getting to know your female models

“Reach for your goal. Say what you’re told. Think that you know. See what you’re shown. Watch it get old. It only gets old.”


Due to complications concerning the Big Brother challenge, I’ve decided to switch it over to the second most-voted challenge. Sims’ Next Top Model! With great excitement, I’d like to announce that the casting call will begin immediately! If you’re interested, I’d love to have your sim in the challenge!!

Here are the rules… 

  • Must be human
  • Sims must be female-presenting (female, non-binary, etc.)
  • Ages allowed are YA-Adult
  • Both gallery submissions and/or tray files are accepted! If using the gallery, tag #wonkysntm in your post.
  • Maxis match CC is accepted, but if used, please link me to the download.
  • Please get creative! Diversity is encouraged!

10 submissions will be selected on Wednesday, October 5th

  • (I know that this is a rather speedy time for submissions, so if there isn’t enough by that time I will extend the call a week. I’m going to be gone the 8th-15th, so I was hoping to get some gameplay and queues in before then)

Now for the fun stuff! To submit a sim, make a post with their picture and the following requirements below. @ and tag me as well! (tags are below) 

  • Name:
  • Pronouns:
  • Age:
  • Traits:
  • Personality:
  • Background:
  • Their thoughts regarding SNTM:

Notify me at @wonkysims and tag #wonkysntm !

Good luck to everyone! I’m hoping that some people are interested in this challenge and, if so, I can’t wait to see your sims~

All the love,


At 20-years-old, Gigi Hadid’s modelling career already spans Chanel runways, Tom Ford shoots and winning Model of the Year – not to mention millions following her every sartorial move on Instagram. But what else? Follow our three-part interview as we get to know Gigi
that bit better – from her passion for criminal psychology to playing Olympic qualifiers and spreading female solidarity with BFFs Taylor,Kendall and Cara.

You’ve modelled for Chanel, Balmain and now
Topshop. But how did your career start out?

I was given my first job by Paul Marciarno for Guess
when I was two years old. Luckily I felt really
comfortable in front of a camera because my mom was
always taking pictures of me and my sister as kids. She
was my first photographer and stylist so it never felt
like work!

Did you do much more modelling as a child?

No, my mom stopped me after Guess so that I could
have a normal childhood and develop other talents.
She wanted me to have a sense of myself before
I went into an industry that can be very tough and
judgemental. It’s nice to have been able to make that
choice for myself as I got a bit older.

Was it important for you to go back to school?

I wouldn’t take back high school for anything in the
world. It was the best time and I was really passionate
about playing volleyball and riding horses. I went
to the Junior Olympic qualifiers for volleyball and
was really competitive on my horses. It was a tough
decision to choose modelling over volleyball
and riding as my career – but I’ll always have those
passions on the side.

I’m a real geek about criminal
psychology. I have no idea where
that came from…

What do you love about horse riding?

It’s something I’ve always been good at. I like going
fast and I love the connection with the horses –
they’re the best animals in the world. Oh and I’m really
competitive - I have to win!

Any other secret talents?

I’m a real geek about criminal psychology. I have
no idea where that came from – my mom used to catch
me sitting home at nine years old watching Forensic
Files instead of the Disney channel. She was like
– ‘my daughter’s either brilliant or really weird!’