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I want to improve my art so much, but that is hard to do when I never practice. I've heard to only draw when you feel like it, but I never feel like drawing anymore. What do you think I should do, to start getting my inspired feelings back and actually draw for fun, instead making it feel like a chore?

hm maybe trying to get more into fandoms and such? (if youre into making fanart) looking for inspirational artists usually helps for me. also im just basing this off personal experience but i usually lose motivation when i have a time limit (or if i know i need to be doing something other than drawing lol) so i guess it’s nice to allot some time for it, a day where you know you wont have to do anything and you can just relax and do what you want. you dont have to get into it right away, it helps to be patient.

isak and even had now known each other for almost six months. they were both the happiest that they’d ever been in a really long time and had officially become that couple that everyone hated because they were always, somehow, touching. either if they were just unnecessarily close to each other or aggressively making out, they were always touching. even practically lived at kollektivet nowadays as well. he always slept there, and when he didn’t neither of them slept very well. basically all of his clothes were there, and when he still didn’t have anything to wear he would always steal something from isak so that wasn’t really a problem. he even had his own shelf with food in the kitchen, although he and isak usually shared food so isaks shelf was kind of their shelf.
everything was just simply going great between them.
the whole thing had started off kinda shaky with even getting back together with his ex girlfriend, and then getting back together with isak, only to have isak later find out about even being bipolar in a very drastic way which kind of made them break up for a couple of days and then them getting back together again. but now, things were amazing.
sonja was completely out of the picture, they sometimes met at parties or had some small chats on the phone but that was about it.
the whole bipolar thing had worked out much better than either of them expected, and isak had learned really quickly how to handle certain situations and what medication even was supposed to take at what times.

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Hey guys, next week I will start streaming again.  I’m so sorry for the delay with it, I was planning on doing it today, but things came up that I choose not to talk about, so I’ve been too out of it.

But yea, next week I’ll start getting back into that for you guys until PAX comes!

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Hi! Just checking to see if you are feeling better! I know you've been going through a depression recently.

Thank you so much for asking! ;v; ♥ I’m feeling better! I’m finally starting to get my energy back, and I’m (hopefully) going to post some new art soon :D

Writing Commissions

So I’ve decided to open up writing commissions, at least until I hear back from Home Depot and start getting regular paychecks.

You can view samples of my work:

On Archive Of Our Own
On Tumblr

Prices range from $0.01 (minimum) to $0.15 (maximum) per word. You pick your own price per word and word count. Please don’t try to go lower than one cent per word, I won’t budge on that one cent minimum because I don’t want to deal with that kind of math.

For perspective, at one cent per word, each thousand words is worth ten dollars. 

If you ask for a 1000 word story and the final word count comes out to be a few words over the extra words are free and you only have to pay the agreed upon $10.

I can either send you a PDF or post your commission on AO3.

Message me on tumblr (my PM’s are open to anyone) and we’ll get started. You have to be comfortable with giving me your email address (obviously I’ll have to give you mine as well.

What I won’t do:


Thirty Ears

Stan trudged up the road to the house, grocery bags in both arms. One held bread and butter, his meals for the next week. The other held simple mechanical parts and ‘borrowed’ library books. Shifting the bags to one arm he groaned and slapped at an annoyance on his left side. The motion caused a twinge of pain to run up his arm and to his shoulder blade where the burn was still healing. Stifling another groan, he went up the steps and entered the house. 

It had been 2 months since the…accident. Stan was resolved to do everything he could to get his brother back. But it was a hard start. After the locals got their first fill of the Murder Hut, it was harder to get an interest from tourists to go to some dinky town in Roadkill County Oregon and check his miserable place out.

On top of all that, he was busting his ass every night studying math higher than anything he could have ever dreamed of, and all with less than a full education, not even having graduated high school. Stan felt like a loser, one who’d always be behind, and like everything kept kicking him further back even when he tried to keep up.

And then there was the creatures around this freaky town. Supernatural crazies like the ones described in the one journal he had. And a whole bunch not in this journal. He had plenty of visits from the gnomes, and they were starting to get angry that there was never any food in his trash bin for them to steal. Tough luck, Stan thought. There’s hardly enough for me in the first place. Those little free-loaders can find a new garbage can to raid.

And, to top everything off, he’s gotten so many bug bites in the last couple of days, he could almost make out words in the pattern. But why a bunch of mosquitoes would spell out ‘THIRTY EARS’ on his arm was beyond him.

My name is Xavier Fox, I’m quite proud to say that I’ve created a project that has helped many many people see the true beauty in themselves and realize that they are indeed beautiful, Some changes are coming up soon for the better but most of all, I hope you all have an amazing day and I look forward to continuing to expand and improve upon this amazing blog with these amazing members.

It’s been over a year now since I started this, with my friend angel and then a few local friends from school, I’d like to say thank you to the many fans that have stuck around since the beginning, seen our trouble getting started, growing, getting beat down and then rising back up even better. Some may say I take this way too seriously and they’re probably right, but with the effect it is having on the members you see every day, I’m proud of it.

Thank you for following Ghost Modeling. ~Xavier
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Exodus
Author: unniebee
Pairing: Chanyeol/Chen
Rating: NC-17
Status: ongoing
Length: chaptered
Genre: Egyptologist!AU, Adventure, Romance

Summary: Chanyeol uncovers the archaeological find of a lifetime, but it isn’t until he brings it back to New York that things start to get strange. 

Just getting back from Katsucon and starting to go through our impromptu photos!  Still a lot of work to do on this one, but I was so pleased with how it turned out for the con!  Cleric Blissey cosplay designed and (mostly) made by me!  

Hello all lovely ladies! From today we at this blog are starting to get our shit back together again, and we will be posting our first girllovegirl song in a long time tonight! After that songs will be a regular thing again every other day or so. 
We hope you enjoy the songs, and thank you for being patient with us ♥

With love
/Mod Sim

ps. Check out our playlist under the tag ‘music’ if you haven’t already!

PDA police at work.
they should probably care about their own actions. tsk.


Voltron Time lords AU

I just couldn’t get this damn AU off my mind, so here we are