getting things in the mail

Harry dodged the Smelting stick and went to get the mail. Three things lay on the doormat: a postcard from Uncle Vernon’s sister Marge, who was vacationing on the Isle of Wight, a brown envelope that looked like a bill, and — a letter for Harry.


I’ve been wanting to get into journaling, so I’ve decided to buy some stationery stuff to start a photo/bullet journal. I’m hoping I get to start a page soon :) 

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sorry but mateo can't come to the phone right now. why? because he's DEAD *intense pop music starts playing*

ANON i didnt even think i was gonna be motivated to draw mateo ths yr!! look at what yu made me do!!

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

First of all…what is a retrograde?

Retrogrades are astronomically an illusion where by a planet appears to be moving backwards across the sky, due to earth ‘overtaking’ the planet in their rotation around the Sun.

In relation to “As above, so below”, the energetic affect that retrograde planets conduct is an internalising of that particular planetary energies.

Some keywords for retrogrades are

  • Reassessment
  • Re-evaluating
  • Reorganising
  • Restructuring

The purpose of retrogrades are typically to 'tighten’ loose ends in different areas of our lives - the planet involved will indicate what aspect of ones personality will undergo the keywords, the sign of the retrograde will be how, the house area is what area of our life.

Mercury Rx - ¾ times a year: What it can bring + How to make the most of it

Mercury Rules: Communication/Thought Process/Technology/Short distance travel/Comprehension Ability/Local town area/Siblings

  • Update your technology prior retrograde
  • Keep a careful eye on your technology devices - DON’T LOSE THEM (in a cafe or on a bus for example)
  • Be prepared to walk into a room and completely forget what you went in there for (more than usual)
  • Get your car checked out
  • Don’t be surprised if your regular bus or train is late
  • Also don’t surprised if you hear from an old friend
  • …or an ex
  • Communications during this time have gone down the toilet so expect things such as:
  • Forgetting what you’re saying mid conversation
  • Confusion in understanding
  • Stuttering
  • Repeating yourself
  • People saying things they don’t mean
  • Or things that they do mean but didn’t want to say
  • And if it’s communication via technology:
  • Autocorrect may be acting more like a little shit than usual
  • Messages not sending
  • Phones crashing
  • And if you’re old school, letters in the mail may end up in Africa somehow (jokes - but things can get lost in the mail)
  • Don’t make big purchases at this time if you can, especially electronic equipment
  • DON’T START new projects, go back and tidy up the old ones
  • Make more lists than usual
  • Best not to start a job during this time either (but if you have to, make sure you read the fine print)
  • Wherever you have Gemini/Virgo in your chart, these areas of your life may go a little bit haywire and will need re-assessing 
  • If you’re a Gemini/Virgo Rising, your vitality may feel a bit low during this time (since the 1st house rules the physical body). Give yourself plenty of rest at this time.

Here’s some tips to take advantage of the Mercury retrograde

  • If you have a blog, go back to it and edit it
  • Clean out your technology such as deleting photos you don’t want anymore on your phone
  • Review all contacts and documents before signing them
  • Real all emails and important documents before sending them
  • Backup your digital data
  • Get in touch with old friends  
  • This is a time of closure of understanding things and communications with other people
  • Re-learn something or go back and study an old topic to refine it
  • Think about exactly how you want to phrase something before speaking it (is it kind? Is it for the highest good of another?)
  • Finish any project if you haven’t yet, especially if it’s a writing project!  

P.S: There’s nothing to fear about retrogrades, in fact, they can be quite amusing sometimes (when you know what’s going on!) and this is a great time for cleaning things up to perfect your life path ands mission.

Happy Retrograding! <3

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Didn't Pearl say she wanted to be a female James Bond? Cause I feel like she'd do amazingly and also half the male fans would cry.

Yes, she did: “If I can be called Bill, I can be called James!

And she’d do amazing as just about anything.

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I would rly appreciate a johnny neighbor!au when you have time! He has such a big personality and I think you would rly make it fun and interesting...ALSO re selling ur soul to too he's so cute somebody put him in the 97 line gc

you wouldn’t believe how many people asked me to write for johnny!!! 
tw: this has a mention of hook-ups 
find mark + jaehyun (here) / taeyong + ten + haechan (here) / winwin + yuta + taeil (here

  • seems like the type to spend good money on some good bedsheets. has like 14 pillows on his bed. loves being comfy
  • full length body mirror too,,,,,one of those racks to put together tomorrow’s outfit,,,,,,he’s very particular
  • organizes his clothes by season, color, and ‘johnny’s handsome scale’
  • how did this become a thing? well you can ask doyoung who was roped into sitting there next to ten for 6 hours as johnny tried on every outfit and made them rate it. ten had fun. doyoung DID NOT
  • probably has a pet cat,,,,,,definitely like a cat person,,,,,,,,,you know what fuck it he has 2 cats named peanut and jelly or Something he thinks is super clever 
  • bumps his head on things a lot especially when he’s leaning down to get his mail and comes up real fast and hits something because he’s all long limbs and all the neighbors think it’s hilarious 
  • all the teenagers on the block want to know how his hair is so nice. johnny whats your secret,,,,,drop your barbers name,,,,, [lil fact: i like to think taeyong gives johnny his haircuts, that’s why they’re so nice and precise]
  • but anyway you meet johnny at a mandated building meeting for all tenants about how apparently the elevator needs to be fixed so people need to vote on it being shut down on a tuesday or a friday
  • and people are already getting into fights over which day is more convenient but both you and johnny don’t mind either way and you keep rolling your eyes and when you catch each other you giggle
  • and you keep like locking eyes until johnny kidna tilts his head signaling that you two should leave and you grin and nod
  • and when you’re out of the lobby where everyone met up you’re like “what a bunch of kids, yelling at each other like this is middle school or something” and johnny chuckles and is like “it’s wild, for a second i thought i was in a zoo!”
  • and you’re both laughing and you notice, now that you’re closer, that johnny is incredibly handsome to look at it. his eyes are such a pretty shape, and the way his mouth curls at the edges is so unique and charming
  • and it’s hard NOT to stare,,,,,and well im not trying to be blunt but johnny is also staring back you because hey,,,,,you’re also super cute up close
  • and the elevator arrives and you and johnny both step in but the second the door closes wE LL
  • let’s just say you guys go from neighbors to something more real fast,,,and you don’t know what it is that pulls you toward him,,,but it’s something and you and johnny are making out until you get up to your floor
  • and even after that he goes “your place or mine?” and you can’t resist, he’s sooooooo cute (+ a fantastIC kisser)
  • and so you can kind of call it, instead of friends-with-benefits,,,,neighbors-with-benefits 
  • and it’s all cool because you and him share a sense of humor and you both like to be affectionate and touchy
  • and johnny always gives you space when you need it and you can go weeks without seeing each other but if you want him then he’s there
  • and it’s convenient and johnny makes you laugh it’s nothing sErious
  • until it’s,,,,not because johnny comes over and he’s holding you close and as he’s kissing against your neck something finally snaps in you because you blurt out a,,,,,,,, “i like you”
  • and johnny stops, lips hovering over your skin and you’re like shit oh no i ruined this it’s over it’s done for
  • but johnny just resumes kissing up your neck and towards your lips and then your cheeks
  • and, as usual, he puts on a bit of a teasing voice but he goes “really? you should have told me earlier,,,,”
  • and you sit up and johnny pulls you into his lap and you’re like “johnny - im serious i don’t think i can just be something on the side. i like you seriously-”
  • and he’s like “i know! that’s what i mean by you should have told me earlier because then i could have taken you out,,,,,,and we just missed the premier of that movie that would have been suCh a good date, it’s ok ill plan a better one anyway”
  • and you’re sitting with his arms wrapped around you and you’re like wait. so do you like me back
  • and he’s like “yep. i like you,,,,,,,” and he pauses pressing his forehead to yours and adding “only you. i like only you.” 

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I have to strongly disagree with your meta about Katsuki not being abusive. He absolutely IS abusive toward Deku. I'd advise you to do a little more research on abuse, since there are different forms. It's not all about possession. And what Katsuki shows is definitely still abuse, regardless of the feelings that cause it. Acting out like that, whether it's in fear or hate or love, is still abuse. He's not just a bully (they are actually beginner abusers anyway). He's abusive. 1/2

Post for context -> (x)

Hello nony! Since I already presented my interpretations on the post so it’d be just reinforcing points I already stated, I’m just going to go over what you pointed out that I didn’t cover before. As I said, I do not condone Katsuki’s ill behavior towards Deku but I still don’t interpret him as an abuser - I do understand where you come from though and how people can interpret him as such.

I agree with you on the bit about the writer’s opinion of their own work not being necessarily determinant, specially when the work speaks for itself, and it’s something I forgot to point out on the response to the anon. Take for example Twilight’s and 50 Shades of Grey’s authors treating the relationships in their respective books as romantic, not abusive. However, Horikoshi has been relatively consistent at making BNHA a self aware narrative (save for his approach to Mineta’s and Midnight’s harassment behavior which is pretty crappily handled like in your average shonen); Endeavor’s abuse of his child is framed as actual abuse whereas the same conditions are not applied to the relationship between Katsuki and Deku, which is constantly reinforced as a growing center line to the story - while also aknowledgind Katsuki’s ill behavior and framing it as bad, and punishing his character for it.

That’s not to affirm it’d be bad if Katsuki was explicitly written to be an abusive character or if it was bad to like him if that was the case, though. One can like a problematic character or ship as long as they can tell fiction from real life and aknowledge it’s not okay behavior irl. Honestly if I knew a real person like Katsuki I’d hate them, and if I knew two people like Katsuki and Deku, I’d never support them getting together. People ship because it’s about characters, tools of a story they’re invested in and their potential in terms of a interesting narrative - which may not always be entirely happy or healthy.

That’s where I stand! I want to thank you for disagreeing with me in a polite manner plus stating your opinion in a reasonable way. It’s unfortunately rare to see on tumblr fandoms.


You know you’ve reached peak Daily Mail when you find yourself reading a 24-verse poem written to highlight the positive side of hate as an emotion.

No, really.

Word Count: 733

Triggers: None

Requested by Anonymous

You hadn’t been feeling particularly well lately. You had gotten up this morning and puked. Eliot blamed it on the old takeout you had had for dinner the previous night and you agreed with him.

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rated m for maybe a lil long
word count: 4,019
sugakookie scenario for flowerkook cause yoongi is not ur bias and good luck with finals and ur exam!! <3 

You are not good at math. Jungkook isn’t either. But maybe two brains really are better than one and well, a week before your final seems like a good time to test it out so lo and behold, you’re bowing your way into Jungkook’s house, which he tells you is empty over his shoulder, kicking his shoes off at the front door.

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Happy Birthday @trintownsentill (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Another new commission’s post because my art just keeps on improving! And this time I’m adding in sketch commissions! (more examples of my art here!)

The prices are as follows:

Bust Sketch: $20

Half-body Sketch: $25

Flat color Bust: $30

Colored and Shaded Bust: $35

Flat color Half-body: $40

Colored and Shaded Half-body: $45

⇩ Terms and how to contact me under the cut! ⇩

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Hey so you know how in the enemy it says that Achilleus loves Jaffa cakes? Will discovers this (bless Jackson, bless her) and frickin' scours the country and manages to find one of those multipacks that doesn't seem unreasonably rotten. He tries to big himself up but last minute nerves set in so he gives it to Paddy to pass on as an "anonamous gift". Achilleus is interrogating Paddy who seems to be breaking. Will is watching it all from afar and is stressed help him.

pray for will 2kforever 

Favourite thing: people taking to national newspapers to loudly announce their views on things while at the exact same time lamenting about how they’re not allowed any free speech these days because of the terrible PC dictatorship we all live under.

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Non English mothertongue here. When I read your last personal post I first thought you were refering to some ritual and I was WTF? That's new to me. And then I understood it was Hunger Pangs they were referring to and honestly.... either ways, they can fuck off.

Lmao, me making vague references to necromancy probably didn’t help. 

It was honestly just such a surreal thing, like I get a lot of weird and sometimes downright hateful mail on this website, but this is the first time multiple someones have tried to make assumptions about my personal life based on the fiction I write, then tried to make out like my marriage is a sham because of it.

Like honestly if you’re going to try and make me feel like an inferior writer cause I write about kink, you’re gonna have to do better than “well what does your husband think of this” cause honestly, where do you think the majority of my writing material comes from. 

“what does your husband think of this” isn’t a threat to someone in a healthy happy relationship. And I honestly feel so sorry for them that they think that it is.

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Hulu and Netflix both have Tumblr accounts! Do you guys think it would be worth messaging or submitting asks to the accounts asking that they pick up Pitch?

Absolutely!!! Have at it Pitches!!!

@hulu @netflix please come thruuuuu