getting things thrown at him

Voltron Ghost Adventures AU where all five of them are just a mess of clunky camera gear and nerves and they constantly have the weirdest experiences as they stumble into haunted houses just hoping for the best

  • “Pidge, you brought the night vision goggles right???” “No, you said grab provisions. I got some Skittles and a Twinkie. Why, do you want the Twinkie?” “Pidge, you had one job.”
  • For some reason, spirits in almost every single house grab Lance’s ass and no one can figure out why
  • “Jesus, Hunk, take me to dinner first” “Lance, I’m across the hall” “Ohhhh my gooooood GUUUYS A SPIRIT JUST GRABBED MY ASS”
  • Shiro always gets things thrown at him. like, every single time. It’s where he’s gotten most of his scars because they’ll be walking into a kitchen and a chair will come skrrrrting around the corner and fly at his face
    • “But why is it always me?” “Probably because you’re so offensively good-looking” 
  • If there’s a scary doll in the house, it will find Keith. It always does.
    • *somewhere, Keith shrieks* “haha guess you could call Keith a chick magnet” “Lance, I hope a spirit pushes you down the stairs just because you said that stupid pun” “Y’know, Pidge, you’re always so sweet to me”
  • Hunk screams at any movement or creak in the house, every single time
  • Pidge gets into the habit of talking with the spirits like they’re her best friends and ignores imminent danger because she just explains it as them having a nice conversation
    • “Hunk, put me down, I’m fine, Charlene just wants to point me to where her body is” “PIDGE, THERE IS A KNIFE FLYING TOWARDS YOUR FACE I DON’T THINK SHE CARES IF YOU FIND HER BODY”
  • Most of the time, they just end up recording them creeping around abandoned shacks really carefully
  • Hunk always uses too much zoom so when he and Lance are exploring the west side of a mansion and Lance turns around and whispers “did you hear that”, all that Hunk sees on his night vision camera is Lance’s huge glowy eyes and his gigantic nostrils
  • At least once a week, they get locked in the basement of wherever they’re exploring and it always becomes a situation of life or death for them to escape yet they forget to plan for how to prevent it for the next time

I want everyone to know that this has always been Natsu’s greatest power, it is not bullshit he has had this from the very beginning of the series, the flames of emotion, it was during his fight from Erigor that we first witnessed this power, this has always been with him. So to classify it as the “nakama/friendship power up” bullshit is not right and unfair, it has always been with him, the thing is it never gets thrown at face when the villain says “is that the flames pf emotion”. Not everyone knows cause it is a lost magic, people always have to be reminded of a character’s ability or else they call bullshit which infuriates me, its one of the reasons he beat sting and rogue in the tournament, what fueled his golden flames to beat zero, what caused him to awaken his dragon force against mard geer, yes i agree fighting for his friends is his motivation but the fact of the matter is he has always had this power. Honestly i love this power which its one the reasons i love natsu. I was very satisfied with his fight with zeref and now mavis will handle the rest, Acnologia on the other hand i do not feel like hes done just yet, there are officially 10 chapters left, lets enjoy this as much as we can with a positive attitude, Fairy Tail ❤️

“My poor, steadfast tin soldier…”

My brain keeps feeding me sad Click theories so like what if he was a kid once

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I was wondering if you could do solangelo? And nico is a hockey player, who doesn't really listen and gets in fight all the time, or something of the sort. And then Will could be a medic for the games, who always has to deal with nicos injuries, or he could be a new assistant coach, trying to deal with nico never listening? It would be lovely if you could. P.s. I love your blog.

Yaaay! Solangelo!!! 

Here’s the hockey-themed fic! Thanks anon!~ So I don’t know much hockey terms so I’m sorry if I got a thing or two wrong about hockey gameplay :3

Hope you like it anyway!

“Benefits of Being a Medic”

Solangelo HockeyAU!

Summary: Will was sure he signed up to be a medic, not a guidance counselor. Still, listening to the complaints of his most frequent clinic visitor, star hockey-player Nico Di Angelo, was all worth it.


Will was a hundred percent certain he’d signed up to be a medic, not a guidance counselor.

Another thing was he was supposed to be a medic for game-related injuries. He wasn’t really sure if getting hit with a hockey stick in the face right after a final match counted, but he was pretty sure it didn’t.

The medic listened, albeit a little half-heartedly, at the black haired and rather scrawny looking boy whose sprained wrist he was patching up.

Said boy, Nico Di Angelo, didn’t look to have the build or strength befitting that of a hockey player. But the seemingly sinewy limbs packed a lot more punch than expected. He was an exceptional player and a great benefit to the team—so much that even medics like Will knew that. And his extraordinary gameplay was probably the only thing keeping him from getting thrown off the team.

From all the gossip going around, Will gathered that Nico was rather anti-social and wouldn’t give a rat’s ass for any other teammate. Ever. His temper was a paper-thin floodgate trying to hold back an onslaught of rage at any given moment, and every other member made no show of trying to hide their displeasure for their teammate.

Will however, found him to be… different. He landed at the clinic often enough, Will even considered him to be a friend of sorts. His tendency to never listen and go his own way, as the coach put it, often landed him in trouble or injury—and this time was no exception.

“It’s that asshole’s fault, I’m telling you!” Nico huffed. He sat on the clinic table opposite Will, letting his wrist get wrapped in a bandage. “I was going to score that goal—I swear to you, I was!—but that jackass Valdez dove in at the wrong time. He wasn’t supposed to be in that position! Any other position and I would’ve scored but no, he had to be there!” Nico growled again, scratching at the pale skin surrounding the first strands of the bandage.

This had happened before. They would be playing a certain gameplay and Nico, never really caring to listen to debriefings, ended up going out of gameplay resorting in injury or losing a score. However, Will knew better than to point that out.

“So,” he started, wrapping another layer around the injury. “How exactly did you sprain your wrist?”

Nico glared darkly at said wrist. “Valdez deserved a hockey stick to the face. Just didn’t expect him to retaliate, though.” He let out a cold laugh, which quickly turned into something more humorous when Will smirked.

“I bet his face was bleeding all over.” The blond medic chuckled. His little quirk was rewarded with a sparkle in the other boy’s dark eyes.

“You tell me,” he said. “It was… Kayla, who patched him up, right?”

Will nodded. “Oh yeah. Man, you must’ve hit him hard enough to score a goal. I think he was even crying about his ‘beautiful nose being broken forever’.”

Nico cracked up again, and, for the millionth time since the hockey star’s first landing in Will’s clinic, the medic wondered how more people never got to know this side of him. Sure, he understood how Nico was unlikable at first, but a simple talk with him led to so much more.  

He could be funny, though his humor was mostly dark, but he had a pretty crappy family life to give it some validation. Even so, he often made jokes about a lot of things. He had an interest in an old board game, Mythomagic, which was not something one expected from an ‘emo-boy’ like him. Will found it to be cute. He also had a special love for McDonald’s happy meals.

Upon learning that, Will had bought a happy meal the very next day to give to the boy when he—sure enough—showed up to the clinic. He declined it at first, flustered and dumbfounded, but Will was persistent and they ended up sharing the happy meal together.

Ever since, Will would buy a happy meal for lunch and they’d share. On some occasions however, Nico would insist on buying when Will was perfectly fine with his self-taken duty. Their little argument went on for sometime until they’d decided to alternate on who’d buy lunch each week. This week was Will’s turn.  

“Looks like you’re good,” The medic declared, getting up from his stool. Nico followed suit.

Quickly shuffling through his bag, Will pulled out a happy meal and turned to present it to the other. “So how does lunch sound?” he asked, grinning ear-to-ear.

Nico rolled his eyes. “Yeah, sure.”  He tested his wrist, cringing visibly as he put a little too much pressure. He stopped however, when Will gave him a warning glare.

Now, glaring at Nico DiAngelo was something that was bound to land one in a clinic themselves, with the exception of the case in which you’re Will Solace. For reasons unknown to many, Will could get away with a lot of social interaction with the ill-tempered hockey player without getting punched in the face.

Will liked to think he’d earned Nico’s trust and became a rather good friend. Although constantly having to deal with the injuries was a pain, all the talks and interaction would make Will’s time worth it. He was drawn to the boy for… some reason. Maybe it was because he was different? Or because he saw something in him that not many other people did?

According to Nico himself, during one serious talk they’d had—which left Will awake past two in the morning thinking about it afterward—the only other person he’d ever considered a close friend was his late sister Bianca. Everything was already hell in his home, and when she died things became worse.

Will had hoped that ‘only other person’ meant he was that other ‘close friend’. He decided never to push his luck that much though.

Getting to be something like Nico’s friend, although never officially declared, was good enough—for now at least.

So he listened to Nico’s annoyed complaints about the turn of the previous game as they made their way through the halls. Once out the front door, Will basked in the glory of warm afternoon sunlight. For a moment, Nico watched him playfully from the side, then called for him to sit on one of the front lawn’s benches.

They would sometimes eat in the stands too, but Will often found it too cold. He wouldn’t say anything, but was thankful when Nico suggested to dine outside instead.

Now, they chewed their burgers and fries in silence.

No, it wasn’t an awkward or tense silence. It was comfortable, really. Almost a hundred-and-eighty-degree spin on Nico’s earlier mood. He liked to keep quiet during the first few moments of their lunches, savoring the meal and maybe even the company.

It took a good five minutes before Nico spoke up.

“So, Will,” he started through a partially filled mouth. “You’re off-duty on Saturday, Right?”

“Mhm,” Will nodded, sipping his coke. The two went back to watching the cars move past them on the street for another minute or so, then Nico spoke up again.

“Do you want to, maybe, catch a movie or something?”


Was he…?

Will stopped sipping his coke.

“Like… I think a new Avenger’s movie is coming up. I mean… you are into superhero movies, right? Or maybe… not into them, but like, you like them, right? Uh… I just thought maybe you’d wanna watch it together or something.”

Holy heck, he was.

“Um, l-like a date?” Oh wow. How smooth, Will.

He watched as Nico flushed. No chance of hiding anything with his pale skin.

“I mean, not exactly a date!” The boy hastily clarified. He looked back to the busy street as his blush only grew. Then a little more quietly, he added, “I mean… not if you don’t want it to be.”


Maybe Will did have a chance after all.

Clothing choices and breath mints were already running through his mind before he even had a chance to say yes. It took him maybe a solid three minutes and a disappointed huff from Nico to snap out of his trance.  

“O-of course!” He stammered, blushing a bit himself. He honestly never expected to get that lucky. “It’s a date then! Friday. I’ll pick you up at your place…?”

Nico looked up, his blush now hiding behind an amused and slightly wild smile. “Woah, hold on there, cowboy. You don’t even know where I live. Tell you what, I’ll meet you at the movie house at two o’clock, ‘kay?”

The two then shared a laugh, more from relief than anything, as they finished the last of their happy meal. Things settled back into a comfortable silence. Will was definitely looking forward to Saturday.

“You know,” he said, after a moment. “It’s not an Avenger’s movie. Civil War is a Captain America movie.”

Nico gave him a quizzical look, his blush not fully settling just yet. Will found it cute. “But… they were all in the trailer, right? I mean, Iron Man and Black Widow and a bunch of others were there…

“Yeah, but it isn’t an Avenger’s movie. I was pretty confused too.”

“Oh. Well, we’ll still watch it, right?” It was probably that little hitch of doubt in Nico’s voice that sent Will into a mild panic attack.

“Of course! It’s settled, I promise.”

And it was probably that little smile he flashed back that made Will feel that, even though he didn’t sign up to be Nico’s guidance counselor over gaming frustration, it was all pretty damn worth it.


Hope you liked it!


Seriously don’t know what’s funnier. Ikoma getting thrown onto the train, or him being cradled in Suzuki’s arms as Ayame shakes her head and smiles.

Dally Imagine: Teach Me To Fight.

“Why, doll?” Dally asked looking over at you. You two were sitting outside your house talking and you had asked him to teach you to fight.

“Do I need a special reason? I just feel like I should know, alright?” You snapped at him defensively. The truth was that your little brother had been beaten up pretty badly a couple of days ago by a bunch of soc’s. You wouldn’t tell Dally that though. You knew it would make him do something stupid and the last thing you wanted was for him to get thrown in the cooler again, especially since he just got out.

“Alright fine.” Dally muttered lighting up a cigarette. “But I don’t understand why you need to know how to fight when you know I’d take care of anyone who tried to hurt you.”

You sighed a bit. You really wanted to tell him, you just couldn’t. “Well maybe if you’d stop getting yourself into trouble all of the time you’d actually be around long enough to protect me.” You teased him with a small smirk before getting up to walk away. Dally got up to and so you ran away from him laughing and he ran after you, picking you up from behind when he caught up to you. He spun you around and when he out you down you kissed.

“Alright so teach me.” You said to him after you both pulled away and he nodded. It took him a little while to figure out how he would go about teaching you since fighting was something he seemed to just always know how to do. He got the hang of the teaching thing after a while and had you throwing a good punch in no time.

When night started to fall you decided to stop the lesson and continue the next day. You planned on going over to the Curtis’s house for dinner with him but before you two could leave your yard you saw your brother coming up the walkway. Dally was messing with his matches trying to get a stubborn one to light and you hoped your brother would pass before he saw him but you weren’t that lucky. Dally glanced up and saw that your brothers face was covered in cuts and bruises and you saw your boyfriend visibly tense.

“What the hell?!” he demanded to your brother. “Who did this to you? Who were they? Did this just happen?”

“N-no..” your brother stammered nervously. Dally had always scared him a bit but now that your boyfriend was shaking with rage even you were scared. “Didn’t.. Didn’t Y/N tell you?”

Dally’s head snapped over to you. “Tell me what?”

“It.. It was some socs. We were walking home from school. I tried to help him but they held me back.” you muttered quietly. You were looking into Dally’s eyes and you saw the realization come over him. He didn’t say anything more he just began storming away from you. You told your brother to call the Curtis’s so they could come help you stop Dally from finding those guys but as you ran after him you were pretty sure nothing could hold him back anymore.

I’m thinking of a thing where kid Eren gets thrown into the underground, Levi finds him and, shockingly, decides to raise him with Isabel and Farlan.

He’d teach Eren to be grade A++ at cleaning and when he gets older, hand-to-hand combat as well as how to use a knife and 3dmg, ya know, that kinda shit. He grows some kind of emotional attachment to the kid as well.

And then on that fateful day, Levi gets caught by Erwin along with Isabel and Farlan. He had told Eren to stay back at their house since he’d said he would be back in a little bit. Eren’s patience wears thin several hours later, so he risks his life going to the overworld to find everyone.

Sadly, he gets his ass sent back to the underground within thirty minutes. It was a pretty good run.

Meanwhile, Levi is losing his shit thinking about Eren and can’t even focus on the task he was given (aka why he got himself kidnapped by eyebrows). “What if someone kills him, he’s too weak to fend off for himself” “is he cleaning the house properly” “whAT IF HE GETS RAPED his virginity was supposed to be mine you assholes

i’m out of ideas for this one (and it’s 11:00 PM)

things I forgot about the 2000 classic ‘x-men’
  • The incredible costuming, my God:
    • Rogue, son of Arathorn, also called Strider:
    • Her nightgown??? Has a hood??? She has just been stabbed and that is very upsetting, but also NIGHTGOWN HOOD
    • Magneto’s Villain Casual shiny shirt
    • Jean’s extremely subtle color theme:
  • Wolverine’s Sadness Trailer
  • Wolverine’s Unsafe Fuel Storage Practices
  • How young and reasonably muscled Hugh Jackman was:
  • Charles Xavier, a real life actual professor, thinks that the best way to bring an amnesiac knife-handed cage wrestler to his office is to make him hear voices and taunt him up into a HALLWAY FULL OF CHILDREN, not like he just choked somebody out or anything, I’m sure it’s fine.
  • Magneto’s has a swinging metal desk toy, are you kidding me
  • Sabretooth cannot do a single thing right, it’s incredible
  • Wolverine gets thrown in EVERY FIGHT
    • every
    • single
    • one
    • Sabertooth throws him THREE TIMES in the final showdown!
    • The good guys triumph by throwing him again!
  • Magneto has his Villain Speech planned down to the letter, he can’t even wait for Kelly to tell him he’s a god-fearing man because WHAT IF HE ISN’T, then Magneto will never get to say “Don’t fear God, Senator, and don’t fear me… not anymore.”
  • The UN summit. There’s a UN summit. Have you heard about the UN summit?  There’s this summit, I think the UN is holding it?
  • I have separated out the most incredible piece of costuming in this truly incredible film: Magneto’s asymmetric Villain Jacket/Cape
    • it’s just so much
  • “It’s me.” “Prove it.” “You’re a dick.” “Ok.”
  • the part where Cyclops shoots his girlfriend in the face but like… gently
  • The train scene:
  • Jean is talking to Wolverine about about Rogue:
  • oh look the sequel:

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The terrible things people say about Josh really hurts my soul. It's disgusting.

I can admit that Josh is annoying at times, but I do think he gets some unfair things thrown at him. There are people that have said and done worse than him, but they get a lot of love. Then you have people insulting people with autism or people with special needs in general and people talking about deporting his family all to attack Josh and that’s just crossing an unnecessary line. 

Cody and Jessica said some of the grossest stuff in the house, but because they were in a showmance and against Paul they get all this love. 

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Angst No. 2 : 15 with Murdoc please?

(Yay! My first! It’s long!!!)

15: You never loved me… You loved the idea of owning me.

A week. It had been a week, and your mind had started racing ever since. Your friends had stated it loudly and clearly, “If he doesn’t say it back, tells you he loves you, within a week after you’ve said it, there’s something wrong.” You weren’t sure if you agreed but the anxiety following the silence from Murdoc after you’d said those three little words was absolutely unbearable. And now it had been a week, and still, nothing.

You came home after a long day and flopped down on your shared bed, Murdoc already lying on his side, asleep and quiet. You watched him for a moment, thinking back on your relationship together and somehow you just had to wake him up. You poked him gently and he furrowed his brow as he slowly woke.

“Y/N?” He asked, voice rough from sleeping. He sat up and turned on a nightlight. You shifted uncomfortably and avoided his eyes, “Muds, I need to ask you something and I need to do it now.”

Murdoc mirrored your actions but turned to face you properly and tried gaining eye contact, “Yeah? What’s the matter, darlin’?” You were silent for a moment but then sighed, “Do you love me?” 

Murdoc froze and immediately alarm bells went off in your head. If he truly did, he surely wouldn’t hesitate, right? You felt your chest constrict, and somehow you suddenly followed what your friends had been stating all along: You were a catch, great for a public image, pretty and tall. It was easy to show affection with presents every now and then, and suddenly it hit you how many times he had sent you off with his credit card as if wanting to get rid of you. Yes, the sex was amazing but somehow now that it came crashing down, you felt quite sick at the dominance he showed and the submission you did. It wouldn’t have bothered you if it didn’t suddenly lack of what you needed; love. There was ownership in his behaviour towards you in your relationship, not love. 

“Murdoc!” You snapped at him, and he seemed to get back to reality, “Are you gonna give me answer?” He looked away.

“‘Tis a good question, luv,” Murdoc began, “I’ve been thinking lots and lots ‘bout it lately, that, and I think we need to have one of the talks.” The talks?! Was he serious? 

“So that’s a no then? What about all the things you promised me?” You asked bitterly, getting up, “I can’t believe I’ve even thought you were capable of being a great boyfriend. Did you ever love me? And don’t you fucking dare hesitate on that question and leave me even more confused.” 

“No,” was the instant reply and it resulted in him getting several things from your night stand thrown at him. He reached to block his face as you screamed, “You bastard! This is what you were after all along! A pretty picture on the front of magazines! You never loved me… You loved the idea of owning me and showing me off! Well guess what? I’m done! Tell that to the press, tell them that you are absolute poison!” Murdoc looked extremely surprised at that reaction from you and as he was in shock, you chose to walk right towards the door. You’d pack your things later.

Dean the Action Hero

aka Dean’s Back Against the Wall

aka ranking the season finales by how many times Dean gets thrown into walls (and other shit)


For Week 2 of The Great Meta Scavenger Hunt

Years and years (and years) ago, I realized that Dean gets thrown into walls. A lot. I dubbed this the “Obligatory Dean Wall Slam.” Sam gets choked, and Dean gets tossed. It’s just how the show works.

An alarming percentage of the Dean throws wind up looking like this:

He tends to land either against the wall (or other object) in this position, or he slides to the floor in this position. We shall call this the “traditional” position, because this is the traditional Dean Wall Slam.

But how often does this happen in the season finales, and how severe are the finale throws?

I have put together this HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC scale in order to find out.

Obligatory Dean Wall Slam Scale:

- ACTION: 5 points for the throw itself

- IS IT A WALL: 5 points if it’s an actual wall

- IS IT A TABLE: 3 points if it’s into a table

- POSITION: 5 points if he lands in the traditional semi-fetal position (from our perspective, upper body to the left, lower body to the right)

- DESTRUCTION: 5 points if whatever he’s thrown into breaks

- METHOD: 5 points if he’s thrown telekinetically, and 10 points if he’s thrown physically (or at least appears to have been physically thrown) because a physical throw is a much more rare breed of Dean toss

- LENGTH OF AFTERMATH: 10 points if he stays put after being thrown for longer than 7 seconds

- WHO DUN IT: 15 points if he’s thrown by a family member (current OR future family, possessed or not)

- Additional points awarded on a case by case basis as I see fit because when it comes to Dean getting thrown into shit I am Chuck.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? 

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i rambled about powers au whoops

  • everything is the same except they have powers
  • if anyone is late to filming any video, bruce will sit in their seat and shift into an exact copy of them
    • this usually ends in yelling and bruce doubled over and wheeze laughing
    • if it’s james, bruce will start the video as him and when james shows up, he does That Face and the camera usually cuts to them back in their regular seats
  • no one is scared of matt because he’s such a chill guy, but even though they know most of matt’s threats are empty threats, they’ll shut up as soon as he says anything
  • matt laughing nervously when the cult of peake formed and people praised him because he may or not be an actual god
  • elyse gets feathers everywhere and if someone notices one she’ll blow it away very nonchalantly
    • “elyse im going to plUCK YOUR WINGS”
  • if elyse is mad she’ll push someone’s things off their desk or blow their papers right off the edge (like a cat that needs attention)
  • james Constantly shows off and does ridiculous workout positions in the middle of the office because why not
    • benchpressing other people. constantly
  • if someone pisses off omar he’ll go over and pick them up, and then threaten to chuck them across the room
    • spoiler: he never would do it but it’s funny to see them get really nervous
  • adam will sometimes just randomly copy someone’s powers for the fun of it
    • usually elyse or bruce
    • if it’s bruce he’ll shift into a copy of bruce and do anything he does and it’s so annoying
    • if it’s elyse they’ll just be flying buddies or they’ll go outside and try to spontaneously combust things
  • lawrence will watch people do things at home and then text them about it just to freak them out.
    • james goes to the gym, and then gets a text “go romance the squat rack i wanna see that ass” and james just holds a middle finger up to make sure lawrence can see it
  • joel randomly making the lights brighter in the office and getting things thrown at him because of it
  • never let joel stay over your house because he will wake you up by making your room extremely fucking bright and it’s the worst
    • or he’ll make himself invisible and then terrorize you while you shower

Some more drawings on Voodoo and Adofo!

Adofo helps out Voodoo no matter what she needs. Even if he thinks it’s a waste of time or something he doesn’t want to do.

If Voodoo plans to go out during the day around people she wears glasses and gives herself a new look so she doesn’t scare anyone. Sometimes she just needs some time for herself away from Adofo since he never shuts up about taking over the world and etc. Coming up with plans and trying to get her to do something. Sometimes he get’s clumsy and ends up breaking things and that usually ends up with him getting thrown out the window. He gives her space to calm down before she calls him back in. Or if she’s still mad and he see’s that she’s asleep he’ll try to do something nice for her and sometimes that get’s her to forgive him. Or he just stays quiet and does nothing which is what he does the most. He follows her around not talking for a couple days or weeks just doing what she wants him to do without complaint. She’ll sigh and then ‘OK, you can talk now.’ and he’s back to his old self again.

Sometimes after kicking him out of the house though and if he’s not back yet, she’ll sit in her chair outside and wait for him and ends up falling asleep until he wakes her up.

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First argument than make up?

Tord: The argument was probably your fault, he’s a secretive guy and doesn’t like when someone snoops into his business. If it’s something personal to him then it’s personal to him it has nothing to do with you so you should mind your business. But being in a relationship means to share everything and anything, he doesn’t see it that way, if it doesn’t involve you then he doesn’t have to tell you. He’s not going to apologies. If you can’t respect his personal space then he can’t be with you. He hates feeling, if you want to leave him he’ll just erase you from his mind and be alone again. It’s not that bad. If he’s the one that started the argument and went too far, he’s still not going to actually apologize but he’s going to go to you and agree that things got out of hand and that they shouldn’t have. He’ll give you a hug and offer to take you out somewhere that you’d want to go and that its on him.

Tom: the argument was most likely his fault, he’s sensitive but in the angry way. You could have answered him in the wrong tone simply because you didn’t clear you’re throat. Or he showed you something he really enjoyed but you didn’t care for it much and shoved him off, maybe he told you something semi important to him and you made a sarcastic joking answer. All those things depending on his current mood and mental stability could have caused him to lash out on you, and his lashing out come off as if he didn’t care about you at all, or very little just by his wording and attitude in his voice. Depending on you, you’ll either recoil back and might start crying or go head on head with him and also arguing. Eventually you’ll be running off either way and he’ll be left to his thoughts. After cooling off he’d realized that he was just being a huge baby, an awkward asshole who can’t control his feelings. Because of this he’s very scared to loose you, he runs after you right away to whole heartedly apologies for how he behaved. His apology is filled with self remorse, the out come is up to you, how you react towards him say a lot on how he will react because he needs you now, to forgive him.

Matt: another problem that was caused by him, more or less by him because he’s a ditz. But the arguing and hurtfulness came from you. You had asked him to pick you up a few things plus a few chores that where important and you really needed him to do for you while you did something equally important. When you returned you’d found that almost nothing was done, or at least not properly. The things you needed weren’t there, he got some, those some where wrong sized or branded. He did manage to get more junk to have thrown around though. The things you asked him to please take care of, catching a call for you, taking something out of the oven, cleaning one area of the house. These things also weren’t done, or at least done wrong. A bigger mess was left then before. You being completely fed up and so agitated at the moment started to break on him, and rant about all these things, he in turn apologized and told you that it wasn’t his whole fault. While ranting and him trying to defend himself you accidentally slipped out asking why he was so stupid and useless. This made him freeze, a chip cracking at his heart he ran away from you. He’ll forgive you almost right away, just give him lots of affection.

Edd: an argument caused by just having a bad day, by both of you. Aggravated by many simple things such as the weather, bumping into furniture, knocking things over and making a mess that must be cleaned. Those bad moods where taken out on each other, a simple question such as “are you alright” or “what are you going to do about that” turning into a screaming match of sarcastic remarks and rude answers. After that little episode, you both went to apologize at the same time, talking about how silly and uncalled for it was. You both ended up just laughing about it and cooling off after a long day.

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Shawn getting things thrown at him reminds me of the One Direction days and when people used to throw things at them all the time. The Mendes Army can not become like the 1D fandom, that's too scary

YES exactly! Throwing bras and water bottles etc. Is just so disrespectful and you can actually hurt them. NOTHING about that is funny. Like I already said it’s getting this kick of how you can treat them with so much disrespect and get away with it. It’s like acting will you be my sugar daddy or asking for dates and throwing things, you’re treating them as if they aren’t humans but just a play toy. Shawn has such a big heart for his fans I hate that people disrespect that.