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I'd like a matchup, if you don't mind <3 im a hetero shy chubby girl with loads of freckles that I used to be teased endlessly about (chicken pox girl, such fun). I love video games, reading, and dogs. After people know me a while I start getting jokingly sassy/snarky with them. I dislike going out in public a lot. I want to spend the rest of my life helping people. I have a lot of general anxiety and anxious habits (RIP, my poor mangled fingers and neck). Have a nice day <3

I’d match you with Underfell Sans.

Your freckles fascinate him; it sets you apart from other humans he’s seen, and it’s what initially catches his eye.  When you’re resting on his chest, reading a book, he’s going to attempt to pick out constellations and other designs in your freckles, tracing the patterns with the tip of his phalange.  He enjoys the snark and gives it right back to you, and he’s not going to force you to go out in public because he doesn’t go out much himself, except to Grillby’s.  He can also relate to the anxious habits, but he’ll try his best to help you with them because he doesn’t want a hair out of place on your body.  

*Matches are closed.

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Oh dear, I have a pretty bad memory and I couldn't remember if I had sent an ask about my question yet. But I just saw the answer to the first question I apparently sent. I apologize for clogging up your inbox, I will try to keep track of things better next time! I realize this must be quite annoying/frustrating to the mods.

It’s ok! We understand that many of our followers have memory issues (and so do we lol). We only get annoyed when people try to rush us or get snarky about their asks not being answered yet. Duplicates aren’t a problem!


Friendly reminder that Dean does NOT even have to be bisexual to date Cas, because:

  • Castiel literally isn’t male. It is canon that the angels in general are agender/nonbinary. I mean, obviously he’s not female either, but:

  • Dean is perfectly aware of the fact that angels are actually genderless/sexless celestial beings  (“You have been with a woman before? Or an angel, at least?”) and yet he’s slept with the angel Anna (note: the angel that was supposed to replace Cas). 

  • Even if Dean’s straight… and even if we take into consideration that Castiel’s vessel is male (which doesn’t really matter) or that he may actually identify as a male at this point or whatever: you do NOT have to be bisexual to fall in love with a person of the same gender. You can be a straight guy and still fall in love with another guy (or anyone that’s not a woman), because:

  • Love. Isn’t. About. Fucking. Yes, Castiel’s vessel is male, but it’s not like we fall in love with other people’s genitals, right? I’m terribly sorry to break it to some of you, but not everything is about dick, so like… How about we stop making everything about sex (in every sense of the word)? I’ve seen people accusing Destiel shippers of sexualizing their relationship (yes, it’s true that there are people who just desperately want them to fuck while completely ignoring the emotional aspects of their relationship, but what can we do about it), but really – if saying “Destiel would never work because Dean is straight” (meaning: “because Dean wouldn’t want to have sex with Cas”) isn’t sexualization, than I don’t know what it is. They don’t have to bang, since their relationship is about so much more than sexual tension. You don’t have to have sex for your relationship to be valid, so seriously, this is such an ignorant thing to say, guys. It’s the fact that these two support, protect, need, love and care about each other unconditionally that makes their relationship so beautiful. The fact that they would never give up on each other. That they can communicate without saying a single word. That Cas makes Dean a better person and vice versa. That they would literally die for each other. That they care and are unable to kill one another even when they’re brainwashed or corrupted. That they would shake up Heaven and Hell for each other (and Earth, and Purgatory, and all those alternative universes, too). The way they gaze at each other. Their chemistry, loyalty, tenderness, trust, the slow burn and this damn “profound bond” – so unique, I’ve honestly never seen any canon couple share this kind of connection before. I could go on for centuries, but you get the point.

What I’m trying to say is that their relationship doesn’t have to be sexual. It’s romantic - and that’s what is special about it. It isn’t about two dudes looking hot while making out - which is actually what a lot of other show and movie makers think a queer romance mainly is, no shade. That’s why Destiel going canon would be an amazing revolution in terms of the portrayal of LBGTQA+ relationships. And I honestly don’t understand what’s so wrong with it or why anyone would be against it.

I’m sorry, that’s just the way I see it, please don’t start drama. The “Destiel can’t happen because Dean is straight” argument is just so invalid to me.

I’ve discovered it’s very hard to get annoyed with screaming children in a store when you comment about it. 

And I don’t mean “Holy shit. Control Your Kid!”

Both my sister and I usually come across about one screaming child when we do the household shop for the week and we usually end up snickering when we make comments like this:

“Same.” - usually, drawn out and almost monotoned

“Well, someone hates shopping!”

“Oh, honey. I feel the same but you gotta learn to internalise that shit.” (I laughed when my sister said this)

“I know. Life is so hard.”

“Nice lungs kid!”

“I know. The world is horrible. Life sucks and taxes exist.” - This was said to the screaming child in the next checkout lane as we were paying. It made the two cashiers and the mum laugh when you could tell one of the cashiers was starting to get annoyed.

Sometimes, a kid just needs to scream. Instead of getting annoyed, make a funny comment! Sympathise with them! It’s so much better than getting pissy over something no one can really control.

So You Want to Write Drarry: A Google Search Starter Pack

Synonyms for ‘idiot’

Synonyms for ‘snob’

British slang for ‘angry sex’

British slang for ‘sexy brawling’

What’s that word when you’re fighting but not like fighting fighting, more like angry flirting

What’s that word when you’re fighting and it’s fighting fighting, not the other thing

Lubrication Potion or Spell

Do people even have silver eyes 

How green is verdant

Is it Aviary or Owlery

How many times can a character sneer in one paragraph before it gets old

How many times can a character shrug in one paragraph before it gets old

Is snarky a word people actually use

Define ‘tosspot’

Are Harry and Draco millennials

title: uncle, uncle, uncle
rating: K
pairings/characters: sarada, shisui
summary: sarada and shisui have an unparalled uncle/neice relationship
author’s note: none of you can convince me that this isn’t exactly how sarada and shisui would have been (that is of course, when they’re not teaming up to piss off sasuke)

Sarada takes a deep breath, and for the umpteenth time today, prepares herself to successfully complete the jutsu at hand. The water below her is steaming (so is she) as she weaves the appropriate hand signs and focuses her chakra through the movements. Her eyes snap open, sharingan whirling to a point where she’s almost seeing red.

“Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!”

The same thing that happened the last twenty-three times happens again—despite her immaculate chakra control and intense focus, she yields what looks like two wimpy water snakes instead of two fearful water dragons, that mockingly dance around her head for a maximum of twelve seconds before dismembering out of her control into a shower of rain drops, soaking her yet again.

“Dammit,” she hisses, shaking her head, thinking she must look like a wet dog at this point. “Maybe I’m using up too much chakra using my sharingan,” she considers aloud, and gets ready to focus herself again, before another thought dawns on her. “But if I can’t do this with my sharingan what’s the point?”

She drops her arms, cursing her Papa’s genes. She thought about how much easier combining elemental chakra natures and jutsu would be if she were of a water or earth nature by birth. Water and earth are neutral and adaptable; if harnessed correctly, possess healing qualities, as they’re not destructive by nature. But of course, in the tradition of the Uchiha, Sarada had, for better for worse, chakra of a fire nature; which meant that water jutsu was extremely difficult—creating a jutsu that required both fire and water natures seemed near impossible. But, again, in the tradition of the Uchiha, she’d rather slit her own throat than put her pride at risk by giving up before she’d tried every single trick in the book. Twice. 

“You are aware that water jutsu kind of goes against all the chakra you have inside of you, right?” A sarcastic voice questions, startling her. She whirls around, sharingan ablaze, ready to trap whoever was spying on her in a genjutsu they’d never forget.

Instead of finding an enemy, she comes face to face with an all-too-familiar face.

“Mama says it’s not nice to spy on people, Uncle Shisui,” she sighs.

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Ooooh you're taking prompts! I would love to see Fenris and Anders interacting without the others present. Thank you for all your wonderful fic! ^___^

They were the first to arrive at the Hanged Man.

Unexpected, unprecedented, they stood outside the bar eyeing each other for several moments before Anders spoke.

“I almost didn’t recognize you – not clinging to Hawke’s ass today?”

A dark brow rose. Fenris looked amused. “Do you really want to discuss what I do with Hawke’s ass?”

“No,” Anders said. “No, I really don’t.”

“We should reserve the table before the dock workers start coming in.”

“I get the chair by the window,” Anders said.

They both tried to walk through the door at the same time. It was like a stage play, likely comedic to see, the two of them struggling for a brief moment before Fenris huffed, and stepped back, and motioned impatiently for Anders to enter.

“After you, then,” he said.

“You’re used to following people around anyway,” Anders answered, and stepped into the dim malodorous interior of the tavern. He had to stop for a moment to get his bearings and let his eyes adjust. Fenris, coming in after, brushed past him to lay claim on the table. Isabela had carved her initials into it years ago, staking her territory, and Varric was very often to be found with his papers all spread out over it, but that didn’t mean if they were late getting there that some other group might decide they were brave enough to claim it.

Fenris plopped himself down in the chair by the window. When Anders opened his mouth to protest, the elf only looked smug, crossing his arms and propping his filthy feet up on the edge of the table.

Anders dropped into a seat.

“I’m going to need a drink before I can put up with you,” Fenris said. “Do you have any coin?”

“You still owe me from last week’s game. Put it on Hawke’s tab.”

Fenris shrugged and dropped his feet. When he rose to go to the bar for a pitcher, Anders took his chair.

He didn’t comment when he returned – merely handed Anders an empty cup and sat down.

“The black doesn’t become you,” Fenris said, as he poured them both a drink.

“I don’t care what you think becomes me.”

“Still – I’ve a bit of an eye for it, you know.”

Anders didn’t answer. He picked up his drink. He wished someone else would arrive soon. Anyone else. They were silent for an uncomfortable span of time.

“Shall we start a game of darts while we wait?” Fenris asked.

Anders pushed back his chair and rose. “I’ll get them,” he said.

When he returned, Fenris was in his seat.

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I ended up with a following and it's exhausting. Getting a little snarky is human. Most of the time I check myself, but lately it's really hard. I never blocked anyone, till I someone told me I was basically an object and if I didn't meet the expectation they had come to believe about me, I was the problem. Wrong. It's not our responsibility to be anything other than ourselves. And if someone chooses to take it and attach their bias, that's on them. Get on with your bad self. Meow. 🐱❤️

Getting a little snarky is human. Most of the time I check myself, but lately it’s really hard.

I don’t want to presume to know your leanings, but for those of us on the Left, and for a lot of the women I know, we all feel raw right now. Every fucking day brings some new fresh hell, as we are forced day after day after day to watch the very worst of humanity (with a fucking abuser at the top of the whole thing) attack and destroy the things we love and care deeply for. That takes a toll (and I say this knowing that I am in a position of incredible privilege, so I can only imagine how a vulnerable human must be feeling right now.)

I was basically an object and if I didn’t meet the expectation they had come to believe about me, I was the problem.

I’m not saying that this is happening to me right now, but it does happen. It happens to all of us who are in someone’s life in a way that’s intimate for the audience, but doesn’t involve reciprocal intimacy for the artist: we stop being people, and we start being things. 

Most of the time, it comes from a place of genuine goodness, (Like if I ever met Dita von Teese, I know that I’d faint, because OBVIOUSLY, but I don’t harbor any illusion that I would be special or memorable to her, because we don’t have that kind of two-way relationship) but it can cross a line and become a kind of ownership, which is harmful and not okay.

I do my best to be patient and understanding when someone gets excited at me the way I got excited at Neil deGrasse Tyson, or Billie Piper, or Edward James Olmos, or President Obama (I’m thrilled to be that person to someone else, to be honest). But when someone demands that I jump through a specific set of hoops because of reasons, I tend to knock the hoops over and set them on fire.

…and to think this all went up like a tire fire today because I made a joke about cats.

Admit (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

AN: thank y’all for being so patient and understanding while waiting, and creds to @legendrarrymalfoy for the line about peanut butter and jelly 

Warning: smut

Request: @sunshinelafayette -  Could you write an imagine where the reader is a stagehand for Hamilton and she and Daveed used to be together until they had a really nasty breakup so they avoid each another at all costs. One day she has to bring something to his dressing room, so she goes when she thinks he has already went home, but they run into one another and get into an argument and one thing leads to another and feelings come out and they have hot dirty angry/makeup sex on the couch of his dressing room? Thank you!

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Word Count: 2,655


As usual, you were the first person to arrive at the theater. It was easier to get in and make sure that the props were organized when the place was empty. There was no one to distract you with pesky questions, no cheating exes to, well, be near you. It was just better this way. By now everyone knew. Word spread fast in theater. Even if it didn’t, the two of you had been all over each constantly until, suddenly, you weren’t. Anyone could have guessed. Nobody seemed entirely surprised. No one amongst the crew and decent majority of the cast, anyway.

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How would characters like Finn, Rey, and Kylo all fit into the Imperial Problem Child Verse do you think?

Well for one thing, I’d like to point out in advance that I haven’t got a clue if Rey is going to turn out Skywalker or if she’s going to turn out “you just barely missed getting dragged into the Drama Genealogy, Kid”. So this is subject to change.

Is still Ben, his mom and dad raised him to be wary and careful and when he started hearing weird voices that didn’t sound like Uncle Luke’s Ghost Friends, he went first to his parents and then to his grandfather to ask if that was normal.
Which is why Vader “disappeared” for a little while. He went on a Snoke hunt with the descendants of the Vod’e and some of Luke’s “ex-Emperor’s Hand” students. Luke showed up with friends to help anyway. And by “friends”, I mean, three different navies and seventeen jedi-in-training. They don’t manage to kill the sneaky Snoke, he weasels away into hiding, but now they’re on watch for him and his “make the Empire great again” First Order fans.
In his late teens, Ben invents the name Kylo to infiltrate one of their Holonet forums. He and Chewbacca mostly troll and catfish members.

He slipped away from First Order when he was ten, after helping a brash young pilot in his twenties escape lockdown (Poe’s parents are never going to let him hear the end of it for getting caught when he was supposed to be doing a routine flyby). He can’t remember his family, and the Rogues kind of half adopted him as their kid mascot until they can figure out where he’s from. (Dhara, one of the ex-Hands who works with Luke, thinks he looks an awful lot like her baby brother did a long time ago. When Luke brings Finn to come train with some of the other kids, she’s even more sure he’s her nephew)

Subject to change, but for now she’s Luke’s daughter. (Mara was a little disappointed that she didn’t have bright red hair like her, but not for long). She has the run of the palace, but she mostly likes to stay close to her parents or “Gran’fa”.
Like with her cousin and Finn, the Rogues and Sabers spoil her rotten.
That’s not even taking into account Han and Leia.