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Little Jeremy Heere headcanons I’ve been thinking of/writing

  • Jeremy has the wORST BRAIN TO MOUTH FILTER EVER (and when him are Michael are dating it KILLS Michael cause he just randomly blurts things and its like ‘dude wtf stop being sexy with what you say’ and Jeremy’s just all ‘I’m noT TRYING??? WTF’ (credit to @groovymutants for Michael’s reaction))
  • The absolute worst at remembering to eat (especially when he’s not feeling great)
  • Asked Michael to prom by getting them matching Player One and Player Two bowties as well as pacman chocolates 
  • Cannot do laundry to save his life he always lets everything pile up 
  • You know this boy has like 10 million star wars shirts and theyre all slightly different 
  • When he first realized he was bi he was all ‘man if i could just date a dude who’s exactly like Michael that would be perfect’ ‘im gay, man’ ‘HOLY FUCK’
  • I feel like this dude would either be a computer science major or go into video game design (either the programming side or the art side I havent decided)
  • Totally stuck with theater bc you know that boy loves it
  • Is EXTREMELY easy to fluster like holy shit that boy goes red in a second 

I might make a part two when I think of more



My, my! Look how we’ve grown. As cosplayers and as friends. *wipes a single tear from my eye* It was a magical day in the early spring of 2015.. I had gone to comic con because I didn’t get asked to Senior Prom. Allie ( @the-mischief-managed ) was excited because the ever so famous Lettherebedoodles was going to the con. I had no idea who that was. So as we were waiting by the Evermore booth, my dad was talking to TT’s parents, and they were like “TT should be along any minute”. In a whirl wind of movement a group of Attack on Titan cosplayers descended upon us. Allie was most excited to see the Hanji cosplayer, so I assumed that was Lettherebedoodles. Then I was like…. that’s TT??? They’re their kid??? So I “know” them??? But that means…. they’re EVILTT ON DEVIANTART?! And for the brief moment they were there, they were like HI FAN, BYE FAN, and ran away. 

Since then our friendship really started as both of us trying to weasel our way into each other’s lives. From me working at Evermore, to being in art class together. 

TT is such a loving, accepting force in my life. They have helped me see things from a perspective I’ve never seen before. TT is passionate in all that they do, whether it’s analyzing an argument or developing a whole world of make-believe. They are always kind: helping siblings write papers, driving when it’s not their favorite thing to do, laughing and smiling at everything, and especially making people feel comfortable and valid. Their empathy and compassion is out of this world. They feel everything, and they feel for everyone. If you are sad or mad or happy, they are there with you 100%. And they will 100% share their feelings with you as well. TT is outgoing, confident, and strong. So, so, so strong. Like they could punch me in the face and I would love it. I love seeing them in makeup, whether it’s Sirius or Ariel or gosh dang Mad Eye Moody. I love seeing them with no makeup. They are so truly beautiful to me. And I loooove that when I get that stupid anxious voice in my head that says “Oh gosh I did that tiny awful thing, they totally hate me” I can immediately say, “That’s so untrue that your nose should be a mile long right now”. It is such a blessing and comfort to have them in my life. And they need to recognize how amazing they are, imperfections (I know, hard to believe from a Deity on Earth) and all. I love you!


[GOT7 as] Highschool Students

Mark: Sleeps in class. Gets 100% on the test. No one has heard him talk. Every girl wants a piece of him. Rumour has it he has a cute laugh. But no one has proof. Teachers let him skip presentations just because. 

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Jaebum: The hot bad boy. So done with this school. Just wants to graduate. Lowkey acts cute sometimes. Will never speak to you again if you point this out. Basically, owns the hallways. The best kisser around. 

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Jackson: Fitness is number one. Basketball is lyfe. Sports. Pray to the kale God. Juice cleanse. Will start an organic club. Is the captain of every sports team. He lifts. 

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imagine peter trying to ask you out to prom...

[he would get so nervous at the mere sight of you.]

[the palm of his hands would begin to sweat profusely as he tried to form a coherent sentence while in your presence.]

[yet the moment you faced him and flash him a kind smile-]

[he would just run away and apologize for no reason.]

[weeks would pass and each time, peter would fail to ask you out to prom.]

[much to ned’s disappointment.]

[“dude! stop talking about her all the time! just ask her out already, you’re driving me insane!”]

[“but i can’t! she’s so pretty and i just can’t.”]

[ned then tells peter that this was no different from when he asked liz out to homecoming last year.]

[but peter admits that it IS different because he’s genuinely in love with you.]

[what he feels for you isn’t just a simple crush.]

[he likes you so much, but he’s so afraid of rejection that he just doesn’t tell you anything???]

[so one late evening, while peter is out patrolling the city as spiderman, he ends up saving you from being robbed.]

[he blushes red when you hold on to him, hugging him close with tears in your eyes.]

[he asks what’s wrong, and you tell him how you were upset that peter didn’t ask you to prom yet and how you planned to stay at home.]

[and now, peter feels the confidence coursing through him??]

[so he tells you not to worry before taking you home.]

[…but before he leaves, he lifts up his mask to reveal his lips, just so he could press a chaste kiss against your forehead while telling you “goodnight.”]

[because lets be real, peter is so weak™ when it comes to you??]

[so he rushes home, feeling much more confident than ever.]

[the next day, peter tries to ask you to prom once more…]

[and he sees the hopeful look in your eyes, the expression making you appear even more beautiful to him.]

[he ends up kissing you right then and there, unable to hide his long time crush on you.]

[and when he feels your smile against his lips, he knew that you wouldn’t reject him.]

["will you go to prom with me?”]

["of course ♡ it took you long enough to ask me, you dork.”]

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Is there proms in their world ? Can they dance ? Will Peregrïn stop thinking about the pie she saw on the table when they arrived ? Is Khadgar suffocating in such clothes ? How long until they sneak up outside to sit on a roof to look at the sky and talk instead of dancing ?
So many questions. 

This is a long overdue suggested art x//D I’m so sorry for being so late to reply !!
Thank you for your patience and support and cute suggestion !!!

You Helped Me, I Help You (13 Reasons Why Jeff Prom Series Part Two)

This is part two of the Jeff Prom Series. You can read part one here.

Description: Word gets out that you and Jeff are going to prom as you two work to get another lucky couple to the dance. :)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the positive response to “I Will” and to the rest of my imagines. I hope this one is to your liking as well. Please let me know what you think! I love feedback! I want to make sure that they are not only fun for me to write, but for y’all to read as well. My ask box is always open for requests, even if it’s just a blurb!

“(Y/N)! I saw your post! I told you he wanted to go with you!” Sheri screamed at you the next day at school. “You guys are so cute, it’s ridiculous.”

“He’s a sweetheart,” you smiled to yourself. At that moment, you saw Clay walking down the hallway. “Clay!”

“(Y/N)! How are you?”

“I’m good, thanks to you.”

“What?” he asked.

“Thanks for helping Jeff right that note. I really needed it.”

“He really wrote it. You need to know that. I just helped him with the grammar.”

“Well, it really meant a lot to me, so thank you,” you smiled. “Are you going?”

“Probably not. You know me.”

“What does she know?” Jeff asks from behind you guys. He hugged your waist from behind and kissed your cheek.

“We need to get our little Clay here to ask Hannah to prom.”

“Clay, we talked about this,” he laughed. “You’re asking her. You helped me; I help you.”

“Jeff…(Y/N)…You guys are really nice, but dances…they just aren’t my thing.”

“I can tell Hannah wants to go, but only with you,” you whispered as Hannah approached your group.

“Hey, Helmet,” she smiled. “(Y/N), can I talk to you?”

“Of course,” you said. You turned and kissed Jeff’s cheek before walking away to Hannah’s locker.

“How are your prom plans?” she smiled.

“Good…are you going?” you asked a little too quickly.

“If someone asks me.”

“Is someone a certain someone?” you laughed.

“That’s personal information, (Y/N),” she laughed back.

“I think a certain someone might ask you. Just be patient. He’s scared,” you smiled before walking to your first class.

You saw an open seat next to Jeff in Communications Class and approached him. “Can I sit with you?”

“You know you don’t have to ask, (Y/N),” he laughed.

“I know. I just don’t want to be that girlfriend, you know? If you want to sit with your friends you should.”

“It’s okay if you’re that girlfriend,” he smiled. “Do you wanna go to Rosie’s with me later? I got a coupon for a milkshake, and I don’t want to go alone. It’s okay if you-”

“I like that you still get nervous when you ask me out,” you smiled.

“I like you,” he smiled.

“I love you,” you rushed out for the first time. He looked at you with so much admiration in his eyes.

“I love you so much,” he said back for the first time.

“I love you so much, Bryce!” Montgomery yelled as he sat at the group of desks adjacent to us.

“Oh, Montgomery!” Bryce yelled back.

“Screw you guys,” Alex said as he sat in front of you. “Why do you have to ruin everything. Let them be in love.” He rolled his eyes and looked back you. “Nice promposal,” he nodded.

“Thanks,” Jeff smiled.

“Alright class, let’s begin!” You couldn’t focus on whatever it was the lesson was about because you were so giddy with joy at what just happened. Saying I love you is scary, and being in love is scary, but right now, everything felt the way it should be, absolutely right in every possible way.

A Double Take / Jeff Atkins

Words: 1365

After packing up all of the books that were spread over the table, you zip your backpack and place it back on the ground. Pulling your phone from your pocket, you text your friend to let them know you would be at their house soon to rehearse.

You had found out only a few days ago that you would both be performing at prom and you were beyond excited. It was the first time you would be playing for your peers and you were looking forward to it.

Just as you were going to stand, someone sits opposite you. Casting your eyes over them you can’t help but smile, “Hey Jeff,” you greet, settling back down in your seat.


You tilt your head, “You okay?” you ask, noticing the nervous expression on his face. “Do you need something?”

Jeff offers you a small smile, “Actually,” be begins, “I was hoping to ask you something.”

“Of course, what is it?”

He licks his lips quickly, clasping his hands together in front of him on the table, “So prom is coming up and I was wondering,” he says, taking a breath, “if you would like to go with me. As my date,” he says.

You were taken back, you weren’t expecting to be asked to prom-especially by Jeff. “Oh,” you mumble. “I-um-I can’t,” you answer, flinching at the unintended bluntness of your tone.

The look of disappointment and confusion on Jeff’s face caused your stomach to tighten. You hated to upset him, you didn’t mean for your words to hit him as hard as they did.

Closing your eyes, you try to wipe the image from your mind. “Jeff,” you sigh, “I didn’t mean for it to come out so…abruptly.”

He nods, “I get it. You don’t want to go with me. It’s okay.”

“No,” you rush to deny, “it’s not that.”

Jeff forces a smile, “Really (Y/N),” he insists. “It’s fine. Totally fine.” 

You release a breath, “Please let me explain,” you try. “I would love-”

“I need to get going, I’ve got practice,” he interrupts, “I’ll see you around, yeah?”

Jeff doesn’t bother giving you anytime to answer before he walks off. You refrain from yelling after him, not wanting to disturb the peace of the library. Slumping back in your seat, you throw your head back slightly and groan, “Seriously?” you groan.

You notice rather quickly that Jeff is avoiding you. In the week leading up to prom he barely spoke two words to you-never giving you a chance to explain why you denied his offer.

If he had given you the chance, you would have told him how much you would have loved to go with him but having already promised to perform and help out backstage, you wouldn’t have much time during the night to spend with him. 

Your friend’s attempts to cheer you up didn’t go unnoticed, but they were unsuccessful. Having practically no contact with one of your closest friends really hurt you.

Setting up the stage, your attention drifts around the decorated gym that would be full in only a few hours. You would be singing in front of your classmates…your nerves had slowly declined over the past week which was something you were thankful for. 

By the time people had started to show up, you were more than ready to get on stage. Your friend came to collect you when it was time to go on. The lights in the room darkened for a moment as the two of you made your way to the stage. 

The first song picked up tempo rather quickly and you didn’t get much of a chance to take in the crowd. The next few however, was much slower and the lighting that shone around the room allowed you to observe the couples that had gathered on the dance floor.

Your gaze soon drifts to the tables that borders the dancers, catching the eye of a familiar face. You lock eyes with Jeff momentarily before he looks away only to snap his attention back to you. Offering him a small smile, you have the urge to laugh at his shock.

During your break between sets, you wait to the side of the stage-conversing with your friend. Feeling a hand on your shoulder, you spin around to come face-to-face with Jeff.

“Hi,” you say,

He shoves his hands in his pockets, sending you a smile, “I didn’t expect to see you on stage,” he begins. “I had to check twice to see if it was you.” You chuckle at his words and wait for him to continue. “I’ve realised that I may have overreacted this week,” he admits. Sighing as he adverts your gaze, “I’m sorry for not letting you explain.”

You cross your arms over your chest, “Why didn’t you?”

He shrugs weakly, “I was embarrassed plus I thought I ruined things between us by asking you.”

“Jeff,” you scold.

“I’m sorry,” he repeats.

You shake your head, dropping your arms to the side before pulling him into a tight hug. “Please don’t avoid me again,” you insist. Jeff slides his arms around you and allows you to hold him tighter. “I thought you were really mad at me.”

He squeezes your waist gently, “I didn’t mean-”

“I know,” you cut him. “For the record,” you declare, pulling away, “if it weren’t for this,” you say, gesturing to the stage behind you, “I would have said yes.”

Jeff’s face lights up, “Really?”

You hit his chest gently, “Of course! Why on earth would I have said no?”

“Because of someone else, potential awkwardness, you not want-” 

You cut his listing off by placing a hand over his mouth, “Jeff,” you state firmly, “I would have loved to have come to prom with you. Very much actually.”

Jeff’s expression softens as you remove your hand from him, a moment of silence surrounding you both. “Do you have time to spare for a dance?”

“I don’t know,” you admit reluctantly. You glance back at your friend, seeing them scrolling through their phone you call their name to catch their attention, “Do you think you can go solo for a while?” you ask.

Their eyes dart between you and Jeff and a grin forms on their face, “I think I can manage that,” they replies.

Looking back at Jeff, you hold your hand out for him to take, “Shall we?”

Jeff guides you to the dance floor and you wrap your arms around his shoulders when you come to a stop. The next song begins just as his places his hands on your waist again.

Your fingers toy with his hair at the base of his neck as you start to sway, “I was really hoping I’d see you here tonight,” you tell him.

“Why’s that?” he asks.

“I have to have a reason to want to see you?” you retort. “I’ve missed you.” Jeff apologises again which makes you roll your eyes playfully, “It’s fine, I can see why you might have been hesitant to talk to me. I’m sorry our wires got crossed for a little while.”

“I imagined it just like this you know,” he says after a while.

“Imagined what?” you question, your brow furrowing.

Jeff smiles, “Being here with you-dancing with you. I’m glad we get at least one dance. I’ve wanted to ask you to prom for a while,” he admits.

You match his expression, your own smile widening once more, “You have? Why?”

“I’ve liked you for a really long time,” he says quietly. “But I’ve never been sure if you would even consider feeling the same way…so I kept pushing off asking you out.”

You tilt your head, “I never realised.”

He laughs, “I think that was kind of my intention.”

Stopping your movements, your arms slide over his shoulders and down his arms. “We really need to do this being honest thing a whole lot more,” you declare. “We would save so much time.”

Jeff sends you a questioning look at your words, but realisation soon hits him as you lean forward to kiss him.

Jock!Scott playing with Isaac’s fingers whenever he has a panic attack because it calms him down

Jock!Scott cooing at Isaac and his bed head

Jock!Scott supporting Isaac at his Shakespeare performance

Jock!Scott crying when Isaacs character in said play dies because Mercutio deserved better dammit

Jock!Scott spoiling Isaac with flowers, food, kisses, etc. because of how simply exquisite his boyfriend is

Jock!Scott threatening Isaac’s bullies because if one more person shove his baby into a locker he will kill someone

Jock!Scott finding out that Isaac has REALLY sensitive nipples and that he can cum multiple times just from them being toyed with

Jock!Scott staring at Isaac with utter adoration as he rambles about how pineapples don’t belong on pizza because, “it’s the fucking law Scott! If I want fruit I’ll go eat a damn apple but I refuse to put it on my pizza!”

Jock!Scott pulling on Isaacs hair during sex because he absolutely loves it

Jock!Scott confessing that he used to write Isaac McCall on all of his notebooks in middle school because he thought Isaac had the prettiest eyes and smile and- oh my god mOM DON’T SHOW HIM

Jock!Scott drunkenly admitting that he wants Isaac to call him daddy

Jock!Scott slamming Isaac into a gym locker for an intense make out session when Isaac DOES call him daddy with those pretty eyelashes batting themselves at him fuck-

Jock!Scott getting all of his friends together to ask Isaac to prom by serenading him with the cheesiest One Direction songs ever made

Jock!Scott being the happiest boy in the world because he has Isaac Lahey by his side


Dear You:

I’m editing this book called DEAR HEARTBREAK: YA WRITERS ON THE DARK SIDE OF LOVE, which will be a collection of anonymous letters from real live teens (as opposed to dead vampire ones, lol) about heartbreak. If your letter is chosen for the book, it will be published (!) with a response letter from a YA author (think Becky Albertalli, Tim Federle, Nina LaCour, Kekla Magoon, and more). It’s like a much, MUCH cooler version of an advice column. Bonus: if your letter is chosen you’ll get a copy of the book signed by the author who wrote back to you. Interested? Keep reading.

Have you ever had your heart broken? Been treated like crap by the person you’re in love with? Been hurt - physically or emotionally - by your girlfriend or boyfriend? Or maybe you feel invisible. Lonely. You feel like no one loves you, like maybe you’ll be alone your whole life. Worried you’ll turn into your divorced parents or your sister who got pregnant when she was fifteen. Maybe someone at home doesn’t respect your body. Maybe YOU don’t respect your body. Maybe you’re tired of being a virgin. Maybe you wish you were a virgin. Here’s your chance to write Heartbreak a letter. Tell us how you feel, ask questions, tell us what it’s like in your messy universe. Tell us why it’s not like the movies. Tell us why you want your happy ending.

This is an anonymous place for secrets and the dark stuff. Or just the wondering stuff (Will anyone ever love you? Will you be that one person who doesn’t get asked to prom? Why does he love HER and not you? Why did she cheat on you? If you tell people you’re gay, will they laugh or be cool about it? If you tell your best friend you love him, will he say he loves you, too - or just walk away?).

Be brave. Be you. Write your heart out.

Go to our lovely online survey to submit your letter. If you have any questions, shoot me an email at

Please sign your letter with a pseudonym (fake name) and your age & general location. You know, something like:

Dear Heartbreak,

[Insert deep, heartbreaking letter here]

Love, Confused in Idaho, 16

I can’t wait to see what you’ve got to say - whatever it is, it MATTERS. And it’ll feel really freaking good to let what’s inside out.

P.S. If you want to find out if your letter was selected for the book, please make sure to put your email in the letter - it will remain private, don’t worry.

xo Heather Demetrios

Prom -Zach Dempsey

A/n: omg y'all idk if this is accurate, I never went to my prom Hahaha, enjoy babies! ❤

I put whip cream on a cappuccino and handed is over to Alex Standall, “enjoy your coffee.”
He smiled at me and took the drink of the table and left to sit with Jessica and Hannah.
The front door opened and I’m came Zach looking around Monet’s before spotting me. He smiled widely at me and started to walk over. I looked at my best friend Skye helplessly. I’ve had the biggest crush on him forever.
She shrugged and continued making someone’s drink.
“Y/l/n! What are you doing here?” He asked laughing slightly. He was pretending to be shocked to see me.
“Hey Dempsey! Yeah, I work here. I have for the past, oh, I don’t know, year and a half.” I said annoyed, “and you’ve seen me here since school started this fall, yet, you’re still pretending like you don’t know I work here?”
His smile dropped but he just reached for his wallet, “one Hot Chocolate please.” And handed me a 5 dollar bill with it.
I was about to start to count up his change, “keep it.” He shrugged.
I smiled and put the money back down before scratching hot chocolate on a paper in front of Skye.
“I’ll have that done in a second for you.” I nodded toward Skye who slid a coffee across the table to a middle school age girl.
“Y/n,” Zach said once I went to put the remaining change in the tip jar.
“Yes, Zachary?” I turned around to look at him.
“Um… I actually came here because I was just wondering if you had a date to prom yet?” He asked nervously.
“No,” I said walking over to the other side of the counter and changing out the filter, “i don’t know. I really have never wanted to go.”
Zach’s smile dropped, “oh…” he muttered.
I walked over to his finished drink and put while cream on it just like I did to Alex’s, “why? Do you need advice for asking someone to prom. Those promposals are getting so serious.” I laughed at how much effort people have been putting in for one night that doesn’t even matter. Skye handed me his drink which I put a thick, baby blue, striped, straw into. I slid his drink across the table.
“Um no. I just thought, maybe, you’d wanna go with me…” he looked down at his shoes.
The corners of my mouth tugged upward, “sure.”
He sighed, “I understand.” And grabbed his hot chocolate.
I laughed pushing a stand of hair behind my ear, “I said yes dumb head.”
“Wait really?!” He asked shocked.
“Sure why not,” I said well another person came towards the counter, “you should probably get out of here though, you have practice in,” I glanced at the clock, “about… 3 minutes and I have to take this order.”
Zach realized what time it was and he scrabbled to his feet and he just took his drink, smiled at me, and jogged for the door.
I looked at myself in the mirror once again, “i think I’m ready.”
My mom nodded and her eyes welled up with tears and she quickly wiped them.
I covered my face with my hands ever so gently to not smudge my makeup, “mom don’t cry. I’m just going to prom, not disappearing.”
“Oh don’t do that.” She took my hands away from my face and smiled fanning her eyes, “you’re just so grown.”
My friends and I all decided we wanted to all come to my house, with our families, to get ready for prom.
“Okay! Ladies, I think we’re all finished here?” My mom announced. Everyone nodded in agreement.
I linked arms with my best friend, Jaylyn, and she and I walked together outside. I stepped down the steps of my porch to see Zachary and all my friend’s dates outside too.
I smiled at in Zach’s direction to see him in depth of a conversation with Jaylyn’s boyfriend.
“Cameron!” Jaylyn said happily walking over to hug him.
“Hey.” That pulled him out of his conversation and put all of his concentration on Jaylyn. I looked at my best friend and her boyfriend admiringly.
Zach stared at me with wife eyes before I made my way over to him.
“Staring is rude, you know?” I joked and he laughed putting his head down.
“Hey baby.” He said happily dragging out the ‘y’ hugging me.
‘I am not the only traveler
Who has not repaid his debt’
My heartbeat quickened at the sudden slow song. I brushed my hands over my dress, smoothing out the sequins of my royal blue dress.
Zach walked back from talking with Justin and Jess.
“So… it’s a slow song.” He pointed out obviously before grabbing my hips lightly and pulling my body closer to him, “and I’m pretty sure this is the part when we dance together.”
I laughed lightly looking down, I wrapped my arms around his neck, having to lean up on my heels a little bit, “I guess so.”
'Take me back to the night we met’
This was one of my favorites songs, and only one person In all of Liberty knew that. I glanced up at tony, who gave me a wink and pointed to his DJ table.
I shook my head, internally laughing.
So it is, I went to prom with Zach Dempsey, The star basketball player. It almost didn’t feel real, but In a good way. I relaxed and I felt like no one else was in the room besides us.
The only thing that mattered right then, was Zach.
“You’re so beautiful.” The boy in front of me said snapping me out of my thoughts.
My eyes met his and thanks to the dim lights, he didn’t notice the pink tint rise on my cheeks.
“You’re not so bad yourself.” I smiled taking a 'freshly-done-nails-hand" to run through his soft, black hair.
“I love you y/n.” He whispered seconds later.
My stomach did a flip and my knees got weak but Zachary’s gentle, but firm grip on my hips stopped me from slouching even a little bit.
“I love you too…”

{Reaction} Monsta X Asking their Crush to Prom.

Could I please get a reactions of Monsta X asking some one to prom?

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

Lee Minhyuk

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Minhyuk couldn’t contain his grin as he sat opposite you in the restaurant. He was often giddy like this when he’s with you - he’d liked you for so long after all, but with a mix of adrenaline, he was a little fidgety, and he couldn’t sit still. He looked at you as you began to smile too, shaking your head as he started making little origami shapes out of the napkins. He was so tempted to just ask you, but no, he had to wait for the right moment. The food arrived, the both of you had chosen pizza. When the waiter left, he finally composed himself, looking at you with that glinting mischievous eye.

Minhyuk: “I know it’s cheesy…” *looks down at the pizza, then back at you.* “But I want nothing than to turn my best friend into my date to prom.” what a meme jeez

Yoo Kihyun

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Kihyun would be the most nervous to ask you to prom. He’d be really unsure on the right way to go about it but still anxious that each day he doesn’t ask you someone else might. He spilled his insecurities to Changkyun, the youngest of his friends on campus as they both trekked to the library to get some last minute homework done when he saw you alone at your locker, pulling out some books. He thought about asking you, hesitated, then carried on walking towards the library with a red face. But it wasn’t over, and his heart dropped when Changkyun asked you for him.

Changkyun: “{y/n}, Kihyun wants to go to prom with you, will you go with him?”

Kihyun: *muttering under his breath* “I’m going to kill that brat-”

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Hoseok would be nervous about asking you, but he wouldn’t let it stop him at all. In fact, despite his nerves, he would be pretty confident about it and would be understanding if you wanted to go with him or not. He wouldn’t want to go all out and make a big scene of asking you out, but he would want to make it special since the two of you have been friends for a while. He decided on asking you out to coffee, and over the table he took your hand smiling at you with hope glinting in his eyes.

Wonho: “Will you go to prom with me?”

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

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Since Shownu works out a lot, he decided that he would ask you out to prom in the most unusual way. He downloaded a tracker on his phone that tracked his running and where he’d been and ran. His route was tracked. He ran five miles to spell out ‘prom?’ It was all set and ready, all he needed to go was tell you. He started off in light conversation, talking about how he’d been taking his running more seriously recently than just going to the gym. He told you about how he’d trakced his route and then told you he’d show you.

Shownu: “I ran five miles… look.” *shows you*

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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Changkyun had been so worked up about asking you out to prom. He’d helped Kihyun ask out his partner, he’d heard Wonho boast about his tactic and had frowned as he decided nothing he could do would top Shownu. Then he remembered his talent. Songwriting. He thought about everything you are, and what you are to him, then put it down in rhythms and beats on a page. His rap was perfect, but his confidence? Not so much. He needed to perform it to you, but his heart was racing each time he thought about it. He took you to his house, swallowed his pride and rapped like it was the only thing that mattered.

Changkyun: “- my love for you will never be gone, please {y/n}, let me take you to prom” *looks at you as he finishes the rap.*

Chae Hyungwon

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Hyungwon would be the most in denial about all of this. He would think to himself how stupid the whole event is because, well, he needs to blame someone for his shyness. He wouldn't’ know what to do or say, he didn’t have any idea on how he could be creative in asking you out and quite frankly, he didn’t want to make a big scene. But that was until he saw someone else trying to ask you. He bit his lip, feeling a wash of relief as you declined their offer but thanking them all the same. His heart picked up as to told them the reason why you couldn’t go with them.

{y/n}: “-you see, I like someone. Actually, he’s not just someone; it’s Hyungwon, and he’s amazing. I’m going to ask him. That’s why I can’t go with you, I’m sorry.”

Lee Jooheon

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Jooheon is a romantic kind of guy, but he wouldn’t see what the big fuss is about asking someone and going all out and spending loads of money. So, he decided to go the old fashioned route. He bought you a sweet set of flowers - your favorites, and took them to your front door (praying to any god that your parents wouldn’t answer). When you opened the door, he presented them to you and smiled.

Jooheon: “{y/n}, will you go to prom with me?”

It's Always The Hardest Choices That Come At The Worst Times

So tomorrow is the last day to buy junior prom tickets… which means I need a date by 12:30 tomorrow. Today I did some brainstorming: a guy (socalledbeast, I think I’ve called him previously - we’ve been hanging out recently) is trying to set me up for prom with this REALLY hot guy (he’s nice too!) because neither of us has dates. But if he doesn’t ask me, I’m going to ask flirtyboy. And if he says no, I have a few other choices. But flirtyboy and I videochatted for hours after school today, and I’m starting to like him more (as a friend, mostly.. but he is really cute and REALLY talented!).

As I was settling in to watch tv, pleased with my plans for picking a date tomorrow, shyboy texted me (of course).

Him: Hey, can we talk?

Me: Sure….

Him: Lol if you don’t want to you don’t have to.

Me: No it’s fine, I just wasn’t expecting this. I’ll try not to be bitchy tho!

Him: Ok. Well, I just wanted to clear things up. I admit it was a mistake what I did last week. But I really meant to give you the note so that you would read it.

Me: Read it? I wrote it…

Him: I know. You wrote it on Valentine’s Day. I just wanted to know what changed in those following two weeks that changed everything.

Me: Yeah. I think everything just kind of came apart around then, and I tend to pull away from those I care about when I feel like I need to concentrate on myself. Which isn’t ideal, but that’s how I am.

Him: Well I knew there were other reasons than the ones you gave me.

Me: How could you assume that? I’m not lying to you.

Him: I never said you were lying. I just know I could’ve done things better.

Me: Define “better.”

Him: Better meaning: Complimenting you when you change something like your hair. Giving you unexpected surprises like you did with me (in a good way). Talking more and not having awkward pauses or anything because I’m shy. There’s a lot I should’ve done better.

Me: Those things aren’t absolutely needed in a relationship. Maybe the shyness, but everything else was fine. It really wasn’t about you, and I know you don’t believe me but it doesn’t matter because I know my reasons.

Him: Alright. Well, I don’t know where to go from here then.

Me: Neither do I. Which is why I thought we ended this last time we talked. Idk.

Him: Well I think we’re done now.

Me: Fine. Can we be civil now? It wasn’t that bad on Friday.

Him: Well it’s a little easier for you than it is for me. The problem is whenever you’re not around I hang with all of your friends.

Me: I know that. But we all hung out on Friday and it wasn’t too bad.

Him: Ok. Well I just don’t think you get that I still have feelings for you, and that I’m trying to push away and hanging out with you does not help.

Me: I get it because I feel the same way, I’d just prefer if we were able to be normal. But whatever, if you want to move on it’s fine, we’ll move on.

Him: Lol I don’t want to move on. But when we hang out I remember the winter. And it’s just hard to concentrate on anything. Do you know what I’m saying?

Me: Yeah I understand. But I don’t think it would work to get back together right now. I kind of fucked that up enough and I’m sorry for that.

Him: Explain. Please.

Me: I caused enough drama/emotion/whatever and I’m done messing with your head. I’m just saying it could be good for both of us to move on instead of doing what you said you wanted and getting back together.

Him: We both made it more complicated than it ever had to be. I don’t know what happened. But I guess you’re right.

Me: Yeah. And it was because we hooked up, and clearly we both like each other, and a bunch of other things. But I think now we need to figure ourselves out and move on and figure out what we want out of a relationship instead of jumping right back into one that didn’t turn out so perfectly. Which is hard for me and I’m sure for you too, but I just can’t see us getting back together right now and pretending none of this took place. Because even though all the drama was unnecessary, it still happened.

Him: Alright.

Closure, anyone? I think this is the closest we’ve come to resolving our breakup since the actual breakup. I hope things go back to normal! (..Except I doubt they will).

Baffled and Blonde~

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Ooo congratulations on your new job! Since it's prom season... how about a promposal fic? I guess in Auradon's case it would be a ball-posal though! :) Congrats again!

Oh, how cute! I didn’t get back until much later than I planned, so I’m writing this while I’m tired, but it’s too cute!

Guilt was becoming a more familiar emotion the longer they were in Auradon and it was one of the few things that Mal hated about her new school. She had felt it when Ben was drugged into loving her, she felt it when she held Fairy Godmother’s wand in her hands, she felt it every time she looked at her mother, small and scaly in a tiny cage.

Looking at the pride and excitement on Jay’s face, Mal felt that dreaded guilt again.

“I’ve been working on this for two nights,” he boasted. “I’ve kept it hidden under my bed, Pup has no idea.”

Mal didn’t roll her eyes at Jay’s ridiculously sweet nickname for his boyfriend. He never made fun of the names Evie gave her, she could return the courtesy.

“Are you sure he’ll…like this, Jay?”

“What do you mean?”

A giant, bright poster, spanning nearly the width of the room, laid at their feet. Swirled, elegant lettering spelt out ‘Carlos De Vil, will you go to prom with me?’ while stickers and crudely hand-drawn cartoons decorated the edges.

Jay looked at her cautiously, as if Mal was about to tear him down as often as she use to. “I was gonna have the cheerleaders hold it up at-.”

“Hold it up at the end of the last game.” Mal finished. “You told me. You said you were going to make a crazy announcement and have the tourney team lift Carlos in the air for it all?”

“Yep.” Jay crossed his arms and grinned.

“But Carlos doesn’t… He doesn’t like being the center of attention, Jay.” Mal pushed. “It makes him uncomfortable and nervous.”

He made a face, a mix of surprise and confusion, as if Jay doesn’t understand how he didn’t consider that or how Mal remembered it before he did. Jay furrowed his brows. “I-I know that.” He said quickly. “I was gonna make it quick.”

“Are you sure you want to ask him like this? I know you mean well, but this might embarrass him.”

“No it won’t!” Jay clenched his fists. “The whole point of this is to show I’m not embarrassed of him!” Mal opened her mouth to speak, but thought better of it, waiting for Jay to continue. “I… I want Carlos to know that I… I like him and I don’t care who knows it.”

Mal considered his words, hand on hip. She ventured over to Jay’s bed and gestured for him to sit beside her. “Maybe Carlos just needs to know that you like him and that’s all. You don’t need to make a big deal of your relationship to the school for him to know that.”

“It was gonna be big and spectacular,” Jay pouted. “It was gonna be memorable.”

“How about just make it special for Carlos? He’s the only one you’re asking, not the whole school.”

Jay rested his chin on his hands. “I guess. All the Pup would really want is just for me to ask him in between classes or something,” he muttered.

Mal snickered. “You can make it a little more special than that. It’s not like your only options are to make a spectacle or to do nothing. It’ll still be nice to make it special.”

“Well what are you doing that’s so special?” A moment passed. “You don’t have anything planned, do you?”

“No.” Mal joined him, slouching forward to rest her chin on her hands. “I was just gonna ask her with flowers and chocolate but that’s too simple for E. I mean, she’ll love anything I do because she’s Evie. But I want her to really love it. Nothing is grand enough.”

“We should switch.”

“No thanks. Carlos is pretty, but not as pretty as Evie.”

Jay laughed and punched her shoulder. “I meant we should trade promposal ideas, not relationship partners.”

“That’s…not a bad idea, actually.” Mal sat straighter, finger to her lips in thought. “Can you get Carlos’ name off of that sign?”

“I was joking.”

It was Mal’s turn to punch his shoulder. “But it’s perfect. E would love a huge, crazy prom ask in front of the whole school. I already bought the choc- don’t give me that look. Yes, I bought them, not stole - I bought the chocolates already, you can have them if I can take your sign.”

Jay gave her a sideways look. “Flowers and chocolate… Well, maybe chocolate and a new tool kit would really make Carlos happy. He would love that actually.”

“Let me take a look at this sign,” Mal hopped off of the bed and knelt on the ground. “I could go over and re-do a lot of these pictures,” she traced Jay’s pencil sketches and looked up, “I can definitely improve this. Can you pull some favors with the tourney team for me?”

“Yeah. You scare the piss out of Chad and Ben is still sweet on you,” Jay snickered. “If you get Evie out on the field at the end of the game, I can hook you up with the megaphone.”

A grin took over Mal’s face. Her smiles were no longer mischievous and nasty, but genuine and excited; the reminder of the change in his friend brought a smile to Jay’s own face.

“This is gonna be perfect! E will love having everyone watch her get asked to prom and have the cheerleaders holding up signs for her,” Mal’s grin grew at the idea of surprise and happiness on her girlfriend’s face. This is exactly what Evie would want, she bloomed like the fairest flower under attention and would flourish being in front of the entire student body.

Mal stood quickly, reaching for the door and calling over her shoulder. “I’m going to run back to my room, I’ll bring the box of chocolates and some paint!”

Her guilt for ruining Jay’s grand promposal effort was forgotten and replaced with two new emotions: excitement and joy. True, Mal had never experienced those things before Auradon, but the reason for them had been with her for many years. Excitement and joy were found in expressive brown eyes and curly blue hair, in soft hands and a softer voice, in ridiculous nicknames and in kisses that left Mal breathless.

And Goodness, she was going to make asking Evie to prom as exciting and joyful as the princess herself.