getting shelled

character development is yuuri going from screaming when viktor tried to initiate physical contact with him

to th  i    s

children we are blessed

  • every chief before moana: let me use a nice flat rock so the next chief has an easy time stacking theirs
  • moana: imma use a pointy uneven shell lol suck it next chief
Being an aromantic-asexual on Valentine’s Day:

After Death

The pain ended quickly. I rose and tried to find my body. Probably lying mangled underneath the metallic wreck. Dying in a road accident is definitely the worse way to go.

“So! Had a nice life?” asked a voice behind me.

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Hamilton Cast Voices

Okieriete Onaodowan - A gentle earthquake feeding you chocolate.

Anthony Ramos - The delicious icing and crumbs and cinnamon mixed together in the bottom of the box after you eat a cinnamon roll.

Christopher Jackson - Drinking English Breakfast tea, sitting opposite a waterfall, in a cloud of mist.

Daveed Diggs - If brightly coloured silk could rap.

Renee Elise Goldsberry - Screaming internally with joy while expressing your opinions perfectly using only hand gestures.

Jasmine Cephas Jones - Someone dancing/doing martial arts/icing a cake/assembling complex machinery without ever breaking eye contact with you.

Leslie Odom Jr. - When you crack the egg, and no shell gets in the bowl, and the yolk is a perfect circle, and there isn’t anything floating in it, and then you look down and see that shell split perfectly in half.

Phillipa Soo - The sun rising and setting simultaneously, to the sound of waves crashing against the shore.

Lin Manuel Miranda - Getting in a taxi which then transforms into a MAGICAL FLYING UNICORN, takes you to your destination in seconds, and then disappears after solving all of the world’s problems.


GASP! a conspiracy?!!

(pearl dont lie u just wanna get ur sneaky little hands back in jaspers mouth)


“So, currently there are 1,558 former Decepticons on the waiting list to be your partner for a day…”

Shower Fun

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: It’s Elena’s birthday and Damon is insanely mad with you because you are running late. You try to rush things up, but your boyfriend Klaus shows up. Let’s just say things get steamy. 

*Requested smut, read carefully. :) 

Word Count: 1784

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I came out to my twin brother as transgender a while back. Today he excitedly texted me when he had the idea that we need to cosplay Taako and Lup from The Adventure Zone. I am really excited to do this and honestly I teared up a little when he suggested it. I love TAZ so much and I was so happy when Lup was introduced and immediately felt a connection to her. It makes me happy to know that my brother is supportive of who I am.

Being shy and Yondu being protective of you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Aaawwwww YONDU BAE 😊😭😭 MY HEART! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him always teasing you about being shy and how easily you blush at anything whenever you are both alone together, only to yell at others that they can’t tease you about it when they would do it

-Him usually noticing whenever someone’s bothering you and whistling his arrow to keep you safe before barging in to deal with them himself

-Him putting himself in front of you whenever someone is clearly making you uncomfortable and telling them to leave you alone or they’ll have to deal with him, only for some of the other crew members to back him up as well

-Him knowing how hesitant you are to ask a question to an employee in a store and always going out of his way to do so for you instead as he figures out what you wanted to ask

-Him pulling you away to his room, saying he needs your help whenever he notices the others are pressuring you into doing something that you’re clearly uncomfortable with

-Him knowing when someone has upset you, despite you denying it to him, and cheering you up with some snack he knows you love so much

-Him noticing whenever you’re nervous around new people and cheering you up by making you laugh with comments in your ear and nudging your shoulder, only to end up holding your hand to reassure you

-Him having Kraglin stay close to you whenever he can’t be around you, making you have some rather silly moments together and for you to slowly get out of your shell

-Him always being proud of you when you show courage in face of a situation where you are usually uncomfortable and showing by praising you and squeezing you as he hugs you

-Him cupping your face and telling you that you’ll be alright, how amazing you are and such whenever you’re on the brink of tears from an uncomfortable situation