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you know, this is how i like to think the nose rubbing thing they do started 

so they had to get out of the pool and ride on a bicycle all the way to isak’s place. they get there and they are freezing. the clothes clinging to them makes their skin feel numb. and after they get changed, they lie under isak’s blanket (even tells isak that he needs other blankets), facing each other. isak’s nose is still red from the cold, and even calls him rudolph. and isak squints his eyes, like he’s offended (he’s not, he has to stop the little laugh that threatens to escape his lips. he’s so. happy to be here with even. there are butterflies in his belly), and he tells even “this was the worst idea. like, ever.“ even smiles at him and quickly kisses him before asking “was it?” and isak is smilling back now and he replies “yeah. totally” 

and they just. lie there for a while. and it’s late now, and they’re going to fall asleep soon and isak quietly asks “why isn’t your nose all red? we were in the same pool. and the same bike. and the same outside.” it makes even chuckle. “same outside?” he strokes isak’s hair that’s still slightly damp and adds “come here.” isak moves closer to him and tilts his head forward and that’s when even first does it, he rubs his nose against isak’s. “what are you doing?” even doesn’t immediately reply, just keeps his nose against isak’s. “i’m turning rudolph back into isak”. after a little while he leans his head backward and takes a look at isak’s face, and he smiles again and says “i think it worked. welcome back” 

the next morning, isak’s nose isn’t red at all, but even still rubs his nose against his. and isak starts doing it, too, when they kiss. and that’s how it becomes one of the little things they do 

I’ve been meaning to ask, but did they seriously drink three bottles of wine over takeout?

Reasons To Date Dean

Face times together  

When he wants to snuggle

And snuggles turn into well… this

Him singing to you 

Late night phone calls 

Him being a dork and a cutie

Him snapping you 

Dean making you take pictures of him

Jam sessions together

When you cook him food, him devouring all of it and being a happy little Deanie

Adventures and dates together

Him getting all shy

Car rides together… just being able to watch this in the car… Jesus take the wheel.. please

His weird little pose he always does

Him being FOINE


how did talking about Dean in the car turn into this @clubeskimo i dont know if this killed you or not but… 

*these gifs and pictures are not mine credit goes out to the original gif makers as well as stills*

*except the snapchat’s i made those hehe ^^*



Do you get to eat fruits in heaven? Are the trees different from this place? Maybe everyone gets to ride motorcycles all day long without fear of an accident or cops because you’re speeding. What kind of currency do you guys use? Is there gender there? What about love? Do you get to fall in love there? I bet you do. Does Cupid write silly love letters for everyone? He sucks at aiming, always have, always will. What about music? Oh my god. You must have music! There has to be a jukebox around every corner. What about racism? That’s not possible. Do you own planes? You wouldn’t put a 90 ban on anyone, right? And religion? Maybe, there’s freedom up there too. Every epic, every Greek god gets a place up there. I bet Apollo sings the best songs. I bet Artemis hunts cloud shaped rabbits for the children– you guys don’t need nutrients. Does the sun speak? Every metaphor coming to life. Every love story finally has a happy ending. Edgar isn’t so sad. Shakespeare is telling everyone that the poetry he left here is really written by him. Are liars allowed in heaven? God forgives everyone, right? Is there right or wrong up there? Earth is getting scary. America is getting scary. I’m terrified. Do the stars look pretty up there? Can you just float and hug them? Do you have feelings or sensations? Do the stars shine? Do you experience day and night? Can you flip a switch and it’s bed time for everyone? I bet it’s beautiful, I bet you’re smiling. Do you feel okay? How are you? I miss you. I still write about you and one day, I won’t. I’ll be up there. I’ll be somewhere up there. Maybe I’ll run a tea shop and you can stop by. We can ride down waterfalls and not worry about anything. We can write our names on oak, we can kiss the stars goodnight. I’ll hold your hand if you hold mine type of night. I suck at singing, but I’ll sing for you. Do you miss me too? I’ll write about you until my last day. It won’t be too long now. Time is timeless up there. I’m sure of it. I’m sure of you. I have to be. Oh. Almost forgot.
—  P.S. I love you

wanna be mine starting from today?

And then I realized Prompto was my spirit animal: by someone who hasn’t finished chapter 4

+ riding shotgun is practically a necessity 
+ ♫♪ I. WANT TO RIDE MY CHOCOBO. ALL. DAAAAAY ♫♪ “Can’t get it out of my head!”
+ gun
+ “That’s right, you hate bugs” “Yeah, can’t stand ‘em”
+ why did you bring me along on this crazy ride again?? what is my purpose here alongside your private tutor/maid/mom friend and personal bodyguard???
+ photo hobby
+ super queer
+ “We’re alive! Let’s celebrate by eating something DEAD! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧”
+ CHocObOs!!!1!!1!
+ HOPELESSLY PINING [I see you looking in the side mirror boy (¬ ⌣ ¬)]
+ *sigh* “Why do you have to be so photogenic?”
+ precious cinnamon roll, to good for this world, too pure™
+ but also potential to be a little shit

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Prompto  Argentum

Pigeons as Mounts

I get it. We all wanna go riding into battle on a golden eagle but hear me out. Sure, they may not have slashing claws or a devastating beak, but what they lack in natural weapons they make up for in everything else.

Their back is just built for a saddle, they have a nice horizontal posture which means you won’t be staring up at the sky whenever you land. Not only that but they’re way better for land travel for those times when you can’t take to the skies, birds of prey you have to deal with that clunky, not-so-majestic waddle but pigeons are just as graceful on earth as in air! The head bobbing isn’t so distracting once you get used to it!

Speed, speed, speed! Pigeons are one of the fastest birds without diving, some reaching 100 miles per hour! Good luck getting that on a lazy-thermal-hogging raptor who’s just gonna glide for hours. They even have the added bonus of fantastic stamina for the rare occasion it’s not a short journey thanks to their outstanding pace.

Pigeons may not be murder birds but they do have killer style! All the same species yet so many varieties! While everyone else is flying around on identical red-tailed hawks, your bird is unique in everywhere, there’s no mistaking her for another one. So many different colors, feather decorations, shapes and sizes!

They’re also crazy agile, able to out maneuver even the best of falcons. They can summersault backwards midair or even fly backwards- wow!

And let’s talk about affordability. Think you’ll have fun having to go kill 30+ elk a day just to feed your giant raptor? Think again! It gets old! but pigeons can just eat whatever, you don’t have to worry about hunting constantly because they’ll just eat the most convenient thing available.

Last but certainly not least, pigeons are expert navigators. Tired of your eagle getting lost? Well on the back of a pigeon you never will, do they read the stars, use the sun, sense magnetic force? Who knows! But they sure do get the job done, you can sit back and relax knowing that you’re heading in the right direction.

So before you go thinking you want to saddle up the first raptor you see, consider the humble pigeon. The undiscovered flashiest, and most reliable giant bird mount.