getting to know your neighbor

He Doesn’t Deserve You

Summary: You move into your new apartment and have an awkward run in with your neighbor, making a very interesting first impression.

Warnings: angst, sexual tension (minor), smut, Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader

A/N: I have so many drabbles to write but I needed a break and I thought this up. I was going to make this into a series but I didn’t wanna start another one so I just wrote it as a long fic (hence why it’s a little jumpy / fast paced). If you guys like this I can write a short series similar to this story (with some changes). Just let me know.

You looked around your new apartment, it was fully decorated with your things and it filled you with utter joy. You sighed as you sat on your bed, popping open a bottle of wine to let it breathe, waiting for your friends to show up. A knock on your door sent you flying towards it.

“Courtney! Michelle!” You swung the door open with a proud grin on your face. “How do you like the place?” 

“It’s so cute!” Michelle shrieked as she brushed passed you, taking in her surroundings. 

“Hmmm, not enough Star Wars decor.” Courtney followed Michelle, chuckling as she passed the hanging pictures of you guys from college.

“Raegan couldn’t make it?” You cocked an eyebrow, worried for your newly engaged friend. “She too busy with Noah?”

“Technically, she’s planning the wedding and driving him nuts.” Michelle giggled and poured herself a glass of wine. “Now, let’s get this pizza eating, wine drinking, and Netflix bingeing started!” 

Four episodes into the first season of Grey’s Anatomy and the three of you were blabbering, laughing, drunk idiots. You were shouting at the tv, telling the characters that they were doing regretful, silly things. You were voted the door answerer when a loud banging echoed in your apartment. 

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BTS Reaction | Their S/O Being Insecure

Sure sweetie ^^



It was your 6 month anniversary,and Jin decided to take you out for dinner at a fancy restaurant.

As you sat down on your chair,you saw a group of girls walking past you two.It wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t winking at him and asking for his number.

Jin declined politely,saying you were his S/O.

After they left,you shifted uncomfortably in your seat.

“Jin…If I was skinny like them,would you love me differently?“you asked with a sad tone.

"What?Y/N,I choosed you for a reason.For many actually.And none of them is your weight.Believe me,your weight is perfect,all of you is perfect.And If you have the fear that I will leave you for them,it would never happen.I love you for you."he said sincerely,while grabbing your hands in his and looking into your eyes.

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The boys won another award,and you were proud of them.
To celebrate it,the boys invited you to a dinner at their company.

You dressed nicely,to bring out your curves.

As you entered the room,you imediatly spotted the boys.But they weren’t alone,some girl trainees were flirting with them.You didn’t care as long as they didn’t do anything with your boyfriend,Namjoon.

But as your eyes found him,you found a girl,a pretty and skinny one might you add,flirting with him.

Disappointed, you quietly walked out the building.

You were swaying your leg on a bench for a couple of minutes,until you saw him,panting and running towards you.

"Y/N!There are you!I thought you drove back home…You saw all of that,didn’t you?"he asked while sitting next to you.

"Yeah I did…Namjoon,if you’re ever leaving me for someone like them,I wouldn’t blame you.They’re skinny,petite and delicate.Just like an idol."you said.

"Y/N,don’t ever think that.I don’t care what weight anybody is as long as they’re healthy.Including you.I wouldn’t leave you for someone who’s like them.I wouldn’t leave you for anyone."he said while pushing a strand of hair behind your ear.

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Your boyfriend was finally free from work,making some time for you two to go on a date.

You agreed to not spend that much money,and go to a picnic outside.

As you two were eating your sandwiches,a couple of girls were walking past you.
You were stunned by their beauty and weight,and you were sure your boyfriend did so too.

As you looked back at you and your sandwich, you put it down.

"Y/N?Why aren’t you eating?"he asked.

"Oh I’m not hungry."you smiled.

"Y/N I swear to God if you’re not eating because of that girls,I’m gonna kiss you.Don’t ever feel the need to lose weight in order to look like them,because you’re already more beautiful than them.In and out.You’re the most beautiful person I have ever meet,and I’m gonna cherish you forever.”

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It was your birthday and your boyfriend decided to surprise you.Blindfolding you,he drove you to the restaurant you two met.

You hugged him so tight and thanked him,as you sat down in your seat.

“So,Y/N,do you remember what happened here?"he asked,grinning.

"How can I not remember, Hobi?"you squealed.

You were about to say all the things you did here,until your eyes cathed your beautiful waitress.She was so elegant and tiny,so much that you stared with your mouth slightly agape.

"And then We-Y/N?Were you listening?"he asked,clearly confused.

As the waitress left,you looked at Hoseok.

"Hosoek,how did you choose someone like me,and not someone like her?"you asked.

"Y/N.All this time I said I loved you,I loved you for you,I love every inch of your body,everything,I mean It.I would never choose her over you,trust me.You’re the only one who makes me heart flutter.”

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You two just got an apartment, so in order to celebrate it and to get to know your new neighbors, you invited a few of them at dinner.

“Y/N someone’s at the door!"he shouted.

"I can’t,I’m preparing the table!"you shouted back.

As you heard your boyfriend’s footsteps and a door opening,you also heard a woman’s voice.

The curiosity getting the best at you,you walked to the door.

There was standing a tall,gorgeous and skinny girl.You welcomed hair,and showed her the way to the table.

Through the dinner,you played with the fork in the plate.

After you spoke your goodbyes, you asked Tae:

"Tae,she’s pretty isn’t she…I would go for her instead of me if I was you."you chuckled.

"Y/N,don’t even say that.You might view yourself from another perspective, but I view you as the girl that is perfect.The girl that tops anyone.The girl that I love."he said while looking you deep into the eyes.

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You just wanted a movie date,since the long awaited movie finally came out.

As you got into your seats,he placed his arm on your shoulder.

A few minutes into the movie as you see a group if girls moving their way through people to their seats.And they fitted through the small space without any efforts.

"Jimin,why did you choose me?I’m surprised someone like you would love someone like…me."you said.

"Y/N,I don’t know what or who you saw,but I choose you because you’re the girl of my dreams.No matter if you don’t change or if you do,I’ll still love you.But please don’t think you need to change in order to make me love you.Because I already do.”

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He was dragging you into the mall,again,to buy some stuff.

You joked a couple if hours,wearing funny masks and costumes,until you were both tired.

“So you decided to go to the coffee shop.

Ordering a Caramel Machiatto for both of you,you looked at the barista.Her body was so tiny,even her fingers were bony when she handed you the cup.

"Jungkook I’m not drinking the coffee."you said as you seated yourselves.

"Why?"he asked.

"I need to lose weight.I need to be good enough for you."you said looking down.

"Y/N,silly,you’re already enough for me.Maybe a lot more.You’re beautiful andperfect in every way possible,I couldn’t ask for more.”

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Beginners guide: your first days in a student residence

What is more exciting than starting a new semester/ a new college year? Starting a new semester/ a new college year and moving into a student residence! As the first few days can be very thrilling and exciting I decided to provide you with a beginners guide for your first days in a student residence.


  • Don’t panic. Of course, everything is super exciting when you A) start a new chapter in your life and B) don’t know anyone yet. However, you shouldn’t panic at all. Like all the other students you are here to learn something new, make new experiences and get to know nice people. That’s all. You don’t have to find your new BFF or future husband/wife in the first days in college/university.
  • Be sweet. Most likely you have a favorite kind of candy. Be it a package of Oreos, M&M’s, Haribo or Reese’s - bring it from home. When you meet new people you can offer them candy (who doesn’t like that?) and you can use it as a conversation starter. Ask the other person if he/she has eaten that candy before, what his/her favorite snack is and what dishes are typical in the country he or she is coming from.
  • Be 100% YOU. People will notice if you are a wannabe. Don’t try to be someone that you aren’t. Dress in the clothes you feel most comfortable in and talk to others about topics that you really have a passion for. Your fellow dorm mates will like this authenticity.
  • Take advantage of speed-dating. This has nothing to do with tinder. But it has to do with getting in touch with as many people as possible. Be open, introduce yourself to your roommate or your room neighbors and get to know them. Ask them questions regarding their studies, home countries, music preferences, sport, style or whatever comes into your mind. 
  • Open your door. An open-door-policy is very helpful in the first couple of days in your residence. By doing that, you signal fellow students that you are open to getting to know new people and it will be easier for others to get in touch with you. In case you don’t like the noise from the hallway or being watched like a zoo animal you can also close the door and put a sign on your door that says ‘Happy to meet you. Please come in.’
  • Close your door. The only time that you shouldn’t stick to the open-door-policy is when you are leaving your room. Close the door and lock it.


  • Take pictures. Document and photograph every aspect of your dorm room that is not working properly. Contact your housing office as soon as possible and inform them about the defects that you have found. This has two advantages. First, your housing office is going to fix the damage (or in extreme cases allocate you to another room) and your deposit is not at risk because you reported everything appropriately.
  •  Put your suitcases away. When you arrive in your dorm room you should get your clothes and everything that you brought from home out of your suitcases as soon as possible. By giving every object a dedicated space you will settle in more quickly. Living out of your suitcases for the first couple of days is inefficient, annoying and doesn’t feel like home.
  • Decorate. It is difficult to feel like home in a room where the furniture has been bought by other people, the color of the wall is not the one that you would have chosen and your bed feels totally different. The fastest way to change that is to decorate your dorm room a little bit with things that you like. Bring some pictures from your family, friends and your pet, buy some little lanterns, plants, a favorite cup or a blanket and give your room a little atmosphere. It will feel more like home if you add your style.


  • Tell everyone. It is necessary to change your address as soon as possible and tell your bank, your university, your insurance companies, family and friends where they can find you from now onwards. Make sure that you check the mailbox on a regular basis.
  • Go shopping. You don’t have a decent pillow yet? You forgot to bring a towel and your fridge is not ready for breakfast? In the first couple of days, everybody at your residence is in a similar situation. Why don’t you ask some of your dorm mates to go on a little shopping trip? Head to IKEA and buy the things that you require or discover a supermarket together.
  • Get out of the dorm. Most probably your dorm is in a city that you are not familiar with. Build a squad with other city-newbies and discover the city you are going to study in. Perhaps you will find your future favorite sports bar or coffee shop and you will get a basic concept and a feeling for the city and its culture.
  • Look for the unknown. Be curious about the new environment and the people you are from now living with. It is ok to feel a little bit homesick in the beginning and to stick to the familiar things. However, you will make the most out of this time when you get out of your comfort zone, adapt to local culture, try different food and talk to students that are not from your former university or your country. Be brave and curious.

Don’t forget it is absolutely normal and human to be nervous and excited about moving into the student residence. Everybody feels the same in this first days. So be kind, relax and smile and you’ll master it.

Too Much Trouble

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Summary: You get to know your neighbor Frank when he needs help

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader

Word Count: 3,700 (yikes)

Warnings: mentions of violence, language, injuries, medical procedures, blood, broken bones, difficulty breathing, needles… Frank? Is Frank a warning?

A/N: this is for @atari-writes who’s been nagging me for a Frank fic (jk hun I love you) I really don’t think this is very good… but here it is… (also @deanssweetheart23 because you’re my twin and you read all the things)

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Pillowtalk (M)

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Genre: Smut

Summary: Namjoon was the one, once upon a time. He can’t come back into your life and expect things to go back to normal. You’re happy with Hoseok, and no random visit in the middle of the night is gonna stop that..right? (Previously posted on Suganeedsanap)


Word Count: 2,860

Written by: Admin Jaefairy

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{Special} College!AU Minhyuk
  • major: dance education 
  • minor: biology 
  • sports: archery club 
  • clubs: wanted to join an on campus band but he actually isn’t that good at playing guitar…….so instead he gets lessons from joshua whose in college choir and now he can successfully play…… song
  • minhyuk is the shining star in all of his classes because no matter how many times he messes up, no one can get angry because his smile is blinding and his intentions are never bad
  • like literally his clumsiness is out of this world and his memory fixates on one thing and forgets about everything else so when he shows up to bio class completely prepared with the notes he took down for chapter 7, even though you were supposed to read chapter 6 like,,,, the teacher lets it slide and everyone in his group helps him out 
  • because like he wants to do his best he’s just prone to ,,,, mixing things up
  • but don’t get me wrong he works hard and studies hard, his grades are better than jooheons (which really bothers jooheon LOL)
  • and sure maybe coming out of lab covered in the ethanol he spilled on himself is a bit……
  • or when the teacher refers to a salida and he can’t stop giggling because god it sounds like salad right- right???
  • can make him seem goofy and silly but that doesn’t mean he’s not serious when he needs to be
  • like he even tutored some of the kids in his class in bio because he’s actually really good at it, no matter how clumsy he comes off in lab, like he knows his stuff
  • because more than anything he wants to learn how to be a studious teacher who doesn’t only bring joy to his students through dancing - but also learning how important exercise is to the human body
  • kinesiology minor seungcheol is always lending minhyuk his textbooks because minhyuk wants to know even more on the science of body movement
  • and no one gets how minhyuk finds reading that stuff so damn entertaining, but at the same time minhyuk is too cute to say no to
  • like to all students and teachers alike, like i mentioned this before but seriously his smile and his happiness is contagious 
  • he’s the campus happy virus 
  • and whenever he gets to see younger kids like when he goes to competitions with the archery team and he sees like the middle school division he’s like
  • pulling on a fellow teammate shownu’s sleeve like hYUNG LOOK THEYRE SO CUTE AND SMALL
  • and shownu is looking down at him like: you’re also small
  • minhyuk: ):< am nOT
  • says the adorable boy whose bow is covered in like stickers of puppies and flowers and whenever he gets a perfect ten he throws hearts at the audience
  • and if someone throws them back he pretends that the hearts pierce his chest and he like puts his hand over his heart and makes a cute face
  • like c’mon he is the CUTEST campus happy virus ever
  • also he thinks love is cute. like minhyuk loves love he thinks couples are the best and parents with their kids make him excited 
  • and whenever him and the guys go out to eat and like karaoke or whatever minhyuk always points to couples sharing drinks or holding hands and he’s like ~~~~Soooo ROmanticcccc
  • and hyungwon is shoving fries into his mouth like huh and kihyun is like yo minhyuk i can hook you up just tell me i gotchu bro
  • except minhyuk is like kihyun No Offense but i Dont Trust You
  • kihyun: im gonna pretend im not offended but just know that i aM offended and this severing of our friendship is going down in my diary tonight
  • minhyuk: what
  • but basically minhyuk is an angelic boy who is always trying to see the positive in everything and probably dances to music when he’s out at the mall and everyone in his friend group is like we don’t know him but the cashiers can’t help but smile like what a CUTE kid
  • not a kid he is in college but you know what i mean everything and anything he does is endearing from singing bio terms out loud to remember them to staying up past 4 am to practice his own dancing, sweaty hair pulled back and determined eyes….ok we’re getting off track
  • but yes you know minhyuk because he’s your neighbor in the off campus living house
  • and he lives directly next door and the building is like 70 years old the walls are as thin as paper so every night between the hours of 10 and midnight you hear some kind of music coming from his side of the wall
  • and for a while you were like,,,,,,,why the hell does he listen to the same song on repeat for two to three hours???? is it like his studying mechanism???
  • until you saw the poster of the seoul ballet recital hanging off his front door right under it the iconic photo of michael jackson’s moonwalk and you were like
  • “oh. dance major.”
  • and tbh you don’t really complain,,,,the music he dances to is actually not as bad as you thought it would be. like sure one night it’s jazz, the next it’s hip-hop, then you can’t believe it but is that,,,,,clogging music?
  • but it kinda becomes a habit of yours to stay up, glancing at the clock when it hits ten and you can hear minhyuk moving furniture around in his room to make space to practice and then you always get a neat surprise when he turns on some kind on new music
  • although you have to admit you almost spit all your coffee out when you heard the cotton-eyed joe song 
  • you think it is really cool how hardworking and dedicated minhyuk must be to dancing
  • but it’s kind of funny because like,,,,you’ve never seen him
  • LIKE you don’t really know what he looks like because you have no classes in the dance major and your schedules never cross because like
  • you’re on campus for your classes and then you have work and you’re sure minhyuk has class and then practice or whatever
  • basically you’ve never ??? like ?? seen him in the hallway of your house or even down in the communal kitchen 
  • but the fact doesn’t bother you because you’re not friends with his friends you guys are just neighbors that like,,,,,,never talk LOL
  • until one night when you’re settling in with your coffee, textbook open, hoping that tonight’s music selection by minhyuk is the waltz or something so you can actually concentrate 
  • and to your luck that’s what it sounds like and you smile to yourself as you start taking notes and slowly swaying to the music in your seat
  • but then,,,,,all of a sudden,,,,,,the music cuts off
  • and you turn to look at the wall with your eyebrows furrowed because - this has never happened
  • so you wait a bit,,,but ten minutes passes and,,,,nothing,,,,,,,,,
  • no music no sounds,,,,,,
  • and you don’t know why but something inside of you tells you that something is wrong 
  • and although it’s probably awkward to worry about someone you know close to nothing about it is neighbor courtesy to take care of one and another
  • so you venture out of your apartment and over to the next one and you knock on the door, putting your ear to it and trying to listen but ?? there’s no response
  • so you lean closer and put your hand on the doorknob and??? the door just opens like it wasn’t locked at all
  • and your fear about something being wrong heightens by like ten fold
  • and you call out an “I’m sorry for disturbing you, but can I come in?”
  • and then you hear it, a faint groan of pain and the voice of someone asking for help
  • and you run down the hall to see a boy laying on the floor, clutching his ankle in pain and you’re like oh my god??? and you rush over to him and you’re like
  • “what’s wrong??”
  • and he looks up at you and even with his face twisted in pain he’s still,,,,like wow,,,,,like he’s handsome
  • but now is not the TIME and you’re like ???? “should i call an ambulance? get the med student from floor 5????” and minhyuk’s like shaking his head and pointing to the door like
  • “ice, from the kitchen downstairs……” and you’re like ICE OK ROGER WAIT HERE DONT MOVE
  • and minhyuk is like “i??? can’t??”
  • and you’re like rIGHT r i ght one second 
  • and so you rush downstairs and get a bag of ice and back upstairs and as you’re running down the hall you’re like in your head you’re like
  • okokokok if anything is broken we should go to the hospital - but can i carry him? would that be ok? should i ask him? also why didn’t i at least comb my hair i look so bad and he’s so cute - wait wait don’t think that!!!
  • and finally you barge back into his apartment and run over with the ice and you’re like “is your ankle broken??? i think i should call-”
  • and minhyuk is like again shaking his head
  • and then when he looks up at you, he somehow even manages to break into a smile 
  • and you’re like hOW aren’t you in pain
  • but he just takes the ice and applies it to his ankle and he’s like AHH IT HURTS and you’re like !!!! but then he grins at you like “just kidding, i mean it does hurt but not a lot the ice will help in no time~”
  • and you’re like “it’s not broken???” 
  • and minhyuk’s like pFFT nooooo it’s just twisted!!!! and he gives you a thumbs up
  • and you’re like “i didn’t hear the music from next door and then i heard you fall so i thought i’d come in here and you’d be like bleeding from your nose-”
  • minhyuk breaks into laughter, but winces a bit but he’s like “no!! dancers should all know how to fall to make sure they don’t break anything, it’s like the first thing you teach the kids too”
  • and you tilt your head like ??? the kids
  • and minhyuk’s like “oh, im a dance education major not a dance major” and your eyes widen a bit because wow you,,,didn’t know that
  • but somehow it fits even more afterall here he is laughing off twisting his ankle, keeping bright and sunny even though most people would be ): right about now
  • you can’t help but think such a good personality is perfect for teachers
  • but anyway you nod and you’re like “oh, i didn’t know - that’s cool!” and minhyuk’s like “sO you’re my neighbor? you must really not like it since you have to listen to all my weird music”
  • but you shake your head and you’re like “not at all! actually i always look forward to ten o’clock because i know you’ll play something interesting and it doesn’t bother me - if it does i just go out and hang in someone elses apartment, but really - i have grown fond of it”
  • and minhyuk kind of looks at you funny and you’re like “what???” and he’s like chuckling like “nothing, just the neighbors across the hall hate me for it. he’s always chasing me around campus when he sees me like ‘i need to study for my finals!!! not listen to tango music!!!”
  • the mental image makes you giggle and minhyuk extends his hand for you to shake and he’s like “it’s nice to meet you, neighbor who actually doesn’t hate me”
  • and you shake it and grin like “nice to meet you too, neighbor who i don’t actually hate”
  • and you guys both laugh this time and it’s really not awkward at all
  • finally, minhyuk’s twisted ankle is ok enough for him to get up and he mentions going back to practice but you’re like are you nuts no you’re gonna twist it again just go rest and minhyuk is like fiiiiiiine and you laugh and say that you’ll be going then
  • and as you shut the door to his apartment behind you, you notice this fuzzy warm feeling in your stomach
  • and you’re like oh no,,,,,,don’t,,,,,,don’t get a crush on him oh no o h no
  • but too late 
  • you get home and crawl into bed and all you can think of is that bright smile of his, his sweet voice,,,,,,,,plUS the fact that he works so hard not for himself but to be a good teacher for kids LIKE IS HE AN ANGEL
  • and you try to cover your face with your pillow and be like stop. thinking. about. minhyuk. 
  • but you can’t and tbh,,, on the otherside of the wall he can’t stop thinking about you either and you’re both lying in bed like two dweebs smiling to yourselves because “oh my god who know my neighbor was so DARN CUTE”
  • but again, you and minhyuk’s schedules are solar systems apart so you never bump into each other but then one day you hear a knock on your door and you open it to see this tall lanky looking guy with a book under his hand and a shorter more visibly excited guy and they’re both like
  • “minhyuk said you should come over, we’re playing a video game and we need one more person for our team”
  • and you’re like UH,,,,i don’t really game- but hyungwon is like “me either, yet these losers are making me so let’s go”
  • and that’s how you end up sqaushed into minhyuks side on his couch playing some video game as kihyun shouts at the screen and that guy hyungwon presses random buttons on his controller
  • and the other two, changkyun and jooheon are both about to chuck their controllers out the window
  • and it’s so crazy and loud and minhyuk leans over at some point and he’s like
  • “sorry to drag you into this mess, our friend shownu is picking up or other friend wonho from the airport after his study abroad and we need a minimum of six people so,,,,,” 
  • and you’re like AH don’t worry about it!! sorry i suck tho
  • and minhyuk is like “oh it’s because you don’t know the controls, here let me show you”
  • and you think he’s just going to take the controller from you, but instead he puts his hands over yours and he’s like “ok so you press X to dodge and then B-”
  • and you’re trying to concentrate by his hands are so warm and so big covering yours and you’re nodding absentmindedly but in reality you can’t hear anything he’s saying
  • not until you hear the door open and in walk in two more boys, one with a suitcase in hand and you look up and you guess this is wonho and shownu
  • and wonho is like “I’m back!! I see everyone’s the same - oh hello, are you minhyuk’s significant other?”
  • and wonho’s eyes focus on you and so does everyone elses in the room and you’re like UM
  • and minhyuk quickly takes his hands off yours and he turns cherry red and you’re like !!!!!! trying to gather your thoughts until you just blurt out “he’s my neighbor!”
  • and wonho is like huh do neighbors usually cuddle on couches like you two are??? and you’re like WE’RE NOT cU DD Li ng,,,,,,,but i mean you are practically halfway into his lap with minhyuks arm looped around your shoulders so mayb it looks like that but minhyuk is clearing his throat like ANYWAY HOW WAS YOUR TRIP
  • and that’s enough to distract everyone and you get up like i think,,,,,i should go?? and minhyuk’s like what no you should stay-
  • but you’re like bowing as you leave like iT WAS FUN BYE
  • and you’re back in your room so you don’t hear how all the boys abandon the talk about wonho’s trip and are like MINHYUK YOU LIKE THEM DONT YOU
  • and minhyuk is like yES BUT U IDIOTS RUINED IT FOR ME
  • but,,,,,,they totally didn’t 
  • because the next day as you’re heading for your weekly study group you bump right into someone and??? it’s minhyuk??? and you’re like “i never see you in the library??” and minhyuk is blushing again scratching his neck like,,,,”y-yeah but hyungwon knows this kid in your study group who knows you and they told me you’d be here anyway um i kind of want to apologize for you know,,,being a noisy neighbor and also for my embarrassing friends last night-”
  • and you’re like looking down at your book in your hands trying not to smile a bit because you can kind of tell where this is going
  • and minhyuk takes a breath and he’s like “-but also i came because i wanted to know if you maybe want to,,,,,,,goonadateliketogetsomeicecreamorsomething some time…..”
  • and you almost giggle, but you look up and you’re like 
  • “id love that. want to meet after my study group is over?” and minhyuk lights up like a goddamn christmas tree he’s like YES ill,,,,,be waiting
  • and you nod and head toward the table where your group is and minhyuk steps into a random aisle to do an excited little wiggle dance that the student next to him sees and is just like eyes emoji about
  • but yeah you and minhyuk do go on this little date
  • and you guys eat mango ice cream together and minhyuk talks about how he’s recently thought about quitting archery so he can make more time to apply for this job at a local dance academy
  • and you tell him about your studies
  • and even though your fields are miles apart minhyuk is still so interested and supportive of everything you’re telling him, like he’s more engaged than some of your friends when you tell him and like it always feels good to have someone acknowledge you
  • and minhyuk is that kind of person. he never lets a conversation die
  • and like you get your ice-cream even though it’s pretty cold out and minhyuk is like “are your hands cold??” because when you walk out of the cafe you’re blowing on them 
  • you’re like a bit,,,i think i shouldn’t have ordered a cone and held it-
  • and then suddenly minhyuk is taking your hands in his and slipping them into his coats pocket and he’s like ^^ is that warm??
  • and you’re like ohmy ogdo,,,,,but also you’re like yes ;; and you can feel minhyuks fingers link with yours in his pocket and you’re like 
  • gosh he’s so cute H O W 
  • and after that you two go on many more dates,,,even though sometimes your dates get interrupted by minhyuk’s many different friends (most of all though monsta x magically appears at the like movie you two decided to go to ‘by accident’ and won’t stop teasing minhyuk about how c*rny he is for taking you to a romcom but then you’re like shut up you all bought tickets to the romcom JUST to make fun of us but i saw jooheon cry!
    jooheon: sniffing DONT COME FOR ME blows his nose)
  • but you don’t mind minhyuk’s friends and you don’t mind minhyuks loud music, loud laugh, loud personality aT ALL in fact you adore it
  • because he’s so lively and nothing is ever awkward with him
  • minhyuk makes you feel like you’re always welcome to tell him anything
  • to put it simply minhyuk, very quickly, starts feeling like home to you
  • and speaking of home you spend like 50% of your time over at his apartment
  • instead of listening to him practice through the walls of your room you actually come over and watch him dance
  • and he’s always like ‘score me’ and you’re like ‘10′ and he’s like nOOOO u said 10 yesterday TOOO and you’re like sorry you’re perfect and i love you 
  • and minhyuk gets embarrassed like DONT say you love me so easily 
  • and you’re like “too bad: I love you I love you I love you I l-”
  • minhyuk shuts you up with a kiss and then covers his face like AH CANT BELIEVE I DID THAt
  • and you’re just giggling because it’s cute how he gets embarrassed of himself
  • but also minhyuk knows the perfect way to get you flustered too whenever he’s practicing he will sometimes pull you up on your feet and be like “dance with me!!”
  • and you’re like oh,,,babe no i SUCK 
  • but he puts his hands on your hips and tries moving you this way and that or holds your hands and twirls you around and you’re always like min!!!!hyuk!!!! but he just laughs until you go along with it
  • and you two get tired and collapse on his floor and minhyuk rolls over to smile at you with his sweaty hair in his face
  • and in that moment everytime you get this rush of emotions and you’ll move closer to kiss him a little more passionately than usual and minhyuk always kisses back
  • but he also pushes away first and curls up into an embarrassed blushy little ball and you pout becuase you’re like minhyuk come back,,,,,come back let me kiss you again !!! and maybe do more
  • and minhyuk is like oK but let’s get on the couch at least-
  • such a gentleman even when he doesnt have to be hehe
  • you once came over and you couldn’t find him and then you heard the shower running so you were like ok!! ill join him
  • and when you did you damn near almost gave him a heart attack but he was thankful and it was cute you washed his hair and shoulders
  • and also did some other things which i will not discuss in detail (-:
  • but yeah you think minhyuk looks the best in his sweatpants, dancing diligently along with the music
  • you can see the passion in his eyes and the love he has for it and sometimes he gets down on himself
  • because people pass him off as some kind of airheaded kid who probably doesn’t try hard in his studies
  • but you just hold his cheeks and kiss his whole face and you’re like “you know you’re going to prove them all wrong - you’re going to be a great teacher.”
  • sometimes you get texts from changkyun whose like “your boyfriends a lab safety hazard he almost lit the lab plants on fire” and you’re like “isn’t he charming <33333″ changkyun: “………”
  • minhyuk telling you random facts about your bones and like how they work and you’re just like lol imagine if all my joints were made of jello and minhyuk is like oh my god that’d be cool though
  • hyungwon: what the hell are you two talking about. like ever
  • but also you two are so heart-warming to see because minhyuk adores you to pieces and he’s vocal about it with his friends and sometimes someone is like “why are you smiling at your phone?” and minhyuk’s just like “im reading my conversation with y/n and they’re so funny and stunning and amazing and lovely and -”
  • you too tbh someone is like what do you like about your boyfriend and you have like a power point slide ready at hand you just
  • you both just love each other so much and so whole heartedly
  • the neighbor who complains about minhyuk’s music comes over one day pissed off and you’re just like 
  • apologizing on minhyuks behalf and you’re like “maybe we can go practice in my room since its further away?” and minhyuks like ok!!!
  • but it’s not the best idea because he almost knocks over your lamp and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • i love you but also back to your room if the person complains again we’ll just turn off the music and pretend we’re not here LOL
  • minhyuk keeps telling you that for your honeymoon he’s gonna take you to disneyland and you’re like first of all) honeymoon? since when-
  • and minhyuk blushes like YOURE RIGHT we’re only in college i shouldn’t push marriage-
  • but then you giggle and you’re like “ok, but you have to promise me we can take a photo with goofy. he’s my favorite”
  • and minhyuk just gets all smiley again like ok!! i promise 
  • minhyuk finally learns how to play a full song on the guitar and when he gently sings along with it in front of you you’re like ,,,,,,everything about you is so amazing already and now i found out you have the voice of an angel-
  • and minhyuk is like iM not amazing,,,,
  • but you’re like “hush come here”
  • and you like kiss him until he’s falling over and laughing against your neck 
  • and you two have the cutest inside jokes and weird nicknames for each other
  • and when you’re all out to eat one day jooheon is like “so……is minhyuk flexible (;”
  • and you’re like “yeah he’s a dancer” 
  • and jooheon’s like “yeah, i bet he has some crazy movies in be-”
  • shownu shoving rice into jooheon’s mouth: he meant to say doesn’t minhyuk have some crazy moves on the dance floor
  • you:
  • minhyuk:
  • you:………….yes jooheon he’s flexible in bed
  • the whole table: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • minhyuk: i love you so much but you’re so e M B A RR A S I NG 

college!vixx (here) & college!bts (here) & college!seventeen (here)

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find special college!wonho (here) , college!im (here), college!hyungwon (here)

and please look forward to more special college!aus!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for a first time flyer? Tips for going through the process, the long flight, and exiting the airport/picking up your luggage and all specifically that would have helped you in hindsight? I have a trip coming up and I'm slightly nervous even after googling tips since I'll likely be flying alone. Thanks ^^

As someone who has flown more than a bit before, and usually by myself, I will give you The Sudden Adult’s Guide to Surviving Plane Trips ™.

Checking In:

  • For most flights, you can “check in” as early as 24 hours before your flight. This will allow you to print your boarding pass at home/library/etc. and cut some of the time you’d be wasting standing in a long-ass line waiting to print your ticket. Gotta love technology.
  • Check your flight the morning of, or a few hours, before you’re scheduled to leave for the airport. Make sure the time hasn’t changed due to weather/mechanical issues/etc. No one wants to arrive at the airport to find out their fucking flight was delayed 5 hours and they now have to wait at a crappy airport coffee shop.
  • Get dropped off at the terminal for your flight. The best way to ensure this is to have a general idea of where your terminal will be. You don’t have to be dropped off there, but it saves you from walking and dragging your luggage down to your airline’s bag check.

Luggage Tips:

  • TIP YOUR BAG PERSON. That person who you drop your luggage off with when you arrive at the airport? Tip them. I usually give $5 per bag. A nice tip and friendly attitude ensures your bag arrives at its destination (usually).
  • If you have a black/brown/gray suitcase, try making it stand out. Usually I see people tie ribbons to the handles. Personally, I have a lime green ribbon and a pink skull luggage tag that are hard to miss (but then, my regular suitcase is also metallic, so it’s a pleasant eyesore).
  • Put luggage tags on your suitcase and carry-on. Make sure your information on the tags is up-to-date. In case your shit goes missing, you want to give the airport a way of finding you.
  • Know what your airline considers a carry-on size. Sometimes airlines will change the carry-on requirements because why not do things to piss off passengers? Check by calling the airline directly or Googling “What is a carry-on bag + name of airline.” Usually you are allowed one carry-on and one personal bag (purse/backpack/laptop case).

TSA/Security Tips:

  • Know the 3-1-1 rule and follow it. Keep your tiny liquids bag in an easily-accessible front or side pocket so you can whip it out without digging through your bag. Same goes for laptops. Make it easy to pull out, because it will have to go in a bin by itself.
  • Wear shoes that easily slip on and off, because you will have to take them off to go through security. Also, wear socks, because who knows what the fuck’s on that airport floor.
  • Take any coats/hoodies off while you wait in line. TSA agents will ask you to take these off anyway, so might as well save the people behind you some time. Same goes for any jewelry, belts, or cellphones that will set off the metal detector. Put them in a pocket of your carry-on.
  • Pay attention to the line when it moves. As a (former) frequent flyer, I cannot explain how annoying it is to be stuck in a line behind someone who is not paying attention. Don’t be that person.
  • Also, if you’re not a frequent flyer, do not get in the experienced flyer line. We can smell the inexperience.
  • Keep your ID and ticket (and passport, if required) easily accessible on your person. This will make going through any additional security nice and easy for you.

Airport Tips:

  • Find out where your terminal is, then worry about getting food or drink. Nothing is more stressful than finally getting your $20 sandwich and then having to run around a large airport trying to find your terminal. Find your terminal and then embark on the search for food.
  • Do not leave your bags unattended. This should really speak for itself.
  • Pee before you fly. Like Ma always said, use the loo before you fly, boo…especially if you need to poo.
  • Good fucking luck finding a place to charge your phone/laptop/nintendo 3DS if you’re flying out during a busy time (holidays, weekends, etc.). Solve the problem by charging these things the night before you leave.

Plane Tips:

  • Put your carry-on in the overhead bin that’s near your seat. If you have anything in there that you might want during the flight (magazine, notebook, etc.), consider getting it out before you get on the plane.
  • Sit in the seat you’ve been assigned. Unless it’s a Southwest flight (which lets passengers choose their own seats upon boarding), your ticket will say where you’ll sit. Sit there. Don’t be the seat-stealing prick of the plane.
  • If you’re nervous, listen to the flight attendant at the beginning. They will explain all regular and emergency procedures. Sometimes knowing how to survive if shit hits the fan can make you feel better.
  • If you think you may  feel sick during the flight, try chewing mint-flavored gum. Gum also helps with you ears popping. If the flight serves drinks, request something soothing like ginger ale. If not, buy a $3 bottle of lemon-lime soda from a place in the airport. My personal experience is that ginger ale solves all flight sickness (or maybe that’s a placebo effect, I don’t know and don’t care, because I like ginger ale).
  • Don’t get up when the flight attendant brings out the little drink cart. There’s never a way around it, so just sit tight until it passes you if you need to get up and pee.
  • Try getting to know your seat neighbor(s), if you’re comfortable with that. Last time I flew, I had an interesting discussion with the old dude sitting next to me about the status of the US economy.

Landing & Leaving:

  • BRACE YOURSELF! Sort of kidding, but if you’re like me and planes make you nauseous, you might want to prepare yourself (I know that I personally feel most sick during turbulence and landing).
  • Don’t bother rushing to get up and stand. The damn plane’s not going to take off again while you’re still on it, so chill out and take your time. If you’re on a flight that’s part of a connecting flight, they’ll usually ask passengers who need to leave to make their next flight to get off first. Some people are jerks and will pretend just so they can leave slightly sooner than others.
  • Be careful when you open the overhead bin. They aren’t kidding when they say stuff may have shifted around. I once saw a lady get beaned on the forehead by her kid’s carry-on.
  • Make your way to the baggage claim. If you have to pee, do it now, because luggage can take a while, so you might as well empty your bladder while you can. And if you’re lost, just follow the people form your plane, or ask someone who looks like an airport employee.
  • Stand around the luggage carousel and wait for your bag. A lot of people crowd around the opening, but you can stand out and wait near the end. The bags go around in circles for fucks sake, so it’s not like you only have one chance to grab your bag. Also, double-check that it is your bag.
  • Check that your ride knows when and where to pick you up. Let them know your flight number, arrival time, and terminal so they can be on the lookout. Pick someone reliable (I’ve been left waiting before, I can tell you it sucks ass).

So…yep. That’s all the tips I can think of.

-The Sudden Adult

PS. If you’re gonna fly, don’t let your arms get tired! HA. HA. HA.

anonymous asked:

hey! can i get a vamp!au with shiro please :) thank you

Note: if people do not specify whether they want headcanons or scenarios, i will automatically do headcanons

  • generally a very respectful vampire
  • knows to keep his life private
  • either lives in the general huge mansion or in a normal apartment there is no in between
  • he doesn’t go out much
  • tries to keep everything down but of course there are rumors
  • If he lived in a mansion
  • you probably would have been dared by one of your stupid friends to go in it
  • classic horror story
  • he doesn’t open the door, lets you sneak in have your fun
  • “guys there is no one WHAT THE F-”
  • okay he just really likes scaring you okay
  • your “friends” run the hell away and you’re just standing there, with the tall owner to this mansion that you just kinda..trespassed on.
  • “what..lovely weather we have today.“
  • “it’s rained the past week.“
  • wow okay obviously he’s all business
  • anyway he kinda?? likes you
  • you decide to stay because the storm picks up so you guys just kinda talk because you’re scared he’ll sue you or something
  • turns out he’s a nice guy
  • sometimes he speaks in old slang and ur like “what…” and he’s like oh crap yeah i meant…cool
  • you kind of end up coming back time and time again because…he’s cute.
  • and he kind of ends up loving you because…ur cute
  • and you smell really nice???is that lavender???? ocean breeze????
  • also he really loves your smile and you love his soft smiles and wow you guys are so cute
  • if he lived in an apartment
  • you’re his nice, neighbor
  • you instantly like him - he’s quiet
  • everyone goes “omg ya that’s the vampire of our apartment” or at least all the kids say that and ur like :/ seriously leave the dude alone
    • “he….ages well??“
  • you become a new neighbor so you decide to be good and get to know all of your neighbors on your floor or at least the close ones
  • and so you knock on the door and he’s like oh…someone.
  • and you’re like yup yup i’m someone i brought you cookies
  • and he looks happy for a moment like yeah cool
  • but his house is so :/ dim like three or something lights are on and ur like okay…i guess he likes to save money
  • and then the next week he tries to ‘repay it’ by bringing you a pot of ramen because surprise shiro can cook
  • and you invite him in to eat some and he’s??? cool
  • like you guys become friends
    • “ doesn’t bother you that everyone thinks you’re a vampire“
    • “well they’re not wrong“
    • “wHAT”
    • “yeah so um you’re in college? what are you majoring in?“

madmadcat  asked:

#41 - “Damn auto-correct…” - Kylux

Having a pool allows one certain advantage: like getting to invite your handsome neighbor over on especially hot days. Hux knows this, and uses it well to his advantage. It has to be fate, how nicely this has all worked out. Kylo, the new guy who moved in two houses away with his dog and who does something like yoga on his back porch except those are no poses Hux has ever seen before–he’s a former swimmer, was on the team in college. He misses swimming, he tells Hux, looking hungrily at the fakey-blue water of the sparkling clean pool as they chat one day. Well. Hux thinks he’s looking at the pool. It’d be easy to flatter himself into thinking Kylo’s looking one foot over, at Hux himself, but it’s better to just wait and see. Don’t get your hopes up. That kind of thing.

But Kylo accepts every single invitation to swim. He’ll stay for a long time, moving in endless graceful circles like something living in an aquarium. “Did you know they have to put barriers in circular shark tanks?” Kylo says one day, after abruptly changing directions. “Otherwise the sharks will only swim in one direction forever.”

He’s smart, too. Interesting. Helpful. Offers to pitch in when Hux needs something. He wants to do something in exchange for getting to use the pool so often, so he will insist on mowing the lawn or running to pick up some lunch. His timing is always excellent, too. Hux gets a text from Kylo in the very grossest, most relentless heat of August, when Hux has foolishly decided would be a great time to refinish the deck around the pool. Need any help with anything?

Oh, god, this would go so much faster with two people. He texts back god,yes, with my deck and then wipes his brow. It’s not until he gets the reply a few minutes later that he realizes what has just happened.

I mean, yes, definitely, but give me a few minutes? I didn’t know you were down too???

Holy shit. “Damn autocorrect,” Hux growls, realizing it changed his message to god, yes, with my dick.

Should he be honest? Like, completely honest? It would be easier to do so over text. 

Oh my fucking god. I meant deck. I’m refinishing my deck. At my pool.

Followed immediately by:

But uh…..I didn’t know you were down in the first place? 

The most agonizing minute of waiting ever, and then:

So if I still come over, I can help you finish the deck and then finish your dick?

Hux lets out the ugliest snort.

You’re more than welcome to do both. 

A barrier forces you to go in a new direction. A good one. A fun one. 

anonymous asked:

So i just got sooo bored with sims...i dunno why. Then I tried the autumn mod and some cc cause I thought maybe my game needs just a new look but Im still not happy with it. Do you have any advice on keeping up the fun with the game?

hiii!! here’s what i do to keep up the fun :-)

  • play on the normal lifespan
  • work on your sims’ relationships/skills/jobs
  • have your sims have a baby
  • try things you don’t usually do (it can be a job, give a trait you never use to a sim, live in a world you never play in…)
  • add some drama!! a little bit of cheating can spice up your gameplay
  • make up your sims’ personalities, it is really a fun thing to do!! just watch them do their things to get to know them
  • make them move in another house/apartment
  • create neighbors that your sims can be friends (or enemies) with
  • make then go outside, like have dinner in a restaurant or visit a museum!!
  • throw parties!!! it somehow keeps me entertained so maybe it can help you
  • and last but not least if you lose inspiration go watch let’s plays on youtube i can guarantee you it will make you want to play!!
Small towns and pickup lines, part 1

Summary: The reader has sworn off sex after several bad encounters. Dean tries to pick her up. 

Characters: Dean x Reader, mention of Sam

Word Count: 1920

Warnings: light angst, panic attack, discussions of sex and guys being douchebags

Author’s Note: This is part one of two. Part two is written and will hopefully be out later this week

The town of Lebanon, Kansas has a population of 218 people according to the 2010 census and it has all the charms and pitfalls of being a small town—mainly that everyone knows everyone and newcomers stick out like a sore thumb. It also has the added benefit that everyone else seems to know everyone else’s business—especially the single women of child-bearing age.

Got a new job? Your neighbors know before you get hired.  Got a new boyfriend? They know that, too. Lose your virginity in the cramped backseat of a neon yellow mustang with Robby Peterson in the cemetery under a full moon? Little old Mrs. Halshauser gives you dirty looks out her kitchen window when you get home five minutes after curfew. The rest of the town knows by the time you roll up to school the next morning, which only makes the disaster worst. High schoolers are vicious and the gossip doesn’t stop with them.

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Boy Next Door (Final)

Part 1

Summary:  You left your keys to your apartment, so you decided to sleep at the hallway. Only to find yourself waking up in a room that looks like your apartment.

Pairing:  Steve x Reader

Warning/s:  None. Fluff and a lot of awkwardness

Number of Words: 1,151

This is awkward.

A few minutes ago you thought of nothing but go to bed, eat and sleep a lot after 16 hours of working but now, you’re thinking about reasons why you’re stuck inside a broken elevator with the number one guy that you don’t want to be with in a situation like this.

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Mad Sounds: Part 2 [Modern!Kylo x Reader]

Summary: Sleepless after an eventful night, you turn to Kylo for comfort. 

Part 1

A/N: I wanted to lighten the mood a smidge after some intense stuff in part 1. Enjoy!

Warnings: Just fluff and angst. 

Word count: 1,600+

You had been staring at your ceiling so long you were sure you would never forget the sight. Bundled up in your sheets, you were warm, but to say you were comfortable was a lie. You had wound yourself so tightly in them, thinking it would make you feel safe and secure, but you just could not fall asleep. Not after what happened. 

You had an idea, but you didn’t want to act on it. Every time you decided to get up, your body didn’t go along with it. You groaned out loud, frustrated with your conflicting thoughts. Closing your eyes tightly, you sat up quickly enough you wouldn’t have to think about what you were doing. You wrapped a blanket around you and trudged into your living room, defeated. It reminded you of your childhood, except the nightmare wasn’t in your mind. 

Standing in the hall, you sighed heavily, obviously. It was more of an announcement of your appearance than anything. You didn’t want to scare Kylo. He had offered to sleep on your couch, to keep you safe while your window was busted open from earlier. You had gladly accepted his offer. But now, it was awkward. 

His dark locks fell away from his face as his head poked up from the other side of the sofa. “Y/N? What’s wrong?!” He started to get up, but you waved him down. 

“Just can’t fall asleep.”

“Can’t blame you. You had an eventful night.” Kylo sat up properly and patted the sofa cushion next to him. 

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anonymous asked:

What's it like having a waifu? Serious question. I've never had one

You know that BBQ smell that gets in the air when your neighbors are grilling outside?

But like you can’t have any no matter how much you want it because you don’t really know them and they’re having a party or something?

It’s like that but with your heart instead of your nose 

Again // Yuta - NCT

Originally posted by chocosicheng

God look a this cute lil’shit currently ruining my life….


That’s how you felt whenever you saw him.

He skateboarded by your building every day at the same time, and you couldn’t help but stand out on your balcony and wait for him—though you weren’t that painfully obvious about it. You were always doing something out there: reading, hanging laundry (even though everyone these days had dryers), cleaning of some sort; really anything you could find.

He never made it easy on you, either. Every time he boarded past your balcony and saw you up there, he’d turn and glide smoothly and gave you what you called his signature smirk and a taunting wink..

Every. Single. Day.

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anonymous asked:

Niall the butt guy blurb

For his sixteenth birthday, Niall had gotten a camera—a nice one. One that took the clearest shots and developed like the ones he used on his old film camera. Since his mum let him take his first picture when he was six years old using her old Polaroid camera, he was hooked. His dream was to be a photographer—he didn’t care what type, he would do it all. Weddings, graduations, special occasions, magazine, newspaper…anything.

The day after his sixteenth birthday he started taking pictures and never stopped. Through college he took more classes and worked on a film degree too (he wasn’t stupid; he knew until his name got out there he would need a backup plan). All the while, he spent his weekends taking hikes (and taking pictures) and taking photos of people that went on to his official photography website.

Niall was even lucky enough to do a few weddings and he got great reviews. He was getting a little more popular around his town and the surrounding areas and he was very grateful. But nothing made him as grateful as the day he saw your request for the following weekend.

Just want a few formal photos of myself. Couple headshots, something for my mom to frame…etc…let me know what I need to do. Excited to see you!

In college, the two of you spoke only on a handful of occasions but always for long lengths of time. To say Niall was in love with you was an understatement. Without asking, he would grovel at your feet just to talk to you. When you were in the same photography class together he almost cried. As stalkerish as it was, Niall loved to take pictures of you. He thought you were beautiful and he wanted to capture it every chance he got. Whenever the class went on nature walks, he always got a few shots of you to develop. You knew of course, you always blushed and hid your face. “The reason I’m in this class is because I don’t want to be photographed, you idiot,” you giggled.

Of course Niall met you when you were seated—that’s important to why he’s in love with you. The first hour of class was spent getting to know your neighbor and Niall was the lucky one to be seated next to you. You were studying to be an art teacher and you were beautiful and wore a flower crown. Niall wanted to do everything with you.

After that class, you managed to run into one another every now and again but for the most part you guys had gone your separate ways. He figured you needed a picture for your resume or something but he was excited to see you so he contacted you as soon as he finished reading your submission and gave you a list of places to go and he would bring you back to his place or a library or something to do the formal headshot.

So all that week every picture Niall took made him smile as he counted down the days until he would be looking at you through a lens again.


The reason it was important that Niall met you sitting down, he really liked butts. And as perverted as that sounded, he couldn’t bring himself to care. Yours was very nice. He would love to touch it all day if he could.

Yours wasn’t huge and he was okay with that just because he would like to put his hands on each cheek and he imagined his hands were made to touch your butt. Nonetheless, he was very excited to meet with you again.

Giving him a big hug and smile he admired how adorable you looked. You looked so professional and cute. A collared shirt popped out from the bright blue sweater you were wearing and a chunky necklace draped over your chest. Your pants were dark gray and you were wearing ballet flats. You were lovely as ever, your hair curled loosely at the ends and your makeup looked flawless even to him.

“How are you?” You asked.

“Oh just fine, and you?” he said fiddling with his camera so he wouldn’t try to sneak a peek at your butt when you turned to your car to check the doors were locked.

“Pretty good. Just working when I can these days,” you told him. “I miss school honestly. Never worried about a job when I was working toward my career,” you joked as your smile somehow brighter.

“Well, I guess it’s gonna take my picture of you to get a job,” he chuckled.

Rolling your eyes, you sighed. “I know. Don’t remind me, Mr. Moneybags. Believe me, I’m furious I have to be in front of the camera.”

Shaking his head, he put the camera up to his eye to get a candid of you fluffing your hair. “Why I’ll never know, love.” Blushing you looked down and shrugged. Leaving it alone for now, Niall instructed you on how to sit or stand as he finally got to photograph his favorite subject again.


He got a call late in the evening. Kind of weird since most people just texted him. But of course, it was you. “How did you do this?” You asked as soon as he said hello.

“Do what?” he murmured. He knew the proofs had been sent out and he imagined that you were looking at them after a long day and that explained the call.

“Niall…” his heart fluttered as you said his name. “I look…beautiful.”

Chuckling, he sighed shaking his head as he listened to your shocked voice. “I hate to be the one to tell you this, love. But you did that all on your very own,” he promised. “I just take the pictures. I don’t tell them how to look.”


In the course of the next few weeks, Niall was enraptured with you and he took approximately one hundred trillion photos of you while he looked at you. “Niall, I love photography as much as the next person…but do you think you could just enjoy me in person for a minute?” You said. Niall knew, heard, and felt how sweetly you meant it—hell, you hadn’t stopped blushing which meant he had to take another fourteen photos.

“Sorry, princess,” he said setting his camera on his nightstand. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to have you all to myself and just…” he sighed dreamily and you grinned lazily at him before he devoured your lips. It ached into your lower tummy as he kissed you. It felt like heaven to have your lips tingle and your mouth burn against his.

His hands started to roam and ever the gentleman, Niall just ran his hands all along the curve of your waist and snaked them around over your lower back. He slowly inched lower dying to touch your bum and he was waiting for you to give some affirmation of some sort that it was okay.

But you didn’t care because your hands were too far deep in his hair and your tongue was searching for the answer to life somewhere at the back of his teeth.

So when his hands finally touched your perfect butt he moaned softly against your lips and you could instantly feel him harden against you. You felt the blush rise all over your face and his hands just moved around your bum as he felt every inch of it.

Eventually you both pulled away from each other and panted for air. Niall’s forehead rested against yours while his hands hadn’t moved from your backside. “May I help you?” You asked peering over your shoulder as the two of you laid down facing one another on the bed.

Now it was Niall’s turn to blush. “Um…” He bit his lip. “I really like your butt,” he said quietly.

Smirking, you sunk your teeth into your bottom lip and tried to decide if you were brave enough to actually say it or not. “Well, then why don’t I get these pants out of the way to give you a better look,” you suggested and moved your hands to the buttons on your jeans.

Niall moaned quietly releasing his hands for a moment off your perfect butt. “You have no idea what you do to me, princess…”


All right, I’m gonna go ahead and call pre-boarding for all Zabvronians with elite status. Ah… Oh. No, wait. That’s… that’s only me. Suck it, coach trash.