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writing and calling DOES have an impact on representatives

Here’s an update from Ben Wideman, a Mennonite pastor in Pennsylvania, about a visit to GOP Senator Pat Toomey’s (the guy famous for disappearing right now) office:

“Just got back from a visit to Senator Pat Toomey’s Johnstown office with 15 other Borough of State College & Penn State area people to talk about the immigration ban. Here are my takeaways:

  1. Everyone we spoke with was rattled. They have never experienced this much constant feedback. The phones haven’t stopped since the Inauguration and they admitted they can’t check voicemail because there is no pause to do so.
  2. Letters are the only thing getting through at this point. Regional offices are a much better mail destination because the compile, sort, and send everything. DC mail is so backed up right now it takes twice as long to send things there.
  3. Toomey’s staff seem frustrated with Trump. They said his barrage of Executive Orders are not how government is supposed to work, and was what they hated during moments of the Obama era. One of them said, “we have a democratic system and process. Trump needs to stop behaving like a Monarch.”
  4. Our representatives are listening because people are raising their voices. This feels like no other political moment in recent time for them.
  5. Toomey’s staffers are far more empathetic than I assumed. Also far more technology illiterate (one asked me how to use twitter, and how we already knew about Toomey’s published statement). They resonate that the immigration ban feels immoral and unAmerican.
  6. Regional offices are not designed to handle this volume of unrest.
  7. Personal stories matter. Tell the stories of people being impacted by arbitrary religious and ethnic legislation (I got to tell a bit of your story, Baraa). Staffers want to know.
  8. Don’t stop. Do whatever small part you can do to keep raising your voice to your representatives. Not just this issue, but every way marginalized people are being (or will be) exploited under this President.

When my father got arrested, it was the worst thing ever. All these trolls started writing horrible things about us. We’d get letters and e-mails saying that my dad was a thief, my mom was a clueless socialite, and that I was the spoiled rich-bitch ice princess. And what hurt the most about it was… the things the trolls were writing were true.


I adore getting mail from @justisaisfine and I really wasn’t expecting all those little extras, or the Mica!

Thank you so much! ♡♡♡♡

Now I’ve got to work out where I want to stick them all (Mica and Michael are probably gonna fill up the free space on my laptop)

you get a letter in the mail on accident and its martin and amandas divorce papers? not ur business to post to a blog
you catch ben and martin making out behind a 7-11? not ur business to post to a blog
you see amanda and martin out on a private date? not ur business to post to a blog
something not involving you happens? not ur business to post to a blog, especially on PHOTOS of said people??
my point is just because something is TRUE- which im not saying this particular thing is- but if something is true and youve gleaned it from gossipy observation, the fact that its the truth doesnt make it okay to speak about like it’s your own business.

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Happy Valentines day! Did you get any cards? and were you able to send out all of yours?

Happy Valentine’s day to you too, anon! I didn’t get any cards today, but I got the most amazing thing in the mail this afternoon —

a Yamaguchi nitotan and a portrait from @verhaaaaal 😭💗🙏 I was so overjoyed to receive this huhuhuhu thank you so much again, Pearl T_T

I will be receiving some cards over the next couple of weeks though, which I find very exciting ^o^ I also ordered a matching Tsukki nitotan just a few minutes ago, as a sort of Valentine’s gift to myself 😂 

I went to the post office this afternoon to send a new batch of cards as well. The post office still didn’t have enough stamps in stock so I wasn’t able to send all of them yet :(( I’ll keep visiting (and pestering) the people at the post office over the course of the next few weeks until every last card is sent, so don’t worry! 💪

Waiting for Nothing

This is my entry for Day 3 of @fyeahpharmercy​‘s Pharmercy Appreciation Week, “Flowers.”

Synopsis: Angela writes a letter to Fareeha when they can not be together on their anniversary.

If you are concerned about emotional triggers, click this image link and see if any might apply to you. I do this so that the story may not be spoiled ahead of time for people who are okay with most emotional literary themes and topics. If you would like to enter the story blind I highly suggest not opening the image above.

Dear Fareeha, meine geliebte Frau,

 Not a day goes by that I do not long for your return, to come back into my arms warm and safe. For every day that you are away is another day in which I must confront the daily struggles of life alone, without your soothing presence to ease my anxiety and lift my spirits. Sometimes the only thing that gets me through the day is listening to your voice-mails I keep saved on my phone. I’m sorry I never told you, but I was always just so embarrassed. Every night I have Athena play one from random; sometimes it will be short and to the point, you calling to requesting a simple file or better yet, just to make small talk. Many times, it’s you after a long day out in the field, exhausted, speaking into the receiver about all the frustrations and hassles that plagued your day. In some you are calling just to say “I love you.” I like those the most.

 Many of the nights I spend are curled up in our bed, with your favourite jacket wrapped around me as I sleep. It’s the only way I can feel like you’re still right next to me, even if the only thing remaining is your waning scent.

 Oh, and I got you your favourite flowers too. The Daffodils look so pretty this year. I visited Ana to gather a handful from her garden, and she was nice enough to give me some seeds to hopefully begin our own garden. You know I’ve always found it funny that you of all people would love Daffodils, especially when you know their meaning. Narcissus. Though, I suppose it does partially apply; you were and always will be the most beautiful woman I have ever set my eyes upon, and yet you remained so selfless and humble. It’s almost unfair that all the good and beauty in the world could be concentrated into one person, and doubly so that it can be stripped away in an instant. It is unfair that someone so pure and so just can be taken from this world when there is so much evil and darkness that is allowed to remain.

 Every day the dagger lodged within my heart twists. You were the light in my life, and I’m now surrounded by the shadows cast by the dim glow around me. Every day my mind is plagued with what-ifs, unanswerable questions that only seek to possess the mind and shroud it in darkness. Even knowing that, I still cannot help but think of all the possible ways things could have been different, how you could still return to spend the rest of our days together.

 But I cannot change the past. I cannot change what we shared. I cannot change the aching I will feel to the day I die, and I would not change a moment.

 If there is any evidence of the afterlife, our love would be it, for not even death can separate us. I will find you in the afterlife.

     - Dein Ein und Alles

Angela clumsily folded the piece of paper along the creases, her hands shaking as she shoved the letter back in her pocket. In her other hand she holds a bouquet of pale white flowers, tied in a lavender silk knot, the stray ribbon flowing back and forth in the cool morning wind. A seldom few petals were lined with small droplets, not from the overcast sky above, but rather from the grief-stricken woman clutching their stems.

Goosebumps lined the extent of her arm, her body giving a small shiver, yet feeling nothing. Angela had grown numb to it all, she no longer found interest in her work, in her hobbies, in the friends she had made since the reformation of Overwatch. The research she did now was out of obligation, to which she mainly kept to herself, shutting herself away for hours on end without exiting her room. Ever since the newly appointed Strike Commander deemed her psychologically unfit for the battlefield, she saw no reason to do anything else but remain in her dormitory to feign a sense of purpose.

Another gust of wind came rushing across the horizon, sending her golden locks across her face. She slowly collapsed down to her knees, pressing into the soft layer of grass and dirt. She outstretched her hand to the sturdy headstone in front of her, tracing the lines imprinted.

Fareeha Amari

2044 - 2093

Friend to Many

Protector of All

“I’m so sorry I could not be there for you when you needed me most, meine Liebe.” Angela choked out through bated breath. She held out the flowers in front of her, and slowly released them before the headstone. A fragile hand crept along her back and rested on her shoulder; Angela took hold and rested her cheek against it. “She loved you more than life itself, habibti,” a withered and broken voice softly spoke. That was the final crack in the dam necessary. Angela burst into tears, water freely flowing down her cheeks down to the grass below, her hand latching onto Ana’s like a vice. “Shh, it’s okay habibti, it’s okay. Let it out.”

And there they stayed, without a single thought to the passage of time around them. Ana gave the grieving widow as long as she needed. As the time between huffs of breath drew longer and the tears gently subsided, Angela gradually returned to the realm of reality. She slowly turned her head to Ana and nodded, in an affirmation she was prepared to go.

She steadily rose to her feet, the flowers remaining as an offering to her beloved. Shoving her hands in her coat pockets, she stood in front of the stone, looking down into the engraved lettering. “Fareeha,” Angela croaked, her voice rough and grated, “Next time I will make sure to bring seeds, to begin our garden together.”

Angela stepped forward and ran her hand along the top of the headstone, a solemn goodbye.

“Auf wiedersehen, meine Liebe.”

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B, D, H, N, X?

hello my friends!!!!!!!! i recently hit a big follower milestone and i wanted to do a lil something because i wanted to thank you, and i think we could all use some positivity, especially now :)

i did this about half a year ago but i wanted to do it again since it was so much fun and such a good way to connect with you guys!! i want to send 3 of you a card in mail since first of all, my love of all things stationary means i have an abundance of it to share, and getting mail is absolutely one of very favourite things 

all you have to do is follow me, and like or reblog this post, and ill randomly pick a winner on november 17th at midnight! also it’s open worldwide <3 

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YUKIMURA for the songs (I couldn't think of a word then I saw Kira, and it reminded me of Ken so here we are, I'm okay with two U's ha)

lol i love it

Word Count: 733

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You hadn’t been feeling particularly well lately. You had gotten up this morning and puked. Eliot blamed it on the old takeout you had had for dinner the previous night and you agreed with him.

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Hi! My name is Fred, I’m 16 going to my 17 in a few months and I’m from Canada. My first language is French but I speak English and Spanish too. I love getting letters and things in the mail, as well as emails and texts. The format doesn’t matter, I’m more looking to broaden my horizons, meet people and practice my English (or Spanish) :) I’m kind of awkward around people but if it doesn’t disturb you come talk to me! I’m really open about everything so don’t worry about this. I like art, I draw a lot. I also love travelling, listening to all kind of music ( lately I’m really into Halsey, Set It Off, The Script,… ), I love videos games like Dragon Age, The Witcher… Also reading fanfictions and listening to TV/Netflix (Supernatural, How to go away with murder, Teen Wolf,….) I’m a big fan of Chow Chow ( These fluffy ball are soooo cute *0*)

I don’t have a perfect penpal, just need someone to talk :) ( but maybe be older than 14?) 

Tumblr: Altisse