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On this blog I’ve written a series of posts on how to do more things in your day. Today I bring you the newest update of this series! 

You can read the other ones here:

1. Make a list in small tasks. 

Every single one of my lists starts with the suggestion to make a list. Are we sensing a theme here?? But for procrastinators, the list can be especially helpful. If you’re likely to put a task off, break it down into a dozen tiny tasks. If you need to bake a cake, you can write down:

  • Go to the store
  • Make cake
  • Make icing
  • Frost cake
  • Write happy birthday on the cake
  • Bring cake to party

This means you realize exactly how much work is involved in a task and you may realize you can’t leave making the cake to two hours before the party because you don’t have eggs in your house and it takes you 30 minutes to get to the store

2. Set false deadlines

For people who leave things to the last minute, I encourage you to make up a deadline. If your presentation is due on Thursday, just write down that it’s due on Tuesday. This means you’ll have to meet the Tuesday deadline instead of the Thursday one. If you need a deadline to do any work, just make one up

3. Accountability

Tell someone!! If you have a friend or significant other who knows about your procrastination, tell them your goals. Tell them you’re trying to do your homework the day it’s due. Then have them check in on you! If you’ve told someone else about it, the shame is probably enough to get you motivated.

4. Motivation

Remember why you want to do something! If you want to get an A in the class it will help you to finish a paper with enough time to revise it.

5. Bribe yourself

Tell yourself that if you work on this project and finish it ahead of time you’ll go get yourself a Starbucks, or go have dinner with your friends.

6. Do one mile

When I don’t feel like running, I tell myself I will just run one mile. Then once I’m started I often don’t stop and even if I do stop—I’ve run one mile, which is better than 0. So if you just tell yourself you’ll work 10 minutes on a project, that’s 10 more minutes than you would have done before—and who knows, maybe you’ll manage a whole hour.

7. Hard stuff first

When you have motivation to work, start with the hardest thing first. This means you’ll get through the hardest thing when you still have energy and you can do silly little things later in the day when you’re more tired and don’t feel like working anymore. This really really works!!

8. Stop making excuses

We often feel like we have to be in the right place or the right mood to do something. I can do this when I’m less tired or when I’m feeling like it. I’ll clean the house when I’m in the mood to. Stop. Whatever you’re waiting for, it’s not going to happen, so just do it now.

9. Let go of perfectionism

One of the biggest reasons we procrastinate is because we pretend that at a later time we’ll be able to do something perfectly. And while anything worth doing is worth doing right, you don’t have to do it perfectly. If you’re going to write a paper, having a draft is better than having nothing at all. You can fix the draft after you’ve written it, but don’t not write the paper because you’re afraid it won’t be perfect.

10. If all else fails, write it down

If you find you’re procrastinating on doing something, write down the barriers to do it right now. Everything from “I don’t want to”, to “I’m tired”, to “I should do this at the library where it’s quieter”. Then look at this list and see what barriers you can overcome. See how many of these are just bullshit excuses you’ve made up to not have to do something.

Procrastination is buying some happiness now with much more misery later. That’s a terrible bargain to make! 

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What Is Better Than Perfect?

Short answer: DONE.

Being creators and dreamers, knowing that execution matters, growing our business like our babies, … most of us entrepreneurs tend to go for perfection.

But here is an old entrepreneurial truth:

We all have countless tasks and projects to accomplish. If you try to complete each and every single one of them in perfection you’ll eventually only finish a tiny part of them… that is a problem for most of us. 

But think about it this way:

We know that 80% of results are achieved in 20% of the time. The last 20% take the vast majority (80%) of your time… This is true in almost all fields!

Now from my perspective it is often smarter to invest 20-30% of our time to get to a 90% solution than to put in a lot more to accomplish perfection. 

  1. This gives you the opportunity to complete so much more. You gain a lot of speed and time.
  2. The risk of never finishing because you are not at quite there yet decreases by a lot as soon as you give up perfection
  3. In most cases 82% or 91% are just as fine as 105%.
    Actually, many people cannot tell the difference anyway. This is sad in a way and I still believe in the value of great execution but I noticed this over and over.

What does all that mean to you?

There is a famous quote by Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, which puts all of that into perspective:

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”

Based on that my personal recommendation: start before you feel ready, finish before you think you are done!

It isn’t innovation until it’s build.