getting unfollows like yeah

Jeepers Creepers, look at them peepers!

Some quick eye color studies for @arrowhoodcobra‘s custom Aequis, since I’m starting on the final.

Using trad media (Caran d’Ache colored pencils and W&N watercolors) since that’s how I do the final art. Makes sense, right? Digital color studies translated to traditional pigments (and vice versa) stumps my bitty brain sometimes.

apritello shippers be like
“casey’s so creepy and gross he doesn’t respect april at all”

yeah, you’re totally right.
he stalked her three times, the second after all of his brothers told him it was creepy and the third after april got mad at him

he claims april as “his” at any given chance, even giving her weird petnames

oh, and he makes manipulative flowcharts so april can’t back out of hanging out with him

not to mention gets upset whenever donnie gets to hang out with her alone, thinking “something” is going to happen, and also comes between them whenever they share a hug after april thinking donnie almost died

and also april never flirts back with him so he should totally draw some boundaries