getting some shit done

i’ve been wanting to do FE x animal crossing for years and it has happened at last dkjfldf

also have some variants!

I deleted my Instagram app and I only really talk to my boyfriend n yo I’m stressed out because I am just incapable of being a professional like some ppl are depressed and they still get shit done and meanwhile I can’t take myself seriously to get shit like CVs and a real website together I just…. really am so confused by everything and idk I need this semester to just be over already so I can tap thefuck out


thanks to @hedaclarks for the beautiful text

my brain, 2am : smh fuckin go to sleep
me : sSHUT UP i need them cuddling right HERE and NOWHH

How Each Type Procrasinates

Leaves EVERYTHING last minute. SOMEHOW drinks 10,000 gallons of coffee and manages to finish everything and gets an average or above average grade…. *HOW THE FUCK*: ENFP, ESFP, ENTP

‘’Okay, YOU CAN DO THIS. Just focus on the task. NEED. TO. FOCUS.’’ somehow ends up with 19 tabs and most of them are pictures of cute cats licking mangos….. : INFP, INTP, ISTP

Just searches up surf and skateboards stuff. Manages to get the task done the day before, does OK on the task…. : ESTP, ESFJ

Researches unrelated facts for a few hours, then gets the shit done: INTJ, ISTJ

Searches some cat videos here and there. Manages to get everything done a few days before deadline: INFJ, ENFJ


Watch on

this reminds me of supermega every fucking time i see it


👀👀 sekai i see you

headcanon where Kane’s been secretly watering the ark’s little tree he planted out in the forest. Hoping one day it grows tall and strong, and big enough for him and Abby to be married under. And he has this dorky speech to Abby about how he’d watered all this time; it’d given him hope. And the way it had blossomed had reminded him of them. And on the day Abby says sweet things to him about how proud Vera would be. Raven and Clarke put pretty flowers in Abby’s hair. And they find her a dress from the old clothes in Mount Weather, and Kane a nice blazer. And everyone comes out to celebrate - and let their guards down just this once, to see Kane and Abby married under the ark’s tree.

Morgan Rielly - Morning Cuddles

Hi can you do a cute Morgan rielly one with like morning cuddles with him like a sleepy Morgan who just keeps asking to be cuddled. 

 Nothing beats the feeling of waking up next to the one you love. This morning was one of those mornings. You opened your eyes feeling Morgan’s strong arm wrapped around your waist. You smiled to you self before rolling over so you were face to face with a sleepy Morgan. 

You watched as his eyes slowly moved back and forth. You watched his bare chest slowly rise and fall. You watched his lips a little part and pushing soft snores out. God you love this man. 

You rolled back over to grab you phone off the nightstand and unlocked it. It was 8:30 am. Shit. You need to get some shopping done before your family got in town this weekend, but you were so comfy and warm. You placed a kiss on Morgan’s arm before grabbing it and getting out of bed all to be pulled back down.

“No.” A sleepy Morgan said placing a kiss on your bare shoulder. 

“Morgan I have to go shopping before my family gets here.” You said laying your head on his shoulder. 

“We can do that later, I want to cuddle. I haven’t been able to cuddle you in a week.” He said placing his nose in your hair. 

He was right. Morgan just got back late last night from a week long trip with the leafs. You missed him, so you had no energy to fight with him. 

“Okay, I’ll cuddle but we have to go shopping later today, I mean it.” You said placing a kiss to his cheek. 

“Deal.” He said pulling you closer to his naked body smiling at his win.


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Request: Hello! I’ve officially read all of your work and I’m in love! I was wondering if you could do a fluff bts reaction where they bump into a girl and have this crush (first love Kinda thing)

admin k: hi guys!! sorry for the hella long inactivity :/ but i’ve finally managed to find some time to go through our requests and get some shit done!! feel free to send in your requests at any time~~


“Ah… excuse me, I’m so sorry.”

The guy who is 100% confident in his looks to win you over with a wink and a simple apology

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The guy who’s left in shock after bumping into the girl, and stands in the same spot for a few minutes to figure out why he felt so weirdly sad watching her walk away. Probably chases after her after realising that he may like her lol

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“Ahh, I’m so sorry! It was all my fault!… Ah… I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before… what’s your name?”

The guy who’s genuinely apologetic at first but then tries to make conversation in any way possible to find out more about her

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“Hey, I’m sorry for bumping into you… but at the same time, I’m not, because you’re quite cute. Can I have your kakaotalk? I’d like to know you more.”

The guy who turns the accident into a chance meeting and shamelessly asks for her contact details because yolo, if she gives him her contact details then hooray. If not, then it wasn’t meant to be lmao. Also messages her as soon as he can (if he’s successful in getting her number/kkt lol) and then messages all his group members about her

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“Uh… ah…um…”

The one who’s too flustered to even say anything; just bows and hides behind JHope and waits for the girl to leave. And when she does, he turns into a ball of excitement, like “Did you see that girl?! She was so pretty!! Oh… I should’ve asked for her number or something…”

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“I’m sorry… my name’s Taehyung, by the way. What’s yours?”

The guy who fearlessly strikes up a conversation with her, gets her contact details, and promises to get in touch with her. Once she’s gone, it’s like he’s walking on sunshine.

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“No, really, it was my fault, please don’t apologise. Ah, really? No, you must have me mistaken for someone else, haha. What’s your name, by the way?”

The guy who realises that he has a crush when he finds out he can talk to her without being awkward and the overwhelming urge to want to run away and hide

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