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I Believe In Nothing (100 Suns Sequel: Chapter 9)

(A/N: Sorry that there’s been a gap between chapters but I’ve been stupidly sleep deprived these past few days and just needed a break to get myself back on track. Anyway, enjoy guys! X)

Closing her eyes, Zoë breathed out, trying to catch her breath. She didn’t know what had just happened or why it has happened but fuck was it good. Waking up to that was like waking up in heaven. But she was sure in heaven she wouldn’t have a busted wrist and a pounding headache.

Feeling kisses slowly making their way up her body, Zoë rested her good hand on top of Jared’s head, running her fingers through his unkempt locks. She hummed, glancing down to see him in between her covered breasts, kissing his way up. The soft kisses on her neck and jawline soon landed on her plump, bitten lips.

Tenderly kissing them, Zoë could taste herself on his lips and moaned quietly. Jared pulled away and leant his forehead against hers, watching that soft expression fall over her face.

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not a lot of people really understand how difficult it can be to process and respond to information with autism and/or ADHD

i get confused easily. i do things wrong. i forget how to do things i’ve already done before. i do things in weird, inefficient ways.

please try not to get frustrated with me when i move through a process slowly or clumsily, and most of all, please don’t yell at me. in these moments, i could use nothing more than patience and gentleness.

anonymous asked:

Have any feelings about Supercorp?

Oh yes. I have many a feeling about Supercorp. 

BUT I have an insane amount of feelings for Evil!Kara x Lena Luthor AU

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You don’t love girls on the playground, or long for them from afar.
Instead you stay inside with the teacher and build card castles from an incomplete deck and wish that you had blonde hair and aeropostale sweaters

You don’t love girls in middle school. You don’t love anyone for that matter, especially yourself. You think of boys destroying you and call it love. And when that fails, you destroy yourself slowly and invisibly. No one notices.

You don’t love girls when you finally get to high school. You don’t know anyone and don’t want to. You excel and you strive and your words are so sharp and sure no one questions anything you do. You still haven’t gotten used to being lonely and you suffocate on your thoughts.

You meet a girl halfway through your freshman year and you don’t love girls, especially that one. You wish you could say she wasn’t like the sun or the endless depth of the ocean or a city at night viewed from an airplane or the cup of coffee that revives you in the dead of winter at 4 am while you’re buried in textbooks. You wish you could say she wasn’t every cliched word spilled from the pen of an amateur poet’s bleeding heart because you don’t love girls. You don’t love girls. You don’t love girls. You can’t love girls. Not this girl, not the best and only friend you’ve ever had. Your faux confidence compliments her Libra sensibilities, You are passionate, while she is kind. She is made from the things you lack, and she is built to break your heart in the worst way possible. And you know she loves you, everyone does. In the end, you can’t say no to the words she never asked. You give in to her but you still don’t love girls.

You kiss her and you love her so much you forget to hate yourself. You love her more than this life and whatever comes after and if the sun exploded today you would fight it just to preserve this feeling. You would denounce any philosophical ideology, personal belief, or relationship to hold her. You don’t realize it in time. You don’t realize you love girls until the girl you claimed you didn’t love left you. You see your love for girls at the bottom of a bottle and the burning embers of a joint. You see it when you push your bed against the wall so you don’t have to look at the side that she use to sleep on. You see it when you sob for Orlando and also when you attend your first Pride. You love girls, because it wouldn’t hurt this much if you didn’t.

You love girls, you know you do. Not because you’ve known since you wore light up sneakers and had gaps in your teeth. Not because you dress like a tomboy and later like a frat boi even though you have long, beautiful hair. You love girls because you have suffered and loved and lost. You love girls enough to write shitty poems about the girl that enlightened and left you. You love girls and wait for the day they love you too.

—  what i learned in the years before i knew i was gay

Some fake screencaps for Legend of Genji! I used Korra screenshots as a base and painted on top. :D

I’m slowly but surely getting the hang of drawing him. I haven’t figured out the best method for drawing fire and shit yet though. I’m thinking of telling the story through illustrations like these with writing below? We’ll see! <3

If you have ideas for the story, please feel free to message me! I’d love input from other fans!


(Yoongi drabble #4)

W: Smut. Just plain simple smut. Please read with caution.

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I Don’t Do Jealous

The hunt through time to stop Vandal Savage continues, you and the rest of the team get prepared to face him while Rip comes up with the best time to strike. In the beginning, you thought travelling through time to stop the bad guy would be easy, thinking that it would be one quick trip and you would all return home in no time. Your adventures thus far with this team have proven otherwise. You can’t even remember how long it has been from the moment you decided to join this crusade. When the missions is complete and the time has come to go home, you can return with your head held high knowing you saved the world from a great evil.

Your teammates are a bunch of unique individuals, who in an ideal situation, would be unlikely to work together. Yet here you all are, travelling through space and time with one another, learning to work as a team effectively. Slowly but surely you are getting there. Sure, Snart and Rory are a bit of a wildcard but even they have proved themselves to be worthy team players, which you never thought for a second would happen. 

For some reason, Snart draws you in. The more time you spend getting to know him the more a bond between you forms. Of all the people on this ship, you did not expect to catch a soft spot for Leonard Snart, a well-known criminal. He’s not your go to type but there’s just something about him. Maybe it’s the way his cold blue eyes stare directly into yours when he is talking to you. Or perhaps it’s the way a small smirk forms on his lips whenever you stand your ground with the others and when he sees you fighting. You can deny it all you want but the fact is you have feelings towards Leonard. 

At this very moment, Leonard is contently watching you from a close distance. He casually lays on the floor, resting his head against one of the metal pillars behind him, one leg crossed over the other. You are sitting down in the middle of the floor in a meditating position to focus your mind, using your telekinetic abilities to levitate random objects around your body. They orbit around you like the planets do with the sun, you are the life force that keeps them going and Leonard finds it oddly satisfying to watch. You don’t have a concentrated look on your face, it is free from any expression as you carry out this display with such ease. 

Even with your eyes completely closed you can still feel Leonard’s eyes on you.”You know it’s rude to stare, right?” A smile appears on your face as you direct a question to him. 

To which he smugly replies. “Did you know that I don’t have any manners? And I wasn’t staring, don’t flatter yourself.”

You open your eyes and turn your head to face him whilst keeping all the objects in the air, even he can’t deny the fact that is rather impressive. “You’re such a charmer, Snart.” He laughs slightly at your comment.

What he likes about you the most is your sarcastic sense of humour, it strikes well with him. While many others would be easily offended by your sharp tongue and forward nature, Snart admires it. Sure, you may be like the others on this team who believe in protecting the innocent and doing what is best for the greater good and all, but he sees something different in you. You’re not afraid to make those tough choices that the others are morally restricted by. You can easily take back control of a situation when it is spiralling downwards and that is why this team needs you. That and so you can keep him and Rory in check because they respect you enough to actually listen. 

Deciding that you have trained your mind enough for today you get up onto your feet. That’s when Ray enters the room with his pearly white smile, causing Snart to roll his eyes and look the other way. Although he has grown to tolerate Ray he still can’t stand him at the best of times. 

“Hey, y/n. I’ve been looking all over for you.” Ray stops a few steps away from you. 

“Hey Ray, is there a problem?” You return a small smile. 

“There’s no problem exactly… But I could use your help with something.” He begins to say walking towards you slowly. Even Snart can tell that he is clearly trying to be flirtatious in the way he carries himself and how he looks at you. This isn’t exactly the first time he has witnessed him flirting with you either.

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Distance Hurts

In which Simon can’t sleep at night because you’re travelling and he misses you.

Requested? Yes. I’m slowly but surely getting through all 23 requests 😳😳

As soon as you walked out of your meeting, books and binders held in your arms messily, you could finally check your phone. It had been going off for a while and you wondered what in hell could have been going on that someone needed to contact you so desperately. At first your phone had rung, after which you put it on silent against your will, but it kept vibrating, so you had to turn it on ‘Do Not Disturb’ in the end.

Stepping outside into the busy streets of New York City and waving around for a cab, you quickly unlocked your phone.

5 new text messages from Si 💕

2 missed calls from Si 💕

You quickly checked your watch to see what time it was, and then did the mental math to work out what time it was back in England, where your long term boyfriend was.

Simon was struggling a little to be alone. I mean, he was still living with the rest of the boys, but he claimed that without you there, it didn’t feel right. Simon wasn’t usually the type to feel clingy, but hen you weren’t within a fifteen minute drive, it seemed like he needed to tell you he missed you every time a minute passed.

You pouted down at your screen as you read his texts, standing on the edge of the road and listening to all the cabs drive by.

I miss you baby 💕💕

When are you coming home? I want to cuddle xx

Where are you right now? When will you have wifi again?

The boys say they miss you too

Pls come home soon 💔xxx

It honestly broke your heart to see how upset he felt when you weren’t there. You looked up and waved at a cab, who flashed his bright lights at you to say he was coming your way. You looked down again and decided to call Simon.

He picked up after the ringer only went off twice.

'Y-N?’ Simon said straight after answering the call.

'Hey Si,’ You said with a sigh and ruffled your hair, letting the cold air pass through. It was overly hot in the meeting room, but you didn’t want to ask to open the windows in case someone else was cold. There was a lady from India sitting next to you, who still had her winter coat on.

'I’m sorry, were you in a meeting?’ He asked. His gorgeous deep voice suited his thick British accent, and for a second it felt like you were home again. You had gotten used to all the thick American accents by now.

'Yeah, I was. It was probably the longest meeting ever,’ You rolled your eyes although he couldn’t see it. 'What are you doing, why are you still awake?’ You asked.

'I can’t sleep,’

'Si, it’s five in the morning there. Usually you’d be asleep by now.’ Concern laced your tired voice.

'I know, but the bed is cold and I don’t have my perfect, beautiful girlfriend to curl up to. I really miss you, Y-N.’ He croaked, and sniffed at the end.

'Are you crying?’ You almost whispered, feeling your own bottom lip tremble.

'W-when are you coming home again?’ He avoided my question, knowing that it would upset me if he told me the truth.

'Tomorrow night. It’s only a couple more hours, love.’ I forced myself to smile as I sat down in the cab and quickly told him the hotel I was staying at. 'I’m in a cab right now, and when I’m at the hotel I’ll have wifi again so we can FaceTime.’ I told him, excited to see his handsome face.

'I’m not sure you want to see me right now,’ He uttered throatily.

'Simon, I don’t care if you’re crying or if it’s dark in your room. Of course I still want to see your lovely face and your lovely blue eyes and your soft blonde hair. Oh my God, I miss you so much.’ I whispered the last part, tears completely covering my eyes now. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly and let the tears run down my face freely.

'I love you,’ Simon whispered back equally softly. You sniffed your nose and smiled, telling yourself to calm down.

'I love you too, I’ll call you in about fifteen minutes, okay?’

'Okay, bye-bye.’ He said and I could almost hear the weak smile in his voice.

Writing this made me a little emotional :(

Mel xx

Summer Memories - Part I: Breakfast

Stan didn’t recover his memories all at once-it took a full week of intensive scrapbook therapy for him to get them back. It’s been one heck of a summer, that’s for sure, and she’s been there through all of it. This weird, kind, excitable little girl who calls him Grunkle Stan and who brought him back from the blankness in his head. This girl who trusted him when no one else could.


Thanks to Scribefindegil for betaing!

You’re our hero, Stanley…

The old man shifted in the space between sleep and wakefulness, feeling the firm couch come into existence underneath him. The heartbroken face in his dream, in his memory, was slowly replaced as light leaked into him and filled his vision with another face. A soft, apple-cheeked one with eager brown eyes, and a smile big enough to swallow the sun.

“Good morning, Grunkle Stan!”

He’d been told his name was Stanley, though he still felt more comfortable with the name Stanford, but there was something warm and just right in that name, Grunkle Stan. He blinked up at the girl leaning over him. He knew who she was. Mabel. His niece–no, his grand-niece. He knew who the man pressed against him was too, still snoring, with one arm slung across his chest. That was his twin brother. The true owner of the name Stanford Pines.

By now he had lots of memories of Mabel. He remembered letting her wind her yarn around his feet while he was watching TV so she could knit one of those big, crazy sweaters she loved. Remembered holding a bowl of pancake mix while she added in gummi koalas and toffee peanuts and everything else she’d found in the cabinet. He remembered driving his car through the town while blindfolded with her sitting on his lap shouting “Right turn! Now left! Hit the brakes, Grunkle Stan, you just ran over a stop sign!”

The image that stood out the most in his mind was what he still thought of as his first memory, even if he knew it must have come sixty-something years into his life. It was the image of her running up to him and leaping into his arms to hug him. And the look on her face when he didn’t know why she’d done it.

He didn’t want to see that look on her face ever again.

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Word count: 963

You were very careful. You and your boyfriend always used protection before you start with the pills. Those damn pills. Eric didn’t want any kids. Maybe in four or five years you could convince him, but right now? No way.

You move slowly, getting up from the bed without waking him up. Grabbing a coat, you leave the apartment in tears. He’ll probably be mad, or even break up with you. Right? But Eric loves you. He does, you’re sure. But there’s no way to guess his reaction.

“(Y/N)?” Someone screams from behind you, the voice echoing through the empty corridor. But you keep walking, trying not to cry too loud.

“(Y/N), wait! What happened? ” You recognize Four’s voice and stop. You wait for him to come closer and just hug him tightly. “Hey, don’t cry. Tell me what happened. Did Eric hurt you?”

“No, no. Four, I… Fuck! How am I gonna tell him? He doesn’t want kids!”

“(Y/N), are you pregnant?” He seems happy for you, and for that, you almost kick him in the balls.

“Yes, I am!” You push him violently, waving your hands in the air. “Isn’t this obvious? Why are you so idiot?”

“Calm down. Come, let’s get you some water.” Four takes your hand, but you step away from him again.

“I don’t want water!”

“(Y/N), please. You have a baby inside you now. Try not to freak out yet.”

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck! My baby! Eric won’t help me with him! Oh my God! What am I gonna do? Raise a kid on my own?” You lose control, crying and pushing Four away when he tries to calm you down. Again. Trying to hold back more tears, you sit on the cold floor. No way you could handle with a baby alone, you have no idea how to do it. “I’m gonna be a single mother! I can’t even take care of myself! You know it, I…”

“(Y/N), stop talking. Right now.” He kneels before you. “We’re friends, aren’t we? I’ll help you tell Eric.”

“Oh my God, Four, aren’t you listening? He. Doesn’t. Want. Kids.” You get up suddenly and Four does the same.

“Can you please stop talking?” Four caress your cheek. He has always been a good friend, your best friend actually. As usual, he makes you feel like it’s not the end of the world. “I need you to calm down and listen, okay?”

“Okay.” You murmur.

“I will help you talk to him. And if he breaks up with you or something I’ll help take care of the child.”

“No, I can’t ask you this. It’s not your child.” Breathing deeply, you start to walk down the hall, God knows where.

“You didn’t ask me. You’re like a sister to me and my nephew or niece can’t grow up without a father.” Four touches your belly, making you stop. “We’ll talk to him tomorrow. I’ll go to your apartment before breakfast. ”

“Okay.” You sigh, taking the best chance you have now. “See ya tomorrow.”

“I’ll walk with you, just in case you feel sick.”

“Thanks again, Four.”

“(Y/N), tell my why the fuck Four is in my living room, would you?” Eric screams, and you run out the bathroom, still brushing your hair.

“Eric, uhm, we need to talk to you.”

“Let me see if I get this.” Eric sits on the couch, his eyes locked on Four. This hate between them pisses you off more than almost anything. Staying right in the middle while your best friend and your boyfriend try to kill each other isn’t the funniest thing in the world. “You, my girlfriend, and Four, a pain in the ass, need to talk to me.”

“Yes. It’s something really important. ”

“Fine. Why aren’t you speaking about it then?”

You stare at Four, trying to make him understand that you want him to talk. The words are stuck in your throat, and tears start to roll down your cheeks again. Plus, Eric is getting really worried about this weird situation.

“Eric, (Y/N) is pregnant.”

Four speaks in a low voice. Within seconds, Eric is standing before your friend, anger and disappointment in his eyes. You don’t have any idea of what is going on right now.

“My woman is pregnant. How dare you touch her?”

“NO! ERIC!” Your heart skips a beat. The ex-Erudite just got it all wrong. “Slow down! Are you mad? The baby is yours, you idiot!” You yell, watching his expression change from fury to… genuine happiness. He walks up to you, kneeling to softly kiss your belly. “Eric, what are you doing?”

“What do you think? I’m talking to my child.” His voice is so kind that you can’t help but smile.

“But I thought you didn’t want kids.”

“It’s my baby. Our baby. I already love him and I love you.” He stands up, kissing your lips in a passionately.

“Now that everything is perfect again, I’ll go have my breakfast.” Four waves at you, and you whisper a ‘thank you’. “And the baby will be my nephew. Or niece.”

“What? No!”

“C'mom, Eric. Pleeeease.” You make puppy eyes at him. “Four just helped me to tell you and if he didn’t find me yesterday night I don’t even know where I’d be now! He’s a very good friend.”

“Fine, fine. Just don’t expect me to say thank you.” He makes a pause, staring at you before turning to face Four. “Even though I am thankful that you were there for her.”

“No need. See you later, (Y/N).” Four leaves you alone with a very happy Eric.


“I love you, Eric.” You say, jumping into his arms and wrapping your legs around his waist.

“I love you more, beautiful.”

A Year Ago Today

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 958

Summary: The reader is acting strange, and it takes some time, but Sam pulls the reason why out of her.

This is my entry for my own challenge, my 10k Celebration challenge. :) I chose The One Year Anniversary of Meeting Sam. :) Enjoy!

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prompt #21 requested by anonymous

You let out a quiet sigh as you looked down at Isaac’s goodnight text. You hadn’t seen him all day and you knew that technically that wasn’t as long as it felt, but you still so badly wanted to see him. You groaned in frustration as you switched off your phone, placing it on the coffee table before lying down on the couch; continuing to flick through the channels.

You barely noticed the time passing as your eyes begin to feel heavy, a wave of tiredness flushing over you as you sink into the couch. You feel yourself begin to drift off until your heart jumps after hearing a sudden knock on the door.

Your fingers rub the bridge of your nose before leaning up with a frown. Living in Beacon Hills and getting a knock at the door in the middle of the night is usually never a good thing.

You slowly begin walking to the door, making sure to look through the peep hole before even considering opening the door. A smile spreads across your cheeks as you look down, of course he’d be the one to knock. You open the door quickly, unable to wipe the smile off your face.

“What are you doing here so late, Isaac?” you laugh as you push the door open further, watching a smirk spread across his cheek.

“I felt in need of a cuddle” he winked as he leaned against the door frame before tilting his head at you.

“You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning, to cuddle?” you giggled before resting your hands on your hips. He pressed his lips together before looking down and raising an eyebrow, realising that that is exactly what he was doing.

“…yes?” he laughed before you stepped forward, grabbing the collar of his shirt and pulling him forward; pressing your lips against his as you felt him smile against you. Your arms moved to his hips as you pulled him inside, your lips staying on his as you closed the door behind you.

You finally pulled away before he grabbed your hand gently, pulling you with him as he walked over to the couch. He lied down quickly with his arms held open, allowing you to lie down with him.

You snuggled into his chest, facing away from the TV as his chin rested on the top of your head, a smile planted on his face as he rubbed your back. God, you loved him… and he loved you.

Reasons I Ship Percico

It’s a common question in the fandom “why do people ship Percico?” So, here is half my list:

1. I like the idea of their relationship slowly evolving into a cloud of playful pushes, friendly jokes and random kisses.

2. The friendship they have (you know, the one they had before it mysteriously disappeared) was amazingly cute and could have made Nico happier if he wasn’t dealing with a lot of stuff on his own.

3. The thought of Nico slowly, but surely, over time, start opening up to Percy is just…. Wow.

4. What about Percy opening up to Nico about a personal problem to show he can be trusted? 

5. That time when Percy ran through the dangerous Labyrinth to find Nico at the thought of him being in danger clearly shows he cares about Nico.

6. I love the cheesy ending of Nico finally getting the one he always loved.

7. Nico loved but resented Percy, so think if they were together, that Percy would have the perfect comeback to Nico’s little snaps.

8. How about Percy sitting there, looking at Nico and regretting thinking he was ever annoying when they first met? 

9. It would be so cute if Percy and Nico’s relationship slowly grown over several months as they got comfortable together.

10. I’m sorry, but the thought of Nico getting irritated with the camp life and visiting Percy in his apartment for a few weeks is just adorable.

11. What about Percy’s sexuality you ask? It makes it 10 times better if Percy falls for Nico’s personality, not the fact that he’s a gay guy. So not exactly bi, but a straight guy who simply fell in love with Nico di Angelo.

12. Nico was always the one to think of ways to keep Percy safe. Ex. the curse of Achilles, going in the Labyrinth, going into Tartarus to find the Doors of Death etc.

Most importantly, I ship percico because both the characters were cheated out of their friendship by their own author. It’s NOT in character for Percy to just sit there while Jason is just talking about not saving Nico from the Giants because he might be a traitor. That scene gets me so angry I see red. Nico deserves a slow build up with someone he knows and cares about so he can actually get over his self-hatred. Nico is such an amazing character and the way he was written in The Hidden Oracle was insulting.

I ship Percico because they both deserve better.

end of hiatus

ayyyyyyy!! hi y’all!! that hiatus turned out to be a loooot longer than expected. so much has changed in my life since then – i’m in university now! i never thought that would EVER happen after my anxiety and depression screwed up my high school years and prevented me from graduating. i’ve been in a massive slump for 4 years now, but finally i’ve lifted myself out of it through diligent therapy, meds, and support from my friends and family. i feel so alive now, when only a year ago i wanted the complete opposite of that…

this is a lot more sappy and depressing than i wanted it to be haha, especially since i don’t usually speak about my shitty personal life. but yeah! i’m kind of back now??? sort of??? i finally bought a proper gaming pc so i’ve been playing games like overwatch and civ 6 this entire time, but i’m slowly but surely getting back into ts4. i have a couple of asks in my inbox that i’ll try and get to, but i just wanted to stop by and idk… say hello?? and thank you all for the massive support while i was gone! i have 3.5k followers now which is a lil insane lmao

i’ve been playing around ingame a bit – and by ingame i mean cas and build/buy of course LMAO. i haven’t gotten a chance to try out city living yet so i made a lil sim to do so. anyway, the point is i’ll be posting again soon! love you all, as always, and i hope 2017 will be a happy one for you as well!!  (*´꒳`*)

James’ kinks/turn ons


-Tying you up and blindfolding you

-Making you beg for release

-Spanking you

-Asphyxiation (strangling you while getting freaky and I know it sounds weird but I feel like he’d be into it)

-Kissing you softly when done

-Whispering dirty things in you ear

-The reader being dominant at times (most likely when he is tired from murdering)

-Telling you he loves you

-Telling you that you are his property

Turn ons:

- The reader helping him kill

-Being covered in blood

-The reader being upset (the helplessness of the reader would probably excite him)

-The reader doing bad things and/or committing crimes

- The reader doing sexual things to,of course, get him in the mood such as lap dances.

Hey guys! I missed all of ya so I decided to do a request that was a little different in my inbox. Requests are now in fact CLOSED  as I want to work through the requests I already have slowly but surely. I love every single one of you and I just had to take some time off to really find myself….not to worry though because now I’m back! I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who has taken the time out to look at my blog because everyone has been so supportive. - Mavis x

Anonymous said:

Hello! Do you have any advices about changing my writing style throughout the story? It will start like a regular romance novel, and will slowly get darker and darker as my MC becomes paranoic and some other things happen. I don’t want help about portraying this paranoia, but how can I make the story slowly change its tone? I wouldn’t want it to be sudden. Thank you for your help, and don’t let those stupid snowflakes who get offended at everything get you down! I love you and you are awesome <3

You can create tone and mood through word choice and description. As things get darker, choose words that are darker, uglier, heavier, and sharper. For example, instead of saying the wind is “howling,” say that it is “shrieking.” That sounds a little scarier. To make sure the story’s mood matches this shift, make sure the setting gets darker, too. Incorporate lower light levels, darkness, shadows, rain, lightning, thunder, wind, scary sounds, ugly sights, awful smells, etc. These should increase as the story gets darker. The following posts will help:

Horror by Daylight
Horror in Darkness
Give Your Story a Darker Tone

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)