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since im not out i have to do this anon but i do have a trans sideblog [@thatftmtransguy]. to the person that was talking about being misgendered. A analogy i always use is that nobody ever sees themselves as a villain. Nobody ever goes through life trying to make you feel shit all the time and its hard but sometimes people just need time, sometimes it's weeks and sometimes it's years but i can promise anyone reading this that it does get better if you just hang on in there :]

That’s an excellent point!

Dæmon Headcanons #1
  • Teachers having to make sure students don’t use their dæmons to cheat; students and dæmons being allowed to work on tests together; kids and dæmons studying different things so they can work it out together
  • Kids coming back from school after summer, super excited to show their friends that their dæmons have settled; kids finding out that their friends have also settled; teachers letting kids have the first day back to get excited over each other
  • Little kids’ dæmons trying out different forms based upon their heroes, like Harry Potter or Lucy Pevensie
  • Parents at a playground with their young kids, getting nervous when teenagers with predator dæmons start hanging around
  • Those same teens being excellent babysitters
  • Shy, quiet kids settling into massive, powerful dæmons
  • Big, tough jock-types settling into small, sleek dæmons
  • Schools buying cushions for big dæmons to sit on during class; students going to sit with their dæmons on those cushions

                                                                                                               – Raylen

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This all must be excellent practice for tour - getting a hang of solo performing! I'm so excited for you!! Are you saying he's even more gorgeous irl/up close than in photos?! What do you think your favourite moment was?

I honestly don’t think the full set was planned but they are so tight as a band, they must have been doing some serious rehearsing And yes he’s absolutely stunning. I was kind of in awe tbh. His smile makes you want to melt. My fave moment was The Chain. I couldn’t believe they were playing it. I totally lost it and fucked up my vow not to make a fool of myself on national TV 😂

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Здравствуй! I'm trying to teach myself Russian currently and I was wondering if you have and tips or a good order to learn everything in. Or resources or good material. Really whatever you have, haha. Thank you so much~

Привет! I haven’t started formal study of Russian yet (two months to go!), but from my past few months of self-teaching, I have found some resources that have really helped me get a hang of everything!


  • Russian pronunciation dictionary. Excellent for getting a hang of the way the language is spoken (still struggling with rolling my r’s here…)
  • Russian cursive sheets + here. Writing in print is an effort, and Russian letters are pretty in cursive. ж is my personal favourite.)
  • Duolingo. While it’s hard to get a good grip on rules of grammar through duolingo and it’s not a perfect way to become fluent in a language, this is where I personally started and it does provide an excellent way of being familiar with common words and phrases.
  • Duolingo post on 95 Core Concepts in Russian. Read the comments to see other interpretations of concepts.
  • Russian cognates. Yay for words that are the same in English.
  • Simple outline of the definitions of Russian cases by properrussian. 
  • Another page on Russian cases.
  • Awesome podcast series, nice to listen while travelling on public transport.


  • 501 Russian Verbs (Baron’s Guide). My go to book on verbs :) Easy layout and easy to follow.
  • Schuam’s Outline of Russian Grammar. A little difficult to get through when starting out, but I currently use it as a reference for some technical parts I struggle with.


  • My guilty pleasure is listening to Russian pop on Spotify. Seriously, it’s awesome. Try this.
  • I’m a bit of a baker, so finding something you like and using in another culture has been really fun. Recipes here in English.
  • If you want to see some Russian recipes in Russian, have a look at this and this.
  • Russian radio stations. 


  • As for which order to learn everything in, this is something I’m discovering myself. I find the 300 words method detailed here an awesome start to memorising base vocabulary. 300 words can give you the space to write quite a lot! (here’s a link of 300 Russian words)
  • I was going to write more but going with what works for you, and finding what areas of the language your passionate about is the best way to go. Learning a language is a personal thing! удачи!

Also, if anyone has any resource suggestions for me, send me an ask :)

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Re. The art trademark: clean even-breadth lines, faces drawn in a way which boils them down to a few simple but accurate marks, also nerdy as heck

This is so cool? I’m so happy about the faces thing because I’ve been working really hard on getting the hang of simplifying faces properly.

Also, “nerdy as heck” is an excellent descriptor of pretty much everything I do, I love it.

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Can I suggest a prompt? AU James and Lily as childhood best friends into seventh year? :)

It’s like clockwork. 

She used to have to look at her watch, or wait by the window, or send an owl over to be certain that he would come, but by now, her entire being can sense when he is coming. Lily doesn’t need to hear the window being pushed further open, or the groan that escapes his mouth as he knocks a pointed elbow into the frame, because some sense that she has developed tells her when James Potter is nearby. Which is why she is prepared to march over and yank him in by his skinny arms in barely a moment. 

“You’d think,” he says, falling into her arms, “that I’d get better at that after seven years. But I always end up with a bruise on my arse or the wind knocked out of me.”

Lily smiles, because she knows how frustrated he gets when he can’t get the hang of something. It is a rare occasion when he does not excel at the things he does. “You are a wizard, mate. You could just use a broom or a charm to help you through,” she reminds him.

James straightens himself before plopping down on her bed. “Can’t change now, Evans. S’tradition.” 

Lily rolls her eyes, and sits down cross-legged across from him. “Did you bring it?” she asks.

He nods, pulling out the envelope from his jeans pocket. Like hers, it seems as though quite a lot has been stuffed inside the lumpy rectangle. “Bit heavier this year,” James comments, flipping it over in his hands. “Mum tried to get me to open it, but I told her I was waiting for you to get yours. We probably just need more books this year, with NEWTs and all that.”

“Probably,” she agrees, pulling out her own letter. “Shall we?”

James makes a noise of assent and the two tear into their Hogwarts letters, turning them over so the contents spill onto the bed. Among Lily’s pile of letters, there is a badge. Among James’s, there are two. Neither fails to notice this, and James picks one up in each hand. 

He looks at the first and grins, and Lily figures this must be his Quidditch Captain badge. He made Captain of Gryffindor’s team last year, and while they did not win the cup, he led the team very well. He turns to the second badge, and then drops it as if he has just realized he was holding a dangerous poison.

Curiously, she leans over and picks it up. Her mouth forms a small ‘O’ shape when she reads the letters HB decorating the front. “Congratulations,” she murmurs, trying not to laugh. 

Congratulations?“ James squeaks, his voice cracking. "I was just made a Prefect. Head Prefect. Quit laughing, Evans, this isn’t funny.”

"Oh, stop being dramatic, Potter. A lot of blokes were probably vying for Head Boy, and you got it without even being Prefect first. Bleeding lucky, is what you are,” Lily says, laying back on her bed. 

He lays next to her, pulling the badge out of her hands. The papers from inside the letters are squished between them, along with Lily’s own badge. “Then one of the other blokes can have it,” he grumbles, frowning at the object in his hands. “I can’t be a Prefect. I’m a troublemaker. I purvey and aid mischief.”

Lily grins, turning her head toward him. “You’re a leader, James. You know how to keep people’s attention. Embrace it. In fact, you’re going to be in a higher Prefect position than I am, so enjoy it, wanker.” 

James reaches between them, his fingers clasping around Lily’s badge. He brings it into his line of vision and then raises his eyebrows. “At least we’ll have one Head Prefect who knows what they’re doing,” he says, pressing it into her hand. 

She narrows her eyes, squinting at the badge which does indeed declare HG on the front. She makes a noise between a chuckle and a sigh. “‘Course Dumbledore would choose me to work with you,” Lily mutters with a smirk. “He wants us to get together, you know. I reckon he’s got a soft spot for the whole, childhood-friends-turn-lovers bit.”

James pauses before breaking out into guffaws. “You’re mad,” he tells her, “Absolutely bonkers, d’you know that?” 

“I’m serious!” she says, whacking him with one of the letters lying about. “He’s always pairing us up for things. Asking me to supervise your detentions when teachers can’t, having you help me clear up when Peeves makes a mess, and I swear he winked at me when we were caught under the mistletoe last Christmas.”

James props himself up on his elbow. “And you think he’d put us in charge of the school together because he thinks we’d make a good couple, Evans?” he asks in amusement. He pauses again before another fit of laughter hits him. “Shit, that sounds exactly like something Dumbledore would do, doesn’t it?” He falls forward onto Lily’s shoulder, his laughter vibrating against her skin. 

"James?” asks Lily, once her friend has calmed down.


“I’m really glad you’re Head Boy,” she admits, leaning her chin on his head. 

She can feel his lips turn up at the corners, pressed against her. “Thanks,” he says gruffly, and she’s almost certain if she looked down at him, he’d be blushing. “Lily?”

Lily makes a noise of recognition, and he lifts his head just enough so that he can look down at her. “D’you reckon I’d make a good lover?”

She grabs a pillow from behind her and hits him with it, but this only serves to amuse him more as he pulls her into his arms, making kissing noises. Eventually, she stops battering him and just tucks up against his chest, placing the two prefect badges on her night stand, side by side. 

"She's warded herself against me..."

…meanwhile she’s been screaming for his attention for months, and is torturing Lucifer with the express aim of getting him to cry out to his father for help?

It all makes sense if you consider the possibility that Chuck is a lying liar who is telling lies, that the problem isn’t that he can’t help find Amara but that he won’t  (at least not directly - he did activate a prophet for them). Sam and Dean are certainly motivated by the idea of another whole town being consumed by the Darkness, of thousands of people dead - but Chuck seems to take very little interest in any individual human other than the ones who have a part to play in his plans. Thousands of people died, yes, but people die all the time, and they go to heaven or hell as appropriate, this is how the world works, why are people dying a problem to God?

Meanwhile, every hour it takes Sam and Dean to find Amara is an hour he gets to spend hanging out in the Bunker, with excellent water pressure and acoustics, Dean’s comfy robe, Chinese takeout, porn, curling, and Kingdom Beer. (No surprise that that’s his brand!) And he seems to genuinely like all of those things, the creations of his creation - when he reflected on his own existence without Metatron’s guidance, that was what he thought was good, what he thought was interesting, what he wanted the takeaway to be. “These years I spent hanging out on Earth were kind of fun.”

So… assuming he’s not also conning Metatron with the ending of his manuscript, even if he does have every intention of sacrificing himself, perhaps he’s not in a hurry to do it - or, at least, he wants to have himself a bit of a going-away party before he does.

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Ey~ Avi~ how do you think the Love Live girls will do if they play an RPG online game?

hahhah omg ok lets do dis im gonna use Maplestory as an example bc MSxLL is wHAT I LIVE FOR (jobs of their highest leveled in-game characters at the end of each paragraph, general category of their job behind their names)

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