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I'm sending this to you because you are literally the only blog here that I'm confident I won't get a snarky reply. I know that of course, antis, the gp and some of the other family members have put down larries before, but what gemma said today really bothered me. I never have doubts about larry, but her calling us ridiculous was hurtful and confusing. Do you ever have doubts?

Mmm. You’d be surprised how often my first response is a snarky one. I don’t blame bloggers on here who get prickly when they get quite a few asks a day along the same lines. But that wasn’t your question, so let me get to the point.

I’m always amused by people who say they never doubt or question anything. In a fandom that is constantly yelling about critical thinking and the ability to analyze a lot of information with rational and contextual thought, the idea of never having any sincere questions or doubts that challenge the status quo is not only illogical, it’s ridiculous. So yes, of course I have doubts. Of course there are times when I wonder what’s actually going on that we can’t see. Because that’s the thing about this fandom, isn’t it? We all want to pretend like we’re on the level and that we’ve got eyes behind some sort of veil, but we don’t really. Oh sure, there are some with a bit more information and ability to inform the debate than others, but no one *really* knows the answers to most of the pressing questions that exist within this community these days. 

As far as Gemma is concerned, she’s not the first or the only to do this. That doesn’t excuse what she said in any way, shape, or form. I find her word choice extremely poor and offensive and I find her timing rather awful, as well, but I’m caught somewhere between “that was on purpose” and “she bloody well knows better”. Her Twitter rant was, to me, quite obvious in it’s own nonsensical babbling about something she isn’t denying or confirming. It’s what happens when you’re trying to police the tone of the conversation around you without wanting to really delve into the truth of the issue that you’re trying to shut down conversation for. 

What it comes back to for me, always, is that in spite of everything else, I believe Harry and Louis are still together. I believe if they weren’t, they’d both be finding ways to communicate that subtly to a very sizable portion of their fan base that they not only know exist, but that they cherish and appreciate, and I don’t believe they’re the type to endlessly lead those people on. Those are my beliefs. As far as everything else is concerned, from their individual solo work to the people they surround themselves with to girls and babies and beyond, I am a giant shrug emoji and I have accepted the idea that I don’t need to know the truth of everything to hold on to the truth of my own beliefs.

Not everyone can or will reach that place, but it works for me. It allows me to be non-reactionary, which is a beautiful, gorgeous thing in this fandom. Sure, there are still things here and there that get under my skin, but they are very few and far between. It’s a sort of reclamation of my own power to enjoy this place as much as I can, and I’ve really loved doing it. :)

Re-watching Shadowhunters again and it’s only now occurred to me that Magnus is the only person Alec felt he could truly open up to emotionally about his parents being in the circle when he first found out. 

This really gets to me because whether Alec realises it or not at this point (or whether he wants to) he puts a lot of trust in Magnus in doing this. For anyone else, opening up in this small way probably isn’t that big a deal, but for Alec to say how he actually feels about something and not skirt around the issue or get defensive/snarky about it? Yeah. Big. Fucking. Deal. 

With everyone else, he is angry about his parents being ex-circle members, he feels betrayed and it messes him up. It messes with his head and he acts out. With Magnus though, Alec kind of breaks down, as far as breaking down goes for Alec. He starts out angry and then something changes. He’s disappointed and upset and instead of showing anger, instead of raising his voice or huffing or any number of Alec typical reactions, he opens up. Something compels him to talk to Magnus about this and he lets his guard down. He says how he’s scared that everything he’s ever known is a lie and unlike when he says this for the first time to Izzy and Jace (and also Lydia), he’s not angry, he just looks…sad. What’s more, he admits to Magnus he knows (expects) he’ll never be head of the Institute, something he has worked for his whole life. Again, as small as it may be, to actually say that out loud instead of deflecting? My guess is that’s also kind of a big deal in the world of Alec.

These maybe are small things and even though what Alec takes from Magnus’ “follow your heart” advice is to propose to Lydia, it also says a fucking lot about how much Alec actually listens to Magnus. He never writes what Magnus has to say off, even when it angers him - even at this early stage in their relationship - and that just has me clutching at my chest a hundred times over because Magnus Bane doesn’t just have Alec’s respect but his trust and in a way we haven’t seen Alec give to anyone else, not quite like that, not even to Izzy or Jace. 

Magnus Bane doesn’t even touch the level of love Alec has for Izzy and Jace at this point and yet, here he is, the only one Alec lets down his guard for about this, just for that millisecond, and I just…*cries* because this is a whole new type of person and relationship for Alec and he has no idea how to deal with it and it’s beautiful. 


It has been a while since I felt inclined to post something about tales from the crypt, but found myself getting a little snarky over some posts and anon’s, so I decided to let it all hang out on this fine Monday. Fair warning….some things here will not be politically correct, so for those with sensitivities to certain topics, you might want to scroll on by right now.

First…the good stuff. I absolutely loved seeing the IG posts from our dreamy duo yesterday! They looked so relaxed and happy, that I wanted to put on some sunglasses and have some wine in the snow. (We actually had snow here in SC yesterday, so I officially had a snow day, even though nothing stuck where I live!). More importantly, I am simply giddy that they are ensconced in SA, and now hard at work bringing my favorite book in the OL series to life. And, according to our shipper brother MBR….this will be some difficult shooting coming up, so I am ok with a little silence from time to time right now because they are WORKING….so all is good on that front.

Now, on to the tabloid fodder. As everyone knows, I have absolutely zero interest in famewhores….yes, that’s right…fame whores. And, if you watch SM or reality TV, you know who they are. Not a slam, but simple facts. If anyone believes for one minute that these people will fade into the sunset, it just won’t happen. But, how we react to such nonsense dictates how we see and feel about such games, and I laugh and shake my head more than you know these days!

I was not surprised that Sandstorm Skipper showed up yesterday. I don’t follow her, but her IG posts are all the same….and that is hysterical to me. Always Daisy dukes, that hideous hair, arms outstretched….hell,…even I can understand why this career is in the tank! I have more moves getting out of the shower than this poor chick! And, I loved the fact that the photographer outed the location and she went back and geo-tagged her own…..oops!….so much for that SA innuendo! Of course what is a girl to do when your alleged bf is hanging out and drinking wine with his hot costar in an exotic country! Nothing like quicksand to put some pep in your step….don’t you think?!?

At the end of the day, this farce will play out, and believe me…it WILL play out. In the meantime, no more eggshells….call this shit out based on what you see. And for the anon’s and antis who want to admonish the wonderful shipsters here for discussing anything….go f*ck yourselves. The days of hypocrisy are over. Fanning in any format is a two way street, so be careful what you wish for. Of course, they have to be careful as well. I occasionally lurk, and read one “other side” comment that said “they were glad Sam found a girl on his level because Cait was too sophisticated for him”…Wth??? I guess they were implying that Sam was smart to trade in “couture and class” for “kale and kohl”! (Crédit to one of my fellow shipsters for K&K,😚😚😂😂)! And, the implication was that Sam really should stay in the D-List level…..such wonderful support!

As for me, I am all about the luxury liner, and that is Sam and Cait. And, i am sure we will see more in the future, as @fromheretoeternity1121 outlined in her post yesterday. But, it will still be bs….after all, it is hard to get rid of poor on your shoe.

Happy Monday sweet shipsters! Long live all things Sam and Cait….no litter box needed!😙😍😊

okay but dudebro Shiro who absolutely loves drinking protein shakes and wearing muscle shirts.

On the one hand, the paladins are super happy that he has so much body confidence after losing his arm, on the other, he won’t stop picking Pidge up and carrying her around like a briefcase. When Lance is being stubborn, he just throws him over his shoulder and puts him where ever he needs or wants him. When Keith gets snarky, Shiro just tackles him onto the floor and pins him until he calls uncle. When Hunk refuses to do something because he’s too afraid, Shiro just acts like a human shield, walking in front of him or alongside him, ready in case anything happens. 

He’s the first to start drinking, but the last to actually get drunk. He screams at the TV when football is on, either yelling at the refs or cheering his team on. He starts or ends just about every sentence with “dude…” and refuses to acknowledge he does this.

But he also walks everyone home, just to make sure they feel safe. He makes sure he flexes obnoxiously when they go to a bar or club and stays close to everyone to make sure no one harasses them. It gets him into fights, but at this point, he’s learned how to stop one so quickly it barely even starts.

He’s simultaneously super protective and loving, but also won’t ever stop making shitty jokes and walking around in basketball shorts and tank tops even in 30-degree weather. 

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I'm on the verge of a panic attack and I know you have a way with stories, if you could would you please write either DamiColin or BluePulse??

I’ve got you fam. Breathe slowly, try to listen to something that helps you calm down, and I hope this helps.

EDIT: Tumblr is being really freaking weird and posted this before I was ready to. Consider this a brief preview before I get the complete thing posted.
And done. Sorry it took me longer than intended to complete this fic. Oh well, I squeezed in mention of my Reach OC. I hope you find this entertaining. n.n

“I’m bored,” Bart announced for probably the tenth time.

“I know you’re bored, but we have to wait,” Jaime answered with his eyes closed.

The two (actually three) of them were on a shuttle in a spaceport, hiding from ‘anthropologists’ who they had rather successfully pissed off. (Of course ‘anthropologist’ was a loose translation; they were more like a group of unscrupulous monsters with no regard for harm inflicted just so long as it furthered their ‘science’. The actual untranslated word for the ‘anthropologists’ was something like kliud’ata, though Bart had deliberately been mocking and butchering the term for a while now.) Apparently those so-called ‘anthropologists’ didn’t take kindly to having a rogue infiltrator and a metahuman speedster from Earth spring all of their ‘subjects’. Who knew? Which, after having freed the unfortunate individuals who had been under ‘study’, had led to Bart, Jaime, and Khaji Da to acting as a distraction and then spending entirely too long trying to lose their pursuers before finally ducking into an empty shuttle. Which Khaji Da was currently hacking into in order to get away.

Jaime never would have imagined that he’d ever approve of the equivalent of stealing a car.

“And the reason we can’t just bolt is…?”

Jaime didn’t even bother cracking an eye open. Sure, Khaji Da was more than capable of focusing on the task at hand on his own, but since they were in a bit of a hurry Jaime really didn’t want to distract him. “Because if Khaji Da isn’t careful about getting us clearance to get out and if we just take off without knowing where we’re going, then we’re going to attract a lot of attention. And I’d rather not run into those jerks again or get the attention of any Green Lanterns who would shoot me and Khaji Da first and ask questions later.”

Bart made a face, knowing neither of them could see it at that moment. “Sure, talk sense. I see how it is. Meanwhile I’ll die of boredom.”

A grinding chitter erupted from the scarab on Jaime’s back before a distinctly un-Jaime-like frown flitted across their face. “We cannot risk capture skaeyl skir’rkiis. Tsriik’k-miihksh told us what the kliud’ata are capable of. I will not take that chance,” Khaji Da said evenly before fading back to focus his careful attention on hacking the spaceport systems. Mention of the hiveless reachling wasn’t unexpected considering the circumstances.

The last time Jaime and Khaji Da had ended up this far out in space for a mission they’d had the good fortune to run into Tsriik’k-miihksh, otherwise known as Tserii, and Tserii had been kind enough to pull strings with various contacts in order to get them home. Tserii had also gone with Jaime and Khaji Da back to Earth and had slowly been finding themself adopted by Jaime, Khaji Da, and Jaime’s family, but that was neither here nor there.

“Speaking of, it would’ve been nice if Tserii was here. At least then they would be able to tell us what we’re dealing with and probably pull some strings,” Bart groused. The fact that they couldn’t even risk kicking on the shuttle lights until they were ready to take off was starting to grate on him.

“You and me both,” Jaime agreed. “Though if Tserii was here, then we’d have to deal with them possibly picking fights.”

“With who? Khaji Da? Me?” Bart said jokingly.

“More like one of the Green Lanterns, mi corazón. In case you haven’t noticed, Tserii’s a lot like Khaji Da.”

Bart snorted and shifted positions so he was laying on his stomach on the shuttle’s padded bench, his chin resting on his hands. “Nah. Tserii’s not murderously adorable and isn’t anywhere near as stabby.”

That drew a snort from Jaime. “You didn’t hear the way Tserii talks about the kliud’ata or the Hive. Tserii’s just as stabby.”

Bart shrugged and let his eyes drop to the glowing lights dotting Jaime and Khaji Da’s armored legs and hips. It was a beautiful detail honestly, and better to focus on than what might be in store if they got caught. “Tserii’s still not murderously adorable. Khaji Da though? Completely murderously adorable. And hot. Really hot. So are you– well, not murderously adorable anyway, though you’re kind of adorable in your own right. But both of you are reeeeaallly hot. In fact-”

“Later amor,” Jaime laughed. “You can flirt at us all you want when we don’t have to worry about the kliud’ata finding us.”

“What can I say? Stress-flirting is better than me panicking over the idea of those jerks skinning me alive.”

Their eyes slid open and Khaji Da’s amused smirk flitted across their face. “Then it is a good thing we will be on our way. Recommendation-”

The lights of the shuttle flared to life and the body language shifted away from Khaji Da’s coiled steel as Jaime said, “You might want to hold on tight. We’re getting out of here.”


Mars in Libra

Mars is traditionally considered “detriment” in Libra because Libra is ruled by Venus. People with their Mars in Libra are not necessarily go-getters and they would much rather wait for easy opportunities to come to them. A Mars in Libra possesses incredible amounts of patience and this holds true when it comes to their anger. A Libra Mars can stir up a lot of drama, be confused when confronted and go back to defaming someone. They are fair people and they always choose to avoid a conflict. They will try to prove a point and hope to meet in the middle because they don’t want to choose sides. They can also be VERY passive-aggressive. A Libra Mars is infamous for talking behind others backs. This can be seen as weakness, but don’t underestimate a Libra Mars because they can get snarky and in your face too. Believe it or not, they are highly critical people as well and don’t think they won’t call you out.

There’s no denying that Mars in Libra natives are charming at its best. They can easily charm the pants off of someone. Although they can be quite the flirts and may try to lead you on, they’re not necessarily too huge on sex. A Mars in Libra is romantic and sensual and they expect this in bed as well. They would much rather be in a relationship and make love to their significant other, but of course this doesn’t have to be mandatory. A Mars in Libra can have fun in bed if they wanted to! Ultimately, this Mars sign aims to please and they can make their sexual partner feel like the center of the universe. A Mars in Libra is rather submissive in bed. Of course, Libra represents balance and fairness and sex to a Mars in Libra needs to be balanced out. They will let themselves be dominated and pushed around once in a while, but they have a strong dislike of rude, selfish people in bed. Everything should be fair and equal to this Mars sign. 

A peacemaker at their very best, a drama queen at their very worst. Balanced and fair at their very best, and overly submissive at their worst. A Mars in Libra, more so than any Mars sign, should be careful to not show their negative qualities too much, but also to not be treated like a doormat. After all, they are the ones who maintain everything at balance in the Zodiac and when they, themselves, are off balance; everything else is off course.

This and that.

Really torn between not minding a snow day this week and also wanting my full 6 day (weekend included) Spring Break around Easter. 

It’s March. I’m tired, just as I’m sure we all are. This is my first spring with Seniors and it’s a special circumstance because they’ve been at our school of technology for the past year. Most of them forget how to be students and/or they just plain don’t want to. I can’t say I blame them. We’re managing.

Apparently I’m moving to freshmen next year which is completely out of my wheelhouse, but I’m willing to give it a shot. If a Social Studies position opens, I should be able to transfer, but as of right now it looks like I’ll be teaching English. The plan is just to be patient and let everything work out as it’s meant to. I can’t stress over it. Maybe I’ll even like it, who knows.

Husband starts his last clinical tomorrow, so he’ll be away from me during the week. It’s only 9 weeks and then he’ll be done with his course work. All he will need to do is pass his boards and he’ll be a certified Physical Therapist. Yay!

Did I mention that we moved last month? We’re in a cute little townhouse now with just enough space for the two of us and our gang of furbabies. Definitely hoping to buy next year, but for now, this is just fine.

Amazing how fast the year goes. I can’t believe in three months it’ll be summer.

What is a third eye? [Edited]

I am a medium, which means I can see and communicate with spirits. This means I possess what is known as a “third eye”.

It’s not a literal third eye in the middle of my forehead, for one thing. It’s metaphorical. It simply means that I can see things that exist on other levels of existence as easily as I can see things on this plane of existence. 

There are also third ears and third noses, meaning you can hear and smell things that are happening on a different plane. I know, it’s weird.

Let’s talk about the concept of planes of existence before I go on any further. You know when people talk about ghosts and say they’re “trapped in a place between our world and the next”? That’s a plane of existence. It exists close enough to ours to the point where those who have died can come through it and interact with our world. Some people (like me) believe there is a plane higher than that one where the afterlife or Heaven is located, and some people believe in a large variety of planes, like a plane where our souls go when we dream, for example. 

So, if you possess a third eye, you can see through to the next plane easily and see ghosts and stuff. You can also see auras, which is like an energy around people, and you can read auras to determine how people are feeling and what’s in store for them, etc.

How do you know if you have a third eye? My short answer is, you see dead people. The long answer is this: You can see ghosts and spirits in places where others can’t.

Period. End of discussion. It’s not a matter of “Do I have the ability to unlock this mysterious third eye?” because it is not. It’s something you are born with. You have it or you don’t.

But what if you saw spirits as a small child and grew out of it? This question gets asked to me more often than not. It’s really common for children to see spirits because they’re more willing to accept the fact that there’s a friendly man in their bedroom that wants to play. If a friendly man appeared to you when you were two, that would be awesome, but if you were ten, that would be terrifying. Therefore, spirits aren’t gonna just appear to ten year olds, because they’re not trying to scare you (most of the time).

It is possible that you do have a third eye and it is closed, as it is possible to open and close it. Maybe you saw spirits all the time as a child, and when you told some grown-up they sat you down and explained what imaginary friends were, and you came to the conclusion that spirits were all in  your head and you stopped seeing them. It’s possible you closed your third eye. It is possible to open it again, and it takes lots of meditation and some good communication with spirits. Do the reverse to close it. 

So let me break this down.

Scenario 1: You see spirits and ghosts regularly, you have a third eye.

Scenario 2: You saw spirits constantly as a child, but as you grew and became more skeptical you stopped seeing them, your third eye is closed.

Scenario 3: One time you saw a ghost, you do not have a third eye, you saw an entity that was powerful enough to come through the next plane and be visible in ours.

Scenario 4: You think you saw spirits as a child, you do not have a third eye, you have an overactive imagination.

Scenario 5: You think you might have a third eye and try meditations to open it and nothing happens, you do not have a third eye. 

Scenario 6: You want to have a third eye, you do not have a third eye.

That last one sounds pretty wacky but believe me, after the asks I’ve been getting, it needs to be said. You can’t just decide that you’re gonna have a third eye. You’re born with one or you aren’t. If you have to wonder whether or not you have one, you don’t have one. 

Please feel free to send me any asks if you have any questions other than ones ending in “do I have a third eye?” 

EDIT: Hello again everyone. I’m not sure how but this post seems to be the most controversial, as I’ve received plenty of messages saying that everyone has a third eye and anyone can unlock it.

Okay look. As someone with a third eye and has been seeing spirits unwillingly my whole life, trust me in that if you don’t have a third eye, there’s no way you can see spirits the way I can. If that were true, if anyone could have the power to see spirits wherever they wanted, we wouldn’t have paranormal investigation shows, we wouldn’t have to wonder about life after death, and so on. I know some paranormal investigation teams who would love to save thousands of dollars on equipment and be able to see spirits with their own eyes. 

Third eyes are rare. Most people do not have them, period. If you people who have been messaging me and telling me anyone can learn how to open their third eye, then prove it. Find someone and teach them to open their third eye. Go for it.

And also yes, there’s a variety of things people can see with their third eyes, like energy, chakras, auras, etc, but I’m talking about spirits because a) I’m a spirit communication blog, and b) it’s the most debatable. People can kind of tell if they can see auras because it’s obvious, but people seem to be convinced that they thought they saw someone out of the corner of their eye and now they have a third eye and are a medium. 

I’m not trying to be rude. It’s just. I mean. I can’t say “you don’t have a third eye” enough times for people to believe it.

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Instead of Human blurting out "Fight me!", let's have con!Reader unintentionally going "Date me!" mid-battle with TFP Autobots?

Ratchet, Arcee, Bulkhead, and Ultra Magnus would either flat out ignore you or make a face and go about their fighting. They think you’re just trying to catch them off guard.

Smokescreen and Bumblebee might pause for a split second. What the pit? Oh well. They might think about what you said, but there’s no way that it would work out (even if they wanted it to…)

Optimus Prime would continue battling, but he’d have hope that you’d consider switching sides. He brings it up every now and then before the fighting starts (like he did with Skyquake.)

Wheeljack would get snarky. No way he’d date a con. You’re kinda cute, though. It’s a shame he has to kick your aft.