getting used to my new wacom


I had no idea it would get 18 000+ notes over night so here’s some things worth noticing.

I haven’t used it for more than a day so I’m as clueless as you about long term use and its consequences. It will probably scratch your tablet, I honestly wouldn’t know since my tablet looks like this to begin with

(yes that’s tape.)

However have som common sense people,


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Hi Nadia :3 if you don't mind, what brush settings do you use for your lineart? I'm new to Sai and I love your art! Also what tablet do you use?

hello! i use a toooon of brushes for lineart, some are already posted on my blog! You can find them by searching “brush settings”! 

but just to show which brush i use for which drawing, here you go!

and I use Wacom Intuos Pro Small tablet! 

So adding to that I’m going to add context with some whining.  After getting my tax return I finally decided to use this gift card to Best Buy my mom got me for Christmas and pick up the new Intuos Pro since they’re $50 off right now.  I figure spending $100 on a brand new tablet to replace my really old and scratched up Intuos 4 isn’t a bad deal at all.  And now that I’ve gotten it, I feel like Wacom deliberately keeps making these new versions of the Intuos more and more rough specifically so the nibs wear out quicker and quicker.  Long rambling ahead…

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Was wondering if you have an art faq? Im on mobile and i cant see one :( just curious about what tools, programs, processes you use. Aboslutely love your artwork, sneaky-gets-away-with-everything Kookie is my new fav ❤👌💯

  • 1. ART FAQ

You can repost/use anything as long as you credit me!
Edits are also allowed as long as you credit me!
DO NOT put your watermark on my drawings.
Even if it’s an edit, DO NOT put it!

Thank you♥

  • Which sofware do you use?

I draw with Paint Tool Sai and I make my gifs with Photoshop cs6!

  • Which brush do you use?

Bar 1em, you can find it easily on google :^D

  • Which tablet do you use?

Wacom Bamboo!

  • What is your color palette?

left to right: Namnam to Jungkoook. skin tone-blush-hair-extra. Ofc the hair colors change everytime and sometimes I can change the skin tones and blush a lil bit!

  • Do you have any advices for a new ask blog


  • Can I repost/use as icons ect one of your drawings?

If you credit me then it’s totally fine♥♥

  • Can I use your chara design/art style of BTS?

If it’s just for fun then ofc! (if u post a drawing tag me!)

  • Can I draw you/ Show you my drawings?


  • 2. ABOUT ME

My name is Sarah, I’m 18 and I live in France :^D

  • How many languages can you speak?

I can speak french, english (kind??lol), hebrew (I’m not fluent tho) and I know some words in arabic.

  • What is your ethnicity?


  • What is your major?

I’m majoring in art!

  • Who is your bias?

I’m double biased Namjoon & Yoongi

  • How tall are you?

I’m 150cm (sup im smol)

  • What products do you use for your hair?

Usually the oil in cream by L’Oréal :^D

  • Selfie?

You can find them @ “ma face”

  • Can I talk to you/send you a private message?




  • Where do you buy your albums?

From french stores! (pour les français: asianmusicworld, Taiyou est aussi très bien!)

* It’s getting really difficult to answer to all the asks. To answer to every single one of them it would take more than 3 hours, since the more I answer the more I get asks! So don’t take it personally if I don’t answer to ur ask ;<; ;<; But know that I read everything and that I’m very grateful for all your messages!!

** If it’s really important or if you just want to chitchat you can always send me a private message!!! I usually answer pretty fast so don’t be shy!!


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Hey there. I know it's a stupid question and has probably already been answered but ; how to get good at drawing? My parents bought me a Wacom for Christmas, but everytime I try to draw, it looks bad and it's super discouraging dojo just stop trying. I know it takes times and patience, but I don't have the faith to keep trying and failing, even though I like to draw.

unfortunately there are no tricks to getting good at drawing! you must have the patience to practice or you will not get better.

i understand having trouble getting used to new mediums or tools! when i got my first tablet (also a wacom) when i was 13 my digital stuff wasn’t as good as my traditional stuff, but i understood that in order to make it as good i had to practice!! it’s just the only way! you MUST learn to be okay with making things that are not your best or dare i say it….bad?? it’s okay! just take your time–there’s no deadline or rush to improve yourself

but if you mean that you don’t like your art traditionally or digitally and you don’t have the faith to practice, then i’d be totally honest and say that drawing may not be for you. not everyone can be a great draftsman, not everyone can be an artist! and that’s okay!! not everyone has the eye or the hand to do it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself artistically in other ways. i would suggest you explore other mediums like maybe sculpture, sewing, computer art or 3D modeling, or writing, among other things!

if drawing is your hobby then make sure it is FUN! when drawing stops being fun or relaxing for you then you should ask yourself what about it is ruining the experience for you! you may want to start exploring other forms of artistic expression because you don’t need to add stress and unhappiness to your life when it doesn’t need to be there

if you want to have a career in drawing then you must have the faith to push through difficult times in your art making. if you don’t have faith in yourself or your art then you will not be happy and you will probably not be successful

i’m not trying to dissuade you from drawing but it sounds to me like you are unhappy and you are not enjoying drawing enough to want to continue practicing it (which is totally okay!) when my sister was younger she always wanted to make great drawings, but she was always frustrated because they never came out how she wanted. she tried for years and eventually came to terms with the fact that it wasn’t for her. so she ended up trying out 3D modeling to get her art juices going and she’s amazing at it!! she loves it and she’s fantastic at it and that is her place for artistic expression. the same may be for you, and i feel like more people need to understand that not everyone can do everything and not everyone can be happy doing everything. it’s okay to find that you enjoy things or are good at things that are not what you originally intended or wanted!

but that said, i hope that you find happiness with your art!! practice as much as you can, try your best, and if you think you’ve given it your all after a sufficient amount of time and you’re still not feeling it, then either stick to traditional art if that makes you happy, or if you are still unhappy then try something else entirely!!

i hope this could be of some help! best of luck to you <3

(also!! my roommate would also have good words and advice for you if you want another opinion! @pineconewitch / @pepoh)

left : when i turned 15, i didn’t really got my tablet right away, i waited for another week until i got it from my dad. and it wasn’t even a wacom intuos pro nor cintiq. its a small wacom intuos (perfect for beginners like me back then) then i started practicing every single day.. i was IN LOVE with using the tablet that i got, my drawing was really messy- not smooth at all, ugly if say so… but, just because i had fun using this new tablet and i appreciate how my dad have spent a lot of money to buy me this…. i’m proud with any result that i did with this tablet (no matter how suck the drawing was.) <3 

almost 2 years later.

i finally getting a hang of my tablet. and now…. i’m glad that i did art, seeing improvements really makes me satisfied  and proud. and that won’t make me stop practicing even more! because i still have a lot to learn and discover about ‘art’.


Guess who got new wacom for birthday?? I mostly used my old one for coloring my traditional works so this was good time to practice actually drawing stuff with this machine! Still trying to get used to it. :D But hey I promise that I start to update more (and color that picture of April and Donnie =u=b )

(and I finally started to watch Rick and Morty too. Sick as fuck but I have almost died for laughter with this show x’D More gasoline for my addiction of crossovers |’DDD ) 

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Idk if you have answered this question before, but do you have suggestions for new (empty pocketed.. that actually sounds sad, maybe minimum budgeted?) artist trying to have a go at digital art? I'm a traditional artist and have been interested in digital art (in which you guessed it, I horribly suck at) and thought I might as well buy a wacom or something to get used to it??? Now I'm just telling you my story, sorry. Anyways, I'll be happy if you do have suggestions!

My opinion, definitely DON’T go for any tablets other than wacom. My first tablet was a genius tablet and it sucked ass. It was all weird and hard to use and it didn’t have proper settings so I couldn’t calibrate it to my monitor size so I had to work on a squished working area. It discouraged me greatly and I was a beginner so I just didn’t know that the tablet was fucked up. I seriously almost cried when I first got my wacom intuos (that i still use i love it so much) and i discovered how nice and enjoyable digital art was supposed to be.

So I think it’s better to maybe save up for an intuos (it’s the cheapest wacom tablet they sell) than to pay less for one that doesn’t work. There’s a reason why wacom is the most popular after all

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Hello! I was wondering what model and size iPad you use when you're drawing. I'm seriously considering getting one myself since I don't think I'm ready for a wacom tablet just yet (I'll be completely new to the whole digital art approach), and I wanted to know from an experienced user if a larger or smaller size iPad would be best for drawing/digital art. Thank you, and sorry to bother you with this ^^; Have a great day/night!

I have the iPad Pro 12.9, 128gb  but its bc the screen size is around the same size as my 13HD; I’ve tried out the 9.7 and didnt find much to complain about but a friend said that its hard for them to rest their palm on it when drawing towards the edges.

 Both sizes had a pro and a con, the smaller can be easier to take with you everywhere but has a smaller drawing space or the larger ipad can give you lots of palm space but can be heavier to carry around, its up to your preference. I’d recommend going for the smaller size since it’d be easier to whip out and carry around with you wherever you go to encourage doodling! 

The ipad pencil is really awesome in which you can tilt the side and use the broad end like a real pencil and the soft end against the glass doesnt bother too much when drawing on it. 

I’ve only had mine for a couple of days but I like drawing on it before bed or on the couch while watching TV; hope this helps ! 

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I'm sure you get asked this a lot, but what drawing tablet and program do you use?

For my tablet, I use a Wacom Bamboo tablet. And the program I use is sketchbook pro. I might get a new tablet though since mine is getting kinda old. Hope that helped :)

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i would love a wacom intuo but the problem is im lowkey broke so i can't really spend any more than $150 :(( my s pen for my galaxy note stopped working and it's what i used for digital art so im kinda at a loss here. i could either go back to using a mouse like i did in 2016, or get a tablet or a new phone. aaa sorry for the rant im not sure of what to do

I recommended Intuos because that’s the one I have and I can’t tell my experiences with other ones because I’ve never used them :( Also, I’m not sure about prices in other countries. Sorry for not being that helpful!

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What kind of sketch pad do you use? (°♢°) Cuz I got a Asus laptop and I don't know what kind of sketch pad I should use for it.

For a tablet, I use a Wacom Cintiq 22HD, I also use an iPad Pro with an Apple pencil for lighter work such as sketching.

I don’t know much about the new line of Wacom Intuos, but what I used before my Cintiq was a Wacom Intuos5 Medium, which I think is now just named “Intuos Pro Medium”

And before that I used an older model “Wacom Bamboo Fun” which looked like this:

If you’re looking to buy a drawing tablet, I wouldn’t recommend anything small like that, it encourages drawing from your wrist instead of your arm and can lead to wrist damage. I remember my wrists would get pretty sore after using the Bamboo fun for any extended period of time. 

It can also lead to scratchy lines since the wrist has very limited range of motion. Like this (I’m exaggerating for demonstration purposes.):

I only have experience with Wacom products but I’ve also heard of Monoprice and Huion, which are cheaper and less well-known brands. I’ve heard some good things, though.

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hey! I love your art so much, it's honestly the best thing on my dash. I was wondering as a new artist who wants to get into digital art, where should I even start? What tablets/programs would you recommend. I'm sorry if i said something completely wrong, I'm very new to this and very excited/confused

Don’t sweat anything u darling you!! I use a Wacom bamboo tablet! It was like 128 dollars and I use paint tool sai to paint , but that costs like 50 dollars! Photoshop is good too, I have it just haven’t opened it! And that’s even more expensive.

Ryou from the anime/manga “Devilman”.

Testing out my awesome new cintiq. This is the first time I have ever used a cintiq… so I’m getting used to it still. O.o It’s pretty different from the feel of my usual wacom tablet. I’m thinking I’ll end up using both for different things. :)

I’ve only watched the first OVA of this anime, but my friend loves it, so this is sort of a gift thingy. lol

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so, how it feels like to draw with a cintiq?:)

okay real talk,,,
at first i was scared shitless because a) it will be like drawing traditionally and my hand-eye coordination will be different b) how will i get my shortcuts to work if I have no keyboard

First day, I unboxed it, started scribbling and (dont get me wrong here) it was straight up AWFUL. Even though I attached plenty of new shortcuts to buttons I kept missclicking them, my workflow was oh so not fluent, changing anything like brush size or even tools was a fuken p a i n and I noticed I cannot sit it my comfortable side lean position while drawing which was yet another bullet and I was like…. I just spent 2,000….. on this piece of burnt nugget……..woa h…

Before I started the second session on the next day I went in and readjusted everything to achieve the top possible efficiency and oh boy did that make a difference. I changed the pen pressure, attached new buttons and started using the scroll bar at the back, gave up my disable-buttons-on-pen habit and attached colour picker tool to it, basically I tried to incorporate all it had to offer instead of sticking to all I was used to while using the prev wacom tablet. I should have done that on the first day but I guess I was too excited lol

always remember to make yourselves comfortable first, babes

Anyway now it’s awESOME!!! Drawing comes sooo naturally with this thing and considering it took only 10 h to get totally used to it?? nice deal!!! and it so big!! and I can rotate it around!! the accuracy!! the pressure!! wah!!!!! and the fact,,,, that I see everything so close,,,,, I can work on them details,,,,, external screaming inteNSIFIES

i just love it so much 

i might be getting a new tablet soon!!!!

almost exactly a year ago my bulky Intuous pro refused to charge and i found out the port disconnected, ive been insanely anxious in sending it in to Wacom to get it fixed in case its a super expensive repair…

and ive needed a small tablet to carry around in case I want to use it at school or something, so i really want to get a small $75 wacom so i can start doing digital again since my color mixing/picking abilities have really suffered.

just a small update! im really excited since my birthday is soon!

ashvalentine6x  asked:

Hi Pidgy!! I had a question for ya! I was wondering what art program you use to draw your beautiful art? <3

ooohhhhh~ my (=    w =);; i really wish i had a cooler answer to this question! LOL! but the truth is that i just use Photoshop CS4 and an my tablet is a Wacom Graphire 3! HAHAHAH! XD which~ is pretty sad and hilarious! cuz this tablet was compatible with Windows 98… lol lol lol

BUT!!! (O    w O) that does prove that you don’t need the best stuff to keep getting better at what you do! (-^    w ^-) <3