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Re-watching Shadowhunters again and it’s only now occurred to me that Magnus is the only person Alec felt he could truly open up to emotionally about his parents being in the circle when he first found out. 

This really gets to me because whether Alec realises it or not at this point (or whether he wants to) he puts a lot of trust in Magnus in doing this. For anyone else, opening up in this small way probably isn’t that big a deal, but for Alec to say how he actually feels about something and not skirt around the issue or get defensive/snarky about it? Yeah. Big. Fucking. Deal. 

With everyone else, he is angry about his parents being ex-circle members, he feels betrayed and it messes him up. It messes with his head and he acts out. With Magnus though, Alec kind of breaks down, as far as breaking down goes for Alec. He starts out angry and then something changes. He’s disappointed and upset and instead of showing anger, instead of raising his voice or huffing or any number of Alec typical reactions, he opens up. Something compels him to talk to Magnus about this and he lets his guard down. He says how he’s scared that everything he’s ever known is a lie and unlike when he says this for the first time to Izzy and Jace (and also Lydia), he’s not angry, he just looks…sad. What’s more, he admits to Magnus he knows (expects) he’ll never be head of the Institute, something he has worked for his whole life. Again, as small as it may be, to actually say that out loud instead of deflecting? My guess is that’s also kind of a big deal in the world of Alec.

These maybe are small things and even though what Alec takes from Magnus’ “follow your heart” advice is to propose to Lydia, it also says a fucking lot about how much Alec actually listens to Magnus. He never writes what Magnus has to say off, even when it angers him - even at this early stage in their relationship - and that just has me clutching at my chest a hundred times over because Magnus Bane doesn’t just have Alec’s respect but his trust and in a way we haven’t seen Alec give to anyone else, not quite like that, not even to Izzy or Jace. 

Magnus Bane doesn’t even touch the level of love Alec has for Izzy and Jace at this point and yet, here he is, the only one Alec lets down his guard for about this, just for that millisecond, and I just…*cries* because this is a whole new type of person and relationship for Alec and he has no idea how to deal with it and it’s beautiful. 

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Is nathan chen a junior skater or a senior?

Nathan Chen is a junior but this year he won silver at the senior gpf because he threatened the security with his quads… and his knife shoes.




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He’s a senior skater, he turned senior domestically during the 2014-15 season, won the junior grand prix final in the 2015-16 season, injured himself after breaking records at the US championships and then turned senior this season with a gold medal at the 2016 CS Finlandia Trophy as his international senior debut.

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how do you get to be apart of the olympic team?

The rules of selection vary per country but it essentially boils down to a lot of hard work, years of training plus medaling at national and international events and then hoping your skating federation picks you (unless it’s a smaller fed country, then there’s usually only one or two good enough to compete at Olympic level).

If that doesn’t work I’ve heard this is another great way to get a spot on the team.

If there are more skaters then spots, I’ve heard they play rock paper scissors and whoever wins gets to go

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What about the ut,uf,us, and sf skele's with a mouthy SO? Like if someone gets smart they get smart back -K

Did you mean ME

UT!Sans: He kind of loves it. He’s already been dishing out that kind of stuff in his own passive aggressive way for years, but he like that you get more open about it. Especially since it means he gets to turn loose on you and not worry about you not being able to handle it.

UT!Papyrus: Kind of depends. If he thinks you’re being too mean, he’ll ask you to pull back, but with his love of japes he appreciates that you can keep a witty banter going.

UF!Sans: He claims to hate it when you get snarky with him, but with his attitude you’d have to be capable of dishing it back out. To be honest, he kind of likes that you can give as much as he can. But its a serious turn-on for him when you do it to other people. The average roast fest consists of you going off on someone who was stupid enough to try and get smart with you while he just watches with a lazy grin and his chin propped cockily on his hand. Just don’t do it to Boss. It won’t be good for either of yours’ health.

UF!Papyrus: He actually does kind of hate it when you do it to him. He’s not used to being talked back to. At least he knows he can give you a good verbal lashing without you crumpling to tears, but that’s about as far as his appreciation goes. In general he doesn’t are when you do it to others, but occasionally when you’ve really destroyed someone you might get a cheek kiss out of it. Okay, it was a little attractive.

US!Sans: He thinks he’s a great roastmaster, but watch your step. It could potentially end in tears. He doesn’t really like watching you destroy most people, but you’ll get a giggle out of him when you go after Papyrus.

US!Papyrus: SOULMATES. Between the two of you can keep going for hours, on others, or on each other. To the point where Sans may ask you how you can stand being so mean to each other, but both of you know better than to take it seriously.

SF!Sans: He views himself as the king of snarky retorts, so he can never let you have the last word. If you keep enabling him, it’ll just keep going…and going…it may end in an angry makeout session if all goes well(?). He also enjoys turning you loose on others when he doesn’t feel like roasting them himself.

SF!Papyrus: DON’T STEP TO THE MASTER. I’m not kidding no matter how good you think you are, he is better.  He will destroy you, and you will be left with nothing but a broken spirit, watching in awe and horror as he walks away and calmly lights a cigarette, the ashes representative of the defeat you will never return from, for you are no phoenix, only a charred wreck.

Do not step to him

Mars in Libra

Mars is traditionally considered “detriment” in Libra because Libra is ruled by Venus. People with their Mars in Libra are not necessarily go-getters and they would much rather wait for easy opportunities to come to them. A Mars in Libra possesses incredible amounts of patience and this holds true when it comes to their anger. A Libra Mars can stir up a lot of drama, be confused when confronted and go back to defaming someone. They are fair people and they always choose to avoid a conflict. They will try to prove a point and hope to meet in the middle because they don’t want to choose sides. They can also be VERY passive-aggressive. A Libra Mars is infamous for talking behind others backs. This can be seen as weakness, but don’t underestimate a Libra Mars because they can get snarky and in your face too. Believe it or not, they are highly critical people as well and don’t think they won’t call you out.

There’s no denying that Mars in Libra natives are charming at its best. They can easily charm the pants off of someone. Although they can be quite the flirts and may try to lead you on, they’re not necessarily too huge on sex. A Mars in Libra is romantic and sensual and they expect this in bed as well. They would much rather be in a relationship and make love to their significant other, but of course this doesn’t have to be mandatory. A Mars in Libra can have fun in bed if they wanted to! Ultimately, this Mars sign aims to please and they can make their sexual partner feel like the center of the universe. A Mars in Libra is rather submissive in bed. Of course, Libra represents balance and fairness and sex to a Mars in Libra needs to be balanced out. They will let themselves be dominated and pushed around once in a while, but they have a strong dislike of rude, selfish people in bed. Everything should be fair and equal to this Mars sign. 

A peacemaker at their very best, a drama queen at their very worst. Balanced and fair at their very best, and overly submissive at their worst. A Mars in Libra, more so than any Mars sign, should be careful to not show their negative qualities too much, but also to not be treated like a doormat. After all, they are the ones who maintain everything at balance in the Zodiac and when they, themselves, are off balance; everything else is off course.

i love that leo, hong, and pichit are all in their cute lil friend group. like the under-20 skaters are the only pure ones left. they’re just out here to have fun and support each other

so like can they pls bring yuri into the fold!!!! like can my lil bean have some friends!!!!!! can someone pls send him pics of cute cats and links to ugly animal print clothes they know he’ll like!!!! can they bum rush him after his programs with how much they loved his performance and how well he did!!!! can they harass him into coming to dinner with them even tho they know they’ll get a snarky response about what a waste of time it is but he’ll show up anyways!!!!!


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*slides you twenty dollars* all of them for Nanu

a/n: i did some here n here …….. i better get that $20 fam i need money

★ - sad headcanon

nicknamed the “sadman”, it is rare to see him happy. though, it’s hard to tell whether he’s actually sad or if it’s just his resting face - it’s a mixture of both. 

☆ - happy headcanon

when he’s happy, it’s not always obvious. little things often make his day, whether it be someone laughing at his morbid jokes or his meowths finding him something like a string or a coin, he can’t help but smile.

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

he isn’t mad very often mainly because he doesn’t have the energy to. but whenever he is, he gets more snarky than usual, and withdraws himself even more. anyone who would try to start a conversation with him would be cut off.

■ - bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

meowth fur everywhere. because of his many cats, most of his furniture is not a dark color, so he has a more brightly colored living room than most would assume. his place is semi-organized, but usually messy because rarely anyone comes over. 

♡ - romantic headcanon

it would take a while for him to warm up to anyone in a romantic sense. because he doesn’t fall in love easily, when he does warm up to someone, he doesn’t want them to leave, even if he acts apathetic.

♥ - family headcanon

his family is either not around or not alive during the events of sun and moon. he had a pretty decent relationship with his family, and is an only child. he considers acerola close enough to him to be like a little sister, but wouldn’t say it outright.

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

nanu often drags his feet when he walks.

he really enjoy fishing when he has the time to.

☯ - likes/dislikes headcanon

likes: good books, spicy foods, bad puns.

dislikes: people who yell for no reason, being asked twice, heights.

▼ - childhood headcanon

he was a Good Kid who probably got all A’s and was voted most likely to succeed. he more or less got burnt out after a while of being told he was going to do “great things” and working at a job he wasn’t fond of. he became kahuna simply because it was a good paying job. (he actually really enjoys it… it’s his first job he feels like he really enjoys).

∇ -. old age/aging headcanon

he started aging quite quick as opposed to most people because of his stressful job. he looks old as balls starting from the time he’s 35 and never ages much after that.

☼ - appearance headcanon

doesn’t put too much effort into his appearance. he would rather be comfortable than appear nice looking. he doesn’t care what people think of him very much.

Zero Chill

Me on FB: Friendly reminder that your “opinion” is not an opinion when it infringes upon or denies the rights and freedoms of others. An opinion is something like “I like summer more than winter.” Claiming that entire swaths of the populace are undeserving of basic rights…or even of survival…is not an opinion. It is ignorance. (And a further friendly reminder for those about to claim “free speech” - hate group rhetoric and slurs are NOT covered by the First Amendment.)

Person I’ve known since high school: -decides to get snarky in the comments-

Me: -cracks knuckles and lets em have it with both barrels before unfriending and blocking-

Zero. Fucking. Chill.

Dating Leonard McCoy would involve:

  • Pretty much everyone who knows him is surprised that an old grumpy doctor like Bones is with someone like you
  • But they totally think you’ll be good for him. And McCoy tends to agree
  • Not taking his shit whenever he gets really snarky. But also responding to his sarcasm with even more sarcasm. It’s a beautiful and complicated thing
  • Highkey protective of you, but won’t ever admit it
  • “Your hand is sore? What the hell, Y/N, why didn’t you come to me earlier? For all you know, you could have irreparably damaged the muscles and-” “Leonard, it’s fine.”
  • But he’s really just looking out for your well-being
  • Your downtime consists of just relaxing together in the peace and quiet. Maybe reading under a blanket with a soft light and some tea
  • He isn’t all that into PDA, especially around his peers.
  • He’ll grumpy and frown whenever you give him a kiss on the cheek while working, but when you walk away, he smiles and it just makes his day a little better

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