getting water from the well

Detroit already had a perfect name for a post-BLI world: Motor City.

It’s a manufacturing capital again, BLI’s tech city, not just for cars anymore. The scientists there pioneered the droids over years of research. Rebooting the factories won BLI a lot of points in the early days. 

Of course it was a problem that the city was so sprawling- all those cars were built to get them somewhere, right? So they razed a lot of the surrounding area, some of it partially done for them during the wars. But the zones extend through the buildings that got away from the bulldozers and the bombs, going into the areas that were the suburbs once upon a time. The killjoys who occupy these places are the runners and raiders, mostly ones who got out but know it well enough to get back in and out without capture by the high-tech security. These joys work little sabotages, and get the supplies needed out to the ones who live farther away- they built all those cars, so they built miles and miles of highways too. 

Up and down the broken asphalt, reclaimed by nature through nuclear and natural winters, there are settlements that hide in plain sight. The trees have started growing back in, scrubbier than before, browner, but trees. The bright neons of the killjoys in the desert would stick out like a sore thumb here. The forest dwelling joys use things that glow instead, glitter in the day to create flashes in between trees as they run like deer, flares at night to guide travelers to safe spots. Most of them are not actively fighting BLI in any way other than living, truly living. They just wanted to get out and rebel in the simple way of feeling, and so they did. And they guide others on their way as well, up to the neutral northern towns. 

On a clear night, up in the top of the mitten, you can see the stars are coming back. 

Pebbles (NSFW)

Sixpenceee Stories Contest (September - October 2016) Second Place Winner

Story by Sixpenceee user UnsettlingStories; Tumblr

We thought we were having a hell of a hailstorm when we woke up in the middle of the night to a peal of thunder and the sound of our cabin being pelted. It went on for about a minute, then it stopped. There wasn’t any rain, which was strange. We went back to sleep, faintly aware of the smell of something burning. I figured it was probably from a lightning strike somewhere else.

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Mitsunari first child

(Fluff fot @eneri0114)

She was making a batch of his favorite dessert when a wave of dizziness hit her. It was happening more frequently and starting to worry the maids and cooks. When they brought up their concerns however she brushed them off with a gentle smile. She had to keep busy so her worry wouldn’t consume her, it hadn’t been that long since they had left for battle after all but today he was supposed to be coming home, they had been victorious.

“Lady (mc) you must rest please, Lord Mitsunari will be home soon, you don’t want to worry him from looking so tired would you.” The maid pleaded. Her mistress looked on the verge of collapse. “ Besides it’s not good for you or the baby…”

“What?” (mc) asked stopping completely eyes wide as she ran over things in her head. She hadn’t realized she had been so late on her period.

“My Lady!” the maid shouted in panic bracing her before she collapsed and helping her to sit.

"I hadn’t realized…” she whispered softly a hand going to caress where their child was growing.

“I estimate you to be about three months my Lady” she told her kindly.

"Three…” she whispered in awe, which meant she was already a month along before Mitsunari had left.

“You will start to show soon. Please rest I will make sure Lord Mitsunari’s manju is saved properly to await his arrival and that you are told when they are approaching the gate… congratulations my Lady.” the maid told her with a smile.

Try as she might when she laid down she couldn’t rest. What would Mitsunari think when he returned, how would he take the news. Whenever she would bring up the topic he would change the subject quickly or become extremely defensive. Taking a deep breath she relaxed, regardless of his initial reaction it wasn’t as if it could be changed, she was already pregnant after all.

“Mitsunari, you seem eager to get home” Hideyoshi teased. Since they had been married Mitsunari hadn’t really spent much time away from his wife.

“As if, I enjoyed the quiet without that dullard distracting me from reading” he covered scowling. He was a bit worried, she had seemed a bit sick before they left for battle.

“Ah I can see the castle from here” Hideyoshi teased eyes laughing as Mitsunari sat straighter in his saddle.

(Mc) was standing there waiting. When she saw him she visibly relaxed eyes roaming for any signs of an injury before meeting his. When he walked up to her she smiled brightly. “Welcome home my Lord.”

He snorted. “Of course i’m home, did you think I’d leave Hideyoshi protected by just that mangy dog” he scolded before walking inside.

“Still can’t be honest with his feelings.” Hideyoshi laughed walking to stand beside her.

"It’s part of his charm Lord Hideyoshi” she joked back.

“It’s not too late you know, you could still leave for me” he joked eyes dancing.

“Sorry lord Hideyoshi, it is entirely too late for that and I wouldn’t even if it wasn’t.” she told him simply before walking back into the castle leaving a wide eyed Hideyoshi behind.

She grabbed the manju from the kitchens and proceeded to their room. He was still removing his armor when she got there. Placing the tray on his desk she started helping him.

“What took you so long manju girl” he huffed eyes soft as she was concentrating on undoing one of the clasps. She didn’t answer, he didn’t expect her too. Once the armor was removed she murmured about going get water from the well for him to freshen up. He watched her from the door as she made it to the well. A maid rushed up fussing and refusing to let her. His eyes narrowed as he moved to walk out but Hideyoshi beat him to the well cheerfully taking the bucket from the maid for (mc) and walking off towards the room.

“I can carry it Lord Hideyoshi, it’s not heavy” he heard her tell him with a sigh.

“I need to talk to Mitsunari anyway” he side stepped. “We’re holding a feast to celebrate the victory and since we couldn’t hold one before, to celebrate you two getting married. Don’t worry (mc) the kitchen is covered, you just relax with Mitsunari tonight” he told her firmly before leaving.

“What’s going on?” Mitsunari asked her abruptly. "The victory feast isn’t till tomorrow and we did have a feast honoring our marriage.”

Sighing mentally she sat next to him as he cleaned up going over in her head the best way of telling him. Opening her eyes she looked into his deciding direct approach would work best. “Mitsunari, I’m pregnant” she told him voice hesitant.

The manju he was holding dropped back to the plate. For once he was completely speechless. Pregnant… a baby… he was going to be a father… at that point panic clawed at his throat. What did he know about being a father?! Books, he needed books! There had to be a guide somewhere right?!” he thought her calling him worried snapped him from his thoughts.

“Mitsu?” she asked as she watched the anxiety light up his eyes. To say she was shocked by his reply was an understatement. Mitsunari rarely ever initiated intimate contact, especially with the sun still up.

He pulled her to him his lips on hers as he settled her on his lap. She could feel the trembling in his hand on the back of her neck. ” We’ll figure it out together, like everything else” she comforted him.

He watched her like a hawk, honestly he had more mood swings than she did throughout the pregnancy but then again it was Mitsunari to be fair.

Hideyoshi placed a hand on his shoulder as he paced the ground while hearing the grunts of pain coming from the birthing room. “Relax, she’s strong enough to handle you remember” he teased lightly. The longer the labor drug on the more anxious he got. When the door slid open and the midwife came out exhausted yet smiling relief like no other rushed through him.

“They are ready for you my Lord” she told him.

Hideyoshi gave him a shove when he didn’t move grinning. “Go on, bring out the baby so we can see!”

He approached her cautiously only to stop in awe, two babies… she was holding two. Kneeling beside her she carefully placed one of the precious bundles in his arms. “twins…” he whispered.

“Twin girls” she told him smiling softly. Those words caused a different kind of panic entirely. Girls that shared both his and his wife’s looks, he could see the boys now…

“They are never leaving the castle” he stated with such finality she had to laugh.

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Forbidden Ecstasy - Chapter One

Pairing: NeganxReader

Chapter Warnings: Swearing (It’s Negan so obviously lol), mentions of rape (very little), no smut yet but it’s a comin

Chapter Summary: Negan meets the reader for the first time and instantly takes a liking to her

Series Summary: The reader (who isn’t Negan’s wife) catches his eye and he might maybe end up loving her?? (ooo) After working in the laundry room together Negan decides he wants a taste.  Meanwhile the wives find out and aren’t very happy (but who gaf)

Requested: Yes!! By the lovely @prettyepiic, (the part she requested doesn’t come til later when the smut comes in ;) ) thank you so much for the request darling!! Love me some Negan. Go follow her peeps!

A/N: My first Negan fic whaaat??? This didn’t start out as a series but… shit happens *shrugs*
A/N2: Send me some requests y’all! And shoot me some feedback, good or bad, I appreciate every word :)

TWD Masterlist

(Gif not mine my dudes. But damn is he fine. *drools*)

Originally posted by rikkisixx

“Still not pissin’ our pants yet? Shocker. Y’know, I’m really surprised I haven’t been able to make at least one of you’ns shit yourself by now.” Negan said boisterously as he waltzed in the gates of Alexandria. “Rick, my man. How’s the family? Good, I hope, I really do. So tell me… where the fuck is everybody? I come here expecting everybody to be dressed in their Sunday best and standing in the streets upon my arrival!”

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Frustration (A/F) - Min Yoongi

Y/N: This is an original idea because I’m angsty and lonely lol. Also, I need more Min Yoongi in my life. And I’m Yoonseok trash. Please enjoy -Admin Grace

Summary: Yoongi invites you to his studio for the first time, but you make a mistake and he snaps at you. It takes Hoseok sitting him down and talking some sense into him to make him realize just how much you matter to him before he goes to apologize.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort

Length: 2.4k+

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One day I was walking and noticed a man in need.
His feet were bare and bloody
He could barely breathe.
I rushed to get him some water from the well and held it up to his lips.
The man savored every drop.
He couldn’t get enough.
He told me he had been abandoned here and left to rot.
Betrayed by his own men.
He was disappointed and distraught.
So I picked him up and carried him home without a second thought.
I tended to his wounds and made sure he got stronger every day.
Soon he’d been on his own and okay.
That day had come and he wanted me to go with him.
So I packed up and left my abode.
We had a long journey ahead.
It wasn’t an easy road.
Over the vast desert lands we walked.
No socialization in sight.
Until one day we reached a temple.
It was beautiful and bright.
Shining with a million jewels.
It captivated my eyes.
The man asked me if I liked what I saw and I replied with a yes.
He told me it was all mine now.
For my act of kindness and love.
That’s how I became the Queen of Egypt, by having a heart of gold.

Didn’t think it would happen (1)

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I walked in my classroom as usual being the first student to get in there I started to write stupid things on the black board.After 5 minutes of drablling weird things someone enterd the class with a loud sound. I turned my head to the door to see no one but my friend Jackson looking lost at his books that where all over the floor. “I swear Jackson,every time you enter a class you need to drop something."I said lifting his books from the floor and putting them on the fist desk that I found. "Sorry ,I was reading something a text from Ella and I got distracted as always."he responded with a gummy smile,giving me a hug and taking his usual seat in the second desk.I looked at him for a few seconds almost laughting at his extremly concertated face while texting his ultimate girl crush from 6 grade.Jacksonn is an amazing boy and is always there when you need him or when you feel down and sometimes I really can’t understand why Ella is not dating him though. I sighted really hard and started to erase my writings from the board.The class started to fill quickly and soon the teacher eneterd the classroom . Angela was talking to me about her last dream while the teacher was corecting some test when the door swing open and the "bad boys” of our highschool entered filling the class with their expensive parfume smell. “Mister Kim ,you and your friends are 15 minutes late for my class."the teacher said getting up from his seat even tho he was so short comparing to the tall boys. "And the earth is round,do ypu have any irelevant facts for me now ,profesor Park?"V asked taking his seat beside me. The teacher opened his mouth to say something but gave up really quickly and took his seat back. I was allready familiar with V’s comebacks for everyone he didn’t like ‘because after all he was in the same classrooms with me for 2 years now .He and his group of frinds are hands down the most atractiive guys in our high school but the bad thing about them is that they are dangerous ,a lot of people are scared of them because last year ,rumors about them where floating around the school taht they are the kids of the most dangerous mafia group in Seoul. On the other hand I didn’t belive it because rumors where always floating in our school,like 2 years ago when I came here and everyone thought that I was spy send fro CSI to find things about Korea. "Y/n,are you going to stop staring at V?"I heard Minho say and I imediatly snaped not realizing what I was doing . "It’s really funny when stupid girls like you stare at me like they never seen beautiful peoples in their life."V said giving me a smirk and bumping his fist with Jimin. I rolled my eyes knowing how big it’s V’s ego and retun to Angela to listen to the final of her dream. The classes where over and me,Angela,Minho and Jackson where going to the convenience store to pick up some icecreams for Valine who has her leg broke. "Do you think she would like vanilia ove apple?"I asked getting lost betwen flavours. "Just pick whatever and let’s go home,it’s getting dark"Minho said pushing my back to the cashier. "Y/n,you think you could run to the school,I forgot my math paperworks in my locker and I need them for tomorrow or profesor Park is gonna fail me"Angela said coming to me out of breath . "But why me?"I asked whinning about going all the way to the school. "Girl,you have freaking abs and you wined 5 medals at long running marathons and you are still asking us why you?"Jackson sopke paying the icecreams. I groned in respons and got out of the store and started running to the school.In 10 minutes I was enetering the empty hallways of our highschool and starteed shearching for Angela’s loocker when I heard a lot of giglles coming from our math clasroom.I ignored the thinking it was our teacher flirting with one of the nurses as usual and grabed the math papers and walked out . The sun was completly set down as I was leaving the was school yard and to be honest I was scared as hell to walk alone to my house in this pitvh blacknes so I called Jackson. "Please tell me you and the guys are coming after me right now?"I almost whispered in the phone scared of my own voice in the empty street. "No,we are still waiting for you at the store,where are you tho ,is really getting late."Jackson asked with a wary tone. "I’m on my way but everything is really dark and I can’t see much,could you abd the guys come my way because I’m really scared to be honest."I said and started to walk slowly haering footsteps from my back. "Okey,we are coming your way,see you in 10."Jacskon said an hang up. I put my phone in my front pocket and started to walk on the lonly streets scaring myself everytime a cat apared on the road.While I was thinking about what way to walk to get to some ilumintaed streets I heard someone talking form my back. "Aish,you really are lost in your stupid world,aren’t you?"I heard a low voice say from me back.I turned faster and saw the one and only headass from my school ,V. "I didn’t heard you."I said trying not to stare again at his face. He smiled and looked at me "Trying not to stare at me like a crazy person again?Don’t worry,like I said today ,I’m used to weirdos like you to stare.” “What do you actually want?"I asked strated to lose my interes in this stupid conversation. "You said you where scared to walk alone so I thought that you might want to me take you somewhere close to your house."V spoke pointing to his expensive sports car waiting for him a few steps back. You heard about him and his gang inviting girls to get them home but insted they took them out to drink and made horrile things with them after ."I think I will pass,my friends are coming for me."I said and started to walk away from him.I just heard a short laugh and them a car door closing and the street became silent again. —————Next Day———————————————– As ususal I got early to school and because I did’t want to stay alone in my classroom I took my gym close and headed to the football field.There was no one as usual so I quickly changed my school skirt to some Nike leggings and put on my running shoes and head off to the field.I loved doing sports,I was in the track team back in my home country but now being in the 12 th grade I had to focus more on grades than hobbies. While I was running my last lenght I saw Angela and Minho sitting in the players steats on the field so I started to slightly run trowards them. "What’s up with you guys so early at school."I asked getting a water bottel from Minho. "Well I had to take some books from the library and Angela wanted to make sure she didn’t came late at least to this class."Minho spoke whipping some sweat with his shirt sleve.I changed qiuckly back to my school uniform and headed to class with them. "Do you think V has a think for you?"Angela asked for the 14 time in the last 5 minutes. "No ,I am not the only girl he asked to walk home."I said bored while grabing my notebooks. "Maybe he actually likes you but you are being ignorant as usual and can’t see that."She started jumping excited while holding my free hand. "Angie,for the last time,V is never gonna like me or even look at me ,there are more changes for me to freaking hit a freaking phoneix bird than go on a date with him."I said while moving my hand dramaticaly in the air. When I swing open my locker door I herad a loud sound and everyone from the hallway stopped in their tracks and looked at me worried.I didn’t understand what happend so I closed the door slowly and I almost jumped out of my shoes when I saw V rubbing his hand on his now read forehead. It took me 10 seconds to proced what happend and I imediatly dropped my books and put my hands over my wide opened mouth. "OMG,are you okay?"I asked feelling my cheeks turn red from the embarsement and the stares.Angela was in shock too but she managed to move a few steps away letting me sit there hopeless in front of V and His boys. "You really are some difficult women to deal with."he said still rubbing his forehead"You don’t have other things to do?"Joon shouted loudly and the crowd of students quickly started to move. "I’m so sorry."I managed to say one more time before he passed by me bumping hard into my shoulder………
A Show - Jimin (Fluff)

“Why do we have to keep it a secret?” You gave your boyfriend a questioning look. “I don’t want them to know yet, it might make things weird.” Jimin noticed your pouting expression after he answered and pulled you close to him. “Listen Jagi, I know that you want to tell the world, I do too. But it just is not the best time to do that. Besides, I kind of like how we have to sneak around.” He gave a smirk and you gave him a quick kiss. “Okay 007, how do you suggest we hide it when we are supposed to meet up with them all in two hours?” You pulled away from him to go get a glass of water from the kitchen. “Well, I guess we should act like we did before, when we were just best friends,” he said following you. “That might work,” you took a sip and set the glass down on the counter. Jimin came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. “You need to keep your hands to yourself tonight.” You tried to sound stern but you knew that not being able to show his affection was going to annoy him as much as it annoyed you. You heard him whine into your ear and you turned around to face him. You gave him one more kiss before you went to the bedroom to get ready for your gathering. This gathering included Jimin’s bandmates, who still thought that you were just his best friend. The problem is that a few weeks ago, you two became more than best friends. Jimin was hanging out at your apartment like usual when something just sort of clicked. The visit ended with a kiss that led to a make out session that led to you both in varied stages of undress in your bed. Since that, you had both been enjoying your new relationship. After slipping out of your sweats and into a pair of skinny jeans, t-shirt, and a nice leather jacket you walked out to the living room to meet Jimin. He had already been dressed nicely since he had to do some local promotions earlier before coming over. He smiled when he saw you and then made an exasperated sound. “A v-neck, this is really going to be harder than I expected.” You tossed his shoes over to him, “Too bad, I am not changing. Now get your shoes on and be prepared to practice some amazing self-restraint.” He proceeded to do as he was told and took your hand as you both walked to his car outside. The trip to the restaurant took about 15 minutes. When you exited the car Jimin went to grab your hand but you pulled it away quickly, “I thought you wanted to be sneaky, holding hands in public is hardly that.” He nodded in agreement but still walked closer to you than usual, occasionally bumping into your side to get a laugh out of you. You noticed that the company van was outside and assumed that the boys had already gotten a table. You let Jimin walk in before you as to make sure that he didn’t try anything from behind. “Wow Y/N, boy do you know how to dress!” The youngest remarked as you joined the boys at the table. You casually sat next to Jimin like usual and greeted them all with a smile, “Thanks Kookie, you don’t dress too bad yourself.” You noticed Jimin getting a bit tense beside you but ignored it. The dinner was full of laughs and fun as was to be expected when you were anywhere with Bangtan. Every so often you would catch Jimin giving you a side glance. He even took your hand in his under the table once and you gave him a reassuring squeeze. After paying for the meal, it was suggested that you come over to the dorms to hang out. You had spent time at the dorms on plenty of occasions so you agreed. The boys returned to the van and Jimin and you walked back to his car. “Do you think they know?” He asked quietly. “I don’t know, they don’t seem to be acting any different than normal.” You both climbed into the car and drove to the dorm. You walked in to find all the boys already inside scattered around the living room. You sat down on the couch and Jimin sat beside you. Tae was on your other side so you tried not to sit too close to Jimin but equally in between them. You were comfortable with all the boys so when the decided to play a form of ‘never have I ever’ you were not too worried. You had known them just as long as Jimin had. The game started off fine until Yoongi stated “never have I ever had a secret relationship with a friend.” You tried to play it off casually and Jimin did the same. “Come on guys, we know.” It was Namjoon who spoke. “It was Jimin who wanted to keep it a secret,” you said with a bit of a panicked tone. “Sorry guys.” He responded with a saddened expression. You both thought that the night had taken a bad turn, and you would end up taking a cab home while the boys worked it out. Suddenly they all started laughing. You and Jimin shared a confused look with each other. “We aren’t mad. Are you kidding, we all knew this was going to happen.” Tae said giving you a both a wide grin, “Honestly the dinner was a test to see if you guys would slip up.” Jin and Hoseok kept mentioning how cute you guys were. Yoongi brought up how holding hands under the table isn’t exactly smooth. “Jimin hyung sure is lucky,” Kookie remarked. You gave the youngest an appreciative look. The rest of the night was spent talking amongst each other while Jimin had an arm around you. After Jimin realized how late it was he told everyone how he was going to be taking you back home. They all gave “whoop whoop” noises and you felt your cheeks flush. You said your goodbyes and walked outside with Jimin close behind. “We tried.” You said smiling as he wrapped you in a tight hug. “That we did.” He was about to kiss you when a thought popped into his head, “they are totally watching us right now.” You glanced back at the dorms and saw the members peeking out the window. You giggled, “should we give them a show?” “I like the sound of that.” And on that mark, he pulled you into a passionate kiss. When you were finished you both looked back to see the boys freaking out.


Beruani month: Day 2 - Cooking/Baking

Day 2 - Cooking/Baking

 “How could this happen!?” Sasha screamed, all pairs of eyes quickly found her falling to her knees in the doorway of the pantry. “We’re out of bread!” A collective sigh fell across the kitchen hall.

 “That’s what all this commotion is about?” Eren groaned as he finished peeling another potato.

 Armin chuckled as he too threw another cleanly peeled potato into the bucket. “The next ration delivery is in two days,” He explained much to Sasha’s horror. “You can go two days without bread right?”

 “Yeah,” Reiner echoed from his seat. “At least we have plenty of potatoes.” He scoffed.

 Clawing at her hair Sasha wailed. “I can’t eat just potatoes!” The pitch of her voice caught the attention of Bertholdt, who had up until this point been happily washing and drying dishes. “I need juicy meat… and, and bread! I need light, soft bread!”

 “I second that,” Annie said from her corner of the kitchen. “I can already tell I’m going to get sick if I eat boiled potatoes for the next two days.”

Sasha quickly got to her feet and made her way next to Annie. “See! We’re growing girls. We need more than potatoes.”   

 “Um… Sasha. What’s left in the pantry?” Bertholdt asked as he stood to his full height.

 It took only a minute for Sasha to check what remained of the food store, poking her head around the doorway she listed the contents. “Flour, salt, yeast and even some butter.”

 Bertholdt sighed and rolled up his sleeves. “Okay. Sasha get me the flour and other ingredients. Reiner could you get some water from the well?” With a wide smirk Reiner nodded. “Thanks,” He said before turning to Annie. An-”

Before he could finish Annie cut him off. “I’ll get the oven burning.” She said walking past him with a faint smile.

Minutes later Bertholdt was mixing the flour with the water, salt, yeast and butter. Most of the cadets had returned to their original duties with the exceptions of Sasha, who was watching Bertholdt work with great impatience. And Annie who occasionally looked over from the oven to check on his progress. Eventually Sasha lost interest and left leaving Annie and Bertholdt alone.

“You know I haven’t seen you bake anything in years, why now?” Annie asked as she stoked to fire.

Wiping the sweat from his brow Bertholt chuckled. “Well you seemed hungry. So I thought I’d see what I could do with what we have.”    

“You used to bake stuff for us all the time during training. Remember when you made that cake that one time, for Reiner’s birthday?” Bertholdt nodded with a smile that matched Annie’s. “I thought Reiner and Peick were going to swoon.”

“I just wanted to be useful… for something other than… what we do.” He sighed as he kneaded the dough with his bare hands. Looking behind her Annie made her way to Bertholdt’s side.  

Shock, would not begin to describe the feeling of Annie’s hand resting gently on his shoulder. “You’re more than that, you’re our anchor… and baker.” She whispered before going back to check on the oven.   

Spurred on by Annie’s sudden gesture Bertholdt added the water to the dough before kneading into shape and laying it out on the tray. “Is the oven hot enough?”

Annie nodded and Bertholdt carefully slide the loaf into the oven and once again wiped the sweat from his brow. “I’ll make the next one if you want,” Annie suggested.

“Huh? Are you sure? I don’t mind doing it myself.”

With a shrug Annie started to make the next batch of dough. “You shouldn’t have to do all the work, besides there’s a lot of bread to make if you want to feed us all.”

Bertholdt laughed. “I guess you’re right. I could do with the help. Thank you.” He said with a slight nod.

The two of them worked in a comfortable silence, preparing the ingredients, making the dough, kneading the dough and putting it in the oven. It didn’t take long for the two of them to quickly cook up a substantial number of loafs.

“Wow!” Sasha gasped as Annie pulled the final loaf from the oven. “You guys make a great team.” Bertholdt felt an all too familiar blush crawl up his cheeks as others began to thank both him and Annie for their efforts.

“Since you gave me the idea,” Bertholdt said, reaching for one of the fresher doughs. “You should have one first.” He explained holding the bun out to Sasha who plucked it out of his hand and thanked him.

And before he was swarmed by hungry friends he reached for the warmest, softest bread roll and handed it to Annie. “Thank you.” Bertholdt said before reluctantly turning his attention to the growing queue of famished soldiers.

That evening Annie sat outside, watching the sun dip below the horizon, she was enjoying the view and the accompanying quiet when her stomach growled. Reaching to the bread Bertholdt had given her she gently tore it open and relished in the warmth that escaped. Annie took her time nibbling her way through the soft, light dough that Bertholdt had baked for her and by the time she had finished a rare, fulfilled smile spread across her lips.  

“Warm and soft,” She hummed to herself. “Reminds me of him.” She whispered with the faintest of blushes.      

Missing underwear *one shot*

“Girls I don’t know about this"Amy says as they have gathered for girls night at Amy and Sheldon’s apartment.

"What do you mean it’s a great example of how men are impatient and you can think of this as a experiment"penny says as she sips her wine.

The other week sheldon was complaining that ever since they started living together his laundry night has suffered since Amy was always distracting him by doing laundry right next to him his argument was
"I can’t focus when you are putting you bra and undies in my face also I have found a particular secret in my laundry that victory may be missing"he said with a smile and Amy just look at him and rolled her eyes she had accidentally put some of her underwear in his laundry.
After her being scolded they would normally jump each other on top of the washing machine and by "accident” push the wash button as a apology on Amy’s part although she did enjoy herself.
So she agreed to do his laundry for him as he was wanting to play with the boys this evening.
When penny and Bernadette had arrived she told them about it and as a pay back they thought of a idea for revenge.

“Amy this will totally work all you have to do is hide all his underwear and anything he could rap around his areas” Bernadette said the plan was to take all his underwear and leave it so all he could ware was Amy’s underwear if he was brave enough.
It was going to be a joke to see if he was going to go through with it because sheldon was not the type to not ware underwear as he said he was “scared of trapping he southern pole” as he called it.

“Alright but I am only doing this because I am not having him scold me for putting my underwear with his I am he girlfriend I should be aloud to was both our clothes together if I want"Amy tell the girl as they nodded their heads.
"That’s right you should be able to wash what you want when you want with what you want” penny said after finishing the last bottle of wine.
The girl left and the Amy started to plot her plan of getting all his underwear without him noticing.
She came up with the plan to get him in the shower and take his underwear and hope he gets to hot so he will sleep nude tonight. But in the meantime time she was going to take all the ones that currently occupied the draws and she put them in a box under the sink in the kitchen “why would he look there” Amy thought to herself just as she finished hiding his boxer sheldon walked into the apartment.

“What were you doing?” Sheldon looks suspiciously at Amy.
“I was …err…I was just going to cook are you hunger?"Amy had already eaten so she hoped he was not hungry.
"No me and the boys ate take out like we normally do how was girls night?” He said as he walked round to the couch to sit and work on some equations on his laptop.
“It was good yeah and what about you boys night was it good?"she said as she walked over to him taking his shoes of his feet and siting next to him and watched him type away as they normally did on Saturdays.
"Yeah we love nothing more thank the taste of sweet victory against those men that act like dumb embryos that need to go back to the dumb uterus they came from, but all in all it was a good night did you do laundry?” He asked with a smug look on his face he new she only insisted on doing it by herself was to avoid another ear full of sheldonness.
Amy’s face was looking at her hands now with a little smile in the corner of he mouth" yes I did nice clean …laundry" and with that she put her action into plan she started to kiss his neck and then his lips as she tried to remove the laptop from his lap.
And with that Sheldon got up and picked Amy of the couch and took her to the bedroom.
A few squeaks later a very worn out Sheldon and Amy was tangled together panting.
“Again how do you do that I was nearly over in the first 10 minutes witch for me is to soon as we can go for hours” Sheldon manages to get out before leaning over to get his drink of water from there mini fridge by his bedside.
“Well …I guess you deserve a treat” Amy says as she knows he is about to be embarrassed and she feels so smug it feels wrong but not enough to give his underwear back.
“Why don’t you go shower and I will be in after I change the sheets?"Amy says as she see her opening to take the last thing standing in her way.
"Alright but I will be sleeping nude it’s to hot summer sex is a killer with this heat”
Sheldon say as he gets up to go shower.
Watching him leave she quickly grabs the last item and runs back the kitchen to hide it once hidden she goes back for round to of the “southern pole”.

The next morning Sheldon wakes up to a note in Amy’s pillow saying she had to go into work today and that Howard needs him to help with some work project at his house.

As he goes to get dressed after his shower he can’t find his underwear “that’s odd I know I have them here somewhere they were there last night"he thought but one thing for sure Amy is not allowed to do laundry with his supervision again.

After looking everywhere he can think of he looks in the draw one more time and sees that his only option was Amy’s section of secrets to choose from he went with the only one that didn’t wanna give him a 2nd asshole a nice black silk pair of panties it was like the Wolowitz of the group uncomfortable but bearable.
As he slips them on feeling so uncomfortable he didn’t realise that one day his big size would be a curse Amy love his large pole but these panties weren’t very accepting of it.

With a very squished pole and warm balls he is sure that he won’t be having kids after this. After trying to call Amy all he got was voicemail. He definitely did not look forward to the rest of the day he thought about going to by new boxers but found that Amy had took that as they had a joint account so the fighting about money would stop. He was stuck like this for the day.

Arriving at Howard’s house with the most unbearable wedgi known to man he waddled he way into the house.
"Howard what do you want?” He asked in a angry tone that wasn’t meant for Howard per say he was mad a Amy.
“Sheldon can I help you” Howard asked confused by his friends presents on a Sunday morning.
“I was told your dumb and need a miracle to fix whatever it is you are trying to ruin next” he says looking at him with a face that looked like it was ready for tires.
“I will take that as a compliment or I could slap you but you already look pissed off I don’t need you to help me build a lego Hogwarts so what’s wrong with you, you look upset ?”
“I am upset I am wearing some underwear that have officially crushed my masculinity"Sheldon says as he is ready to burst.
"Oh Sheldon it’s cute you think you have masculinity but what does your underwear have to do with i…” before he could say anything Sheldon burst in anger “THEY ARE AMYS AND ARE CRUSHING MY DICK” and with that Howard burst out laughing to the point he couldn’t speak or ask why so Sheldon just went home.

As he arrived home after what felt like forever Amy was sat on the couch looking at her sweaty boyfriend as he slowly walked back to the bedroom with a limp in the end.
As she stifled a laughing fit she calls out “Sheldon are you ok?” Waiting for a response that never came she walked in to see Sheldon spread over the bed but naked with his bits looking red from being huddle together for hours.
“Sheldon sweetie what happened” knowing full well what happens and holding her nose discreetly trying to hold her laughter.
“I …I couldn’t find my underwear so I wore yours and now I can’t feel my nuts”
“Oh sweetie maybe if you opened your eyes and looked in the kitchen you wouldn’t have suffer or maybe you should do your laundry and not scold me from washing them together this is just revenge baby and it felt great to know that you had to walk around with girl panties on"Amy says as she sits next him on the bed looking down at him.
"You know what I am sorry and I have learned my lesson to never mess with your or you underwear the only interaction I want from them now is to take them of you that’s all” he said “also I don’t think may pole works and the flag won’t rise again and our kids will have to be imaginary from now on” he says looking at her Amy feels a slight twitch of guilt so as her little apology she said “well lets see then if I can fix your problem Dr Cooper” and with a wink the pole rises to maximum height.

The Drowned Land of Seafthinghe


That land on the Scheldt river was beautiful and fertile, with many lovely villages of which Seafthinge with its castle and two churches was the most prosperous. But the wealth of its inhabitants turned them into animals, and corrupted by vanity and greed. To the point they put golden doorsteps in their houses while they chased off the poor with sticks and dogs, so God decides to take revenge. The villagers made themselves blind to many a premonition of the coming punishment.

And so the towns fishermen caught a mermaid, and begging her merman surfaced, pleading to get his wife back, but the fisherman laughed at him and insulted him. Then the merman spokeloudly: ‘’The land of Saefthinghe will drown, just its towers will remain standing’’. The villagers had become lazy and felt no need to maintain or reinforce the dikes, It was not untill a poor girl went to get water from a well and brought up small salt water fish, that she realized the village was doomed so the innocent poor might be spared the punishment.

On All-Saints day, 1570 came a disastrous flood that penetrated many rich polders, and Saefthinghe was swallowed by the sea with all its houses and inhabitants, only 2 towers staying above the waterline, whose bells can still be heard every once in a while, as a warning to us all.

(old) Dutch version

Dat landt aende Schelde was scone ende vruchtbare met vele lieflijcke dorpen, waervan Saeftinghe metten casteele ende twee kercken wel tvoernaemste was. Maer alsoe de rijckdom de inwoonders van diere hadde ontsteke en ghecorrumpeert duer ijdelheijt ende hoeveerdichijt, dat se vere hadde besleghen ende gouden durpels voer huer lieden huusen waeren gheleijt wijl se die arme lieden verjoeghen met stocken ende honden, soe dattet Gode om wrake slaghede. Oc maekte huerlieder quatede deselve blindt ende dove voer die wondre voerteeckenen ende maeninghen van hanghende straffe.

Soe vingh eenen schipree ene seemeerminne ende bachten de quam huer meerman gedreven, smeeckende om sijn wijfke weder te ghecrijghene, maer de visscher loech hem uitte met schimpiger tale. Doe riep de meerman quaet ende luijdt ‘Tlandt van Saeftinghe sal verghaen, alleen de torens sullen bliven staen.’ Dein woonders voorts kerende totte slemperijen en vonden gheen tijt huerlieder dijcken te voorsiene. Doe eene maerte smorghens waeter quaem sceppen uit den steenputte van de intbecken seevisselkens drijvende ende soe wierdt deselve arme meijd vercondt hoe twaeter van de see al al tlandt duere hadden ondermeijnd soe datse haestelicke van thof wegvlood ende vande straffe ghespaert mochte blijven.

Up Allderheijlighen anno 1570 quam een impetueuse vloet de rijcke polders imindren ende werdt Saeftinghe duer de see verswolghen met alle huusen ende inwoonders, alleenlijck de torens nogh eenighe tijt latende uutghesteken boven twaetere totse see versoncken, maer somwile can men huerlieder clocken hoeren luuden totte onse allere vermaeninghe.

Uit: G.M.P. Sponselee en M.A. Buise, Het Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe.

Brad Simpson Smut


I walked out of the airport, looking around to see the face I had to miss for way too long. I turned around as I heard my name being called. There he was, my best friend, Tristan Evans. I had known Tristan since we were toddlers. Our moms became best friends, so we hung out almost every week, but when I was 20 I moved away to Chicago for work.

I smiled as I walked over to give him a hug. He hugged me back before giving me a kiss on my forehead. We stood there for about a minute before we pulled back. 

“I missed you,” He spoke before putting my luggage in the trunk of his car. We both got into his car before I answered him.

“I missed you too,” I smiled as he started the car, “How have you been? With the band and stuff like that?”

“Really good, everythings going alright,” He smiled. I loved how happy he was when he spoke about the band and music. He loved his job and he loved music. I was more than happy for him to be able to fullfill his dreams.

“Look, I don’t want to make this awkward, but Brad is staying at ours for a while,” He spoke as we stopped at a red light. My body tensed up when that name came out of his house. Brad and I used to date, but we broke up when I told him I was moving to Chicago. Let’s just say it wasn’t a good breakup. 

“No, that’s okay,” I lied, turning my gaze to the passing cars.

Tristan opened the door to his apartment that he shared with Anastasia. I walked through the door, being greeted by two arms who wrapped themselves around my neck. I laughed before pulling my best friend into the most thight hug ever. 

“It’s good to have you back,” Anastasia said, before pulling away from the hug. I smiled before following her into the living room. I looked around but there was no sign of Brad, “Brad’s not here, he’s out for dinner with his girlfriend,” She assured me. As much as I know those words shouldn’t have hurt me, but they did. 

“Your suitcases are in your room,” Tristan spoke as he entered the room, placing a kiss on Anastasia’s lips. I thanked him before sitting down on the sofa.

“So, how are things on the love side?” He asked, before sitting down next to me. I smiled, holding up my hand and showing my engagement ring.

“No way!” Anastasia squeeled, taking my hand in hers, “He proposed!?” He as in Andrew, my boyfriend, well fiancé.

“He did,” I laughed, “I’m really excited,” As much as I knew that was a lie, I couldn’t say anything else but that. Don’t get me wrong, I love Andrew, but he’s not … He’s not Brad. 

“Well congratulations,” Tristan said, before kissing my cheek.

I laid on the bed in the second guest room, when I heard noice coming from the hallway. I frowned as I listened closely, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I stood up, slowly opening my door as I heard laughter in the kitchen. As I approached it, I recognized the laughter. His laughter. I turned the corner and saw him kissing, who I guessed was his new girlfriend. When I was about to turn around, not being able to watch, they pulled away and she saw me.

“Oh, hello,” She smiled at me, making Brad turn around too. His eyes widened a bit when he saw me, but I avoided his face as I smiled at the girl.

“Hi, I’m sorry I was just getting some water,” I lied, “I didn’t want to disturb you two,” I said as I walked past them to get a water bottle from the fridge.

“Well, I’m Alexis,” The girl introduced herself as I turned around. I shook her hand, glancing at Brad for a moment, before deciding to introduce myself aswell.

“Y/N,” I said, before walking out of the kitchen, glancing one more time at Brad before going back to my room.

About an hour after I was still awake, thinking about life, about Brad and Andrew. The minute I saw Brad, I fell right back in love with him. I can’t marry Andrew, it wouldn’t be right. Not to him nor me and weirdly enough I feel like I’m betraying Brad if I marry him. A light knock pulled me from my thought as I told whoever knocked to come in.

“Hi,” He spoke, closing the door behind him. I turned on the lamp that was placed on the nighstand next to the bed. I eyed him from head to toe and back up. He hadn’t changed a thing.

“Hi,” I whispered back as he stood on the other side of the room. My voice came out so soft that I wasn’t sure if he heard me, “Shouldn’t you be with Alexis?” I asked after an uncomfortable silence.

“She went home,” He spoke, walking over to my bed. I sat up so that he could take a seat, “What are you doing here?” He asked when he sat down. I was a bit taken aback by his question as it came out a little harsh.

“Tristan and Anastasia invited me, I didn’t know you were staying here,” I told him, looking down at my fingers who were picking at my nails. 

“If you had known if I was here, would you still have come?” He asked, lifting up my chin with his finger so that I was looking at him, “Honestly, please.”

“Of course, our breakup has nothing to do with them,” I told him, placing my hand on his to get it of my ching. His eyes travelled at my ring finger as he saw the engagement ring. I quickly pulled my hand away from his view.

“You’re engaged?” He asked in disbelief. I looked at the other side of the room.

“Yeah,” I shrugged, “To Andrew.” His head shot up when he heard the name. He looked at me with a shocked expression. You see, about a year ago, I found out that Andrew cheated on me. I got drunk and called Brad to tell him about it, he was furious, but he was even more angry when I told him that Andrew threw a vase at me for confronting him about it.

“Are you kidding me!?” He asked in disbilief, his mouth hung open in shock. I looked down, shaking my head.

“No, I love him. Whatever he did to me, it’s over,” I said, looking up to meet his eyes with mine, “You don’t have to worry about me, Brad. We broke up remember?”

“You can’t marry him,” He stated, taking my hand in his, “I know you don’t want to,” His eyes pleaded me to break the wedding off, but what if I did? What would happen after that? Me and him would get happy and get married?

“Of course I do,” I lied, avoiding his eyes, knowing that he would see right through me, “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t marry him?” He looked away from me when I said that. I knew he wouldn’t say it, say that he still loved me, it was stupid to think that he would confess it.

“Because,” He started, his eyes meeting mine again, “I can love you better than him, I would never hurt you,” He said, bringing his hand to my face, carressing my cheek with his thumb. I leaned into his thouch. He brought his face closer to mine as he leaned his forehead against mine. I could feel his warm breath against my lips, making me want to feel them against mine again, even if it was the last time.

“Than show me,” I breathed out and with that he closed the gap between us. Our lips moving in sync as he pushed me down on the bed. His left hand ran up and down my side, slipping underneed my shirt as his right one remained on my cheek. I ran my hands through his brown locks, pulling them now and then. He slipped his tongue into my mouth as he grinded his crotch against my core, making me even more frustrated. We pulled away from each to catch our breath.

“Let’s take this off,” He whispered, before taking my engagement ring off. He placed kiss on my hand before placing one on my lips. I flipped us over so I was on top, straddling him. I pulled my shirt over my head. His eyes travelled to my chest as his hands moved from my hips to my breasts, cupping them. I smiled before leaning down again and placing my lips back on his. I grinded myself against his crotch and felt him harden underneath me, making me blush.

“I missed you,” He breathed out as I moved my lips to his neck, leaving open mouth kisses and hickies all over the place, marking him as mine, even though he wasn’t mine.

“I missed you too,” I said, placing a soft kiss on his lips before he flipped us back over so he was back on top. His lips went from mine to my bellybutton, leaving kisses along the way. I pushed his sweat pants of with my feet as he flung them across the room with his foot. He lips stopped at the waistband of my panties as he looked up at me through his eyelashes. I nodded as he pulled them off. His hands running up and down my thighs. I pulled him back up and pulled him in for a kiss as my hands pushed his boxers off. I reached for my purse which was sitting next to the bed. I pulled out a condom and handed it to Brad. He laughed, placing a kiss on my forehead.

“Eager are we?” He chuckled, making me roll my eyes.

“Very,” I teased, sending him a wink as he ripped the package open and rolled the condom over his lenght. He hovered over me, his eyes looking into mine.

“Ready?” He asked, his thumb carressing my cheeck. I smiled, nodding before he pushed himself into me. I bit my lip, biting back a moan as he let us both adjust to the feeling. 

“Brad, please move,” I pleaded, grabbing onto his bicep. He nodded before rocking his hips against mine. Our boddies fitting perfectly together as we moaned in sync. His lips found mine again as he picked up his pace. He pulled away and hid his face in the crook of my neck as I nuzzled mine in his. His groans filled the room as I tried to keep them in by biting my lip. His lips placed soft kisses on my neck every now and than, making me even weaker than before. My nails ran down his back, definitely leaving scratch marks, as he went even faster.

“I’m close,” He breathed out before placing a small kiss on my lips.

“Me too,” I whispered, before we both released at the same time. He road out our orgasms, before laying down next to me, panting just like me. He turned to face me. He nose nuzzling mine as his eyes stared into mine.

“I love you,” He spoke softly, keeping his gaze on me. I looked into his eyes, seeing that he meant it and didn’t just say it in the moment. A smile painted on my lips as I placed a kiss on his lips.

“I love you too, Bradley.”

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Prince!Ashton - Part 1

A/N: This is is set in the same medieval time period, but the plot has no relation to Prince!Michael.

Ashton’s POV

I had to get away for a while. I’m to be crowned king in just over a month. My father had died of alcohol poisoning about a year ago and now that his advisers have deemed me ready, I am to take over the kingdom. As of that moment I will lose what little freedom I have. Mother is already badgering me to find a suitable wife. I shouldn’t have to worry about this right now, I will marry when I am ready.

It took a while to convince mother to let me leave the city for the month, but after a lengthy conversation, she agreed that having some time alone to clear my head before I took on the responsibilities of an entire kingdom was a good idea.

I had packed up some supplies on my horse ready to leave. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go. Maybe set up camp in the bordering woodland and just enjoy the serenity of nature.

I dressed in casual clothes. I left all belongings that bared the royal crest behind. I only took some fresh clothes, some food and a small amount of money, not enough to imply I was particularly wealthy. I wanted to be completely anonymous, I wanted to leave my life of royalty behind, even if it is for only a month.

I mount up and ride away into the sunset. It was a peaceful ride once I had left the city and reached the vast forest. I was surrounded by nature. The sounds of wildlife filled my ears, the scent of pine filled my nose. It was a great contrast to the busy city I had spent my whole life in. I rarely came to the forest. I only ever left the city walls for the odd hunting trip or training exercises with the guards.

I let the wind flow through my hair as I rode. It was almost dark. I must have been riding for around an hour before my horse started to tire. I dismounted, taking my pack off the saddle so that he could rest.

I sat down on a tree stump as my horse drank from a nearby stream. All was peaceful until I heard a snap in the distance. My horse’s head snapped up, obviously spooked by the noise.

I stood up to try and calm him, but that somehow made it worse. My horse ran towards me trampling me to the the floor. I felt something hit my head as I fell on the ground, then the world faded to black.


“Y/N.” I hear Calum’s voice shout from outside. I was currently sat with Martha, a child only three years old. We were playing with a little teddy that Calum had made her out of an old flour sack and some buttons.

“Tommy, can you watch Martha please?” I say to the eight year old boy who was currently sewing up the holes in some of the other children’s clothes. He nods. I walk out of the house that used to belong to the Jackson family, but is now our laundry hut.

Calum’s hunting party must have got back early. Which was unusual. He was meant to be training Lily and Jake today, they had just turned 14 and were due to become part of Calum’s regular hunting group. There was no way they should be back after only an hour.  

Once my eyes adjust to the sunlight outside, they land on Calum. He had a body slumped over his shoulder. I couldn’t see the face of the man that he was carrying and I was incredibly confused as to why he was carrying him in the first place.

“Calum. Who’s this?” I ask gesturing to his shoulder with a nod of my head. “I don’t know, we found him unconscious by the stream. It looks like his horse trampled him and run off” he said as he walked towards me.

“Okay put him in the med hut” I say as we walk towards what used to be the Hood’s house. “Put him on the bed in the corner”, I say as I follow Calum through the door.

The med hut was empty. Somehow we had been successful in not having any injuries this week. Calum slumps the man’s body on the bed with a groan. He adjusts his body so that he was lying on his back.

I finally got to look upon the stranger’s face. He had dirty blond hair that lied in messy curls on his forehead. His strong jaw was patterned with slight stubble. I couldn’t deny that this strange man is attractive. He looked around the same age as Calum and I. Although I know nothing about him and for all I know he could be threat. I would have to keep an eye on him.

I reckon Calum and I could take him if it came to it. We are the only two people in the village who know how to fight as we don’t let the others have swords. If we did, the med house would be full constantly. We only had two swords in the village anyway, Calum’s father had made them for Calum and I as a present before he and all the other adults left.

I nod to Calum to silently say that I could handle it from here, he disappears outside to resume his hunting trip.

I leave the hut briefly and get a bucket of water from the well outside. I lug it back into the med hut and sit down on a stool beside the bed the held our guest.

I took some water in my hand and dripped it over the stranger’s face. His nose twitched but he remained unconscious. I tried again. This time, his face scrunched up before his eyelids darted open, revealing a beautiful pair of hazel eyes.

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|Daryl Dixon imagine| requested

“Y/N can you go get some water from the well outside the prison please?” Rick sighed as he wiped his face handing me the bucket. I could tell Rick was becoming more and more stressed from all this conflict with the governor. I nodded and smiled at him in which he returned. I headed to the prison gate and Carl opened it for me and told me to be careful. I pointed to my gun and smiled at him. “Careful as i’ll ever be bud” I said. 

I cautiously walked to the well and began filling up the bucket with water. I looked over my shoulder to see Daryl talking to Rick in the distance, I smiled to myself. It was good to see Daryl finally opening up and engaging with the group more. Ever since him and I had been going out hes definitely gotten better. I heard footsteps shuffle behind me, I quickly turned around but was met with a blunt object hitting my forehead, I opened my eyes to see a blurry imagine of Merle Dixon smiling down at me.

“Ain’t nothin’ personal sugar tits.” I heard Merle chuckle before a black bag was placed roughly over my head and my hands were tied tightly together. I kicked and screamed at the top of my lungs. “Shut your whore mouth!” Merle shouted as he slapped my face. He began dragging me by my hair and then threw me onto a hard metal surface which I assumed was a car. Someone tapped the car and it began moving. “Pleas-” I began but was cut off. “Shut up girl … don’t know why my brother even puts up with your fussy ass.” Merle chuckled. 

The car stopped after about 10 minutes and I was being dragged out again. Someone removed the bag over my head and instead put tape on my mouth. I looked around and noticed a familiar setting and a familiar man standing in front of me. Woodbury and the governor. 

I gave him daggers and then tears threatened to spill over. “Thank you Merle, good job. I’ll take it from here.” The governor said. I looked at Merle and I could have sworn for a split second I saw worry and guilt in his eyes when he looked at me. Merle nodded and then headed off leaving me with the governor. One of the governors ‘henchmen’ grabbed my arm roughly and took me into a room with a table and a chair. 

“Now Y/N, if you would take a seat and we will proceed.” The governor smirked looking me up and down. 

(Daryl’s POV) 

“Carl ya seen Y/N?” I said walking over to Carl. He nodded and pointed towards the well but then froze. “She was right there” Carl said his voice shaky. “Well did ya hear or see anythin’?” I questioned becoming quite worried. “I heard a scream in the distance but I thought it was a fox or something like that” He answered calling for Rick to come over. “I’m gonna go find er’” I said loading my crossbow ready to go out. Rick grabbed my arm stopping me. “She might just be hunting Daryl, give it an hour.” He said. I shook him off and proceeded to head out. I had a bad feeling about this. 

I headed over to the well to see the bucket had fallen down the well. 'Surely Y/N would have taken it out’ I thought to myself. I began following her footsteps in the grass and found another pair of footsteps on top of hers. I followed them and then saw prints that looked like they had been dragged. I began running and then saw car tires which I followed. “Little brother?” I heard a familiar voice call. I turned round to see Merle standing there smiling at me. “Merle?” I whispered. “Out here lookin’ for ya girl are we?” Merle snickered and started walking towards me. I clenched my fist in pure anger. “Where is she?” I shouted. “Wow hold up there Darlina. I took er’ to the governor, promised me if I took er’ to him then i’d get to see ya.” Merle said chuckling. 

I raised my crossbow in his face. “Take me to er’ now!” I shouted. “Don’t be stupid baby brother, come on we can leave now together, be like the old days jus’ us bein’ alone how we like it. Don’t need no damn girl.” He said, annoyance clear in his voice. “You ain’t gonna make me choose Merle.” I said, tears on the brim of my eyes. 

“Tha’s exactly what i’m goin’ Darlina. Me or tha’ stupid girl” He stated bluntly. “I love er’ man. Can’t make me choose between who I love and ma’ family, at tha end of tha day its the same thing. You’re both ma’ family.” I said, a single tear fell which I wiped away. “Don’t go all fuckin’ mushy baby brother. Come on lets go.” Merle said grabbing my arm, I pushed him off me. “Where the hell ya’ even been for the past months Merle?! You ain’t been ere’ and Y/N has through everythin’! I needed ya the most but you weren’t there for me!” I shouted, anger pulsing through me. 

I saw the hurt in his eyes. “I’m sorry brother … I ain’t gonna stick around for ya to just disappear like tha’ again. You were on the wrong side with the governor all along. Coulda come over to my group but ya didn’t. It shows how much ya care when you kidnapped the only thin’ I’m living for. I’m sorry, I’m goin’ after er’” I said looking at my older brother. 

I started to walk away, Merle being silent behind me. “Alrigh’ … I’ll help ya get er’ back if she means tha’ just to ya baby brother. Then I’ll go.” Merle said. I turned around to see him walking towards me. I nodded and half smiled at him. “Thank you.” I whispered which earned a nod from Merle. “Bitch better be worth the risk.” He chuckled.

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baby jeon making a mess trying to make you pancakes for mothers' day and he's so focused he doesn't even notice you enter the kitchen and when you ask what he's making he says it's for noona and he doesn't even realize it's you


“o-oh, noona… what are you doing here…?”

“here to get some water, you?”


and he’d try to hide his pancakes from you despite you already seeing them but he’ll feel better with that anyway and you let him have what he wants. then you’d help him do another batch that won’t turn out as bad as the first one and he’s proud when you smile at him like he’s done the best thing ever in the world.

All Hell Breaks Loose I - Part 3

Word Count: 2855

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Character death

A/N: I had a really hard time figuring out how to end this and I feel like it didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped it would, unfortunately. 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Just paid Sammy a visit.” He said as you walked. “You’re so broody, just like him.”

“Get to the point or I swear I’m gonna tear you apart…”

He chuckled and stared at you. “When you wake up, Princess, you give it your best shot.”

“Where’s Dean?” You demanded.

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