getting to my ribs

When I fall in love I hope she reminds me of blueberries-
I hope she stains my way of thinking
Along with every part of me she touches
I hope she leaves my skin soaked in such a majestic violet
She makes the galaxies overflowing with shades of
Mauve, sunflower yellow, and ocean blues look bad.
I hope when she lies next to me
The rhythm of her breathing
Will remind me what it feels like to be reckless and free
I hope she evokes such a natural energy inside of me
That my insides become her canvas
And she gets lost in the art she’s created underneath my rib cage
I hope every time she talks I’ll forget what she looks like
Because in 20 years it’ll be her mind I fell for,
Not the way her nose crinkles when she smiles
Or the way her eyes light up when she’s happy
I hope that she stains my soul in a beautiful lilac
So I never forget how brilliantly we burned
If she doesn’t stick around
—  Don’t be fooled I’m still a fuck boi

Request: Can you do an imagine where Peter and the reader (who he is dating) are sparing, and after they change out of their suits, Peter notices bruises on the reader and freaks out that he went to hard on them, only to find out that they are actually training a lot more than he originally thought. Maybe the reader has powers too? (I really love your stories! Keep up the awesome work!)

A/N: Damn, I enjoyed this one.

Word Count: 1,307

Warnings: Some sexual content? Not much.


“Watch yourself, Parker. I don’t want to hurt you,”

“Oh don’t worry about me, Y/N,”

You and Peter were at the Avengers compound, training (Per Tony’s request). You had been training a lot more recently, Tony insisted that the two of you, being the youngest and most inexperienced Avengers, needed to practice sparing, especially in your suits.

Peter was in his Spidey suit, while you wore one similar to Natasha’s. Although, you were more than a trained assassin, you had powers as well. While your powers were somewhat similar to Wanda’s, you had them better under control. Some of the other Avengers often called you “mini Wanda” or “Mini Natasha”.

You enjoyed sparing with your boyfriend, Peter. You were both very strong, the only downside is that Peter was faster.

It was the third time this week that you and Peter were sparring. He always insisted on doing it almost everyday, knowing it would please Tony.

“Need a break, Y/N?” Peter asked.

“Oh please, are you sure it’s not you that needs the break?”

Peter threw a punch that you dodged. You quickly kicked up your leg and hit his side.

“Nice hit, Y/N”

You ignored Peter’s comment and swung your arm towards him. Peter grabbed your wrist and twisted your arm around, flipping you over so you landed on your back.

“C'mon, Y/N, let’s keep going,”

“Just give me a minute,” you breathed.

You had your hand pressed tight against your ribs. The sparing had really been taking a toll on you physically. Having a mission every once and a while wasn’t all that bad, but fighting Peter every day has left you quite sore and bruised.

“Did I hurt you?” Peter asked, worryingly.

He offered you his hand to help you up. You accepted his offer and struggled to get up while keeping pressure on your ribs.

“I think I’m done for the day,”

“I’m sorry if I hurt you, Y/N. You know I’d never do it on purpose,  right?”

“I know, Pete. Let’s just clean up and get outta here,”

Peter started to put all the equipment away while you caught your breath.

“Do you want me to help you up to your room?” Peter offered.

“No, I’ll be fine,”

You both started heading out of the gym, towards the elevator. You winced with every step you took. Your lungs felt compressed, you were afraid you would roll on your ankle with every step you took. You clenched your teeth and tried to hold in the pain, not wanting Peter to know how much he had hurt you from the past few weeks of sparing.

Peter worryingly walked beside you, carefully watching you.

You were both silent on the elevator trip up to your floor.

“Do you need anything, Y/N?” Peter asked, walking you to your bedroom door.

“Actually, could you get me some ice for my ribs? They’re slightly aching,”

“Of course,” Peter placed a quick kiss on your lips and ran off down the hall.

You slowly made your way into your room. You were tempted to just lay down on your bed and stay there, but you stunk like sweat and could really use a hot shower.

You managed to pull your pants off no problem, but the intricate design of the top is where you knew you were going to struggle.

After a few moments, you managed to get off the jacket and shirt underneath “fuck you and your designs, Stark,”

You stood in the centre of your room in only your sports bra and underwear when the door opened.

“Y/N, I have ice,”

Peter closed the door behind him, and turned towards you. He froze when he saw you.

“Oh my god,” he said quietly.

You looked up at Peter. He had a solemn look on his face.

You looked down at yourself and your body was covered in bruises and cuts. There were purple and yellow marks all over your body.

Peter walked closer to you. He dropped the bag of ice on the floor and placed a hand gently on your waist, while he traced his other hand along your stomach over your bruises. You winced when his fingers touched your ribs.

“Did I do this to you?” He whispered.

You bit your lip, but didn’t answer.

“Oh my god, Y/N, I’m so sorry,”

“It’s okay, Peter. I’ve had worse,”

“Y/N, you’re covered in bruises. I can’t believe I hurt you like this,”

You lightly pressed a hand against the side of his face, “Peter, I’m okay, really,”

“No, Y/N, you can barely walk,”

“But I can still walk. I’ll heal soon, my dear. But maybe we can cut down on these sparring sessions,” you said

Peter nodded. You continued to stand there with Peter. His fingers lightly hovering over your bruises.

“I’m so sorry, baby,”

Peter leaned down and placed a kiss on your lips. You moved your lips against his, wrapping one arm around the back of his neck.

Peter’s grip on your waist tightened and you flinched from the pain.

Peter let go of you. You could tell he was in just as much pain as you were. He was so upset he had hurt you as much as he had.

“Hey Parker, do you think you could help me with something?” You asked

“I could definitely use a hot shower, and by the smell of things, so could you,”

Peter gave you a small smile.

“Would it help if I carried you to your bathroom?”

“No, no it’s fine. I’ll walk,”

Peter walked slowly beside you as you hobbled over to the bathroom. Peter closed the door behind you.

You tried to pull your bra off over your head, Peter stopped you and lifted it over your head.

“Thanks Parker but I think if you’re going to help me you might need to take that Spidey suit off,”

“Mm why don’t we finish you off first, darling,” Peter said.

He slowly bent down, placing light kisses down your stomach Until he reached your underwear.

Peter slipped his fingers in the side of your underwear and pulled your underwear down. You stepped out of the pair and moved to the side while Peter stood up and pressed the centre of his suit.

He let the suit fall off his body and then stripped off his underwear.

“You have bruises everywhere too Parker,”

“Yeah, but I can still walk. And I have much fewer bruises,”

“Which really makes no sense, since I’ve gotten many more hits in than you,” You said

“You wish,”

Peter rolled his eyes and moved past you to turn on the water.

“Let me help you in,”

You took Peter’s hand and he helped you step over into the tub. Peter stepped in behind you and closed the curtain.

You stepped forward and let the water cascade down your body. Peter came up behind you and pressed his chest against your back. He wrapped his arms around you.

“Careful Parker,”

Peter pressed a kiss against the back of your neck

“I’m really sorry I hurt you, Y/N,”

“You really need to stop apologizing,”

“From now on we’re not sparing as often,”

Peter pressed another light kiss against your neck, “I love you Y/N,”

“I love you too, Parker,”

Some nights it just all comes rushing in. It’s not a bad feeling, it’s just heavy. At once, I feel everything that I’ve been pushing down. It’s like a mixture of emotions in my chest that don’t quite get along, bouncing off my ribs, fighting over who gets to be felt the most.  

It’s a little after Story and Song and the first birthday Angus has as part of the group, and Taako completely blanks. He hasn’t gotten Angus a present. He almost misses the party entirely. Angus thinks it’s some kind of joke at first, admittedly one of the crueler ones, when he asks Taako what day it is and Taako keeps saying some variation of “I don’t know, little man, Tuesday?” Finally Angus has to just tell him, and he waits for Taako to tell him that of course it is, or to brush it off like it’s nothing.

Taako freezes. He mutters a couple of curses under his breath that were not quite low enough to keep Angus from hearing, and Angus realizes that Taako has actually forgotten. Angus is pretty sure he told Taako at some point, he’s almost certain some of the others would have gotten Taako to help with the party, but Taako has still forgotten. And his expression must have shown his disappointment, because Taako is quick to promise an entire day out the next day, to make up for it - Angus can pick out his own present and everything. 

Taako honors his promise with minimal exasperation or over-the-top annoyance, and Angus knows that Taako is genuinely sorry (even if he doesn’t say it). They do every single activity Angus wants to do, and when they get back Angus introduces his belated birthday present to the rest of the group - a tiny black kitten with a little red collar. He and Magnus are playing with the kitten in the living room while Lup and Taako cook dinner for everyone a few feet away in the kitchen. Lup keeps ribbing Taako about forgetting the birthday.

“Hey, get off my back, I made up for it!” His tone isn’t upset, but joking, like it usually is when he and Lup are “arguing.” “I forget that some people like to do the birthday thing.”

Lup doesn’t answer immediately, except for the clatter of the plate that she drops. “You fucking what.”

It takes a minute, but Angus remembers the stories about the extravagant celebrations the twins would throw for their own birthday, usually lasting for a full week because one day shared between them was not enough. When he looks up, Angus realizes that Magnus looks shocked as well.

“Oh.” He can tell from Taako’s tone that Taako has just remembered, too.

How many.” Lup’s voice is angry - not “I’m angry at you Taako” angry but “I’m angry because you were alone and I hate that” angry. Lup was that kind of angry pretty often.

“All of them? Since the last one we had together, anyway.” And just like that dinner is abandoned in favor of take-out, and they’re planning another party, a big one, even though it’s nowhere near Taako and Lup’s birthday. Because there’s all the time in the world, now, and they’ll have as many birthday parties as they want - even if they’re very, very belated.

in the blood

presenting: the jily royal au no one asked for someone pls validate me i hate writing long fics

It starts at a party.

You’re dancing with your friends, beer in hand, hair held back with a headband, gold paint swiped down your temple, curling around your cheekbones.

Those damned cheekbones and that damned jawline. A bone structure carved from history. You are catastrophically beautiful.

Marlene waves at you; she tells me you’re old family friends. Your chin lifts, corners of your mouth lifting to reveal lines of perfect teeth. Her hands grabs mine and she’s weaving us through the crowds of hot bodies.

“Marls.” You say, pulling her into a hug and kissing her cheek. She screws up her face.

“Boundaries, Potter.”

You smirk at me. “She loves me really.” She scoffs but there is sunlight glinting in her smile.

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Important Question

So as some of you might know I have chronic costochondritis, which basically means thats the cartilage that connects my ribs and breastbone gets inflamed periodically. 

I’ve been looking into buying a gc2b binder more recently and I was wondering if there are any other trans guys out there with costochondritis, and if so, have you had problems with flare up while wearing a binder?

#12- Sex Toys (Dean and Donna)

Requested by @for-the-love-of-dean​ for my kink list (master list here).

Word Count: 1300ish

Warning: oral sex, use of sex toy

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy! XOXO

“What are you so happy about?” Donna’s still sitting in the passenger seat of the Impala where Dean left her, one leg bent underneath her and long hair curling around her shoulders, grinning at him.

His smile widens. “I got you something.”

She takes the soda and candy bar from him and nods. “Thanks. I could definitely use the sugar rush.”

“That’s not it. I got you something while I was in the bathroom.”

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It seems Grant was a caviar gourmand. His notebooks show he studied the ways of the sturgeon and the history of caviar. He ate mountains of it…his and other people’s. Angie Dickinson, who was often seated next to Grant at dinner parties, recollects: “I would get an elbow in my ribs when I passed up the caviar. I don’t like caviar. So I would say, ‘No, thank you,’ and he would jab me, and I would say, 'Oh, just—yes, thank you very much.’ I was always slipping him my caviar. It was enchanting because he was just so real. He didn’t have to pretend that he also wanted my share.”

Evenings with Cary Grant by Nancy Nelson

Photo by Mark Shaw (from IG @classichollywood_lover)

I think you should know, I stopped reading your poems. Some few weeks ago. I tried again today but I only managed halfway. 
See I have the propensity of tripping over random hearts and eyes and words. And you got me alright. First, it was your heart. You cracked open my barely empty chest and poured in the remnants of your heart. Now I think I’m walking on the streets carrying more of you than me. I don’t think I still want to be your friend. 
Your eyes happened next. You stared at me through the glassy screen of my phone and as you mourn over getting your insides torn, mine were doing backflips. Your eyes were hooded with raw emotions for another girl yet I’m in a daze. Lucky witch. 
Finally, there go your words. Your greatest weapon yielded. Your ally, your enemy. Your love, your world. I could not stand crawling over them. Your poetry used to be the most magical thing for me, your words were my anchor, but one day I just woke up finding out I could not fathom injecting them into me anymore. Not when you constantly bleed for another heart, not when you’re in an endless battle. Not when I feel jealousy seeping in through the darkest edges of my heart. Not when I’m with someone and you’re with her and her, and her. 
I want you to get out. Slash my rib cage and take your heart with you. 
I can’t. 
I just can’t.
—  blitheandblot 

anonymous asked:

Okay so like: Imagine Keith and Lance meeting like ONE TIME when they were suuuuuuuper super little like 2 or something and they kissed and - listen I REMEMBER shit from that time in my life I don't give a fuck who says you don't remember shit till you're four but ANYWAY Keith and Lance and the others are talking about the first memories they have as kids as some bonding excercise and then OH BOTH KEITH AND LANCE KISSED A BOY IN THE SAME YEAR AT THE SAME PLACE HUH WOW bonus if they're dating

“Truth or dare?”

Everyone groans.

“Ugh.” “Lance, no.” “Stop it.” “Take this seriously!“ “Dare.”

Four pairs of eyes turn to the big guy floating at the center of the training deck. Of course it’s Hunk.

Hunk looks hesitantly at everyone else. Then, he shrugs. “What? It’s not like we have anything better to do until Coran figures out a way to turn the gravity back on.”

Pidge frowns. “Yeah, but why’d you choose dare?”

Lance answers this one. “Uhhhh, because only wusses like Keith don’t pick dare?”

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  • Voltron fans when Keith loses someone extremely close to him, is forced into a leadership role he never wanted and is under immense pressure to not let his team down and save the galaxy: Haha what a loser! Look, he's failing! He sucks as a leader!
  • Voltron fans when Lance gets ribbed by the other Paladins: Nuuuuuuu not my baby!!!!!!! Be nice to him!!!!!! :(((((( #langst

anonymous asked:

Hey sorry but what war fic are you talking about?



Just Like We Practiced (Rogers/Maximoff x reader)

Poor Steve. He had to be covered in bruises by now, even with his rapid healing.  He had been thrown face-first, sideways, backwards and upside down into the wall of the compound over and over again, trying to be patient while Wanda steadied her powers to lift him into the air.  Each time, he bolstered her confidence, telling her that this would be the one to get him to the window and clear, but it always ended with a slap of his body against the building, sliding to the ground in a heap of groans and winces as he stood to take it all over again.

“Steve, we can stop,” Wanda urged, “I’m not going to get this today, so let’s try again tomorrow.”

“Nope, we keep going,” the big dummy argued, “like I said, the sooner we get this down, the stronger we’ll be on the next mission.”

“Yeah, you won’t be stronger if she beats your ass like this for much longer.”

Steve turned to you with a huff, resting his hands on his hips with a look of both disbelief and annoyance at your attitude about the move he had created on his own. You didn’t let his expression challenge you, however, and you held your ground to stare back with equal regard.  “(Y/N), you want to give it a try?  If you can do better, then step up.”

“Ahh…no, I don’t think so,” you backpedaled, hands up in front of you, “that’s not what I was getting at, Cap.  I just think maybe she’s right and you should take a break.  I don’t think I can lift you like that.”

“No time like the present to find out.  Come on, give it a go.”  Steve returned to his starting position while you exchanged terrified glances with Wanda, shaking your head and mouthing silently how much of a terrible idea this was. You had taken so long with trying to communicate with her, he was now standing still and watching the exchange, waiting for his opportunity to break in.  “(Y/N)?  Sometime today?”

“This is such a bad idea,” you grumbled quietly, closing your eyes to gather up as much strength as you could to center your powers on your Captain.  Wanda’s skills in telekinesis were so much more powerful than yours, you knew that, and Steve’s faith in you was completely misguided. Maybe he knew that and was just trying to make a point to shut you up once and for all.  “Alright, Cap, you asked for this.”

“You can do it, (Y/N).  Just like we practiced.”

“You’ve only practiced with Wanda, dumbass,” you spat, thrusting the glow from your hands towards him in a flashing burst.

“Languaaaaage!” he yelled out as his body took flight before he expected it to.  He lifted his feet up and curled himself tightly with his shield in front of him to try to take the brunt of the hit, recoiling just slightly when your aim shifted and threw him through the large window into Tony’s office, rather than the open window several feet away.

“Oh, shit! Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god,” you panicked, running towards the building with Wanda close behind.  “Oh god, Tony’s going to murder me!”

“I’m sure he won’t, (Y/N).  Steve told you to do this, so maybe he’ll murder him instead.”

“That’s not better!”

You pushed your body to its limits, sprinting into the building and taking the stairs multiples at a time rather than waiting for the elevator, each landing of your foot feeling like one step closer to your own demise.  You could just imagine what sight was waiting for you in Tony’s office, and how the last words you would hear as an Avenger would go; Tony was sure to be livid, and Cap was probably already dead from your throw, despite Wanda’s suggestion that Tony would do it for you.  When you turned the final corner and reached the door to his office, the sight before you wasn’t exactly what you had expected, leaving you and Wanda standing together, shocked and trying to hold your composure.

Steve hadn’t landed on the desk as you had envisioned; he had taken Tony completely out of his chair with the hit, tossing the two men fully across the room and into a heap on the floor right next to where you were now standing.  Tony was pinned beneath the Captain, who was struggling through the pain to get up from the awkward position.

“Steve?” you tried, your voice uncertain.  “Tony?  You guys okay?”

“You…missed,” Steve groaned, “just like you said…you would.”

“Hey Cap,” Tony joined in, “if you wanted to get my attention, just send flowers next time. Or you know…ask.  Not that I don’t appreciate your enthusiasm, but dropping in and breaking my ribs isn’t a great way to get me to say yes.”

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Best Friends

Prompt: 57 with Tom holland/Peter Parker!!! 

 57. “There is enough room for both of us." 

Peter Parker x Reader

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Originally posted by spideycentral

The heat of my florescent lamp beat down on my hand as I attempted to understand how to find the probability of getting a black card from a deck of cards. I gripped my hair, frustrated with myself.  I groaned. I wished Peter was here. He could’ve answered this in less than a minute. But no, apparently he was too busy to help his best friend from failing math.

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