and desperately, both needing to release all the pent-up frustration they had kept for all those years. Phil grinded up on Dan, and they moaned together.
“Do you want to go all the way?” Dan asked. He wasn’t entirely sure he was ready.
Phil pulled away from Dan so that he could think straigh- properly. “Not yet. Maybe we could just use our hands for now?” When Dan nodded, Phil busied him with his lips once more, followed with groping of Dan’s ass. He moaned at the feeling, grinding into Phil’s thigh.
“You’re so beautiful Dan.” Phil whispered in Dan’s ear. He became weak at his knees and felt a big rush of arousal spread through his whole body. Phil must have noticed this, and connected some dots, climbing on top of Dan and praising him again. “Are you going to be a good boy for me baby? Will you come for me?” Dan moaned so loud the people still in the gym could have heard it, and came abruptly after that. “Was that good for you, sweetheart?” Phil panted. He was still hard, and Dan noticed, rolling on to again and shoving his hand down Phil’s dress pants. Phil’s mouth gaped open at the feeling and Dan almost became hard again, but all too soon Phil was coming, the white liquid all over Dan’s hand.
Both boys had sticky underwear, but neither minded. Instead, they curled up together on the bed, peeling off their trousers gingerly. Phil left the embrace to get each of them a clean pair of underwear, and they averted their eyes politely when they changed. But then, long overdue, Dan and Phil wrapped themselves in each others arms and fell asleep, together.


Dear You:

I’m editing this book called DEAR HEARTBREAK: YA WRITERS ON THE DARK SIDE OF LOVE, which will be a collection of anonymous letters from real live teens (as opposed to dead vampire ones, lol) about heartbreak. If your letter is chosen for the book, it will be published (!) with a response letter from a YA author (think Becky Albertalli, Tim Federle, Nina LaCour, Kekla Magoon, and more). It’s like a much, MUCH cooler version of an advice column. Bonus: if your letter is chosen you’ll get a copy of the book signed by the author who wrote back to you. Interested? Keep reading.

Have you ever had your heart broken? Been treated like crap by the person you’re in love with? Been hurt - physically or emotionally - by your girlfriend or boyfriend? Or maybe you feel invisible. Lonely. You feel like no one loves you, like maybe you’ll be alone your whole life. Worried you’ll turn into your divorced parents or your sister who got pregnant when she was fifteen. Maybe someone at home doesn’t respect your body. Maybe YOU don’t respect your body. Maybe you’re tired of being a virgin. Maybe you wish you were a virgin. Here’s your chance to write Heartbreak a letter. Tell us how you feel, ask questions, tell us what it’s like in your messy universe. Tell us why it’s not like the movies. Tell us why you want your happy ending.

This is an anonymous place for secrets and the dark stuff. Or just the wondering stuff (Will anyone ever love you? Will you be that one person who doesn’t get asked to prom? Why does he love HER and not you? Why did she cheat on you? If you tell people you’re gay, will they laugh or be cool about it? If you tell your best friend you love him, will he say he loves you, too - or just walk away?).

Be brave. Be you. Write your heart out.

Go to our lovely online survey to submit your letter. If you have any questions, shoot me an email at

Please sign your letter with a pseudonym (fake name) and your age & general location. You know, something like:

Dear Heartbreak,

[Insert deep, heartbreaking letter here]

Love, Confused in Idaho, 16

I can’t wait to see what you’ve got to say - whatever it is, it MATTERS. And it’ll feel really freaking good to let what’s inside out.

P.S. If you want to find out if your letter was selected for the book, please make sure to put your email in the letter - it will remain private, don’t worry.

xo Heather Demetrios

It's Always The Hardest Choices That Come At The Worst Times

So tomorrow is the last day to buy junior prom tickets… which means I need a date by 12:30 tomorrow. Today I did some brainstorming: a guy (socalledbeast, I think I’ve called him previously - we’ve been hanging out recently) is trying to set me up for prom with this REALLY hot guy (he’s nice too!) because neither of us has dates. But if he doesn’t ask me, I’m going to ask flirtyboy. And if he says no, I have a few other choices. But flirtyboy and I videochatted for hours after school today, and I’m starting to like him more (as a friend, mostly.. but he is really cute and REALLY talented!).

As I was settling in to watch tv, pleased with my plans for picking a date tomorrow, shyboy texted me (of course).

Him: Hey, can we talk?

Me: Sure….

Him: Lol if you don’t want to you don’t have to.

Me: No it’s fine, I just wasn’t expecting this. I’ll try not to be bitchy tho!

Him: Ok. Well, I just wanted to clear things up. I admit it was a mistake what I did last week. But I really meant to give you the note so that you would read it.

Me: Read it? I wrote it…

Him: I know. You wrote it on Valentine’s Day. I just wanted to know what changed in those following two weeks that changed everything.

Me: Yeah. I think everything just kind of came apart around then, and I tend to pull away from those I care about when I feel like I need to concentrate on myself. Which isn’t ideal, but that’s how I am.

Him: Well I knew there were other reasons than the ones you gave me.

Me: How could you assume that? I’m not lying to you.

Him: I never said you were lying. I just know I could’ve done things better.

Me: Define “better.”

Him: Better meaning: Complimenting you when you change something like your hair. Giving you unexpected surprises like you did with me (in a good way). Talking more and not having awkward pauses or anything because I’m shy. There’s a lot I should’ve done better.

Me: Those things aren’t absolutely needed in a relationship. Maybe the shyness, but everything else was fine. It really wasn’t about you, and I know you don’t believe me but it doesn’t matter because I know my reasons.

Him: Alright. Well, I don’t know where to go from here then.

Me: Neither do I. Which is why I thought we ended this last time we talked. Idk.

Him: Well I think we’re done now.

Me: Fine. Can we be civil now? It wasn’t that bad on Friday.

Him: Well it’s a little easier for you than it is for me. The problem is whenever you’re not around I hang with all of your friends.

Me: I know that. But we all hung out on Friday and it wasn’t too bad.

Him: Ok. Well I just don’t think you get that I still have feelings for you, and that I’m trying to push away and hanging out with you does not help.

Me: I get it because I feel the same way, I’d just prefer if we were able to be normal. But whatever, if you want to move on it’s fine, we’ll move on.

Him: Lol I don’t want to move on. But when we hang out I remember the winter. And it’s just hard to concentrate on anything. Do you know what I’m saying?

Me: Yeah I understand. But I don’t think it would work to get back together right now. I kind of fucked that up enough and I’m sorry for that.

Him: Explain. Please.

Me: I caused enough drama/emotion/whatever and I’m done messing with your head. I’m just saying it could be good for both of us to move on instead of doing what you said you wanted and getting back together.

Him: We both made it more complicated than it ever had to be. I don’t know what happened. But I guess you’re right.

Me: Yeah. And it was because we hooked up, and clearly we both like each other, and a bunch of other things. But I think now we need to figure ourselves out and move on and figure out what we want out of a relationship instead of jumping right back into one that didn’t turn out so perfectly. Which is hard for me and I’m sure for you too, but I just can’t see us getting back together right now and pretending none of this took place. Because even though all the drama was unnecessary, it still happened.

Him: Alright.

Closure, anyone? I think this is the closest we’ve come to resolving our breakup since the actual breakup. I hope things go back to normal! (..Except I doubt they will).

Baffled and Blonde~

alright y'all time to tell you why this comic is literally the best and my fav thing rn, and deserves a huge fanbase. ok so :

• tons of woc kickin’ butt

• relatable characters with real flaws! and fleshed out personalities!

• a really good twist on zombie apoc. stories, usually very lighthearted and fun

• gay characters! canonically homosexual characters! homosexual woc!

• canon trans character! (unless i misinterpreted something)

• body diversity. we got ana sofia killing us w her curves and chub, while lakka is delicate and cute, we got elise w her killer thighs and strong build, tol and narrow min su etc.

• subverts stereotypes really nicely! fat girl gets asked out to prom while skinny white girl is awkward

• everyone is attractive and loved no matter what?

it’s a blessing add more if y'all need to. read with discretion if you’re triggered by gore, violence or blood.

Nerdy Virgin Ashton

Pairing: Y/N/Ashton

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 10.000+

Summary: I got totally carried  away with Ashton’s ahahah! Inspired and continued from my preference based on End Up Here!

Luke’s Version // Calum’s Version //  #61 End Up Here - 5 Seconds Of Summer

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❛  Who took you to the prom? ❜
❛ Do you want to go to prom with me? ❜
❛ I didn’t go to my prom. ❜
❛ What should I wear for prom? ❜
❛ Who do you think will win prom queen and king? ❜
❛ I can’t believe I own prom queen. ❜
❛ Do you know I am? I am this school’s prom queen. ❜
❛ I don’t want to go to the prom. ❜
❛ I got rented you a limo for your prom tonight. ❜
❛ It’s prom night, it’s very hectic. ❜
❛ I’m decorating the gym for prom tonight, want to help? ❜
❛ I’m sorry, I’ve already been asked to the prom. ❜
❛ Guess who just asked me to prom. ❜
❛ You’ll never believe who asked me to go to prom with them. ❜
❛ So, who are you going to the prom with? ❜
❛ I was finally asked to prom. ❜
❛ I didn’t get asked to prom. ❜
❛ Would you please do me the favor of going to the prom with me? ❜
❛ We’ll go to theprom together. ❜
❛ Are you going to the prom with anyone? ❜
❛ I can’t go to the prom without a date. ❜
❛ Christ, I’m like a pimple-faced schoolboy on prom night. ❜
❛ We separated when the prom was over, Mom. ❜
❛ Hey, are you going to that after party? ❜
❛ There’s a after party, after prom. ❜
❛ The roof was recently patched up for the prom. ❜
❛ First prom, then graduation and finally college. ❜
❛ It’s prom night, it has to be perfect. ❜
❛ Come on, nothing can ruin prom night. ❜
❛ This is going to be the best prom ever. ❜
❛ Well, junior prom is coming up, and I have a boy/girlfriend. ❜
❛ If everyone had their prom in a gym, the world would be happier. ❜
❛ Black tie at the school prom? ❜
❛ I was asked to prom but I said no. ❜
❛ I don’t see what the big deal is about prom anyway. ❜
❛ I would love to not attend prom, look forward to not going. ❜
❛ I wasn’t asked and I’m not asking anyone. ❜
❛ It’s almost time for prom, where’s your fancy outfit? ❜
❛ I did good to actually come to prom, why would I follow the after party? ❜
❛ How can you go through celebration without a little party afterwards? ❜
❛ I’m going dress shopping for prom later, want to come? ❜
❛ We should all just go to prom single. ❜
❛ I don’t want to go to prom because I be a know how to dance. ❜
❛ You don’t have to know how to dance to attend your prom. ❜
❛ I helped pick the songs for prom. ❜
❛ This is the soundtrack to my prom. ❜
❛ How are you feeling? Still sad about prom night? ❜
❛ Have you ever seen that movie prom night? It’s a horror flick? ❜
❛ I’ve got no time to do the after party once prom ends. ❜
❛ Prom was perfect. I wish it didn’t end. ❜
❛ You look just like a princess/prince. ❜
❛ I’m thirdwheeling at my prom, so no it’s not a good time. ❜
❛ Where is eveeyone? ❜
❛ Am I late or early for prom? Why is it empty? ❜
❛ They hired the DJ for prom tonight. ❜
❛ I know DJ who worked at our prom. ❜
❛ Help me set up the gym for prom, please. ❜
❛ I’m so happy prom is over. ❜

Svt as high school boys

Seungcheol: that super nice senior that does the intercom every morning and who greets the school with a cheesy joke. never has a girlfriend but is always really nice to girls. going to a big university on a scholarship but never talks about it because he is Humble as hell. all the teachers love him his literature teacher cries when she thinks about him graduating. is the Best Friend. doesn’t play a sport but you know damn well he’ll be at every sporting event, front and center with his face painted. hates art but took it all four years because jeonghan asked him too. always buys the entire lunch table cookies. drives a minivan but his friends don’t care because he drives them everywhere for free. model student every teacher uses him as an example for academics but also morals. basically everything you wanna be but you’re never jealous because he’s just THAT nice.

Jeonghan: is /that/ kid that doesn’t do SHIT but still gets good grades. sits behind the bleachers when they have to run the mile during gym and then starts running again when the fast kids pass by. doesn’t help with group projects. really charming though so it’s hard to stay mad at him. drives the Cool Car. i’m talking like a lexus or something. daddy’s money boy except he never talks about it. always well dressed. intimidating at first but is actually a big sweetheart when you get to know him. sports? what is a sport? has only been to one football game because seungcheol dragged him to it. will fight anyone that makes fun of chan. always challenges the teachers. and is almost always right. extremely smart but doesn’t brag about it. probs will end up at fucking harvard or something idk. everyone is jealous of him like JEALOUS jealous.

Joshua: listen. this boy. he’s the kid that you’re like eh? about all throughout school and then you see him at the five year reunion and suddenly he is Daddy material and has a foreign wife and seven different mansions spread out throughout the world. but really. he’s just a big dork. really reserved. is the class president. is the president of like everything actually. national honor society. spanish club. japanese club. humans vs. zombies coordinator every year. nobody knew but he’s fucking competitive. like. he goes to his first football game as the class president and suddenly he’s standing next to seungcheol, screaming that the other team deserves to get run over by a semi. administration has to tell him to cool down. so quiet in class but the teachers low key love him. he’s so smart. valedictorian smart. he gets into like every university. goes to one close to home tho bc he’s a family kinda guy. cries at graduation. everyone has a weird crush on him but no one will admit it.

Jun: the foreign kid that shows up sophomore year and suddenly everyone is like yes. plays a weird sport like hockey that no one ever goes to watch but when they find out he’s on the team the stands are packed. is the only one on the team that looks good with a hockey mullet. is super quiet but when you get to know him you’re like jun shut up. greasy. uses pick up lines on all of his friends. tries on his teachers for better grades. hardly works. he doesn’t give up. the really popular kid that’s simultaneously weird as hell. nobody knows why he has so many friends. he’s kind of a nerd. will wear pajamas to school and will not care. “jun for the last time put your hood down”. will be right next to seungcheol at every game but doesn’t yell. thinks his friends are way cool. everyone has had a crush on him at some point. could be dating twenty people at a time but is always single. “I like to keep them guessing” *winks*. eats the entire cafeteria at lunch but never gains a pound. girls are jealous of him because he’s THAT pretty. has tried out to be the mascot every year but is always told no.

Soonyoung: never alone. is friends with literally every person in the school. even the teachers. works at the front desk in the office and all of the moms love him. “why can’t you date soonyoung, he’s such a nice boy”. seems dumb as hell but is actually really smart. no one knows that though. also does nothing during group projects. has played varsity soccer all four years but everyone knows that his favorite thing to do is dance. made a dance crew sophomore year and they perform at all of the assemblies. and it’s not actually cringeworthy. the school fucking loves it. underclassmen love him. probably has something to do with the fact that chan’s his best friend. they’re always together. chan pretends to hate the doting but he doesn’t. soonyoung spoils all of his younger friends all of them every one of them. will do anything for anyone. teacher’s pet but not the annoying kind. uses a nub of a pencil all year long and has one notebook he uses for every class.

Wonwoo: super hot kid that everyone is like “omg he’s such a bad boy” but no. he is a Nerd. mingyu always makes fun of him. tries so hard on homework and projects he’s really Extra. “you were only supposed to make one organelle model wonwoo not the entire cell”. doesn’t like confrontation. or gym. terrified of giving presentations. i’m talking near tears in the bathroom beforehand terrified. mingyu has to cheer him up. has lots of friends but doesn’t like to go out a lot. tried to play baseball freshman year, was not his thing. sticks to school instead. really shy around strangers but catch him in a good mood around his friends? doesn’t shut up. really looks up to seungcheol. will glare at anyone that’s talking while the teacher is talking during class. always has his headphones in. literally unapproachable in the hallway. enjoys the readings they have to do for literature and history and everyone hates him for it.

Jihoon: Resting Bitchface King. everyone just assumes he’s mean. he’s not though. such a sweetheart. gets really shy around anyone he isn’t close to. pretends to be writing when the teacher asks a question because the thought of talking in front of the class makes him want to die. you thought wonwoo was bad? jihoon has thrown up twice before his language presentations. tried choir freshman year. hated it. liked the teacher though so he helps her pick songs sometimes. she’s an old lady and probably jihoon’s best friend. is only ever talkative at lunch when he’s with his friends. awkward. so awkward. has weird quirks he’s so embarrassed by but half the school loves him. sweatshirts every day. 90 degrees out? sweatshirt. has to change in the bathroom during gym because he’s so shy. did I mention he’s shy? group projects scare him. waits to do his homework until midnight and then hates himself in the morning. never learns.

Seokmin: takes the fake baby class because he thinks it’ll be fun. was very wrong. late to everything. “you’re tardy again”. but he was only talking to soonyoung. all of the upperclassmen’s favorite. so nice to everyone. even if he doesn’t like them. that’s when it’s the best. super sarcastic to people he doesn’t get along with. backhand compliments? master of them. and no one suspects it. teachers pretend to be annoyed with him but they love it. brings joy to everyone’s lives. literal sunshine. hasn’t ever done a thing wrong. in choir. self proclaimed leader of the choir. can play the guitar but cannot play the piano. so bad. sings the national anthem all the time for sporting events. doesn’t actually like going to the sporting events though. his attention span is 0. common sense is iffy but academics? top notch. top 10% of the class and everyone is surprised and he just smirks. everyone thinks he’s cute. the janitor thinks he’s cute. he’s oblivious. sometimes will go into the office when soonyoung is working and yell minghao’s name into the intercom to embarrass him.

Mingyu: fuckboy. mingyu is a fuckboy. if mingyu would have grown up in america he would have been a fuckboy. mr. know it all. wears chubbies. plays baseball and girls (and boys) come to watch just to stare at his ass. he’s a catcher it’s just out there. towers over everyone in the hallway and he loves it. “mingyu is dumb” but mingyu has a 4.4 and offers from all of the good baseball programs in the country. gets asked to prom by seven different people but goes with wonwoo instead. everyone thinks they’re dating. but mingyu is still a fuckboy. “that girl has asked you out four times why don’t you just tell her straight up no” “I like the attention”. fiercely loyal to his friends. someone told wonwoo his glasses were ugly once and mingyu literally threw them into the dumpster. with the help of minghao. it was like a cheesy movie scene. rolls his eyes way too much. teachers cringe when they see his name on their roster. he’s always on his phone. never pays attention. still gets a’s. “seokmin is literally the most annoying person I have ever met” “mingyu”.

Minghao: everyone thinks he’s a fuckboy. is not a fuckboy. hates being the center of attention. will run away. really good at science but he hates it. really not good at history but he likes it. who is hannibal? minghao doesn’t know but he can tell you all about the WAR ELEPHANTS. “hood down, minghao.” he’s almost as bad as jun. also plays baseball. is the pitcher. his long limbs have people SHOOK. sometimes struggles in school but is a very hard worker. never gives up. in soonyoung’s dance crew and is always practicing. his life is sports. dresses oddly but it somehow works. pretends he doesn’t know jun in the hallways. but jun is the only one he’ll talk to when he’s sad. sawed through the table in i-tech. literally did not give a shit. hates spirit weeks. has no school spirit. cannot wait to graduate he is Over high school. doesn’t want to go to college. considers finding a sugar daddy.

Seungkwan: “STOP SCREAMING DOWN THE HALLWAY SEUNGKWAN YOU WILL SEE HIM IN 50 MINUTES”. is that underclassman that stops in the middle of the hall to talk to someone and blocks everyone. pretends he’s sick all the time so he can take a nap in the nurse’s office instead of going to class. attached to vernon’s hip. hates broadcasting but takes it anyways because vernon is. theatre junkie. front row for all of his friends sporting events or shows. makes posters. loudest person in the building. embarrassing. jihoon avoids him at all costs in the hallway. “STOP RUNNING AWAY JIHOON I LOVE YOU”. lit the fireproof table on fire in chemistry somehow. took anatomy for the hell of it and puked when they had to dissect the cat. is the lead in all of the plays. co leader of the choir with seokmin. them together? the poor choir teacher has lost years off of her life. the gym teacher hates him. doesn’t participate in anything. sits on the ground and pokes the field hockey ball with his stick. “move”. also wears chubbies. does not give a fuck about his image.

Vernon: really quiet. gets embarrassed by seungkwan all the time. loves it. nicest kid in the school. invites kids that are sitting alone at lunch to sit with him. actually uses the library to study. dresses like a fuckboy but is not a fuckboy. really shy. rivals jihoon and wonwoo. people watches. made a mixtape that seungkwan blasted through the school so now everyone knows he raps. it wasn’t cringeworthy. is really close to his history teacher. he sometimes eats lunch in the room with the guy and they just talk. sits behind the front desk in the office while soonyoung is working during his study hall because he hates how loud the classroom gets. works at the attendance office. moms also love him. “well if you can’t date soonyoung, at least go for that hansol boy”. family guy. rarely goes out but when he does. wild. a big nerd when he’s with his friends but is super reserved around strangers. the mystery guy of the school that everyone wants to know.

Chan: baby. he is but a smol child. jeonghan’s baby? no. everyone’s baby. forgot closed toed shoes once for his lab so seungcheol walked around barefoot for an entire hour. mingyu gets him a bag of cheetos every day after gym. soonyoung drives him to school and buys him whatever he wants at the gas station every morning. revels in this shit. super smart probably the smartest out of all of them. “joshua I’m going to be a better class president than you”. really involved. soonyoung’s dance crew? check. junior honor society? check. student government? check. cried once when he got a really bad score on a test. wonwoo skipped a class and got a detention just so he could sit with him. shy with girls. shy with everyone. the teachers love him. the principal loves him. staff loves him. “i’m not supposed to pick favorites, but your son is my favorite”. has matching folders and notebooks. color codes his notes. always wins spirit week. stays after sporting events to help clean up the bleachers.


A/N: Okay y’all, I threw this trash pile together last night for that anon. Again I’m really sorry for the lack of updates. Up next I got a pranking fic with Hercules Mulligan! Also for the sake of this fic the reader is mixed.

Teen!Reader x Teen!Anthony ft. Dad!Dean


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Dean liked to think that he was a good dad, he taught you how to drive, shoot a gun, he let you have your first drink when you were 12. He was never really a touchy feely dad, he didn’t do good with feelings, or dates, or most things that dad did, but he loved you more than anything which meant a hell of a lot more than him planning you some extravagant birthday party.

But today he realized, he’s not as on top of everything as he thought. He and Sam had just pulled into the bunker after a two week long hunting binge and saw Jody’s car in their driveway.

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A Concept Pt. 2

Evan Hansen as a big brother continued:

Evan Hansen as a big brother

•Evan is done with college before she hits elementary school

•Evan and Jared live together (as date mates) in the same neighborhood.

•He also discovered that his stuttering is very infrequent when around Elaina because she is a ball of sunshine who he feels very comfortable around

•He takes off a day off work to take Elaina to and pick her up from her first day of kindergarten with Heidi and Jim.

•It’s about now that everyone starts trying to call her El and Ellie. Evan is the only person she allows to call her these things

•He listen to her talk about her first day for hours and it’s the purest thing

•Evan goes to every single award ceremony all throughout her schooling

•Elaina is a straight-A student all through her school career and in honors classes and loves learning and books and Evan is very proud of her.

•Like he found bumper stickers that say “My sister is an honor student.” He has one on his fridge and one on his car.

•These two are actual best friends. Like Jared starts to get jealous

•Elaina trusts Evan so much and tells him everything

•This starts to change when she gets into 7th grade

•Elaina becomes distant and Heidi and Evan get really worried

•Jim is like “She’s a preteen guys. It happens.”

•Heidi gets the angriest she’s ever been at him


•She breaks down and apologizes later
•Anyway, back to Evan

•While this is happening, Ev is trying to break down Elaina’s walls

•"You know you can tell me anything right. And, unless it’s dangerous, I won’t tell mom.” “Yeah.” “So what’s wrong El?”

•She tells him she’s getting picked on because she’s smart

•Evan is ready to fight

•But he can’t do that because he can’t teach her to solve all her problems by fighting

•He swallows back his tears (because someone is being mean to this precious angel like how ???) and gives her A+ advice

•"Y'know in Harry Potter when Hermione gets called a M*dblood? And she goes to Hagrid’s?“ He waits for Elaina to nod and he wipes a tear away from her cheek with the pad of his thumb

•"Alright. So don’t you think on Elaina. Don’t you think on it for one minute. Because I have never met someone more like Hermione in my entire life.”

•This makes her smile and Evan does a mental victory dance.

•"I can talk to Mom for you, if you want.“ She nods. Evan kisses her forehead and gives her a big hug. "We’re gonna get through this, kid. You’re not alone.”

•Evan tells Heidi and Jim. Heidi is ready to fight. Jim does not let her. They eventually talk to Elaina’s teachers/counselor and everything works out fine because this family deserves it

•Evan and Jared get married during Elaina’s freshman year of high school

•Evan asks her to be a groomswoman (is that a thing? It is now) and she I so freaking excited.

•Her and Evan go shopping to find a dress that will match the other groomsmen.

•Zoe and Alana will be there and there will be tears.

•Elaina gives a speech and talks about the first time she met Jared. He was over at her house when Evan was babysitting and they were on the trampoline out back.

•Elaina was about 7 at the time
•Jared was jumping on the trampoline like a child and was like “Hey babe watch me land this sick backflip.”

•Evan blushed at being called “babe” but that’s beside the point

•Jared does not land the backflip. He does, however, land on his face

•This sent Elaina into a fit of giggles that did not subside for a good ten minutes

•Everyone at the wedding ceremony is laughing as Elaina takes her seat again.

•Evan is looking at her fondly and Jared is pouting with his arms crossed.

•In her senior year of high school, Elaina gets asked to prom by both a boy and a girl. She really likes both of them, but end up going with the boy, much to Evan’s chagrin.

•"He’s a BOY Jared. He’s gonna hurt my sister. I’m gonna fight him.“ "No you won’t, Ev. You’ll snap in half like twig. I mean that in the most loving way possible of course.”

•Elaina has a very nice time with the boy, despite the fact that Evan glared at him as Heidi took pictures.

•In Elaina’s second year of college (Yale btw), Evan and Jared adopt a little girl from Africa

•Elaina loves her with all her heart and babysits her during the summer

•In summary, Evan and Elaina are best friends and love each with all their hearts. They go to brunch just the two of them at least once a month even though Evan is busy with his four adopted children + Jared and Elaina is swamp with two children of her own and her husband and her fancy lawyer job. These brunches frequently turn into all day visits and normally end at Evan’s house where they drink way too much wine after Evan helps Jared put the kids to sleep

There’s Part 2! I hope you guys like it. I gave myself so many feels


deneebenton: Had my fro out a few days ago and it has me reminiscing to the time I committed one of my biggest acts of self love to date- I shaved all of the chemically relaxed hair off of my head and let me kinks grow wild and free. So here’s a #tbt on a Monday :) When I was little it was “Mommy why can’t my hair be flingy and bounce back and forth like Brittany’s?” When I was in middle school it was “Maybe with enough heat and enough chemicals the boys at my school would forget I was black and actually have crushes on me too.” This was before I found @indiaarie and learned the term Eurocentric beauty standards. 

Fast forward to discovering India’s album “Testimony Vol 1: life and relationships” in High school , hearing “I am not my hair” and starting slow baby steps towards true liberation and self love. She helped ease the pain when in my all white high school I didn’t get asked to my senior prom, making me want to erase my skin and get a long Malaysian haired sew in.
In college it was, “wait there are no natural women on television, is this a bad career choice?” Then after one chemical scalp burn too many I decided the world was going to have to take me as I was and I was going to have to learn to embrace myself.

What’s crazy is that every acting job I’ve had since college has requested my natural kinks or mimicked my natural Kinks for the character I’ve played- it’s been an amazing lesson that when you choose to honor who you are, the universe lines up behind you.
Now every time I look in the mirror at these tender kinky curls I’m reminded of the decision I made six years ago to love myself and I smile at every un-laid edge. Here’s to days off in the sun, reflection, and #blackgirlmagic