getting too lazy

when u end babysitting your friends sibling and your lil brother and his rival and his best friend.

I accidentally made an everyone’s happy and good au and no one can stop me

+ 5 cats


One night, Junkrat was screwing around and broke his robotic arm. I like to think he is ashamed of his missing arm and feels like a disgusting thing because of it but Roadhog won’t let him think that.
Also, I just wanted to make some sad Junkrat ;u;

SpockFact #92

Uhura often recieves questions about her make up from the crew. One day she decided to give a class about it and almost everyone attended. Jim learned how to contour, Sulu how to keep his eye shadow on point and the crew how to cut a bitch with eyeliner. It quickly became apparent that there was nothing she could teach Spock that he didn’t already know.

(adapted from a prompt by anon)