getting them into the room was hard enough

  • Yuuri: Quick! To the panic room!
  • Yuri: This place doesn't have a panic room!
  • Yuuri: Any room can be a panic room if you panic hard enough!

All I want for my birthday is to write zimbits it’s a present we can all enjoy!


This game is rough. He’s got bruises on his arms from the other team checking him into the boards, he doesn’t need a target on his back when he’s got that name there instead. Zimmermann, long enough it barely fits across his broad shoulders, and everyone wants their chance to remind him he’s no better than anyone else on the ice. The boys are getting rowdy, but Jack calls them off. Fighting is easy, winning his hard. But that’s what they do. Jack nets two, gets another assist.

Game’s over, back in the hotel room. The sound of celebration down the hall, half the team’s under twenty-one so the bar isn’t an option. Public image, setting an example, etc. Jack bought them some beer to keep them busy and out of his room, they repaid him by swearing to leave him alone. The knowing looks aren’t so bad when they don’t know the half of it.

Lights on or off? On. Shirt? Off, maybe. He commits to off, tossing it across the room to his suitcase, and if it looks like he’s trying too hard it’s because he is. This doesn’t come natural to him, flirting, instigating, but he has experience to draw off of. The opposite is true for Bittle: no experience, natural appeal.

A few clicks later and Bittle is on his screen, his skin blue from the light of his computer, the room behind him dark enough Jack can only just make out that Bittle is sitting at his desk. None of that is important. What matters is Bittle, smiling but tired looking, time zones haven’t been kind to them, with a red mark on his lip that he’s been worrying at.

“You alright?” He says immediately, leaning forward like he’ll get a better look. “Those boys were nasty tonight. I could barely watch.”

“No permanent damage.” Not the most reassuring, but Jack’s looking ahead, he’s done with this game and thinking about the next. “Doesn’t even hurt.”

“You know I worry about you.” He’s not quite at ease, but he trusts that Jack will tell him if there’s a problem.

Communication is they key to any relationship, they say, but with Bittle it’s all they have, and Jack’s never been on his phone so much as he has been the past three and a half months they’ve been together.

“I guess I’m just frustrated.” He’s never been much good at putting his feelings into words, never been much good with feelings, period, that’s been widely publicized, but he does it for Bittle. “I get on the ice and all I care about is the game, but everyone else can’t see past my jersey.”

“Hon,” Bittle says in that sweet Georgian way of his, and they both know there’s nothing he can say to fix it, but he talks because it’s what Jack wants. If Bittle is talking, Jack doesn’t have to. “This is only your third game. By the time the season starts, they’ll know you earned that spot on the team just like anyone else. And the announcers said a lot of nice things about you on the broadcast.”

It’s the cruelest irony. He spends his developing years worried he isn’t good enough, lives and breathes hockey, sweats and bleeds on the ice all to live up to his father’s standard. Now that he’s finally made it everyone thinks his spot in the NHL is a handout. He runs his hand through his hair, pushing his still-wet bangs off his forehead.

“Thanks, Bittle.”

Bittle. Open and warm, watching him in his too-big Samwell shirt - Jack’s shirt, he realizes, worn as pyjamas, he didn’t know Bittle did that, it makes his stomach flip. And when Bittle leans back and brings his own hand to his hair, a subconscious imitation, the long sleeve slides down, revealing the hard swell of a bicep. He’s been at the weights, good, speed can only get him so far, needs- Jack shakes his head, pushes hockey from his head, or as much as he can. Tonight isn’t about that.

“You look good.” He says instead. Maybe it sounds robotic and awkward but Bittle smiles in his shy way, like when Jack runs his hands down Bittle’s sides, like he doesn’t really believe that Jack could be so into him.

Tonight, Jack is going to help Bittle understand.

All thanks to Rosie

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A/N - Sorry for the late posts, something happened at college that I really needed to sort out. Teacher dramas… *rolls eyes*. Sorry it’s really short. Hope you enjoy this!

Requested by anon!


You and John had been quite close for a while now. You watched John work hard everyday, then go back home to Mary and Rosie and look after them… You decided it was time for them to both have some time off.

“John! Maryyyyyy!” you yelled coming up the stairs to the flat in baker street. You had bought them tickets to see a theatre show in order to get some time away from their hectic lives and just be a couple.

“Y/N?” John called out as he stuck his head round the door to see you coming up the stairs.

“Get Sherlock!” you said before pulling Mary into front room from the kitchen. Soon enough all four (five including Rosie) were in the room. You pulled out the tickets from your bag and handed them over to John.

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What I want for season 3

I want Season three to show the aftermath of all that’s happened. I want to see them fighting their inner demons, not a killer. I want them to be happy, but that’s not going to happen so this is the nest best thing.

I want to watch Noah meet another girl, someone smart and beautiful, much like Riley and Zoe. I want to see him fall hard for her, but be afraid to tell her or even talk to her because he’s scared of losing her. I want Audrey to tease him and for her and Brooke to try to set them up, causing Noah to get angry at them. I want Audrey to be waiting in Noah’s room when he gets home, and for her to ask him what his problem is. I want him to stall and avoid the question and for her to go along with it for a while, until finally she’s had enough. I want her to look at him no nonsense and say “Tell me the truth, Foster.” And I want to watch Noah break down. I want to see the look of fear and guilt and sadness on his face. I want for his voice to crack as he admits the truth, “I don’t want her to end up like Zoe or Riley” I want him to cry on Audrey’s shoulder because he’s terrified that it will happen again. And I want to see just how far Noah takes his obsession. I want to know if he still thinks there is another accomplice or if he’s convinced himself that it’s all over. I want him to investigate the original murders to see if Brandon James is rally to blame. I want to see what Noah turns to in great stress. I want to know if he drinks his pain away or if he just never sleeps in fear of the nightmares.

I want to see Brooke coping with everything she has lost. I want to watch her living her everyday life, when she sees something and all of a sudden it hits her, everything that happened. I want her to be getting ready for some party and she decides she wants a little liquid courage, and she goes to grab a flask, and it’s pink. I want her to pick it up with a small smile and stare at it for a while. And then I want Brooke, all alone in her bedroom, wearing a fancy dress or pajamas or anything really, to start twirling. I want to see her, with tears streaming down her face, to spin and spin and spin until she gets so dizzy she falls back on her bed, laughing, because while it hurts, she knows Zoe wouldn’t want her to feel sad. I want to see her getting the mail from her mailbox, and seeing her dad’s name on one of the letters. I want to call him downstairs, when it hits her, he’s gone. I want to see her get angry and rip it up, and then a few hours later trying to piece it back together because she just needs to see what it says. She needs to see her father’s name. I want see Brooke wake up on Riley’s birthday and when she goes to put on her makeup, skipping over the mascara or maybe putting on multiple coats of it, and spending a long time painting her nails because it has to just right, because makeup is her armor and today’s battle is for Riley. I want to see Brooke to be scrolling through the pictures on her phone at three in the morning because she couldn’t sleep and seeing a pic of her and Nina, and suddenly having to find Nina’s lipstick, not just that shade but that exact lipstick that she wore, and her going crazy looking through her purse for it. I want to see Brooke be hooking up with some guy and they are using handcuffs and she just, freezes. Handcuffs remind her of Branson, who may have hurt her but now he’s dead, and that makes her feel sad. I want to watch Brooke when she’s hanging out with her friends and she’s been having a bad day, and they told her they ordered her favorite pizza. I want to see Brooke’s face fall as she opens up the box to reveal… Kale. Sure, kale is fine, and she’s eat it, but… It’s not her favorite. It’s not pineapple pepperoni. And it’s not Jake. I want to watch Brooke’s heart break all over again and all of her memories- happy and sad- of Jake come rushing back to her. I want to see Brooke Maddox weep for The Jake in the middle of her kitchen with her friends comforting her.

I want to watch Emma struggle to trust again and to understand that all of those deaths are not her fault. I want to see Emma’s dream journal go from horrible terrible nightmares to just bad dreams. I want to witness Emma’s distrust of everyone that wasn’t a part of the Lakewood 6. I want to see her jump anytime someone sneaks up on her and shudder when someone calls her name. I want to see the look of udder panic and horror on her face every time she gets a phone call. I want to watch her try every day not to hate herself for everything that happened, for Riley, Will, and Eli. I want to see how she feels about Noah’s podcast this time around and if she encourages or stops him from going deeper. I want to see her repair her friendship with Audrey. I want to watch her and Brooke become close as they used to be. I want to watch Emma as she walks down the hallway of school or down the street, all eyes on her. How does she react? I want to know if she panics or if she can keep her cool. I want to watch Emma take control and demand answers. For her to ask her mom if there are any more secrets. I want to watch Emma spot a picture of her with Kieran and get sick to her stomach, because she loved him once. If only for a moment. I want her to talk to Brooke about it, how it feels to trust someone who was really abusing you. I want to see Emma fall off the deep end and then I want to watch her get the help she needs and deserves.

I want to see how Audrey handles everything. I want to see her to watch videos of Rachel and her crying because she misses her so much and it’s all her fault. I want to know if Audrey has nightmares or dreams where Rachel tells her that it’s all gonna be okay. I want Audrey to finally be able to grieve properly. I want to watch her try and pretend she’s okay, but the second she’s behind closed doors, she breaks. I want to see tough little Audrey be vulnerable around her friends, because she feels safe. I want Audrey to know that she isn’t alone anymore and that she has people that understand. I want to see Audrey get defensive when someone makes a comment about Emma or Noah or Brooke. I want to see her get freaked out when she hears a noise in the middle of the night and she calls Emma, who answers on the first ring because she’s scared too. And they talk to each other and convince the other that it’s all over. I want more Audrey and Noah sleepovers where they talk about everything and pledge to be Bi-furious and the Deflowered forever. I want Audrey to do anything she can to comfort Brooke. I want to watch Audrey learn to forgive herself and to feel safe again.

I want to watch Stavo and see how his art changes from murder to something brighter. I want to see how his relationship with his dad grows. I want to know how his relationship progresses with Brooke. I want to see him interact with the group. I want to know more about Stavo’s past and see his future.

I want to know what happened to Eli, if he survived or not. If he lives does he hold a grudge against Emma? Does he still live in Kieran’s house? I want to know how his mom feels about it and more about her involvement with all this

I want to see them go together to visit their late friends, Zoe, Jake, Will, Riley, Tyler, and Rachel. Even Nina. I want to watch each of them as they try to stay strong for each other and I want to watch them all break down into tears. I want to see them get together to watch a horror movie for the first time since the reveal. I want to see each of their reactions.  Does it bring back the fear in their hearts or just the sadness? I want to see them graduate and go off to college and get the hell out of Lakewood. I want them all to feel like they aren’t alone and I want them to survive this.


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Pairing: Negan x Reader
Word count: 1,002
Warnings: Swearing

Part 9 of Runaway

After you’d put Gabby to bed, you slipped into your room and waited. Negan was a creature of habit. Not long after lights out, he’d wander to one of his wives. It wouldn’t be hard to find him, either. Slipping an (unloaded) gun into the back of your pants, you waited. You’d give them time to get into it.

Sitting on your bed, you flipped through a tattered old magazine. When you felt it had been long enough, you tossed it to the side and got up, walking out. Your thumbs were in your back pockets as you leisurely strolled down the hall.

You turned the corner, and could hear their sounds getting louder. Standing outside the room, you couldn’t help but smirk. Boy, he was about to be fucking pissed. You took a deep breath and rushed in. Negan was underneath, her hands on his chest. “What the fuck?!” He yelled at you.

Just like he’d ignored you, you ignored him. Grabbing her hair, you dragged her out of bed, and tossed her in the hall. “What the hell?” She yelled at you.

Pulling the gun from your waistband, you pointed it at her, keeping your face as hard as possible. “Keep your fucking hands off of what’s mine.” You growled at her. Negan came out, pulling on his pants. “Or we will have some serious fucking issues.”

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a chance

Based on the ask

an imagine where the student goes to talk to her TC after their last lesson and tells him she loves him and is about to run away but he holds her back, saying she can’t just say something like that and leave? take it wherever you want from there 💕


“Alright, that’ll be it for the year! All the luck on studying for your exams.” He said and with that the entire class was on their feet, excited to leave the classroom for the (second to) last time.

Except her. She stayed in her desk. Fourth row, middle seat, dead center. She dreaded getting up and stepping even one foot out the door. The last lesson with him was hard enough to get through, but to actually leave him seemed impossible. The last student left the room, closing the door behind them. He was shuffling some papers together when he looked up to see her still sitting there.

“Anything I can help you with?” He said with a crooked smile.

She took a deep breath and hoped somehow her mind would work in accordance with her body. “I, uh, actually wanted to tell you something.”

“Sure, go for it.” He walked around to the front of his desk and leaned against it. He crossed his arms and a voice in her head was telling her to bail. 

Bail right now before you humiliate yourself.

She pushed the voice out and stood up. She took a few steps towards him, “I figured I’d tell you now with the end of the year coming up and graduation being in a couple of days.” She paused and his expression didn’t change

God, he has no idea what’s coming.

“Um, I don’t really know how to say this,” she scratched the back of her head and looked down at her feet. She thought about this moment so many times before. She’d stand so confidently in front of him and say the words “I’m in love with you”. And he would break out in a smile, wrap her in his arms, and mutter the same words as he went into kiss her. She knew the fairytale in her head was just that, a fairytale. This was the real world, where teachers don’t fall for their younger students and pursue that feeling. She was setting herself up for humiliation, but she didn’t care. He had to know how she felt. It was scary and heart racing but she couldn’t bear the years of wondering if she didn’t.

“I’ve realized over the year that I’ve developed feelings for you,” she dared to look into his eyes and his expression hadn’t changed. “Strong feelings. Like romantic feelings,” she specified. “And I realize how wrong that is. I’m sorry, but I just can’t help it. And hearing myself actually say this out loud is crazy.”

“Well, - “he started to stay but she cut in, not even hearing his voice over her own heartbeat.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have told you this. I’m going to go. Please disregard all of this.” She said quickly, before making a run for the door. A strong hand grabbed a hold of her wrist before she could even take another step.

“Don’t leave. You can’t just say something like that and leave.” He said in a hushed tone.

Her lips parted but her mouth ran dry. She couldn’t muster up any words to say.

“You can’t just tell me you love me and then walk out. It doesn’t work like that.”

“I’m sorry,” she managed to whisper. “I just didn’t want you to be mad at me.”

“Mad at you? Why would I be mad at you?”

“Because this is wrong. I’m not supposed to love you. You’re my teacher. I’m your student. It’s morally and ethically wrong.”

“If it’s so wrong, why did you even tell me?” He questioned. His hand still hadn’t left her wrist and she could feel her skin burning underneath his touch. She acted like it was nothing.

The question had her stumped. Her gaze met his and it was like she was trying to search for the answer in the golden flecks in his eyes. “I guess a part of me was hoping if I told you, then it’d be giving you the chance to love me too.”

She got nervous when he didn’t say anything. “I realize that was wrong of me.”

“Will you stop saying its wrong?” His voice raised a little higher. He took a second before he continued in a softer tone, “I don’t want this to be wrong.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I’ve been feeling the same things you have.”

“You have?” She said surprised by the very words that were coming from his mouth.

“Of course. How could I not?” He chuckled, and his hand traveled up her arm, spreading the fire even more.

“Oh my god, pinch me.” She said in disbelief.

He laughed and went to cup her cheek, “Or I could do this?”

He leaned in closer and closer until his lips met hers. The fire that burned her arm spread throughout her entire body. Hitting her lips first and traveling to her belly button, down to her knees, all the way down to the tips of her toes. Then, traveling back up to her cheeks and to the very ends of her hair. She wondered if his body was having the same reaction. She was afraid to bring her hands up to touch him, but once she did, she didn’t want to stop. To finally feel him underneath her fingertips brought a whole new sensation. He tasted so divine, like nothing she had ever tasted before. She didn’t want this to end, but as he pulled away, she realized how much she needed to breathe.

He brushed his lips against hers, not wanting to pull away too far and whispered, “Thanks for giving me the chance.”

12; badboy!namjoon

just wanna kiss (12)
p: accidentally being forced inches apart from each other, staring at the other’s lips and just before they kiss someone pulls them back apart

namjoon wasn’t exactly a saint when it came to being on school grounds. well, even though whole heartedly you know he has good intentions, he doesn’t quite… follow the rules to achieve the goals behind those intentions. but when it came to you, he tried to abide by it to reduce the amount of times he’d get into detention because then he won’t have enough to see you (or at least, get away with it better).

it was hard to do that now when you look awfully… tempting from across the room.

a text was all it took for you to look up from your focus of eating your lunch, taking a glance around the cafeteria to meet with a gaze that makes you smile from twenty-five steps away. a quick point of the eye at a direction gets you to excuse yourself. your friends know all too well that they’re already eating your share of food so it doesn’t go to waste when you tell them see you in class and make no room for questions, filling the space of your hand with your purse, as it meets your pocket and then you begin to walk.

just as you make it out to the cafeteria, heading down a corridor that rarely has people traffic, the hand that darts out and grabs onto your arm makes you yelp but the force tugging you over pushes the air out of your lungs - spun to your back to meet the wall and - “n-namjoon…”

“you did it again, y/n,” he mutters under his breath, loosening his grip on you to slide his arm around your waist, backing you against the small corner by the locker of such a narrow passageway. you blink at him with the slight tilt of your head, hands already accustomed to his shoulders as you murmur, “what did i do?”

“…looked good,” he manages to rasp, licking his lips before he leans in to say it again as it dissolves against your lips: looked too fucking good. he kisses you hard and slow, taking his time, but it feels like he’s trying to imprint himself on your lips. an arm steadying you against him to keep you close, the other traveling up to your hair where he runs through them to reach your neck. gently holding it by the nape and it’s a habit for him to massage your flesh with familiarity as he kisses you, relishing on the mewls you grant him to swallow, drawing him nearer and nearer until you feel his chest pressed to yours.

his arm drags lower as the kiss progresses, just as he reaches your thigh and the line of your skirt, the sharp ringing of the bell pulls the two of you away and - “fucking hell…” he groans, heaving a deep sigh after as he looks into your eyes before gazing to your lips with half-lidded eyes, “i really want to kiss you some more,”

with a chuckle, you lock your fingers behind his neck, tilting your head the other way and namjoon hates (loves) how effortlessly the few strands of baby hair falls over your eyes, “how about one more to go? mrs. lee is always late during this period,”

he smirks and agrees by leaning in but - “mr. kim, miss y/n. as much as i understand when i was once young, the both of you need to head to class now,” the familiar voice of authority, mr. kang pours over like ice water and namjoon’s - “but sir!” (because mr. kang knows all too well of namjoon’s ways and let’s just say mr. kang dealt with him quite the number of times to let him get away with it), “she’s so pretty! can’t i just kiss her one more time?”

“unless you want detention again, go ahead. but from what i heard, one more and it’s gonna wreck your record, son,”

you reveal your face by looking over your shoulder from the corner, offering a grin, “hi sir,”

he waves a little with a smile on his face, what a cool dude.

“can i take your boyfriend to my class now?”

“he’s all yours,” you nod, hands releasing namjoon and that’s a cue for mr. kang to walk over and grab namjoon by the collar - “oh c’mon!”

John/Paul AU Collab: Paul is a Vampire and John is a Human.

Paul is supposed to be dead.

It’s the rule, the very first thing they’re taught before going out on a hunt: If your partner gets bitten, you kill him. But maybe Paul wasn’t bitten hard enough, maybe the venom didn’t take, maybe—

Paul is screaming from inside the safe room, a thick, reinforced door between them, and John can hear Paul’s hardened nails scraping against the metal surface. He’s been like this for days now, yelling the most obscene insults in a voice that’s hardly human, but every now and then he’ll be sweet, so sweet, “please John, love, just open the door for me, baby, I promise I won’t hurt you.

John almost believes him every time.

The night the screams stop, John is almost relieved to think Paul might have finally died. Then comes a voice, human in a way John hasn’t heard in so long: “John? I think I can control it now.”

John turns the latch before he can think better of it, and the next thing he’s aware of is a hard wall behind his back, pinned there by an immoveable force. Paul’s breath is on his neck, teeth grazing his skin, and John doesn’t fight; he deserves this. He should have known better—vampires can’t change.

Then Paul releases him, steps away. “I’m sorry,” he says, “I’ll try harder.”

That’s all John can hope for.

twinkpaul [graphic] | twinkjohn [fic]

More fanfiction

For this one, it’s Team Skull grunts playing charades to pass the time while they wait for the power to turn back on in mansion (and let’s just say they have enough backup power to have some dim lamps on in the room. Or Pokémon that have illuminate or can use flash). Again, there is swearing and there will be some abuse mentions (and some manhandling).

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Also, speaking of Lady Gaga’s halftime routine, I met a baby gay at the superbowl party and it was so cute. In the middle of the song, I snuck up behind my little sister’s high school friends and whispered so the adults in the room wouldn’t hear me saying “She’s too good. I’m simply too gay for this." 

one of them gasped and turned around and she was like "omg same? Same. Oh my god.” looking dazed and completely disbelieving she just heard that from someone else’s mouth. I immediately followed with “It’s okay, it doesn’t get better.” in reference to being able to handle the majesty of Lady Gaga, and that was enough to startle her into laughing hard enough to leave.

It was adorable and terribly amusing because then she spent the rest of the party sneaking looks at me and giggling like we were in on a joke together. This child has a lot of feelings pent up in her tiny gay heart and I can’t wait to hear from my sister how she handles discovering how goddamn gay college is.

Truths About Being a Music Major

1. You will never sleep
2. You will be asked why you aren’t “working hard enough” even though you lock yourself into the practice rooms for multiple hours a day, and still have a pile of homework to finish.
3. Free time = practice time
4. What’s free time?
5. You will get sick at the most inconvenient times
6. Once one of you gets sick, all of you get sick.
7. Your entire world revolves around your accompanist. Keep them happy.
8. When you tell people that you are a music major, they will respond with “that sounds so fun! I wish I could play music all day,” and you will cry inside.
9. Your applied professor is your new diety.
10. Despite it all, at the end of the day, you are happy to be doing what you love.

Okay but how about this:

A Red Room Netflix Series.

Season One starts with the end of WW2, right after Captain Americas death. The celebration of the end of the war is a perfect cover to get to work on Hydra’s next project.

At first, it’s hard to find a perfect subject, until they start sweeping orphans off the street. Girls, they realize. Little, innocent looking girls, who won’t be any cause of suspicion. That’s who they must train. And so they take them.

But there weren’t enough. They didn’t have the right number. There were only a few orphaned girls they could really find. So they took matters into their own hands, and made them orphans. Made them theirs. They never really ran out of subjects after starting that.

The very first experiment goes horribly wrong. It’s a young girl, maybe eleven or twelve, and she’s foaming at the mouth, clawing at her eyes, and there’s blood blood blood and she laughs and screams and eventually dies.

They don’t stop testing until they find a perfect serum. Wrists are scarred with handcuff marks and bed frames are bloodied with their struggle.The basement is tinged with blood and ghosts. The field outside is rich with little girls and pain.

It’s when they finally perfect the serum, that they need the perfect girls to test it on. They search, they find, they take.

There’s fire and there’s nightmares and red. And a little girl wakes up in a strange place away from home and she’s scared, she’s so very scared. That’s when they come up to her, and tell her that everything will be okay. And this poor little girl, with red hair and rosy cheeks, has no choice but to believe them.

And so it begins.


It was all really confusing.

it took awhile but she finally calmed down enough to focus on the mirror instead. thinking back on it she definitely understood when i said that i wouldn’t harm her. and that i was sorry for the whole tractor beam thing.

of course she was worried about the other gems on the frame, but it was already hard having to watch just her because my room is a mess and definitely not peep-proof. I didn’t want them OR my tech collection getting hurt.

i had to get some sort of large cage for the time being, at least. but that required leaving, in public, and she needed to come with me.

i needed her restrained and concealed. she didn’t like most of my ideas.

luckily letting her know this was a necessary step in safely removing her friends seemed to finally convince her.

she was on her best behavior the whole way to the pet store. lots of bonding.

and the wounds don’t fade because you tell them they’re not real

a/n: Jemma struggles with the aftermath of the LMD attack and Daisy holds her through it. This deals with a situation resembling domestic violence and the emotional trauma resulting from it so, be cautious for triggers. 

~1200 words

read on ao3

Finding Fitz is not the hard part. Getting him back is not even the hard part. All it takes is a little kidnapping, a smidgen of grand theft auto, and a thousand miles of frustrating conversations before the boy they know is blinking foggily through the layers of the framework at them once more.

It turns out the hard part is going to be everything that comes after.

They’re in a van because of course they are. Daisy even has a hula girl on the dash. With the back seat folded down, there’s just enough room for all three of them to sleep, all crammed together with barely space to breathe. Daisy’s almost asleep, squashed up against the side of the van with her arm flung over Jemma’s middle because there’s nowhere else for it to go, so she notices when Jemma pulls herself free of the heap. There’s the sound of the car door and Fitz stirs and mumbles something incoherent as the whole rickety vehicle sways when it slams.

Daisy takes advantage of the sudden space to stretch her stiffening muscles and rolls to stare at the ceiling, forcing herself to stay awake until she knows Jemma is safely back inside. But when she’s counted a hundred and eighty seconds and Jemma’s still not back a coil of anxiety tightens in her stomach.

She hasn’t gone far though. Daisy almost falls on top of her when she pushes open the passenger door. She’s curled up against the front wheel, and even though she does a hasty scrub job as Daisy clambers gracelessly from the cab, the tear tracks stand out pretty clearly on her grimy cheeks.

Daisy drops to her knees next to Jemma, feeling the bite of gravel through the holes in her jeans and not particularly caring. Jemma tries for a minute to school her features into a passive mask, face turned up to the star-strewn sky, but the effort collapses almost at once. She gives a soundless gasp and crumples inward and Daisy catches her up, holding on tight.

The fear of being seen as manipulative has led most of us to be oversensitive to any behaviors that may be perceived as manipulative to the point of experiencing feelings of guilt when you’re afraid something you did or said could, if you squint hard enough or overthink it, be seen as manipulative in some kind of way. Just breathe. You’re not being manipulative. 

If you read a room and use personality traits you’ve picked up from others to get yourself through a social situation, you’re not being manipulative. If you change the way you speak and act around strangers to make yourself seem outgoing and pleasant, you’re not being manipulative. You’re taking social cues you’ve observed and applying them to a situation - everyone does this, you may just use them more often. These things can be coping mechanisms that turn into a skill set, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of using the tools you have when you need them. As long as you aren’t using these skills negatively to take advantage of someone or for your own personal entertainment, you’re not being manipulative.

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Cam you do "That looks cute on you" for kuroo?

“That looks cute on you.”, you suddenly heard behind you.

Whirling around you saw Kuroo with a shit eating grin on his face, standing in the entry to the changing room you were currently in to try on a pair of jeans, your upper body free of clothing. Ignoring the blush quickly growing on your cheeks you looked around him to find out if anyone had seen him coming into the dressing room. It didn’t look like it.

“What are you doing? Get out!” Fully intend on shoving him back out you put your hands against his chest and pushed hard enough to make him take a step back.

Chuckling he took your hands in his and pulled them away from himself, instead securing them at your sides and leaning in. “You were taking too long so I wanted to shorten the waiting a bit.” He rubbed his nose against yours, fully aware of the effect he was having on you.

You puffed up your cheeks, annoyed that he had just barged in and that he was now messing with you. “Well doesn’t that just mean that you’re too impatient?”

“I’m always impatient when it comes to seeing you, babe.” Kuroo smirked and pressed a quick kiss to your cheek, successfully deflating it that way. “Besides, there’s no harm done in a little peeking. You’re my partner, so I’m allowed to see you like this, right?”

“It’s not the act itself that’s indecent, it’s your timing. We’re in the middle of a shop, there are other people here!” You wriggled and broke free from his loose grip. “And this is far more than just peeking.”

Now willingly letting himself get pushed out of the room, Kuroo chuckled again. “Alright, alright. But”, he quickly turned back around and grabbed your face in his hands to bring your lips together for a short but strong kiss, “don’t take too long, alright? I’m getting lonely out there.”

each time i say your name it’s like something sickly sweet on my lips, but it’s not dripping off. it’s sealing them together, and suddenly it’s getting hard to think and i need room to breathe.

each time i see you, my lungs collapse and then restart like the flickering lights in the convenience store at three in the morning.
and i shouldn’t be here but i needed something weak enough to drown in without slipping under, and i would rather it be you but i’ll have to settle for the filthy bottles of cough syrup that are two months out of date and stuck to the shelf.

and each time i hear your voice i feel my words start tripping over themselves in my throat. i look around for you and realize i don’t remember what your voice even sounds like but i do remember you could have filled the shelves with everything left in my heart but you littered the floor with it instead, and that’s enough to make me pry another bottle off of the shelf

—  the cough syrup tastes bad, but your memory tastes worse

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Petra and Jesse with G

Petra and Jesse walk side by side as they make their way down the road, shoes clacking against the stone as they move away from the cafe they had lunch at. The hot cocoa and even warmer foods are a good way to stay cozy in the chill brought on by the sharp breezes that occasionally kick up into sharper winds, not warmed at all by the dark grey clouds that cover the sky.

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Lovers & Voyeurism

I have no idea wtf I’m doing. Disclaimer: I don’t own Owari.

You can read it here on Fanfiction and here on AO3, too. Takes place after ch. 34.

Summary: “Shut up!” Shinoa whispered harshly, shoving Mitsuba into the closet. Shinoa followed suit, cramming into the tight space. “This is insane,” Mitsuba mumbled as she shifted to make room for the two of them. The slits in the closet provided a perfect view of Yuu’s bed. “Shhhh! Or we’ll get caught! We’ll wait for them to leave then go out afterwards,” Shinoa replied quietly. Things only went downhill for the two of them from there.

 Rating: M/R18

 Pairings: MikaYuu, ShiMitsu; if ya squint hard enough KimiYoi  


Mitsuba walked briskly down the corridor of the boys’ dormitory. It had been two weeks since their last major battle at Shinjiku. It was absolutely terrifying. Once again some dark power had awakened in Yuu. Had it not been for an unknown ally subduing Yuu and bringing him to his senses, she’s not sure any of them would have made it out alive. That ally turned out to be Hyakuya Mikaela, Yuu’s precious family member who had been turned into a vampire. Although he seemed skeptical at first, he’s joined forces with the Imperial Demon Army. Mitsuba herself isn’t entirely sure she can fully trust Mika, but there’s no denying the intense feelings he has for Yuu, and vice versa. He hasn’t left Yuu’s side since they made it back to the human territory.


 His name echoed down the hallway as Mitsuba continued towards his room. She could feel her heart beating faster with each step, and couldn’t stop the blood from rushing to her cheeks.

 "And where are you off to in such a hurry?“

 Mitsuba stopped in her tracks. She’d recognize that cocky voice from anywhere.


Shinoa giggled and peeked her head from around the corner. “What’s with that irritated tone? Did I catch you on your way to doing something naughty?”

“N-n-naughty?!? Don’t be ridiculous!” Mitsuba turned on her heels and started walking away in the opposite direction.

“You were on your way to see Yuu-san, right? You’re going to confess your feelings to him?”

Mitsuba gasped and spun around. She expected to see Shinoa looking amused and full of herself, but instead she appeared understanding and somewhat sad.

“How… did you know? Who told you?” Mitsuba questioned softly, her voice slightly shaking.

Shinoa’s infamous smirk was back on her face, “You did. Just now.”

“AAUUGGHHH!!!” Mitsuba covered her face and crouched on the ground, even though it was pointless; Shinoa could see her red cheeks from a mile away.                  

“It’s okay. Even if you didn’t say anything, I already knew.”

Mitsuba uncovered her eyes as Shinoa kneeled in front of her.

“You see, we both have the same game plan. I was on my way to confess to Yuu-san, too.”

“Wait… what!?”

Before Mitsuba had a chance to fully process what Shinoa had just said, the other girl was already up on her feet and headed down the hallway towards Yuu’s bedroom.

Mitsuba caught up to her and grabbed her arm as Shinoa turned another corner. “Wait just a minute!” she huffed, “What did you mean by that just now?!”

“I mean what I mean,” Shinoa replied, as if it were as obvious as saying the sky is blue. “You like Yuu-san, right? So do I. You were planning on confessing to him today, right? It’s the same for me.”

Mitsuba let go of Shinoa’s arm in disbelief. This couldn’t be happening to her.

“Cheer up, Mitsuba!” Shinoa said as she pat her on the shoulder, “All’s fair in love and war!”

Shinoa turned away from Mitsuba but continued talking, “If it’s the two of us seducing him, there’s no way he could refuse us. In this day and age, we can’t afford to be picky and monogamous. If it’s with you, Mitsu, I don’t mind sharing Yuu-san.”

Mitsuba still couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but followed after Shinoa anyways. The two finally stopped in front of Yuu’s room, and Shinoa lightly rapped on his door.

“Yuu-san, are you in there? Hello?” Shinoa called out. Seconds ticked by and there was no response. Mitsuba tapped her foot impatiently. The longer she waited, the more it felt like she would lose her nerve. She impatiently grabbed the door knob and gave it a swift turn.

“What the—!”                          

The two girls were surprised to find the door unlocked, but there was no sign of Yuu in the room. Before Mitsuba could decide whether or not to proceed, Shinoa waltzed in leisurely. Mitsuba followed after, determined not to lose to Shinoa.

“The boy barracks aren’t that large, huh?” Mitsuba commented as she gazed around the sparsely-decorated room.

“Well, it’s a lot bigger than what it was before, especially when he lived in the school dormitory,” Shinoa, who had plopped herself down on his half-made bed, replied.

The sheets, pillows, and comforter were plain. His bookshelf, filled with various texts, was positioned by his window.  Asuramaru was nestled right beside it. The other side of the room contained a closet, a dresser, and beside that a desk, currently littered with books on kanji and Japanese grammar.            

Oooooh, what’s this!”

Mitsuba, who had been gazing around the room, snapped her head in the direction of Shinoa’s voice, “Come see how cute Yuu is!”

Mitsuba couldn’t pass on that. Settling beside Shinoa, she peeked at the photo in her hand. It was of a  younger Yuu, looking as grumpy as ever, standing beside a happily smiling Mika. The two of them were surrounded by other laughing and smiling children in front of a small building.

“This is… Yuu’s family. The kids from the Hyakuya orphanage,” Mitsuba murmured.

“Mm. They’re all climbing over Yuu-san and Mikaela. They must have really loved those two,” Shinoa inferred, trying to sound cheerful despite feeling deeply depressed. Shinoa might not have been especially close to her sister, but she felt terribly sad and lonely when she heard of Mahiru’s passing. She could only begin to imagine how Yuu must have felt.

“Where did you find this picture?” Mitsuba inquired.

“Under his pillow! Isn’t that adorable of Yuu-san?”

“His pillow?! Should you really be digging around other people’s stuff?”

“It’s his fault for having such a messy bed! I just wanted to clean it up.”

Shinoa giggled as Mitsuba grabbed her by the collar. Before the blonde teen could even retort, she paused and suddenly looked alarm. “Do you hear that?”

Shinoa stopped laughing and trained her ears. “Sounds like… running water. Oh, that’s right! The ‘room’ adjacent to every bedroom in this dorm is actually an adjoining bathroom.”

Mitsuba stood up abruptly as her faced turned red. “S-so you think the reason Yuu isn’t in here is because m-maybe he’s in the shower?”

Shinoa couldn’t help but chuckle; Mitsuba was so innocent it was adorable! “My, my Mitsu-chan~! Nervous, are we? I bet you’re blushing because you were imagining Yuu wet and naked!”

“Sh-shut up!”

Shinoa couldn’t tell if Mitsuba was red from anger or embarrassment or both, and she didn’t have time to ponder. The shorter girl tackled her down on the bed, and Shinoa howled with delight. The two of them wrestled for a bit, unsure of whether the other was seriously trying to subdue them or not. Soon, both girls were laughing. Their laughter was cut short, however, at the sound they heard outside Yuu’s door.

“Footsteps!” Shinoa whispered.

The two girls scrambled off of the bed as they heard a knock at the door.

“Yuu-chan?” the voice from the other side called out, “Are you in?”

“That’s Mikaela!” Mitsuba whispered, a hint of fear in her voice, “I… I don’t want to talk to him!”

Shinoa nodded. She really didn’t feel like explaining why the two of them were unattended in Yuu’s room, which would be slightly embarrassing. Jumping out of the window was not an option; Yuu lived on the third floor. The only vents big enough for the two of them to crawl through were located in the bathroom, which Yuu currently occupied. Quickly scanning the room, Shinoa took note of the half-open closet.

“In here!” Shinoa grabbed Mitsuba’s wrist and dashed towards the closet.

“Wh-what are we doing!?”

“Hiding! It’s our only option right now.”

“Are you nuts?!?”

“Shut up!” Shinoa whispered harshly, shoving Mitsuba into the closet. Shinoa followed suit, cramming into the tight space.

“This is insane,” Mitsuba mumbled as she shifted to make room for the two of them. The slits in the closet provided a perfect view of Yuu’s bed.        

“Shhhh! Or we’ll get caught! We’ll wait for them to leave then go out afterwards,” Shinoa replied quietly.

Things only went downhill for the two of them from there.


“Yuu-chan?” Mika called out again. Sighing, he knocked once more and added, “I’m coming in.”

Mika opened the door, locking it behind him before heading towards the center of the room. Things seemed suspiciously quiet, save for the sound of running water. Mika glanced in the direction of the closet, narrowing his eyes.

Just as he was about to take a step towards it, the running water cut off. Seconds later the bathroom door opened, revealing Yuu in a loosely adorned robe.

“Oh, Mika! When did you get here?” Yuu questioned while heading towards said boy.

“Just now,” Mika responded as he took the towel from Yuu’s hand and began to dry his hair.

“I can do it myself!” Yuu pouted. He chuckled despite himself, and continued to allow Mika to spoil him.

Mika paused mid-rub to push the hair back from Yuu’s forehead. He leaned forward and planted a kiss, “I’ve missed you, Yuu-chan.”

When Mika pulled away, Yuu gently rested his head against Mika’s chest, “Stupid… you just saw me a couple of hours ago.”

“You know what I mean,” Mika laughed as he wrapped his arms around his beloved.

“Yeah, yeah,” Yuu buried himself deeper into Mika’s embrace.

“Now that we’re together again, I’ll never abandon you. Ever,” Mika stated softly, running his fingers through Yuu’s black locks.

“Mika…” Yuu gazed up at the blonde teen, his eyes sad yet determined, “I’ll save you. I’ll find a way to turn you back into a regular human, I promise! I’ll never leave your side again, either!”

“Yuu-chan,” Mika smiled softly and placed his right hand on Yuu’s cheek, “You’re so cute. I really want to kiss you right now.”

Yuu blushed, “How many times do I have to tell you?! Quit saying such embarrassing things!”

Yuu pulled away from him and snatched the towel out of his hand. Walking over to sit on the edge of his bed, Yuu finished drying his hair. “Besides,” the blush crept back onto his cheeks, “I told you a thousand times, you don’t have to ask for permission.”

Mika walked over to Yuu’s bed, the two sitting shoulder-to-shoulder. Both turned their heads to face the other, and Mika leaned in to place a soft, gentle kiss on Yuu’s lips.


These past few days had been a blur. Yuu still couldn’t believe that Mika, HIS Mika, was currently sitting right before him and showering him with kisses. When he had awakened in the hospital, it was Mika who had been by his side, holding his hand. The two couldn’t stop crying once he had opened his eyes, and he had never been so strongly embraced before.

Mika still wanted the two of them to run away, but Yuu was recovering from the last battle. Mika hadn’t had the chance to tell him about everything he learned in the four years they had been separated; tests were being run on the two of them, especially Mika, since it was practically unheard of to meet an aging vampire. There was so much Yuu wanted to know and ask both from Mika and Guren, but any serious thoughts he had flew out the window as Mika slid his tongue into his mouth.

“Mmm… ngh!!” Yuu couldn’t suppress his moans as Mika expertly moved their tongues against each other. Suddenly he realized he was on his back, with Mika hovering above him, his hands already moving to disrobe him.

“W-wait! Mika! Stop for a second!” Yuu panted as Mika began to trail kisses along his jawline. Mika stopped and looked up at Yuu, his eyes laced with concern.

“Is something wrong, Yuu-chan? Do you not want to continue?”

Yuu didn’t think it was possible he could stop blushing, not with Mika acting like this. “It… it’s not like I really want to stop, but—ah! C-cut it out! Ki… Kimizuki… his r-room is… ngh! Right across the… ha… hall! What if he hears us?!?”

Mika paused his kissing and sucking along Yuu’s jaw and neck to laugh. “You don’t have to worry about that, Yuu-chan. Kimizuki Shihou is not in his room at the time.”

“Huh? How do you know?” Yuu inquired, but his thoughts became foggy as Mika’s hands pushed his robe open, revealing his pert and aroused nipples.

Mika began to lightly trail his fingers around Yuu’s sensitive nubs before answering, “I passed by him and Saotome Yoichi on the way to Saotome’s room earlier.”

“Y-yoichi… and Kimi… zuki? That doesn’t make any se—! Ahh!” Yuu cried out as Mika began to lick and suck his nipples, the other hand gently twisting whichever side his mouth wasn’t on. Yuu grabbed onto Mika’s hair and gently pulled on his locks. Mika continued to trail kisses along his chest and down towards his navel. At this point, Yuu’s robe was completely off and discarded onto the floor. “Wait, wait, WAIT!”

Mika smirked as he glanced up at Yuu innocently.

“Something wrong, love?”

“Ye-yeah!” Yuu huffed, his eyes half-lidded, “It’s not fair that I’m the only one naked!”

Mika’s grin widened as he placed another kiss along Yuu’s stomach, “Do you want me to take off my clothes, Yuu-chan?”  Yuu nodded coyly. “Well then, I’ll be happy to oblige.” Within seconds Mika was nude as well.



As Mika hovered over Yuu again, he took note of Yuu’s throbbing erection. He was beyond thrilled that Yuu was feeling the exact same way as him, and that he alone was responsible for eliciting such a reaction.

Ahh, I can’t wait to be inside of you, Mika thought.

“Yuu-chan,” Mika had started to kiss Yuu’s stomach again, and gently coaxed Yuu’s legs apart, “do you trust me?”

“Mm, I do,” Yuu responded, his voice hoarse with desire.

“I want to make you feel good, really good. Let me suck you off.”

Mika grasped Yuu’s length, and the other boy jolted in surprise.

“Wa-wait! What do you mean—ah!”

Mika’s tongue licked across Yuu’s slit as he gently pulled back his foreskin. Yuu arched his back as Mika’s mouth covered more and more of his dick. Yuu began to unconsciously move his hips in sync with Mika’s ministrations. The sucking, licking, and occasional graze of Mika’s sharp teeth was sending him over the edge.

“Mika! Mikaaa! Ngh… ha… AHH!”


This is bad. Really, really bad! Mitsuba thought, swallowing hard. I’m getting turned on!

The moans, grunts, and sound of a creaking bed reverberated throughout the room and filtered into the closet. Mitsuba felt like her heart would burst from her chest, and she could feel her lady region getting wetter.

“Ah!” Mitsuba cried out as Shinoa fondled her aching breasts through her uniform. She covered her mouth quickly and mentally cursed. Damn you, Shinoaaa!!

“You seem tense, Mitsu-chan,” Shinoa purred softly into Mitsuba’s ear. “Relax. We should just enjoy the show and take advantage of the situation.”

Relax? YOU REALLY ARE INSANE! Mitsuba wanted to shout, but she kept her lips firmly shut and her hands over her mouth. She was afraid if she spoke, instead of an angry retort it’d be a sultry moan.

“If you want to cry out, go ahead. They’re too into their own world to notice,” Shinoa added, kissing and sucking along Mitsuba’s neck, “just don’t be loud.”

“I… I thought you… liked Yuu,” Mitsuba managed to squeak out.

“Hmmm, I do,” Shinoa answered as one hand trailed down to tease the hem of Mitsuba’s skirt, “but I’m also very, very fond of you, Mitsu.”

Any rational thought Mitsuba had was pushed to the back of her mind as she felt Shinoa’s stray hand hover over her most sensitive spot.

“Do you want me to touch you to relieve you of this tension? Hmmm?” Shinoa teased.

“Just fucking do it alre—gah!”

Shinoa began to slowly massage Mitsuba’s moist folds. Mitsuba used one hand to support herself against the wall of the closet, and the other she bit into to suppress her moans.

Shinoa chuckled and placed another kiss against Mitsuba’s neck. Better hurry, she mused, don’t want those two to hear Mitsu-chan, she definitely won’t be able to hold back her voice for long!


Yuu came hard. It was a sensation unlike any he had felt before. He tried to warn Mika by tugging harder on his hair, but the other teen’s lips stayed firmly on his member. As wave after wave of pleasure overcame Yuu’s body, Mika swallowed every drop of cum that shot into his mouth.

Pulling away, Mika licked his lips and smirked, “You taste really good, Yuu-chan.”

Yuu tried to look angry but failed when he began to laugh. Mika’s heart swelled. It had been so long since he has heard Yuu laugh so genuinely, with a smile that could light up the whole world. Mika laughed with him and thought, This is how it should be. The two of us together, carefree and happy.

Mika, still lingering over Yuu’s lower body, reached out to grasp Yuu’s right hand as the other rested on his thigh. “Yuu-chan, can I try something? I want to give you even more pleasure.”

Yuu nodded meekly, and Mika removed his free hand towards his Yuu’s mouth. His index and middle finger lightly traced Yuu’s lips before Mika commanded, “Suck.”

Yuu obediently parted his lips and allowed Mika’s digits into his mouth. It was strange for him to be sucking on them, Yuu felt like a child, but he found himself being strangely turned on. He could feel himself getting hard again.

Mika removed his fingers, coated in saliva and whispered, “Good. This should do.”


“Yuu-chan, get on all fours. This will make things easier for us both.”

Yuu complied, yet he started to get worried. Mika started to trace his fingers along Yuu’s entrance, and Yuu flinched.

“Wait!” Yuu cried out, his voice trembling.

Mika stopped immediately and patted Yuu’s back soothingly, “Yuu-chan? Everything alright?”

“I’m… scared,” Yuu admitted. Once the words had left his mouth, he thought how ridiculous it sounded. I can handle monsters and demons and vampires, yet I’m afraid of sex!?

Mika smiled and sat back, crisscross, “That’s alright. We don’t have to continue.”

“But Mika!” Yuu turned around to face him, “you… you really want to, right? I want to make you feel good, too…”

Yuu sounded disappointed and looked like sad puppy. Mika chuckled at the display of affection in front of him.

“Hearing you say things like that makes me really happy, Yuu-chan,” Mika pulled Yuu into his lap before continuing, “but I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to. We can wait until you’re ready.”

Yuu wrapped his arms around Mika’s neck and pulled the other boy into a kiss. It was deep and passionate, their tongues and lips moving together as if they were specifically molded for the other person.



The two boys parted and panted heavily.

“Can I touch you, Yuu-chan? You’re still hard.”

“Mm, you’re hard, too. Let me jerk you off.”

Mika wrapped his hand around Yuu’s throbbing cock, and Yuu followed suit. They started off slow, mimicking the others’ pace, but as their needs became frantic so did their speed.

Nng, Yuu… chan… ah! Squeeze a little harder.”

“Like this…? Hah!” Yuu’s voice was strained with pleasure; he could barely focus on the task in front of him. The muscles in his stomach were tightly coiled, and he knew he was close. “Mi-mika! I can't—! I’m gonna—!”

Mika leaned forward to peck Yuu on the lips and breathed out, “Me, too. Let’s… ha… come together!”

Yuu climaxed first, his seed spilling onto his stomach and chest. Seeing Yuu come undone before him was enough to push Mika over the edge, and he finished quickly, calling out Yuu’s name as his semen burst forth.

After a few minutes of trying to catch their breaths, Mika grabbed the towel off of the floor. He began to clean their bodies and laid beside Yuu when the task was done. Yuu cuddled closer to Mika, his head resting atop Mika’s chest.

“Sorry about the mess,” Yuu mumbled, a yawn escaping his lips.

“Haha, it’s alright, I’m partly to blame, too,” Mika commented, wrapping his arms around Yuu’s torso.

“We’re so sweaty, ugh.”

“We can take a bath together later, if you’d like.”

“Yeah… that’d be nice…”

Within seconds Yuu was out like a light. Mika placed a kiss on Yuu’s cheek and thought, I love you, Yuuichirou…



Thirty minutes had passed. The sound of soft snoring filtered into the closet. Shinoa poked Mitsuba, who had fallen asleep between her legs, in the cheek. “Hey, time to wake up! They’re sleeping now!”

Mitsuba stirred and looked around dazedly. Wiping the drool from her mouth, she stood up on wobbly knees. “How long was I out for?” she muttered.

“Hmmm, probably as long as though two have been asleep,” Shinoa answered as she stood up and stretched, “you have an absolutely adorable look on your face when you’re asleep, by the way.”

“Why, you—! Shinoa!”

“Shh!” Shinoa placed a finger against Mitsuba’s lips, “we don’t want them waking up, after managing to get this far.”

Mitsuba harrumphed but complied. She slowly opened the closet door and the two girls scurried out. They slowly tiptoed towards the door and reached for the doorknob.

“I was wondering when you two would leave.”

The girls jumped and turned to face the voice. It was Mika, sitting up straight on the bed, Yuu still resting soundly beside him. His dull yet intense eyes gazed at Shinoa and Mitsuba.

“Mi… Mikaela-san,” Shinoa greeted in an overly sweet voice, “you’re awake.”

“I was never asleep,” he deadpanned.

Both Shinoa and Mitsuba gulped.

“When did you notice us?” Mitsuba questioned.

“You two do realize that a vampire’s senses are five times greater than the average human?” Mika sighed, running a hand through his blond tresses. “I knew you were here the moment I stepped into the room. Though even if my senses weren’t heightened, I already saw the two of you scurrying in this direction. It wasn’t that hard to but two and two together.”

“You… you knew!?” Mitsuba’s voice was incredulous, “why didn’t you kick us out!?”

Mika placed a finger to his lips, “Don’t wake Yuu-chan.”

As Mitsuba fumed silently, Shinoa repeated calmly, “Well, Mikaela-san, why didn’t you kick us out? Especially since you were so… busy… with Yuu-san?”

Mika shrugged, “I was planning to, but Yuu-chan was being so cute. I couldn’t help myself and got caught up in the moment.”

“That’s it?” Shinoa uttered, trying to keep her voice level.

“Yes,” Mika smiled innocently, “I’ll trust you’ll keep this between us.  Besides, how could you properly explain what occurred without revealing your tryst? Getting off to the sight and sounds of two boys making love, haha. That’d be an interesting conversation.”

“But of course, Mikaela-san,” Shinoa answered, smiling just as innocent, “we wouldn’t dare speak a word of it. Sorry for interrupting you. We’ll be on our way.”

“Wait, that’s it!?” Mitsuba yelped. Shinoa grabbed her by the wrist and tugged her out the door. Once outside the room, Shinoa let out a deep sigh.

“Well, looks like we lost,” Shinoa commented wistfully, “those two are so much in love I could gag.”

Mitsuba remained quiet and stared at the ground. Her thoughts were a whirlwind of emotion. Today was too crazy; she was still having a hard time processing all that went on. She glanced at Shinoa, who seemed off in her own world.

“I-if you want,” Mitsuba started slowly, her face turning red again, “we can… y’know… go back to my room… and, uhh, finish what we started…”

Shinoa blinked twice, then laughed out loud. “Mitsu-chan, you never cease to amaze me!”

Hand-in-hand, Mitsuba and Shinoa walked quickly and quietly towards the Sanguu domicile, giggling and whispering along the way.




Guren yawned and shuffled through his morning report. There was so much to get done it and it was too early for him to care about the words in front of him and the senseless babbling of Shinya right beside him.

“There you are, baka Guren!”

Both men turned to face a triumphant-looking Yuu. Yuu placed his hands on his hips and boasted proudly, “Looks like you can’t call me cherry boy anymore! So suck it!”

“WHAT!?” Guren dropped his papers and looked at Yuu in disbelief. Shinya couldn’t help but howl with laughter. Yuu walked confidently by his horror-stricken LTC, with a mischievous-looking Mika trailing right behind him.