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clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #15 - isadora smackle & maya hart 

ever since i’ve known you, you’ve never stopped trying to put yourself back together. // you’re the hottest little gopher-chipmunk in the whole forest. 


Worlds 2017

Post FD hug <3


*In this post the word SEX will be replaced by “RAMEN” (for the lolz)

Ok, So no one have been talking about this. Even if whoever I asked said he shared the same reaction as me. JIMIN SPOTIFY PLAYLIST YALL. Almost half (8/19) of it is just about ramen, like all kinds of ramen. Does it mean that he “JOAH? JOAH!” ramen that much? But there is more than just ramen. Let’s look at it together: 


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  • Eels - I need some sleep: “I need some sleep .. I’m in too deep, and the wheels keep spinning ‘round. Everyone says I’m getting’ down too low. Everyone says you just gotta let it go”.      
  • Justin Bieber - Mark My Words: “Oh I don’t wanna live a lie”
  • Frank Ocean - Lost:  “ Lost, lost in the heat of it all”
  • Ty Dolla $ign - Never Be The Same:  “ Now I done seen a lot of things. Know the trouble the money and fame brings. This time I swear it’s different. I’m in the right place. I know I’m in the right place” 


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  • Kehlani - You Should Be Here: “Don’t know where you went but you’re lost now“  (2015- I am sure he knew Kehlani only this year)
  • Miguel - face the sun: “No matter where I go I belong with you … you’re the only one” (2015. This one mmm)
  • gnash - i hate u, i love u: “If I were you I would never let me go” I second that. (2016)
  • Chris Brown - So Cold: “Damn, I want my baby back. It’s so cold without her . Cold without her . She’s gone”. (2009-My ghost senses tell me this one was adressed to his first love maybe)

BEING SO IN LOVE: (This one SCREAMS Jikook to me)

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By @mimibtsghost ^^
Birthday boy Harry Styles celebrates with a £6million cheque after selling home
HARRY STYLES celebrated his birthday by lining up the best present ever – a £6million pay cheque. I’ve learned the ONE ­DIRECTION star, who turned 23 on Wednesday, is flogging his ­Hollywood mansio…

The real reason Harry has put the house on the market is because he is hoping to make  a tidy profit.

Having bought the three-bedroom pad for £5.4million last year, he is expecting to rake in a £1million profit by selling it for at least £6.4million.

“He bought it as an investment and has waited a year for the price to rise.

“Now he’s hopeful of getting a good deal. It’s being kept on the  down low and it’s not publicly on  the market, but the agent  is arranging private viewings.

So headline says “sold” and article says “on the market.”  It doesn’t show up in real estate listings, but that’s to be expected.

Wouldn’t be surprised if no one, including Dan and Yolanda, find out where his next house is :)

People who don’t sign will never understand how revolutionary skype (and similar apps) are.

The Green-Eyed Doctor

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Summary: Reader gets in a bad accident and is put under the care of Dr. Winchester during her stay…

Pairing: Doctor!Dean x reader

Word Count: 3,400ish

Warnings: language, car accident

A/N: I’m in love with doctor Dean now. Quote for this one was, “As long as I’m around, nothing bad is going to happen to you.”…

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oh no~ my hand slipped~ :)


Basically a post-series wip where paulina finds out her ancestor was la luna, a ghost battling sorceress; when wearing her charms, the wearer (of sanchez blood) takes on her persona and can awaken their supernatural abilities; paulina only agrees to take on the mantle to find out how her sister, Ysabel, disappeared, as she was the last La Luna. However, it’d be easier to keep things on the down-low and get the job done without a meddling Fenton and the stress of college on her back…

Backgrounds by: JackiePhantom13 and dannyandoxeld

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Could you do a blurb of edging with niall? Like him denying your orgasm multiple times until you can't take it anymore. Love your writing!!

Inspired by this

There really is no way to apologize for falling asleep during sex.  No words to even start the sentence to segway into an apology for that.  And being that Niall prided himself on being an above average lover in every sense of the word, that made it even worse.

When Annie tried to start talking all she heard was the grumbly, testy voice Irish accent as he ranted about it.

“Niall, It’s been a rough week.”

“A rough week?!?!?”  He asked as his mouth fell open, “Rough enough that ya fell asleep underneath me?  Seriously?”


He turned on his heel, walking out of the room with his finger pointed in the air,

“Like I’m boring or some shit…I’ll show ya how goddamn boring I am.”  He grumbled as he walked out of the room.  He turned around with his finger in the air, “I’ll have ya know that every woman I ever been with says I’m the best they ever had.  EVERY woman.  EVER been with.”  He turned to leave the room again shaking his head, “Unbelievable.”  He turned around again, this time with his finger pointed into his chest, “I’m a good…no great.  I’m a GREAT lover.  And you’re over here fallin’ asleep like you’re in fuckin’ math class.”  He turned back around, “You wait…we’ll see who’s fuckin’ boring.  Better start prayin’ to some God…cuz your ass will be sore for a goddamn month when I’m done.”

And that was that.  He left Annie staring at him as he walked upstairs to their bedroom, never to be heard from again.  Or at least, not to be heard from for another week.

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five (m) | part ii

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  • Part One | Part Two | Part Three (coming soon)
  • pairing: wonho x reader
  • genre: smut (oral), badboy!wonho [+ a tutoring session]
  • word count: 900+
  • summary:  “Can I eat you out?” You were practically choking on thin air, completely shocked by his words.

a/n: @taenity i hope you like your surprise lmao but holy fuck this gif i’m crying

“Do you get it now?” You asked, point at the maths equation you just explained.

“Fuck no, face it, I’ll fail this test.”

“No,” You sighed. “You can’t just give up okay? You’ll just need a break that’s all.”

“Can I eat you out?” You were practically choking on thin air, completely shocked by his words.


“Can I eat you out?” Wonho asked you again, looking at you innocently.

“No, m-my parents are do-downstairs Wonho,” You stuttered out. The thought was of course turning you on, he was always straightforward with his words but sometimes he’d say something that’d turn you on in the most inconvenient places. Like now for example.

He leaned closer to you, resting his weight on one of his arms, kissing down your jaw and neck softly. “Then you should keep quiet hm? Come on, I know you want me too. You’re probably soaked at the thought.” Wonho smirked.

“W-We shouldn’t…”

“You sure you don’t want me too?” He used his forefinger and thumb to turn your head towards hi; you couldn’t help but stare at his lips, so inviting…You didn’t know when it happened but suddenly you pressed your lips against his with urgency, his hands coming to cup your cheek.

You pulled back for a fraction of a second, muttering something against his lips. “You better do it quickly before I change my mind.”

Wonho only smirked at you, loving the fact you were so weak for him. He pushed you down against the bed, his hands coming to touch your legs that had been left uncovered by your shorts, goosebumps began appearing on your body.

He glanced at the clock on your wall, this was a risk, knowing your parents could come in the door any second and it was almost eight thirty; you’d convinced your parents to let Wonho stay until then.

“There’s seven minutes until I need to leave. I bet I could make you cum in five.” He spoke softly, getting down low and pressing kisses along the inside of your thighs.

“I’d like to see you try.”

“I get to fuck you in the classroom if I make you cum under five minutes.”

“Deal.” The man was confident in his skills, he’d always been able to make you orgasm quickly if he was in a rush, he would be able to now.

Wonho’s hands came to slide off your shorts and tossing them to the side, rubbing a finger up the middle of your folds which had you shivering at the contact.

“You’re not gonna get me to cum if you’re going to tease me Wonho.”

“I think you’re just too embarrassed to admit how needy you really are for my mouth baby girl.” The pet name had you moving your legs together but they were held apart by Wonho’s stong hands.

“P-Please…” You whimpered.

Wonho chucked at your neediness before he hooked a finger into your panties and slid them off your legs too. Not a second went past before his tongue was flicking over your clit, the action already had you moaning out softly.

“Shh baby girl, we don’t want your parents to hear do we?” He chuckled, pressing his thumb against your clit as his lips pressed kisses to your thighs. You only shook your head at him, bucking your hips into his face, wanting to reach your high.

He licked his lips, using his fingers to spread your folds and expose your slick hole to him. His tongue circled around it as your back arched off the bed, pleasure beginning to consume your entire body.

Wonho bought two of his fingers to your puckered hole, wiggling them in slowly. A low whine erupted from your mouth at the sudden stretch.

“It’s okay baby, I know you can take it, relax.” His smooth voice had you calming down a little, hands gripping at your bed sheets Wonho’s fingers inched inside you deeper and deeper.

Wonho began to withdraw his fingers out, then pushing them back in at a steady pace. His mouth wrapped around your clit, taking you by surprise.You covered your mouth with one of your hands, attempting your best to keep the noises wanting to escape down whilst the other was tangled in his soft locks.

His tongue was playing around with your clit, giving it soft flicks with his tongue before sucking on it harshly with his mouth - the contrast driving you closer and closer to the edge. When you began clenching down on his hands, he knew you were close and he pressed his face into your heat even more if possible, giving out small hums to draw your high closer.

“F-Fuck, Wonho p-please oh my god, k-keep going…so close,” You weren’t able to say a clear sentence as your orgasm rushed over you, only a hushed mantra of Wonho’s rolled off your lips. Wonho was in a trance - he loved the way you said his name whenever you came, it sounded so utterly beautiful to him, the fact he was able to make you come undone and make you a mess was amazing to him; he didn’t want to admit how deep he was falling for you, not even to himself.

He helped you ride out your high, grinning up at you after wiping your juices off his face. The both of you looked over at your clock, it had just flicked over to eight twenty eight.

“Looks like I’ll be fucking you in a classroom soon, baby girl.”

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Klance, galra rescue, if that's okay with you??

If Keith doesn’t cradle carry an injured Lance at least once during the series then what even is the point

Hope you enjoy!

           Lance closed his eyes, breathing slowly through his nose, concentrating on the faint sound of the footsteps, just audible through the reinforced prison door. One two, two two, three two, four two, five two, and they drew even with the door. Six two, seven two, eight two, nine two, ten two, eleven two, twelve two, thirteen two, fourteen two, fifteen two, and they reached the end of the hall. Perfectly consistent, every single time. It would be 600 seconds before another soldier passed by his door. He turned away from the door and slid his butt back towards his feet, which were the real problem. He’d figured out everything except his feet. He had a way to get the door open, he knew the routines of the guards well enough to circumvent them, and he had been on enough Galra ships at this point that he knew how to find the emergency escape pods. He just had to pray they were close enough to a planet where he could land and hide until he could get a message to the castle. His feet, however, were still posing a problem.

           The Galra had cuffed them together as soon as they’d stripped off his armor, and as soon as they’d brought him to a cell, they had locked the cuffs against the floor. Since then, Lance hadn’t moved from this spot. At least they gave him a bucket they emptied fairly regularly. He wondered morbidly if he ought to be flattered, in a way, that his interrogators came to him. Did they really think he posed such a threat that it was too dangerous to even move him from one part of the ship to another? Still, it was conundrum for Lance: they weren’t cuffs like anything he had ever seen, made of shimmering purple light and yet somehow solid. If he had to guess, it was probably some kind of druid magic mixed with technology.

           He massaged his bare feet absently while he thought. They had gotten swollen and sore from being still for so long, and had developed a habit of falling asleep all the time, waking Lance up with painful pins and needles. His best solution at the moment was to fake some sort of collapse, since he was reasonably certain he was still valuable enough to the Galra to be taken to a medical facility – but every time he thought of inviting needles and scalpels and god knew what else near him, a vision of Shiro’s metal arm flashed before him like a specter and made him set the idea aside with a shudder.

           A sudden impact against the ship threw him sideways, his elbow smacking painfully against the floor. As he pushed himself back to a sitting position, the ship shuddered again, and he thought he could make out the distant sound of blaster cannons firing. He strained his ears, hardly daring to hope—

           The door of his cell flew open with a bang, the crumpling, sparking form of a broken guard drone tumbling after it. Keith stood in the doorway, breathing hard. His sword retracted into the bayard handle, flashing back to his waist, and he rushed forward.

           “Lance!” he cried.

           “Keith!” Lance gasped, finally overcoming his surprise, only to be knocked speechless again as Keith dropped down and caught Lance in a tight hug.

           “Guys, I found him. He’s alive,” Keith said into his helmet. Right next to his head as he was, Lance could faintly hear the tinny sounds of the cheers of his teammates. “Lance, are you okay? Are you hurt?”

           “N-nothing a night of sleep in my own bed and a good face mask can’t cure,” he stuttered, bringing his arms up to return Keith’s hug. “Did everyone else make it off Uveer okay?”

           “Yeah, we’re all fine,” Keith said, and Lance could’ve sworn his voice cracked just slightly. “Even Blue’s back safe and sound in the castle, waiting for you.” He pulled out of the hug and grabbed Lance’s hand. “Can you walk? Come on, let’s get out of here.” He pulled, snagging Lance’s feet against the cuffs.

           “Keith, wait— I can’t,” he said, pointing at his feet. Keith looked down, noticing the problem for the first time, and drew his bayard. “Wait NO—” Lance shrieked as Keith brought his sword down. It bounced off the cuffs, which sent an arc of lightning up Lance’s body. He screamed and collapsed to the floor.

           “Lance?” Keith asked, dropping back to his knees, sliding his hands under Lance’s head and back and lifting him up. “Lance, are you okay?”

           “Every time you try to break them, they do that,” Lance panted, muscles still limp. “I have no idea how to get them off.” Keith frowned.

           “Guys, can anyone else make it into the ship?” he asked his helmet, and paused. “We need to find the key for Lance’s cuffs, I can’t break them,” he explained. After a moment, he cussed, glancing between Lance and the open door of the cell, where red emergency lights washed the whole ship in the color of blood. He gently lay Lance back on the floor and stood. Lance struggled back to a sitting position. “I’m going to go find a key. I will be right back, I promise,” Keith said. Lance stared up at him, feeling hope slip away, despair settling back into his limbs like lethargy. Keith must have read it in his face, because he crouched down briefly and brushed Lance’s cheek with his fingertips. “Lance,” he said, his voice low and soft and rough. “Look at me. I’m getting you out of this cell and off this ship. I promise you won’t spend another hour here. I promise.” Their eyes met, and Lance felt a tear slide down his cheek. He nodded slowly. Keith hesitated, and then pulled off his helmet and settled it over Lance’s head. “Say hello to everyone else in the meanwhile,” he told him. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.” Lance nodded one last time, and Keith disappeared out the door.

           “Hey guys,” he said, his voice shaky, and was greeted by a chorus of his name. He felt a smile spread slowly across his face. “Yeah, it’s good to hear your voices too,” he said. “Everyone doing alright? Hunk? You holding up out there? Hopping Voltron around on only one leg?”

           “Yeah, we look pretty silly without you,” Hunk said. His voice, so warm and familiar, seemed to fill Lance with a sense of security he hadn’t felt in weeks.

           “Just hold on, Lance, Keith will be back any minute,” Shiro said. “He’s been on a warpath to find you ever since you didn’t make the rendezvous on Uveer.”

           “Really? Keith?” Lance wondered. There was no reason to doubt Shiro’s words, and yet Lance had figured Keith would be the one advocating they leave him behind. He closed his eyes, seeing the intense sincerity in Keith’s face as he promised he would be back, and something fond stirred in his heart.

           “Yeah, he—” Pidge’s words were cut short as the helmet was ripped from Lance’s head. He froze at the feeling of a blaster pressed against his temple. The Galra soldier standing above him pulled the helmet onto his own head.

           “Stop attacking, or your friend dies,” he said. Lance’s breath came shallowly. The blaster was cold, barely an inch from his eyes. “Now,” the Galra insisted. Abruptly, the ship stopped shuddering, and the distant sound of the blaster cannons went quiet. “Abandon your lions, return to your ship, and we will send your friend to join you.” Lance was afraid to blink, afraid to move, his heart thudding painfully against his chest. He flinched at the sound of his name.

           “Lance!” Keith shouted. “I found the—” He skidded to a halt in the doorway, taking in the scene. Lance stared at him wide-eyed, willing him to escape, to turn and run, to take Voltron and go because he wasn’t worth this, he wasn’t worth losing Voltron and he certainly wasn’t worth getting another Paladin killed. The Galra said nothing, only pressed the blaster closer against Lance’s head.

           “Get away from him,” Keith growled, low and dark.

           “Put the bayard down or he dies,” the Galra said.

           “If you harm a hair on his head, I swear,” Keith said, something dark and ugly and murderous in his tone that Lance had never heard before, “I swear I will kill every last Galra on this ship with my own two hands.”

           “Put it down.” Keith didn’t break eye contact with the soldier as he slowly bent and set the sword down. Lance shivered at the look on his face. He had never seen so much rage in Keith’s eyes before. “Good,” the soldier said, and Lance noticed he was a little breathless. He’s afraid, he realized. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. “Now, uh, put your hands up and, um, walk over to the wall.” Keith didn’t move, still glaring at the soldier. Lance, heart thudding so loudly he could barely hear, made a very stupid decision.

           As fast as he could, he reached up, grabbed the blaster, and pulled it away from his head. The Galra pulled the trigger in panic. Luckily, it missed Lance’s head. Unluckily, it managed to clip the edges of his cuffs, sending the worst arc of electricity he’d felt yet screeching through his body. It knocked him backward with such force that he took the soldier with him and the blaster went skittering across the floor. He struggled to breathe, his chest tight and his heart stuttering arhythmically. Keith was already on top of them, dragging the soldier away from Lance. Lance couldn’t turn his head to see what was happening, but the sickening sound of rending flesh and the soldier’s garbled, gurgled scream made him decide he didn’t want to. Moments later, Keith was kneeling over him, his helmet back on his own head, unlocking Lance’s cuffs. Lance twitched his feet, sighing in relief.

           “I told you I’d be back,” Keith said, smiling softly. “Are you okay?” Lance managed a nod.

           “Just a little… just a little out of breath,” he said. Keith gently pulled Lance’s arm up around his neck, and tucked his arms under Lance’s knees and back.

           “Let’s go,” he said. “Healing pod first, then face mask, okay?” There was something infinitely soft in the way he said it, and Lance felt some of the tightness in his chest ease.

           “Sounds good,” he murmured.

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What’s Bred in the Bone: Part II

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Jaal x Sara Ryder

A 600 year nap and a 2.5 million light-year journey to find out the answer: are humans and angara genetically compatible?

Rated M for strong language, some sexuality and violence. Alien-human pregnancy fic.

Spoilers for Jaal’s romance and loyalty mission, and end of game.

Part II of ??? Part I - Part III - Part IV

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Don’t get your hopes up babygirl, they will just have that much farther to fall .
—  5 am thoughts