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The night at the bar.

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Pairing - Dean X Reader

Characters - Dean, Sam, Ellen, unanmed Dad and Unanmed Vamp, mentions of Jo.
Word Count - 2203
Warnings - Violence, drinking, minor character death.
Summary - A normal night working the night shift ends in something completely supernatural. 
A/N - Written for @ellen-reincarnated1967‘s back in the game writing challenge. Prompt is below in bold. 

The bar was quiet tonight as you started your shift, the regular customers were slowly filtering in and taking their usual seats. Wiping the bar down you approached the two men sat at the bar their beers almost empty.

“Can I get you guys another?”

“Sure can sweetheart.” The shorter of the two gave you a wink as you grabbed two new beers and placed them before them. “Thank you.” He smiled as he drank the rest of his beer.

“You’re welcome.” You smiled back, he was beautiful, his green eyes followed your every move. Guys who look like him only wanted one thing from a girl like you. Focusing back on your work you pushed him from your mind, cleaning and serving the few customers you had made the hours drag by. As it approached midnight there had only been a few new customers since you started your shift, the two beautiful mystery men were still sat at the bar drinking whiskey which they’d moved onto 2 hours ago.

“Closing in 20 minutes guys.” You announced as you tapped the bar before them.

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**Spoilery theory**

My overall theory is that Savitar wants to replace Barry because as he said in the Christmas episode, “everything you took, I want it back.” So with that in mind I went back and re-watched a few of the past episodes I picked up on a few things that may have come back into play in order to save Iris’ life.

1. There is the face changing technology that suddenly became the whole body changing technology. And for an added bonus we got to see that a man could totally become a woman and be 100% believable.

2. The metal spear/rod thing from Savitar’s suit that they yanked out of Barry’s shoulder. The same metal spear/rod thing that Jesse Quick used to locate Savitar. The same spear/claw thing that HR was checking out the last time we saw him.

3. And then there’s Savitar’s suit that is so much cooler than Barry’s. The same suit that can walk around and fight all by itself as if has has someone actually in it…

So my Iris survival theory is this: I think Savitar has been planting the seed since his very first interaction with HR that he’s weak, a coward, useless, etc. because he knew that eventually HR would do too much in order to prove him wrong. Which is why when Savitar had his fight with Barry in Wrath of Savitar he left a souvenir in Barry’s shoulder. A souvenir that is more or less a GPS system that leads someone right to Savitar.

In HR’s last scene it was still about 20 minutes before Midnight so he had plenty of time to take the the spear/rod thing and track down Savitar. I think first he’ll attempt to save Iris (who will probably be somewhere in Savitar’s lair) but he’ll get caught basically because Savitar was expecting him to come. He will be given a choice to save Iris or go free or something like that and he’ll choose to save her. He will use his face/body technology to become Iris AND Savitar will use it to become HR because he remembers HR being there because of them seeing him in Cisco’s first vibe. Meanwhile Barry’s “super cool” works-on-it’s-own suit can take over the actual killing of ‘Iris’.

Since the only way we’ve seen the face-changing tech work is when the pen light (or whatever it is) is shined in a person’s face odds are if 'Iris’ is really HR she’s not going to morph back to him on her own.

And that’s where the engagement ring comes in.

Savitar has reiterated over and over and over again that Barry needs to see Iris die in order for him to live. Barry has to believe that Iris is dead because that’s what drives him to do whatever it takes to defeat Savitar–including creating time remnants. It’s been proven that Savitar is a master manipulator and he can make someone believe what he wants them to, which is why he’s viewed as a God when he’s nothing more than a man in a suit. I don’t think he wants to kill Iris because he is still Barry and does still love her no matter how twisted and evil he is. What he wants is revenge on Barry because he hates him. He wants him to hurt and be heartbroken and lose Iris. That, IMO, is his plan.

The thing about it is Savitar has probably considered every possibility and dotted every 'i’ and crossed every ’t’. What he couldn’t have predicted was that Iris would take off her engagement ring and give it to Joe. Her not wearing it when Wally was vibed to the future was a big deal at the time BUT once she and Barry engaged again it became a moot point–so of course she would be wearing it in the future.

So in the process of mourning Iris, Joe is going to see her wearing her engagement ring. No one else will realize the significance of that until he pulls it out of his pocket and he’s holding the same ring that 'Iris’ is wearing. That’s when they’ll realize that the dead Iris is really HR and Savitar has the real Iris captive and that’s when they’ll put a plan in motion to find them and save her.

Late Night - Jinjin

Jinwoo doesn’t usually stay outside their dorms this late at night. He expected himself to be at their dorms by 9, eat dinner with his members by 9:30, take a shower for 15-20 minutes, listen to music, maybe write a few lyrics before going to sleep by 11. But today just weren’t his day.

Practice was done by the usual time of 8 but then, he had a surprise schedule to attend. It wouldn’t hurt, he said to himself for he expected the interview would be done in less than an hour but it took them 3 full hours due to malfunctions.

Jinwoo felt himself getting frustrated of wanting to eat and sleep but he wouldn’t get that easy for today. He went back to the dorms at exactly 12 midnight. He expected that everyone is already asleep and there’s no food left for him to eat.

He took out his spare keys and went inside, throwing his bag carelessly on the floor. He was surprised to see the television still open and when he looked at the sofa, he saw your half-asleep state covered in blankets, staring into nothing. 

“Y-Y/N?” He whispered carefully, still unsure if his eyes were tricking him or not. You turned to him and after a few seconds, you smiled at him sleepily. “Oh, you’re finally here. Welcome back.”

You carefully stood up to go to the kitchen. Bewildered and confused, Jinwoo followed you. “You’re here?”

“I remembered I texted you that I’ll come over. Check your phone.“ You answered as you prepared a clean pan and opened the stove. You yawned as you carefully put some oil.

"Sorry, I didn’t realize it was dead.” You only hummed as you cook. You grabbed the plates and utensils as you gently served his food. Jinwoo continued to stare at you.

“Sorry for making you wait. The boys ate a lot earlier and I can’t let you have a reheated one and a small portion at that.” You smiled with eyes closed, which made him stare at you in awe then back at his food.

“So, what happened today? You looked stressed.” You sat beside him as you reached his face to gently touch his hair.

Jinwoo continued to stare at you as he suddenly pulled you into a tight hug. All his frustrations and tiredness slipping away just by hugging you. He was expecting to be welcomed by darkness when he came back from a stressful day, only to find you, his source of strength, stayed up late to wait for him and even cooked for him.

“What did I do to deserve you?“ He whispered close to your ear. What he said was cheesy for him and he expected you to tease him for it but he received a giggle as a reply that made his heart melt.

“You’re quite cheesy and it’s already midnight.” You looked at him and smiled, sleepiness evident from your eyes. You disentangle yourself from the hug as you gestured him to go eat.

As Jinwoo told you his day and finished his meal, he looked at you, only to see your face buried in your crossed arms by the table. He gently stood up and placed the dishes on the sink before turning to you.

Jinwoo lifted you up bridal style onto the couch as as he went back to his shared room to get a lot of blankets and pillows. He went back to the living room and made sprawled the blankets on the floor, lifting you once again to transfer you on the floor. Jinwoo cuddling into you, stared at your face for a while. Every time when he’s not feeling well, when he’s almost giving up, when he’s close to breaking down, you’re always there, as if you’re ready to catch him. And you are. He couldn’t be more thankful to you for that and for giving him someone like you. He kissed your forehead and whispered, “Thank you, Y/N. I love you, goodnight." 

You woke up the next day with hushed sounds of giggling and shutter sounds and a warm feeling close to you. 

New Years Party :) ~Sherlock Holmes Imagine~

Hello humans! So, since Christmas is over (omg how is it already over?), here is a Sherlock imagine that’s New Years themed! Woohoo! :)

*Neither Of These Gifs Are Mine*

The sky grew darker as I turned on the TV and hung up the last of the decorations. I grabbed the ‘Happy New Year’ banner and walked
over to the fireplace.
“What are you doing?” Sherlock asked as he stood up from his chair.
“Trying to finish decorating for the party.” I said as I struggled to reach up to pin the banner up.
“What party?” He questioned.
“The New Years one I told you about a week ago. Don’t you remember?” I asked, glancing back at him.
“There’s more important things.” He said, trailing off.
I laughed and rolled my eyes.
I leaned up more, but failed to pin the banner up. Sherlock noticed my struggle and walked up behind me, grabbing the banner and pinning
it up for me.
“Thanks.” I said as I turned to him and shot a sweet smile.
He smiled lightly as we stared at each other. After a minute of looking at his pretty eyes, I looked away and laughed a bit.
“Almost done.” I said as I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the plastic cups.
“Sherlock? Y/N?” I heard John’s voice call out from the bottom of the stairs.
“Up here!” I called back.  
Two set of footsteps were heard walking up the stairs as I walked to the door to greet John and Mary. When they got to the doorway, I
hugged both of them and let them in. Sherlock and John instantly started talking about a case while Mary helped me finish putting out
the finger foods and making the punch.
“So…how are you and Sherlock?” She asked as she smiled at me.
“We’re good. He’s been working so much on cases that we barely talk sometimes, but when we do, it’s nice.” I smiled to myself as I
thought about the late nights that we stayed up and talked about a little bit of everything.
Sherlock wasn’t much of a talker and he definitely didn’t share personal things, but some nights when he didn’t have a case and I was just
reading a book, he would start a conversation. I would then put down my book and listen to everything that velvet voice spoke.
There was never a dull moment with him and I lived for those moments…but I would never admit that.
“Are you guys..?” She started to ask.
“Oh, no! We’re just friends.” I laughed a bit.
“Really?” She asked in surprise.
I nodded and smiled.
“It seems a bit more to me.” She whispered, causing my cheeks to turn bright red.
“We’re here!” I heard someone say.
After about 20 minutes, everyone was in the flat and apparently having a good time.
“How long till midnight?” I asked aloud.
“5 minutes!” John answered.
I nodded and walked down the stairs, stepping out of 221B. I stood for a moment by myself, before the flat door
opened and Sherlock walked out. He walked over to me and leaned against the wall next to me.
“Why aren’t you with our guests?” He asked, looking over at me.
“I’m just getting a little air.” I said with a smile.
He nodded and continued to stare at me.
“What about you? Isn’t John wondering where you are?” I asked.
“Mary and him are getting ready for their new years kiss along with everyone else in there.” He stated.
“Oh…have you ever had a new years kiss?” I questioned.
“Really? You’re asking the most antisocial guy if he’s ever had a news years kiss?” He laughed to himself.
I laughed along with him and smiled.
“So no?” I questioned, jokingly.
He smiled and shook his head.
“And you?” He questioned.
I smiled and looked down.
I shook my head, then looked back at him.
“Nope.” I simply stated.
“5….4….3….” We heard everyone shouting from upstairs.
I pulled my jacket closer and looked up at the sky, waiting for the fireworks.
“2….1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!” Everyone yelled.
Before I could turn to say anything, Sherlock was in front of me with his hands on my cheeks and his lips on mine. I grabbed onto his
jacket and kissed him back. The fireworks went off, but they suddenly didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was this moment. The
moment I had longed for since I first met Sherlock was finally happening. He pulled away and smiled lightly. 
“There…now we both have.” He smirked.
I smiled and giggled as I looked down, hiding my rosey red cheeks. He pulled away and looked at the fireworks as he put his arm around
me and pulled me close.

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New Year’s Eve

Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Michael

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 3.350+

Summary: In which Y/N has been waiting all her life to meet her soulmate at exactly midnight New Year’s Eve but never realized until the last second that her best friend Michael wore exact same date and time on his wrist 

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Karasuno's reactions when their s/o uses TERRIBLE pickup lines on them?

Yaaaas the reverse of the situation is here ft. oblivious crush. also some of these pick up lines aren’t terrible gomen

“If I told you I worked for ups would you let me handle your package?” Daichi had never moved so fast in his life, jumping across the room to his partner and covering their mouth to prevent them from saying anything further. The smart people were stifling their laughs so as not to vex Daichi but Tanaka and Noya were having a field day, practically rolling around on the floor. Daichi quickly got them all back to practise while he slipped his partner off for a quick talk about appropriate timing. He didn’t hesitate to slap their ass playfully before returning to practise though.

Suga was sitting innocently at his computer desk as his partner read on the bed. Suga had said he would be finished with his work 20 minutes ago and now they were getting restless. He was busily typing when a pair of arms snaked around him and began tugging lightly on his shirt. He felt his partners lips hover next to his ear as they whispered “Are you Cinderella? Because I see these clothes disappearing by midnight.” Suga couldn’t help but to laugh at his partner and pull them around the chair to sit on his lap. “That was terrible!” His giggles grew darker and his eyes hooded over slightly “Why should we wait until midnight?”

It was Asahi’s turn to make breakfast, so he’d decided to get up before his partner and busy himself in the kitchen. He was decorating pancakes with syrup and raspberries when he heard them padding into the room and turned to see them sleepily rubbing their eyes. He loved how they looked in his oversized shirts. He went back to focus on getting them a drink when a pair of arms wound themselves around his lower waist. “Good morning sleepyhead. How do you like your coffee?” he asked. They hummed for a second as they thought before murmuring against his back “I like my coffee how I like my men. Hot, tall and strong.” They teasingly grazed their fingers across his abs as they spoke and Asahi nearly knocked the pancake plate to the floor. 

Noya and his partner had finally dragged themselves out of bed and were getting dressed for the day. Noya sat sleepily on the bed and watched as they styled their hair in the mirror. “Your hair looks good” he managed in his half asleep state. They didn’t miss a beat before replying “Your face looks good. I’m not even looking at it, I just know.” Noya’s mouth formed an o shape as he processed his partner’s smooth comment. “Damn” he muttered as he jumped onto the floor, running over to his partner to hug them from behind. “You’re too good!”

Tanaka’s partner sneakily looked over their laptop to try and get a peak at their boyfriends wonderful abs as he changed after his shower. Its not as though they had to be discreet about it though because he had walked out with only a small towel tied limply around his hips, exposing his beautiful v line. “I want to wash my laundry on those abs.” Tanaka turned to see his partner practically drooling at the mouth as they stared intently at his abdomen. He found himself blushing slightly at the attention but he still bounced his pecs to amuse them further. They fell backwards in a mock faint and he laughed before jumping onto the bed next to them and pulling them onto his chest. They almost really did faint when they felt that he still hadn’t put a shirt on.

Hinata lay propped up on some pillows as he intently watched a volleyball match on his laptop. His partner lay next to him, going from watching him to watching the screen. They couldn’t help but adore the childish look on his face that made him look like he was practically shining with happiness. “Hey! Hey Sho, have you heard about the Guinness book of cute records?” They leant right up into his face and whispered “It’s 400 pictures of you” before booping his nose with a smile. Hinata gushed immediately and pushed his parter back onto the pillows so he could snuggle against them. “That’s impossible because you’re cuter!” he retorted. 

Kageyama had returned home panting and sweating after a long run. The sight of their boyfriend glistening with sweat and breathing heavily was something they enjoyed greatly. They leant against the doorframe before calling out to him. “Are you from Japan? Because I’d like to get in Japants.” Kageyama jumped out of his skin and glared at them with red cheeks as he processed what they said. He muttered out a short ‘idiot’ before matching off for a shower but he did stop to peck their lips and ask if maybe they wanted to join him.

“Kiss me if I’m wrong, but Dinosaurs still exist right?” Tsukki sighed heavily through his nose as his partner spoke up again. He turned to show his partner his clearly unamused face before turning back to the documentary they were watching. If they expected him to play along they had another thing coming, he thought to himself. “But Kei, you’re at the triceratops of my food chain!” They poked him to get him to pay attention to them. They pouted as he ignored them and turned to the tv, which gave them a brilliant idea. “Kei, you’re like a brachiosaurus. Know why?” He shrugged his shoulders “Because their necks aren’t the only thing thats disproportionally long.” At this point Tsukishima would pick them up and forcibly remove them from the room.

Yamaguchi was feeling particularly self conscious as he walked out of the locker rooms in his shorts, that had shrunk significantly in the washing machine and now sat snuggly against his ass. He did his best to walk to the bench without anyone noticing him but a loud voice rang out from across the room. “Ay gurl, come over here and let me Rattatap dat ass!” Yamaguchi blushed a violent red as his partner hollered from their seat. He covered his face in embarassment as he sat down and avoided the smug gazes he felt on him. Even Tsukki was chuckling silently next to him, to which he lightly hit him.

Kiyoko and her partner were walking home from practise on a particularly cold day. Kiyoko was noticeably shivering so her partner stopped her and tried to put their coat on her, to which she protested. “I’m fine, really. You should worru more about yourse-” Kiyoko cut herself off with a loud sneeze. “I’d say ‘bless you’ but it seems God already did.” Kiyoko’s cheeks turned pink at their comment and she tried to find something to say in return. Before she could speak they draped their jacket over her shoulders and grabbed her hand to walk her faster. “Come on, lets get you to my place as soon as possible so we can ran you a hot bath before you catch something besides adorableness.” 

Yachi was frantically rummaging though her wardrobe to find something presentable to wear for her date. She felt like they’d already seen her in everything so she wanted to wear something she’d never worm before, to wow them. She pulled out a dress she’d been saving for a special occasion, a blue organza dress with sakura blossoms on it. She dressed and hurried out of the house to meet with her partner, who’s jaw literally dropped when they saw her.  She began to get nervous, thinking she’d overdressed before they spoke up. “That’s weird, I’ve never seen a princess outside of her castle before1” Yachi put her hands over her face and bent forward out of embarrassment, prompting her partner to sweep her under their arm and kiss her head before taking her for a day of fun.

Bonus Tooru bc I have so much respect for this boy rn: “Are you an alien? Because you’ve abducted my heart!” his partner exclaimed dramatically as they draped themselves over him on the sofa, causing them both to laugh. “I couldn’t help it. And besides, you were already out of this world” he said with a teasing wink. They smiled as he pulled them up to straddle his lap. “You know, Mr Alien, your eyes glow like the sun on my home planet.” He raised his eyebrows at them as he pulled them closer. “Really? Because I was just thinking that you’re as radiant as the twin suns on mine!” They giggled and hid their face in his chest as he played with their hair. “I’m serious! Your dad must be an astronaut or something, because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes!!”


Dave Lizewski Imagine: This Is My Story

TW: Abuse, Eating Disorder

You and Dave had been together for just under a year and you had no idea whatsoever what you would get him, so being the smart girlfriend you were you asked him, although him being a pain all he wanted was to know about your past and your secrets. You were not the most open person with anyone and it took a lot for you too trust someone but Dave should have known by now, I mean you loved him, he was your first and you were his, you knew everything about him so it would be only fair if you did that to him.

But because you couldn’t talk about it face to face, not yet, you weren’t ready, your mind came up with a better idea, you could film yourself talking into a camera about it. Setting up a camera you had borrowed from your parents who were on a date night luckily, you sat down in front of it keeping a box of tissues near, knowing what was going to be inevitable. “So, Dave, this is your anniversary present so happy anniversary baby!” you chuckled before taking a deep breath and beginning.

“This is my story” you began looking down at the tissue in your hand, “and I’m ready to tell you. It started when I was twelve back in the UK, I wasn’t the skinniest of girls, I really wasn’t and there was the popular girls at school and well they took me under their wing, encouraging me just to not eat, we were 12 this was crazy. Well I didn’t and over the next couple of years I would starve myself, just down right refuse to eat, I would make myself sick, I would do crazy things until I was about 15 when my Dad left us, my mum was a wreck which made me worse, I would just starve myself until I would pass out but my mum was too drunk to care. Then it hit bottom, my mum met a new man, although she was still drinking, even when he moved in, the sick bastard would just hit me and my sister around like crazy and well I couldn’t stand it so I ran away, as far as I could, I was found and he got mad. So mad the police were called and well I don’t want to go into detail but this scar” you gestured lifting up your shirt to show the camera the blade shaped scar.  “, Was due to it. And well I hated feeling like I wasn’t strong enough so aged 15 I decided that enough was enough.” You stopped wiping your eyes to catch the tears before continuing. “I started to work out daily, every day doing do many push ups and sit ups, just to build my strength and that’s when we moved here. But that’s not it, the reason I’m secretive about now still is because y’know Hit Girl (Just pretend that Hit Girl wasn’t younger than him b/c I cannot think of a name it’s like 1am) you’re looking at her” you exclaimed pausing to show up the mask. “That’s pretty much it babe, happy anniversary though” you smiled blowing a kiss at the camera before shutting the camera off and uploading it to your laptop so you could send it to Dave.

It was just gone midnight anyway, so technically it was your anniversary today. Dave opened it straight away although once he watched it there was no reply, you waited almost 20 minutes but there was no reply. Just as you were about to get under the duvet Dave came crashing through your window with a bouquet of flowers and a little red bag. “Happy anniversary Hit Girl” he smiled kissing your lips gently, before placing the flowers in an empty vase that was stood in your room, using your glass of water to fill it before sitting next to you on the bed. “I loved the video, it showed me how much of a hero you actually are, even though you were already special to me, your even more now, anyway here I got you something” he beamed kissing your cheek as you began to open it, stopping and reaching under your pillow to grab Dave’s other present; a signed copy of his favourite comic. Letting Dave open his first he hugged you tightly kissing you 100 times as he immediately realised what is was. “Open yours!” he exclaimed watching your face as confusion fell upon it as you undid the bow to find nothing. “Babe?” you questioned as he smirked. “Huh, oh how did this get in my pocket?” he asked sarcastically pulling out a small ring box making your eyes go wide. “It’s not an engagement ring, it’s a promise ring, a promise that the day we turn 18 we’re going to get married, a big white wedding with all of our friends” he chuckled watching as tears filled your eyes. He slipped the ring on slowly you securing it before hugging him tightly making you both fall back against the bed laughing.

Your parents coughing loudly making you jump apart, they knew about Dave and were completely okay with it because he was such a sweet boy. “Nice to see Dave can use a door, hi sweetie” she smiled, “You guys better go to sleep though because I have work tomorrow” she ordered shutting the door behind her. As the door shut you both began to giggle until something being pushed under the door made you both looked over. Your mother had pushed a condom underneath your door, making you both burst out laughing as Dave picked it up wiggling his brows at you. “Er no” you laughed taking it and throwing it across the room as Dave whined and cuddled into you. “When they leave for work tomorrow” you whispered kissing his cheek.

“Night babe” you spoke as you cuddled into him.

“Night baby”

Last week’s summer solstice marked the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, but Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve in Alaska hasn’t noticed much change. The last time the sun set in Bettles was on June 2, when it dipped below the horizon for a little over 20 minutes. The next time it sets will be on July 10, when it will once again drop below the horizon briefly before rising again. No wonder it’s called the land of the midnight sun. Photo by National Park Service.


I’d nearly given up playing this game bc I’ve been obsessively playing earning coins to try and get Elsa (and have gotten about 20 Buzzes in the process)

so right before midnight I decide to buy one more box AND WHO DO YOU THINK I GET???? AHHH DISNEY MAGIC!!

midnight dinner || Danna

David called the order in as soon as he got off the phone with Hanna. He knew they’d be open, but he didn’t want to run the risk of them having packed most of it up for the night. He swung past a drugstoore on the way and picked a few things up before getting the food. Within 20 minutes, he was at Hanna’s door. He knocked and waited for her to answer. “Happy belated Valentine’s day.” He said, handing her a heart shaped box if chocolates.

Imagine/Preference #4 Midnight Playgrounds

CALUM: Your best friend Calum had just called you around 11:30 PM asking if you wanted to hang out and he picked you up in the next 10 minutes. You were driving around listening to music for about 20 minutes before you came across a park. “Oh my gosh Y/N!!!! Look it’s even got a sea saw!!!!” Calum shouted with excitement “Wow I’ve never actually one of these in person” you said as Calum turned towards you with his jaw dropped, “Get on” he says signaling to the teeter totter. After a few minutes Cal suggests you play confession, “Fine but you’re going first!” you smile back. You go back and forth sharing some embarrassing stories and secrets. You had just finished telling him a confession, “Okay Cal your turn” You say wondering what he might reveal next,”Y/N, I don’t think I have anything left!” he says with a chuckle “Oh come on Cal there’s gotta be something” you respond not wanting the game to end, there are a few minutes filled with a chorus of chirping crickets while Calum thought, then you notice something change in his face and you could tell this one was gonna be different than the others, deeper. “Well there is this one secret that I have been keeping for a while…” he trails off “Well, what is it?” You ask, your curiosity peeking through your voice. “It has to do with why I called you earlier…” 

His POV (10 PM earlier that night)

We were practicing for some upcoming shows, and let’s just say I was a little off my game. I had been messing up on almost every song. “Alright guys, I think we need to just take a break for a while” Michael said sounding frustrated of course. I walked to the kitchen to go get a glass of water as Luke and Michael followed behind “Calum what the fuck was that man?” Michael asked “I don’t know I guess my head wasn’t there..” I trailed off knowing I messed up. “Try picturing Y/N is here watching us maybe it’ll help you motivate you to keep your head here this time” Michael chuckles as he walks back to go grab his guitar. “What the fuck was that about???” I asked Luke “Well you just tend… you seem.. to” Luke paused seeming to find a way to phrase what he was about to say very carefully. “Look Calum you have feelings for Y/N and before you interrupt saying you don’t just realize we all know you do, but it’s been messing with you lately and you need to tell her before someone who feels the same decides to tell her first. We all don’t wanna see you go through that mate.” Luke says waiting for my reaction. “You’re right but what if she says she doesn’t like me, what if she doesn’t wanna be friends anymore because it’s too weird” “Cal what if she says she likes you back!” I feel my cheeks getting hot just thinking about it “Shit I gotta tell her Luke oh my god what am I gonna say?” I start to panic how on earth am I even going to be able to talk to her. “Calum just breathe, you’re going to just tell her the truth tell her how youre in love with her” “But Luke what if I screw it up because im so fucking nervous” “Calum its good to be nervous, it shows this means a lot to you” as he says those words I realize, I’m going to do this and I’m going to tell her tonight.

AUTHORS NOTE: Okay guys so this is only part 1 and depending on how many notes it gets and requests for it ill maybe post part 2 and I will also possibly try to do the other boys. as well  


Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin (© Isayama Hajime)
Character(s): Levi, Eren Yeager
Pairing(s): pre-Riren/Ereri I guess
Genre: Slice of life
Rating: T
Wordcount: 439
Note: modern!AU

Written for the Ereri Sleepover: Writing Challenge~
Rule was writing 200 words in 20 minutes without using backspace but I kinda failed because habits die hard and sometimes I pressed it before realizing… ^^”

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