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All right, I’m gonna go ahead and call pre-boarding for all Zabvronians with elite status. Ah… Oh. No, wait. That’s… that’s only me. Suck it, coach trash.

Noisy Neighbors

Characters – Sam x Reader (Neighbor AU)

Summary – Will an obnoxious neighbor help you get to know your soulmate?

Word Count – 1,610

Warnings – None

A/N – Written for the SPN Fanfic Pond’s Pond Writing Challenge.   My prompt was trope #4: Neighbor AU – You knocked furiously on my door to tell me to stop having loud sex, but when I appear fully clothed in front of you, we are both disturbed by the thought of it being the old lady from above.

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Your name: submit What is this?

It had been the week from hell at work.  It was finally Friday, and all you wanted to do was put on your most comfortable pajamas, grab a bottle of your favorite wine, and watch Netflix until Monday came rolling around again.  You got the mail and started trudging up the stairs to your second floor apartment.  

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With all the ugly that been going around lately - here’s a bit of good. My neighbor of 15+ years posted this in our community’s facebook page and I couldn’t help but share. 

If you have a Muslim neighbor, even if you’ve never spoken before, consider doing a kind gesture like this. Worst case scenario they feel a little weird about it, but best case scenario your make them feel welcome in your community with an added bonus of getting to know your neighbor better! 

11 Questions Tag

I was tagged by @the-forest-library. Thanks friend! They are amazing, everyone go follow right now yesterday.

What was the last book you raved about?
Probably The Odd Women or The Bleeding Heart, but I also haven’t stopped raving about The Well of Loneliness for however many centuries it’s been since I read it and EVERYONE GO READ IT.
What book was the one you were most surprised about liking?
I am thinking it was Lolita. Obviously the description alone put me off, but the writing!!
Do you have any reading goals for the year?
Nope. I never make them because I never have the motivation to keep track of them.
Are there any authors you own multiple books by but have never read?
Oh. Oh I don’t know, but now I’m obsessed with the idea. I’m going to scour my shelves after this. WHAT IF THERE’S SOMETHING THERE?
What’s your favorite classic?
Les Miserables still takes that cake. Honestly, though, Liss + any 19th century lit = <3<3<3<3
Have you ever won an award for your writing?
Not an awarrrddd, per se, but I did once get a ticket to go see a hockey game during the Olympics in Salt Lake City and I’m fairly certain it was for writing. It was so long ago. Our school got a certain number of tickets and teachers could enter kids to win if they wanted and I got one.
What are your favorite things to get at bookstores beside books?
Bookmarks. I have so many bookmarks. Cool bookmarks are the way to my heart.
Is there a character you’d like to trade places with for a day?
I want to be that guy that hangs out in Gatsby’s library all day.
If you had the ability to go into books and become part of the story would you?
Depends on what one. I’m not down jumping into The Exorcist for all the tea in China.
What plot element or character would you like to remove from a book?
None, everything stays.
Go to page 113 in the closest book to you, and write down the third sentence.

“The song petered out in a melee of tangled bodies and laughter.” - His Bloody Project (I cheated a little and grabbed the one next to me that I’ve already read because, with my luck, I’d open one I hadn’t read and see spoiler right of the bat.)

I’m going to tag all of the people and I’m going to leave these questions because I like them and want to see what everyone else says.


You greeted the man with a cursory nod, balancing your grocery bags in one hand and getting your key into your front door with the other. Maybe one of your neighbor’s dates, though they’d never made much small talk with you crossed paths.

“Excuse me,” he tried again. You looked to him with your door half open. “You wouldn’t happen to know when your neighbor’s getting home…?”

“Uh. No, sorry. We kind of keep to ourselves,” you said. He nodded, pursing his lips. 

“Huh. Well, maybe you could help me.”

“If you’re selling something, I’m not interested,” you began, but he held his hands up, placating. 

“Not selling anything. I’m actually FBI,” he said, reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling his badge from it, giving you a quick look. He stowed it again, throwing you a grin that felt friendlier–flirtier–than a fed. You glanced at the car he’d come in, at his jacket and jeans, and you narrowed your eyes at him.

“Is she in trouble?” you asked, eyeing your neighbor’s house. 

“No, no trouble,” he said. “I just have a few questions for her.”

“I don’t know how much I could help,” you said, hesitating on your porch. “And I’m kind of in a rush.”

“That’s no problem,” he said, still giving you an easy smile. It was the strangest thing; his gaze was making you wish you’d done something with your hair before you’d gone out, or at least put on a proper outfit, and you didn’t know why you cared. 

“Sorry I couldn’t help you,” you said, forcing one foot forward across the threshold of your place.

“Don’t apologize,” he said with a shrug, and waited until you met his eye before continuing. “I’ll try again tomorrow.” 


Imagine Coming Home To Find Dean At Your Neighbor’s Door To Ask About a Case

Gif imagines

In which Wendy visits a local Synagogue

Visited a local Synagogue today and it was a really interesting experience. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming even the police officer. He was there for the entire service quietly standing outside keeping watch. And nothing makes me more furious than the fact that he HAS to be there so people can worship in safety.

HP RP’er Masterposts

((OOC: Okay, so I’m making this post on behalf of the bloody awesome sweetheart @aph-gilbirb who has spend so much time making these masterposts which needs all the love!

Masterpost page

Here you will find all the: 

- Harry Potter
- Tom Riddle
- Sirius Black
- Remus Lupin
- Lily Evans
- James Potter
- Peter Pettigrew
- Marlene McKinnon
- Regulus Black
- Orion Black
- Walburga Black
- Bellatrix Lestrange
- Euphemia Potter
- Hermione Granger
- Ron Weasley
- Draco Malfoy
- Ginny Weasley
- Tonks
- Luna Lovegood
- Pansy Parkinson
- Fleur Delacour
- Fred and George Weasley
- Helga Hufflepuff
- Godric Gryffendor
- Salazar Slytherin
- Rowena Ravenclaw
- Moaning Myrtle
- Teddy Lupin

And then there is:

Dark AU Masterpost

Gryffindor Quidditch Team

And don’t be sad if you were forgotten If you are not there just give Gracie a heads up and you will be added. This is like getting hugs, guys!! 

Share this with your neighbor so they know who is out there and who to RP with!

- but seriously send all your love to @aph-gilbirb ‘cause this is too awesome!

Laundry Buddies, a Miles Luna x Reader fic

Summary:You’ve just moved to a new apartment and are totally crushing on the guy who lives in 2F. Now if only you could remember to catch his actual name…or see him anywhere outside of the laundry room for that matter.

Warnings: A couple swears I think thats about it

Word Count: 1,453

Notes: This stems from so many mini prompts that I’m not going to mention them all. Also I suck at titles and descriptions. Whoops? 

Still being a newbie in your apartment, you haven’t quite had the time to get to know any of your neighbors. While getting mail one day you’d met the guy who lives in 2F and had a great conversation about his work and your recent move, but then stupidly you left without getting his name. Now every time you see him in the lobby or in the hallway, you’ll exchange pleasantries by addressing each other with your apartment numbers. Sure he had said to swing by any time if you needed anything, but he probably, no he definitely didn’t mean if you needed his name and number because you thought the only neighbor you’d met so far was cute as all hell.

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I was tagged by the amazing @the-forest-library. Thank you!!

5 things you’ll find in my bag
There’s always at least two books
Post-it notes

5 things in my bedroom
A big stack of books
More notebooks
More pens
Alarm clock
More mugs than I care to mention

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in my life
Travel and then travel some more (which I’ve been lucky to do a lot of, but it’s not enough)
Be the first person in my family to get a PhD (that’s 99% out of spite, though)
Spend a year teaching abroad in a place that really, really needs it
Camping in the Alps (not during winter, though)
Learn another language (I’m so bad at it, friends)

5 things that make me happy
Books (duh)
Remembering to drink the tea while it’s still hot
I’m moving out of the swamp in a couple of months, which is amazing
Raspberry cheesecake gelato
Really big thunderstorms

5 things that I’m currently into
I discovered Audible channels a while ago and it’s been constantly playing ever since.
I’ve been listening to a loooooot of Aerosmith lately
I discovered Theodore Dreiser (thank you, Professor Teacher-Person) and so a lot of that is happening, too
Mulled wine tea (thank you, Bluebird Tea Co.)
Some of my people (headed by @i-lay-reading and @singingktp) got me into this bullet journaling thing, which I suck at, but it’s nice when I actually remember to do it. I have lists. I get to check things off when I do them. It’s honestly the thrill of a lifetime when I get to check off the WHOLE LIST.

5 things on my to-do list
Got some homework to do
Blog posts to write for work
Should probably consider making myself lunch sometime soon
Get paint for the exterior of this house so I can leave it prettier than it was when I got it

5 things you may not know about me
Terrified of needles. My mom tells me it’s because when I was two I developed an infection in my neck and they had to give me a shot where the infection was. Been throwing fits about syringes ever since.
I have a scar inside my lip from smacking my face into a steering wheel during a car accident when I was 17.
Once upon a time, when I was a rebellious youth, I got my tongue pierced (mom was so maaaaaad), but I lost a ball at work one day and had to take it out. Never remembered to put it back in and I’m still furious with myself.
One summer (also in my rebellious youth), I lived in a van with a bunch of hippies. It was, in fact, usually parked by a river.
I’m really good at cooking and I’ll invite people over just to show off.

I’m gonna tag @victoria-tonks @kellycriedwolf @lilathepirate and @obsessivegirlfan and anyone else who wants to do it!


Genre: Adding Romance to Another Genre

rickybrahmana asked: 

How can I change a theme of a story, from simply thriller/horror to romance with some suspense and terror here and there. Thank you so much. I asked this because Indonesian reader not that much into thriller/horror recently.

Great question!

You can definitely combine romance with thriller/horror. All you really need are two characters who have chemistry. Then, just build character interactions into the story that build the relationship through the various stages of love. Here are some posts to help you with that:

Getting to Know Your Neighbor
Love at First Sight and the Stages of Love
Using Timelines to Pace Romantic Relationships
Subtle Signs of Love
Sexual Tension

🎵🎶 music tag game 🎵🎶

Here I was thinking there was no possible way I could justify procrastinating that last page of this essay and then this happens. Thanks @dansmonarbre!

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. hit shuffle on your music player and write down the first 20 songs! then tag 20 people:

  1. Animal Bar by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
  2. Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas
  3. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free by Nina Simone
  4. Black Betty by Ram Jam
  5. I’m Gay by Bowling for Soup
  6. Rag Doll by Aerosmith
  7. Use Somebody by Kings of Leon
  8. Light My Fire by The Doors
  9. Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield
  10. Kokomo by The Beach Boys
  11. Come Go With Me by The Dell Vikings
  12. Can’t Stop by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
  13. More Than A Feeling by Boston
  14. Feel Good Drag by Anberlin
  15. In My Life by The Beatles
  16. Louie Louie by The Kingmen
  17. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana
  18. All Shook Up by Elvis Presley
  19. Poison by Alice Cooper
  20. Carrie-Anne by The Hollies

I tag everyone because (a) lazy, (b) essay, and © I can’t remember who I’ve tagged too often and who I don’t tag enough and it’s stressful and I love you all equally anyway. There’s cupcakes in the fridge. See you all when I’ve written the LAST FREAKING PAGE. Call grandma if you need help.




A good way to get to know your neighbors

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Romance: Men Falling in Love

Anonymous asked:

Hi. Do you have tips on writing male characters falling in love? How would they behave in front of the person they like?

That’s not something that is really dependent upon gender, so think about how you act in front of someone you have a crush on, fit it to your character’s specific personalities, and write that. Here are some additional posts that may help you:

Subtle Signs of Love
Love at First Sight and the Stages of Love
Getting to Know Your Neighbor
Writing Romance without Experience
Sexual Tension

NEIL (Gaiman) IS GOING TO BE ON SETH MEYERS THIS WEEK (looks like it’ll be Thorsday)

THIS IS NOT A DRILL, THIS IS NOT A DRILL GET YOUR DVR READY, STEAL YOUR NEIGHBOR’S CABLE (or you know, just ask if you can watch with them that works too), YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!

I mean, if you want, it’s just a suggestion. Granted he won’t be talking about us, but that’s not always the most important thing is it?

Advice: Subtle Romantic Attraction

Anonymous asked: How can I write romantic attraction, flirting, and sexual tension in such a way that it is not very noticeable that it is happening, but readers won’t be surprised when the two characters hook up? Sorry, tough question, I know.

I have a post about this. :)

Subtle Signs of Love

Also, my posts Getting to Know Your Neighbor and How to Avoid Forced Romantic Sub-Plot might also be helpful. :)

Anonymous asked:

How can I write a forming friendship? Character A is starting a new job at the beginning of the book and I need/want him to be BFFs with character B by the end of it but I can’t figure out how to show them bonding.

Did you check the post master list? This one’s actually in there! :)

How Friendships Form

Also potentially helpful:

Levels of Friendship 
Getting to Know Your Neighbor
Using Timelines to Pace Romantic Relationships (can be used for non-romance, too…)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

Advice: Slow Romance

erzahiffeyscarlet asked:

i am writing a book where two characters a boy and a girl starts their relationship as project partners but the girl is not an easy character when it comes to emotion so i want to transition them to the romance part but i don’t want to go the cliche way so i do i ease them into the relationship. 

Here are some previous posts that should help:

Getting to Know Your Neighbor
Subtle Signs of Love
Love at First Sight and the Stages of Love 
Using Timelines to Pace Romantic Relationships


A good way to get to know your neighbors

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