getting used to my tablet again

if the Chase family actually have a good relationship from the start.

uh. this was intended to be that scene when magnus met annabeth for the last time before their parents fights but mysteriously it became a very random sleepover scene-___- 

Restarting This Tumblr. Win A Cintiq!

Hi guys,

As some of you may be aware I used to use this tumblr a lot to collate channel art for my channel and I have decided to reboot it and try and get some good thumbnails for my channel again.

Basically any art submitted from now until the end of February will enter you to win some prizes. TWO runners up will win a small Wacom art tablet  (similar to this but may not be the exact model )

The winner will also win a Cintiq 13inch HD ( ) worth a considerable amount.

To have a chance of winning simply submit a thumbnail for one of the following games with the folllowing criteria by hitting the “submit art” button on this tumblr. 

You must be 18 or older - Include your country of residence with the submission (where you want the prize posted to but NOT your full address)

Must be 1280x720 resolution. 

Must feature the “Minx” character (simply look at my channel for reference)

Must be Digital Art

Please leave a blank space for game name / logo

Titlecards in the following themes are accepted: Uno , Cards Against Humanity,  Dead By Daylight, Friday The 13th, Prop Hunt, Golf Games (keep it generic), Town of Salem, A “scared” minx on a transparent background, TTT, Age Of Conan, A transparent background RAGE MINX face.

By submitting your art here you give me (Minx) full permission to use it in whatever context she wishes wherever she wishes.



I am also looking to take on two artists on a permanent basis for paid work for the channel. This will be unrelated to the competition because I realize not everyone wants to commit to making art for me. If you are interested please mark your post with “Interested in paid position” . I’d be looking at a set amount of art for a flat lump sum.


You can submit as many thumbnails you like in the period.


Contest ends March 1st and winner(s) will be picked within two weeks, and aim to get their prizes to them by April 1st at the latest.

Best Regards,



mY!! tablet dramatically died on me the other day but @rotsward, my amazing friend whom i love and adore lent me a spare tablet until i manage to get a new one!!! it has no pen pressure and thatll take getting used to but i cant put into words how relieved i am to have access to digital art again haha!! so here are some test doodles + a class doodle from yesterday!

God Seven-Zero-Seven, and the Mini Defenders of Justice~! (In training) 

So I tried out a new art style  (again. Should probably pick one and stick with it xD) and a new tool to draw the line art. 

I draw on my Samsung tablet you see, and the app I use  is great but it’s hard to get smooth lines. T-T this turned out pixilated… 

oh well.  xD

update sorta

hello! recently (last night) my tablet broke (again) and i am unable to draw. which is my main thing i do plus i need it for commissions! so my family is looking to get a higher quality tablet, since this is my 3rd or 4th one that has broke in the span of the last few years ): i reaaaaaaallly want to help my parents pay for the new one! and i was wondering if i can do paypal commissions to help my parents pay! the tablet is 73$ us dollars! would any of you guys commission me. pay me, then as soon as i use that money for the tablet, i will then use my new tablet to draw your guys’ commissions! its ok if you cant pay, reblogging would be very much appreciated, thank you everyone!

contact me for information, such as paying through paypal and such!

examples of my art:

mkay so i hit 10k+ around this blog’s one year birthday, so ive decided to do a little something in honour of that. normally ppl do giveaways for follower milestones, but im broke so sorry fam but that aint happening

instead, i will be doing a little doodle thing!

my aim is to improve my tablet drawing abilities and maybe get to know some of u a bit better (ur like a little study army i love it) and not use any text in my answers (and ill make them nicer and more colourful that this one :D)

to get a doodle and answer from me you gotta:

  • be followin me
  • reblog this post
  • (maybe follow my studygram as well?)
  • send me an ask with a question, something you wanna share, like how your day is going, some music recommendations, ur crush, ur favourite ghost story, literally anything i don’t mind
  • idk add me on duolingo or smth 

this will go on until sunday 15th january around like 9 GMT! 

k thats it i love y’all bye

Good News!

// My Paint Tool Sai is working and functional once again! 

And while I thank and appreciate all the suggestions you guys gave me ( I tried most of them and I was sadly not getting any new result), the cause and solution to the problem was something I didn’t expect.

// TL;DR : My PC ended up being corrupted and wouldn’t open a lot of my programs that i usually use, because my bf accidentally shut it down during a restart process that he was doing that was taking longer than usual. So my bf suggested to reset the PC. So we did it and then we re-installed the programs from before back on after the wipe (including Sai) and everything was fully functional again!

// So I am indeed, very happy that the situation was able to be solved after a bit of investigation! I can not only start using my new tablet, but be able to get back to work that I’ve desperately been wanting to do for the past month also.



Gray Fullbuster & Gruvia postcards from FT_10th_genga (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

Hiyom, guys! This is my recoloring of the postcards. A little contribution that I did for the fandom >w< Would you guys believe I did this by using a mouse because I’m lazy to get my wacom tablet somewhere and it’s been a year since I recolor again O.O

But anyway, I hope you guys like this and be sure to credit if you plan to use it and also special mention for @squisherific cause she did a coloring of the gruvia postcard too ^^