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Birthday boy Harry Styles celebrates with a £6million cheque after selling home
HARRY STYLES celebrated his birthday by lining up the best present ever – a £6million pay cheque. I’ve learned the ONE ­DIRECTION star, who turned 23 on Wednesday, is flogging his ­Hollywood mansio…

The real reason Harry has put the house on the market is because he is hoping to make  a tidy profit.

Having bought the three-bedroom pad for £5.4million last year, he is expecting to rake in a £1million profit by selling it for at least £6.4million.

“He bought it as an investment and has waited a year for the price to rise.

“Now he’s hopeful of getting a good deal. It’s being kept on the  down low and it’s not publicly on  the market, but the agent  is arranging private viewings.

So headline says “sold” and article says “on the market.”  It doesn’t show up in real estate listings, but that’s to be expected.

Wouldn’t be surprised if no one, including Dan and Yolanda, find out where his next house is :)

Blurryface Summary
  • heavydirtysoul: Speed beat street poetry
  • Stressed Out: Funky existential crisis
  • Ride: Bouncy electronica
  • Fairly Local: Electro-Operatic call to arms
  • Tear In My Heart: Cute and happy love song
  • Lane Boy: Drum and Bass fuck you to the music industry
  • The Judge: Ukulele fuelled power folk
  • Doubt: Everybody in the club get down (as low as these lyrics)
  • Polarize: Schizophrenic RnB
  • We Don't Believe What's On TV: So that's where 2009 Mumford & Sons went
  • Message Man: Imagine Twenty One Dragon Pilots
  • Hometown: Foster The People
  • Not Today: Killer bassline, deathly lyrics
  • Goner: Awwh just like the origina-NO WAIT BLURRYFACE LINES AND SCREAMING

jake and amy will probably propose to each other at the exact same time and after they both get down on one knee, there will be a few moments of stunned silence before both try to get down as low as possible so that they get to be the one to propose

after a few minutes it’s just the two of them lying face-down on the ground

Galway Girl

The cold air hit his bones as he opened the door to the Galway tavern. Cassian had been here enough times to know there would be a crowd. Still he hadn’t anticipated so many people gathered around the stage instead of the bar. He didn’t recognize any of the faces, he looked around and realized this was a new crowd. One had he hadn’t seen before. He let out a breath and tried to warm up his freezing hands by rubbing them together.

Cassian didn’t consider himself a regular. He came to this tavern when he wanted to get out of his usual town and see new faces. He was familiar with the bar tenders and some of them knew his name. But he didn’t come here every night. So he didn’t know their usual acts. Still he felt unsettled as he watched everyone take a spot as close to the stage as they could get.

The lights turned down low as Cassian found a spot by the bar. He let out a breath, his eyes wandering around. The crowd was quiet, everyone was ready for whoever it was about to set foot onto that stage. Cassian had never seen such anticipation. He felt it in the air. He himself got ready as if he knew the girl as she jumped up and everyone started clapping.

She danced around as the person on the guitar smiled behind her. She tapped her feet hard and damn she had a beautiful voice. Cassian was gone the moment she hit that first high note. He had to know her. He wanted to know her name.

She was a natural performer and everyone was captivated. She stomped her feet as if they were the drums, her heels clicking easily in rhythm with her voice. And boy was that voice beautiful. Cassian felt himself leaning in, watching as her chest would rise and fall with each breath she took in. He could listen to that voice all night. He could put this song on repeat for the rest of his life.

He felt drawn to her.

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Don’t get discouraged and put yourself down when your iman is low or you feel yourself falling off the deen. That feeling is a blessing and a sign of iman. Think about it - the only way to notice that a room is dimming is if you’re already sitting in the light.

It sucks knowing that you’re not good enough and are so easily replaceable.

Chin up to anyone that has ever felt this way💕

Don’t get your hopes up babygirl, they will just have that much farther to fall .
—  5 am thoughts
  • Me: Guuuuyyyys! We need to do some homework! We're still weeks behind from being sick, and we only have a month left!
  • Executive Function: Okay, okay, I'll get to work. Where's the broom and dustpan?
  • Me: What? Broom? Dustpan? No! Book!
  • Brain: If I recall correctly, in the bedroom already.
  • Me: No! Homework!
  • Immune System: I'll take a break on the down low so y'all can get the cleaning down without a flair up.
  • Me: But... Homework...