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Don’t let go

Fandom: Marvel
Pairings: Steve Rogers x (mutant)reader; Wanda Maximoff x (sister)reader x Pietro Maximoff
Genres: angst, mild fluff
Words: 1.890
Summary: based on an imagine: “Imagine falling for Steve and your siblings, the twins, disapproving” - requested by Anonymous
A/N: To avoid any misunderstandings, all characters are of age. Gif’s not mine.

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anonymous asked:

Sorry this might be long but I just want to vent to someone. I understand that some people not like sjm's books for various reasons (mostly the lack of representation), but what I don't get is that there's an actual fandom of anti-s*j*m. Never before have i ever seen an actual fandom of people who are anti anything, or blogs solely dedicated to hating someone's work. Authors are human too. (1/2)

Just compare her to JKR. She had 7 books in her series and as far as I can remember there’s one, maybe 2, canon black characters throughout the series, and theyre hardly seen, and I’ve never seen an anti-jkr fandom or blogs only dedicated to hating her work. I just don’t understand why anyone would make a blog dedicated to hating a person. These people are human. (2/2)

I understand what you’re saying. SJM is hardly the only example of a book that has bad PoC representation, and few prominent LGBTQ characters. But for some reason, her work inspires anti blogs whereas other books, that have the same issues don’t. It’s something that has struck me as odd as well. 

That’s not to say that reading with a critical eye is not important. It really is, and we definitely do need to be demanding more from authors in terms of good rep. (I know this might seem contradictory to my whole “i read for enjoyment” thing but I’ll get to that in a second.”) What bothers me about antis is that they…build this entire identity for themselves that is based around hating something? And I don’t think hatred is the best emotion to have when going into critiquing something. 

Similarly, it’s not as if antis are these people who just disliked a plot line or something in an SJM book and put the series down. No, they are clearly people who have read all the books, and keep reading them, and in some way are actively participating in the fandom. That’s what I don’t get. I respect anyone’s reason for not enjoying Sarah’s books- not every book is for everyone, and I can easily see how someone might read Nehemia’s death in CoM, roll their eyes because of how utterly offensive and badly plotted it is and then put the books down forever. And I respect that. What I don’t understand about the anti mentality is that they keep coming back, and reading, and engaging. There is of course room for posts about why we don’t like a certain book, I’ve obviously hated books before too and I’ve definitely complained about things. So when I say anti i really dont mean people who just criticize the things they disliked in acowar or something, I really just mean people who have an entire blog dedicated to hating something. But in order to keep that blog fueled with hatred they have to keep reading the thing they hate and it’s like…wow almost as if you even enjoy that thing???

It’s almost as if engaging in anti discourse is how they make themselves feel better for enjoying portions of this problematic thing? And that’s why I’m a big proponent of reading whatever you want for enjoyment—you should be able to enjoy whatever it is you enjoy without feeling badly about it. Because frankly, no book you read is going to be “unproblematic” in some way and no book is going to be perfect and without valid criticism. It’s almost as if antis enjoy SJM’s books in some ways, but feel guilty for enjoying it, so in order to cope with that guilt, they trash her for everything, and anything. For instance, I adore LOTR, and am not going to feel guilty for enjoying it, but I also acknowledge that the way Tolkien handles people of color (namely by making them orcs…) is shit and racist and not something that we should ever see in any fantasy novel again. You can…enjoy something and also know that it has problems. My blog is generally geared towards focusing on the things about books that I enjoy, because Idk, I got tired of all the hate after acowar, and am finally reemerging into the sphere of critical discourse. 

I also think that the anti mentality comes from people enjoying these books, then going on tumblr and seeing what other people have to say that is negative, and then thinking oH SHIT I NEED TO HATE THESE BOOKS TOO. Except…you enjoyed them for a reason, and you can’t…get rid of that enjoyment, all you can do is say “hey well there are some not so great things about these books and here’s why.” 

You shouldn’t…blindly hate someone for writing things in a way that you dislike. SJM has creative license and it’s seriously not up to us what happens in the book. I’m not talking about people with valid critiques of how she handles marginalized characters, I’m talking about the antis who HATE how Chaol and Aelin were written, who dislike the way characters develop, who want to burn SJM at the stake for DARING to write characters who don’t act perfectly all of the time. That’s the anti shit that really pisses me off. You can be critical all you want, and call out the things that need to be called out but…you don’t really have a leg to stand on if your discourse starts with “I can’t BELIEVE how she wrote Celaena’s character after CoM, Aelin is the fucking worst, I’m pretending that Aelin doesn’t exist.” I mean whatever, sure, but ultimately people do need to realize that authors get to make their own choices about how their characters developed and uh…whats in the book is ultimately who the character *actually* is and it’s not always going to line up with who the readers thought the character was but…um, sorry? That happens. And yes you’re allowed to be dissatisfied with a character but if you hate her that much, put the book down??? 

Finally, I think that SJM’s books inspire anti-ness because they are so so SO dramatic as to be polarizing. She’s constantly taking tropes (like the bad boy turned hero) and stretching them to the extreme. She is constantly beating her characters down and heaping trauma on them. There are a lot of *gasp* moments in tog and acotar. A lot of crying. A lot of screaming moments as well. And…while someone like me LIVES L I V E S for drama, a lot of people react negatively to it in the extreme. The books are polarizing because they are laden with emotion and melodrama and that doesnt work for everyone.

tldr; actual critical discussions of sjm are great and we should acknowledge the problems in her books especially in terms of marginalized characters. idk why there is an entire portion of this website dedicated to hating her, but i tried to give you some pseudo-psychological explanations for it. 

Basically a slightly modified RANT i made about @MARVEL as LEGNA on a fanfic(had literally nothing to do with the fic. Biggest tangent on a comment ever. but i did it, and i got to get it out of my chest, its been EATING at me for a while.)

My dumbass is starting to realize that 616 will only ever satisfy people with their stories on an Action level. Because, the thing is, these characters have being around a long time, and will be around for even longer. Because it is believed that the audience doesn’t wanna see their characters grow old, comics freeze them in time. This creates perpetually young characters with a bunch of action and shit going down, constantly, through a long period of time. Like, 40 years to the reader, equals, say, 10 years in the X-Men, for example. Add the fact, that the idea of writing a happy couple doesn’t appeal to writers, for the reason that the sole idea of keeping that up, for who knows how long, might bore the audience(completely debatable). The only couples that are allowed to be happy, these days, are the ones that might, in the real world, be given a harder time by our awful society simply for existing (Take Biracial Couples: jessica jones/luke cage, or Same Sex Couples: rictor/shatterstar). I reallyREALLYreally hate the ABSOLUTE FALSE idea that writing an established couple is the ruination of two great characters. (This implies that the most exciting thing that can happen to a couple is a dramatic rupture, almost as ridiculous as the idea that the very best thing that might happen to someone is being in a relationship). You can still write life partners, in an interesting, entertaining way, that stick together through thick and thin, regardless of how hard it gets(Mystique/Destiny, until Irene died). The way comic writers keep tearing people apart, for what almost appears to be a lazy try at the glorified “Gritty Realism”. ’S got me yawning at this point  ya’ll, tbh. We all have a pretty clear idea, how the X-Men would have been wrapped had it been meant to be a short story, or at least a story with a specific date of caducity. I am not ranting for the sake of Romy(ROGUExGAMBIT), because as much as I love the couple, that is neither here nor there. What annoys me is the fact that Rogue’s characterisation is a fucking tragedy (I’m using her, as an example, never mind the fact that most heroes act like goddamn teenagers in these books). No one who’s gone through the stuff she’s gone through, acts the way she does in the comics (the way she’s been written by certain authors). She’s literally the Token Angry Person. Know what I’d REALLY appreciate at this point? ACTUAL Gritty Realism. Not glamourised SuperBullshit. Give me Heroes in therapy. Give me Heroes with PTSD. Give me Heroes that switch sides(whether it’s for the better or as a mistake). Give me heroes that struggle with killing, and collateral. Give me Heroes that cash out in the pursuit of their own happiness. Give me Heroes with anti-climatic deaths. Heroes who struggle with addiction. Realistically positive things, even. Heroes who part relationships amicably. Give me Piotr Raputin AND Kitty effin’ Pryde, actually, compromising about their Personal Ideologies(They are both heroes who believe in the Greater Good. The only people who do not manage to compromise on these types of things, are those who care more about being right, than they do about their own happiness). Because, while I do believe, that a Superhero’s life would be HARD AS ALL HELL. Even more so as a couple, I also believe that surviving the amount of shit that they already HAVE together would create a very specific type of bond that isn’t addressed in 616!canon. Using Gambit and Rogue as an example: With that  whole SHITSHOW with Vargas under their belt among everything else… There is no way that a break up down the line would NOT have been cataclysmic, emotionally. To an extent that a civilian would never understand. That shared life experience is under NO circumstances on the same level as “Oh, we had even rented our wedding venue, and now we are perfect strangers” (which is totes what one would guess with the tepid, half-assed, pussyfooting BS we read about them now a days). This is: We have literally, in a relationship or otherwise, brought each other back from the dead and now we don’t talk anymore. I’m not touching the whole Antartica fiasco with a 10-foot-pole (they addressed it like, once.  Rogue absorbed Remy’s despair and desire to die, and I’m just here like… weak. WEAK. Like…….. Should’t we talk more about this??? Did she try to come back when his psyche faded??? Ugh. UGH.) Comics Rogue is super indecisive, right? She’s like I’ll follow u till the ends of the earth to save you from yourself, and 3 minutes later, She’s like: I need some space. I need some time. I need to be alone. Like ??????????????????  In their line of work where they could be dead tomorrow that makes no sense. The kind of perspective that sort of lifestyle grants you doesn’t fit the high school level coping mechanisms. Like, yeah. perhaps if you live under normal circumstances, with a 9-to-5 job thats like a thing. BUT THEY DO NOT??????????????? THEY LIVE UNDER THE MOST BATSHIT REALITY? Like if those were her legit emotional resources she would’ve offed herself years ago????? BUT LETS SAY IT IS A THING. Let’s say that she does have that impulse to push everyone who loves her away. Realistically, she’d done it like at first????? and then I don’t know, GROW UP? ???????????????????

and the worst WORST PART
Is that lazy writing has gotten her character to read as this petty, insufferable bitch that Gambit puts up with??????
that was not what her character was meant to be



AND TO CULMINATE THE RANT: I have no doubt in my mind that their relationship would have NEVER deteriorated to the point it is today, had writers not fallen into drama for the sake of it. To have her push him away, as if that should be the deciding factor of Remy Lebeau being or not an adventurer. She wants him=Relationship(boring). She doesn’t=He lives it up around the world. At this point. I swear. Even if a writer were like: Yeah, you know what? kiss and make up. In a minute, another would be like: OOC (TAKING INTO ACCOUNT SAID CHARACTER’S CURRENT DEVELOPMENT) SLEEZY AFFAIR ANYONE HMM?. Then, the next one, would make the other get kidnapped by aliens, and since it has no fixated ending it’ll just go on and on and on. Pulling them together and apart, for ~Shock Value~. 




fuck you for always.

TL DR: Real Life does, absolutely, deal with break ups and estrangement, and personal tragedy, and a whole lot of really REALLY shitty BS. But if I, as a 23 year old woman from a third world country, know enough about psychology, and wellness, and mindfulness, to fucking AIM to acknowledge and rid myself of toxic behaviour, to be better and HAPPIER. I have no doubt in my mind NEW YORK HQd Heroes, that are as well traveled as they are. Know as much as they do about the world, have just a bit more of a grip on their Emotional Inteligence than the cast of Jersey Shore. just saying’.

Quite Frankly? Like how much better would comics be, if we didn’t just get the Ultron’s back for the 67th time story, or “X” is back from the dead trope. IMAGINE if they used a mix of mundane/extraordinary elements to create a story. Like, i don’t know. Bobby coming out of the closet, and doing something lame like speed dating, and hanging out with Kyle and Jean Paul, and Star and Ric, while he tries to save the world. Like, give me SOMETHING heartwarming before you dash my hopes and dreams. Comics would be so much better if instead of trying to be a full on escape from reality with their far fetched, and at this point, quite honestly, pointless and repetitive adventures, we saw heroes, simultaneously, struggle with mundane, human problems, that they, in the end, managed to rise above of. TALK ABOUT WIN-WIN. 

Needless to say. I don’t believe that heroes are PRE-REQUISITELY supposed to come with an element of tragedy, or misery, in order to be a legit hero(SIDE-EYEING THE HELL OUT OF YOU DC COMICS

There are positive forces that push people into heroics, I like to believe. I do not subscribe to the idea, that it is a superheroes’ dissatisfaction with other elements in their life, that push them to be devoted heroes.

Summer Lethargy?

I’ve recently come to realise that a lot of us are on summer break right now, and frankly, a lot of us have no idea of what to do. We lie around feeling like unproductive walruses and you start to miss school. 
So, in light of this stupid issue that we shouldn’t even have in the first place, I’ve come up with a whole lot of 

Stuff to do while you’re feeling unproductive:

1. Tidy up!

Do this a little at a time. Today you could do your desk, tomorrow your side table, but get rid of all that shit you don’t need and everything that reminds you of school! 

2. Get exercise!

If you can’t go to the gym or go for a jog, or that isn’t really your thing, try looking up 10 minute cardio videos on youtube! You now have allll the time you need to get those abs you always wanted, so work for it!!

3. Organise your life!

That post-exam tornado of shit has got to go! Decide what you’re going to do with all your storage space and use it wisely! I’ve filled the drawer that used to have my textbooks with art supplies!

4. Work on your Hobbies!

While you have school, you don’t always have the time to pursue your hobbies, so do it now!! Spend a little while everyday painting or practicing your instrument, or try a new hobby altogether!!

5. Clean out your closet!

(this is my girlfriend’s closet but whatever)
First, take everything out of your closet. Then, put only the things you usually wear back in. Then, donate everything else, if it’s in good condition.
That was pretty easy.

6. Treat yo self

I’m not even kidding. Spend some money on stuff that you want. Art supplies, food, books you always wanted to read but never got round to reading ahem lotr ahem.

7. Find responsibility

Get yourself a cat, or maybe a hamster, or even a fish. If all else fails, a little plant buddy to take care of. You now have enough time to raise a friend!!

8. Learn a new skill

Cooking, baking, a new language, pottery, fuckin birdwatching. Learn something new that you’ve always wanted to!
Bonus: Sign up for classes: not only will this add routine to your life, but you’ll meet new people with similar interests as you! (if you like that sort of thing i mean)

9. Develop routine

School usually gives you that routine that somehow keeps you going, so develop one for the summer as well. Have a set of things to do every morning and night or through each day to keep you feeling productive.

10. Self Care

You no longer have to be in a rush!! You can now spend as long as you like in the shower and you have more time to take care of your health! 
Pro tip: Try adding two drops of lavender oil to your moisturiser to smell like an actual flower angel mariposa person

All that being said, here’s a couple of


Do not

1. Sit around and watch TV all day
Binge watching skam is definitely a fun summer activity, but don’t just stare at a screen for the sake of staring at a screen. Stare at a screen with purpose. (you can quote me on that)

2. Sit at home all summer
Once school starts, you’re going to be at home a lot, so use this as an opportunity to go out! Try and go outside at least once a week, either if it’s lunch with a friend or the mall with your mum, gtfo.

3. Eat shit
I’m not even kidding, don’t just eat crap because it’s there. Before you eat some unhealthy poison, ask yourself if you’re really hungry, or just bored. I’d also recommend using this time to give up any shit you got into earlier. For instance last summer I gradually managed to give up crisps and soda, which used to make up about 70% of my diet.

4. Isolate yourself
Although having some me-time is swell, don’t completely block off the rest of the irl world. Find somebody to talk to occasionally. Although we’re all antisocial internet shits, we might crave a little human company once in a while.

Okay that’s all I have! You can always ask me for more specific what-to-do’s if you like, and feel free to add on to this post!!

Do you like making love at midnight? (Calum Hood Imagine)

A/N: This is pretty short, but nevertheless, I hope you enjoy! Happy reading! Requests should be open soon. Also, this is my first time writing an imagine for any of the 5SOS boys, so please be gentle with me if you’re going to leave me feedback :) Thanks!

Requested by Anonymous: can you do an imagine where you and calum are driving to the store and calum goes in and your in the car, and the one song thats like if you like pina coladas..comes on and you start singing and then calum comes back and he’s like so do you like making love at midnight??

Pairing: Reader + Calum Hood (Reader’s POV)

Word Count: 1,000+ words


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CHEAT? x Luke Hemmings

Author × Alec

Based on × Anon message Can u do one where u and Luke have been together for 6 years and engaged but u find pictures online of Arzaylea with him so u break up, (but he was forced too BC of modest) later on u find out you’re preg and you’re also a vs model? Have a nice a day love☺️


It was a normal day, well beside your fiance, Luke, was coming home from promo for a day or two so he could relax. You were really hyped up to see him and you couldn’t wait to hold him in your arms again and feel the touch of his pink lips.

Oh god, his lips. They were what you liked about him the most besides his angelic blue eyes that sent piercing shivers down your spine like a lightning bolt. But you loved the way he would speak with the movement of his lips. Of course depending on whether a person is sad or not it will show a frown but his showed more. They showed disappointment, happiness… even horniness. His lips would trail down your body leaving red little marks all over your body before they were removed leaving you a teased mess. You missed them.

You planned on meeting him from the airport without him knowing but there was about a million Twitter nofications blowing up your phone which was strange because since you and Luke didn’t release any form of relationship to the world after the 6 years you had been dating and the 2 you had been engaged. Although Luke was romantic, he proposed casually… well you were midway through your sex high when he did, but you didn’t care, it made you extra happy. However, what you saw did not make you happy. There was thousands of fans tweeting you pictures of Luke with a girl known as Arzaylea and it didn’t bother you because you trusted him until you saw they were holding hands.

That was enough to break your heart. Of course for some it would have taken a lot longer like seeing him kiss someone but he knew that your previous relationships ended badly and almost always because the other cheated.

You had to sit on your couch and you were trying your best not to cry but it was so difficult that you ended up a sobbing mess and crying yourself to sleep.

You were awoken 2 hours later, “Y/N, babe, it’s me, wake up,” he said placing a kiss on your forehead. You had honestly forgotten about Arzaylea until you opened your eyes and you stood up in an instant.

“How could you? I trusted you Luke,” you cried out, heart breaking smeared across your face.

He looked at you confused, “Wha-” but you cut him off

Anger glazed over your eyes as they shot him a beautifully upset glare,“Don’t you dare try and act like you never held hands with that Arzaylea girl,” you said clenching your fists.

A look of realization came over Luke and he tried to explain but you didn’t let him and just walked out and placing your engagement ring on the hallway table and speaking the 3 words you never wanted to hear and definitely not say. “We are over!” you shouted.

It took him by surprise and ir shocked you as well. So many feelings were going on at one time but all you knew was that you needed a place to stay.

It wasn’t hard for you to find a nice hotel to stay at until you got yourself feeling happier. You were a Victoria Secret model so you had money, but money couldn’t buy you a feeling.

You were also due to a shoot tomorrow and that was going to drain you but maybe it would take your mind off of things.

You checked into the hotel, you had to admit, for it not being a 5 star hotel like you were used to management placing you in, it didn’t come far off.

You unlocked the door to your room and instantly going to the bed and falling asleep again.

It was about two hours later when you woke up and it still hadn’t reached night time so you decided to go and buy some clothes considering you left all of yours at the apartment you and Luke used to share.

You got up and ran a hand through your hair and went to the mirror in the bathroom. If you looked through a dictionary for the definition of ill, there would be a photo of you.

You splashed some water on your face and dried it and went out.

Everyshop bored you so you just settled going into a thrift shop, buying some clothes that will last you until you aren’t ill and went into a pharmacy and get some cold medicine.

You stood, reading medicines to see if there were any that could get rid of a cold within 2 days but a poster caught your attention.

it read:

Are you feeling ill?

Looking a little pasty?

had sex in the last month or two?

Pick up a pregnancy test today.

You shook your head. You had sex with Luke a month back, yes, but he wore protection and you took the morning after pill just in case. There is no way you were pregnant. But as you were paying for your medicine something pulled you to get a test as well.

You walked out and went straight back to the hotel.

It wasn’t an understatement to say you ran faster than flash to your room and took the test.

After using the test you placed it on the counter and went out of the bathroom to make yourself some tea to calm your nerves but nothing could calm them. What were you going to do You couldn’t be a model with a bump. And then you also had to think about how you would have to quit the job that gave you enough money to support your child but if you were to quit it you wouldn’t be able to afford anything as seen as you would be a single mother…

Oh god… Luke.

You hadn’t thought about him for a second and now that you were you were thinking about him. What was he going to do when he found out. If he found out. You would have to keep it a secret from him.

Oh god, you couldn’t think for the life of you so you ran to the bathroom and checked the test and you let out a gasp.


You bought a pack of three so you used all of them again and they all came out positive, what the fuck were you meant to do?

You were freaking out so much and quite frankly you were scared more than anything.

You needed Luke but he cheated on you and you couldn’t forgive him for that.

A month passed since you found out and a month since you found out you were pregnant.

The day after you found out you went to the doctors and they said you were a month gone making right now, 2 months of being pregnant and a month jobless.

You couldn’t continue with work, if they found out you were pregnant it would cause an uproar on social media sites and that meant Luke finding out.

You did want him to find out just not right now.

You were currently out shopping, you had to admit that because of the tight shirt you were wearing it did make the small bump visible but most people just looked it off as a small food baby rather than an actual baby.

You were browsing the food in a small local shop when someone tapped you on the arm.

“Y/N?” Shit, it was Michael.

You turned around to see it wasn’t just him but also Ashton.

Your mind stumbled for words so say, “Oh, erm, hey,” you said scratching the back of your neck.

“You know, Luke’s in a ri-” but Ashton paused looking at your belly and bumping Michael. “Are you pregnant?”

You did a fake gasp trying to play it off, “Me? Pregnant? No.. its er.. just food,” You tried to act but everyone knew you couldn’t lie.

Michael looked a little pissed off, “Is it Lukes?”

“Can we not talk about this here,” you begged and signaled for them to follow you.

“No, Y/N, you’re coming around our Hotel, Luke isn’t there and he will know something is up if we don’t message a photo with Calum saying we are back,” Ashton said, pulling you softly with him.

It was an awkward 14 minutes getting to their Hotel. Michael kept on playing off his death glares as looks of worry and Ashton was just plain cold.

You thought that they would have understood why you broke up with Luke and maybe they did but you could tell they didn’t like the whole pregnant idea, especially because it was Lukes.

You walked into their shared hotel room and as you walked towards the beds, you realized they lied to you, Luke was there. He was hiding away in the blankets watching the door and then you.

You made an attempt to leave but he jumped out of bed and called your name.

You turned around and emitted a sigh,“What?” Exhaustion coated your words.

“Luke, I think Y/N has something to tell you,” Michael said, teeth gritted and you turned to him and shook your head.

“Fine, you won’t say it, I will, because unlike you and don’t like seeing Luke upset,” His anger grew as he spoke.

“I never wanted to see Luke upset,” You cried, pointing towards Luke as you shouted at Michael.

“Are you going to tell him then?”

“Tell me what?” Luke said, confusion masking his paled face.

You were about to tell him but the words wouldn’t come out so then Ashton said what Michael was

going to do and told him.

“She’s pregnant,” Ashton said sitting down on the bed.

You felt as though your whole world was collapsing around you.

“Best part is,” Michael said,“ She hasn’t told us who’s it is yet,”

“It’s Lukes, you fucking prick,” You shouted at Michael again, he needed to shut up before you lashed out.

“Wha- What?” Luke gasped, sitting down and going even whiter than he already was.

He looked completely broken and you wanted nothing but to take him into your arms and make him feel so much better.

The door then opened and Calum walked in.

“Oh hey Y/N,” He said happily, the only positivity in the room.

“Calum, can you please take Michael and Ashton somewhere while Y/N and I have a talk?” Luke said, obvious pain in his voice.

With that they left.

Luke stood up and wrapped you in a tight embrace. You sunk into and started to cry.

Every emotion you had had since the day you left him and more so the day you found out you were carrying his child all released as he held you tightly. You could hear him sobbing quietly as well.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. It was management. They wouldn’t let me say no and it was because of the publicity for the new album and I was meant to tell you.” he cried, kissing the top of your head in between words.

You stayed silent and let him continue, “As soon as you left I rang up and said that they had to make it so Arzaylea and I had split but they refused so I refused to leave the house unless it was for work,” he explained. It made you feel guilty. You wouldn’t be in this mess if you had just let him explain.

You finally spoke up, “I’m sorry too,” you said, your face still against his chest as you both hugged.

“It’s okay, it was my fault. I’m also sorry you quit.”

“How did you find out?” You said staring up at him.

“I asked a while back that if anything came up they were to ring me,”

“Oh… Wait so did you know I was pregnant?” you said, tensing a little.

He let out a small laugh, “No, they wouldn’t tell me why just that you quit. Y/N?”


“I love you,” He said kissing your lips.

“Yeah, I love you too,” you said. “Can we forget about this and start over?” you pretty much whispered.

“I would love that… You’re rings in the drawer.”

Part 2

4x3: The Three Garridebs, John Temporarily Leaves, Mary Killed, Baby Killed

Things that have to happen in 4x3:

1) Mary is revealed as Moran.

2) John kills Mary.

3) Baby Watson kidnapped and killed by the people after Mary.

4) “The Three Garridebs.”

5) John temporarily leaves Sherlock.

6) Jim returns.

7) “The Red-Headed League.“

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anonymous asked:

So Cassandra can be modded because she 'isn't real' but modding Sera or Dorian is somehow wrong? They aren't real people either. They're both mods, mods that don't affect anyone's game but the person who downloads them. Neither of those mods alter canon. Both add more bisexuals. But one is biphobic and the other isn't? Sorry, but this whole attitude just reeks of hypocricy.

Okay, so, here’s the deal:

None of them are real people. However, modding Dorian and Sera runs into other problems.

Modding Dorian is a problem for three main reasons:

1) A large part of Dorian’s story is about the fact that he doesn’t want to be with women, romantically or sexually. Modding him changes that story. That story has been stated by real people to mean a great deal to them. Dorian’s story of his struggles as a gay man is a common narrative many gay men relate to, and a narrative that is rarely found in games.

2) Dorian is a representative of an oppressed minority. While cis gay men are certainly some of the best-represented queer people out there, and while bi men need more representation, it’s still kind of shitty for bi people to be getting representation by getting rid of other queer people’s representation. It might be less problematic if not for the above point.

3) Gay and lesbian people being turned “straight” (or at least being with the “right” gender) is a common and ubiquitous problem. Queer people are consistently fetishized for the straight gaze. It’s less of a problem for Dorian than Sera (which I’ll get to) but it is a problem. Most of the people I have seen that want Dorian to be bi are straight women who want to be able to romance him with a female character. They will claim “oh well he can still like men, that’s okay,” but the things they say reek of fetishizing and seeing gay men as accessories, and that is not okay. Also, see point 1 above: part of Dorian’s story is that he doesn’t want to be with women romantically or sexually.

Changing Dorian is gay erasure. We should not conduct gay erasure to get bi representation.

On to Sera. I’m not sure how much #1 applies to her. I know less about Sera’s story than Dorian’s. But #2 and #3 are a bigger deal for Sera, so let’s cover that:

Lesbian women have not much representation at all. Lesbians are quite often either made bi in some way, or fetishized. Lesbians absolutely need more representation. Making Sera bi is lesbian erasure and reeks of lesbophobia.

Also, corrective rape for lesbians? That’s a thing. That is a common, terrible, widespread thing. Lesbians are repeatedly told they should be with men, they’d be straight if they just got the “right” man, they are consistently correctively raped. Lesbian characters are consistently turned bi so straight men can fantasize about being with them.

Sera may be problematic, as stated by many, many lesbian DA fans I’ve talked to, but her character doesn’t deserve to be messed up in that way.

So: changing Dorian or Sera is gay or lesbian erasure, reeks of corrective rape, and will hurt real people in the real world by reminding them of these things.

Also, frankly, most of the people clamoring for Dorian and/or Sera to be bi are not bi people. They are, mostly, straight people. This is relevant to Cassandra, as I’ll state below.

None of the above applies to Cassandra. Not one jot of it.

1) Cassandra’s story does not revolve around her being straight. In fact, Bi Cassandra has become such a big deal to the queer fandom because so many people thought she would be right up until she rejects a female Inquisitor for being a woman. I can’t speak to this directly, not having played the game, but I’ll trust the folks I’ve talked to. Regardless, making Cass bi doesn’t change her story and possibly enhances it.

2) Cassandra does not represent an oppressed minority. Straight women have more and better representation than anyone but straight men. Is it enough? No. Is it good enough? No. But if you need to stomp on other people to get your representation, there’s a problem.

3) While women do rape, and queer women do rape other women, straight women being correctively raped by queer women is not an epidemic problem. Usually if a woman rapes another woman the other woman is queer or there’s other power imbalances going on—disability, race, age, and so on. If there are women out there who have gone through this, that is horrific and I feel badly for them, but I don’t see such women rising up and talking about that as a problem that makes Bi Cass uncomfortable to them the way Bi Sera would be deeply uncomfortable for a lesbian—or, indeed, for me as a not-male bisexual.

Moreover, the narrative of “I didn’t realize I was bi/pan/gay/lesbian until I met x person” is a common narrative I’ve heard from many people. Making Cassandra bi could, possibly, give them that narrative. Or it could just seem like a natural extension of her character. Regardless, it’s not part of an underlying social problem.

Also, pretty much everyone who wants Cass to be bi are queer people. Dorian and Sera being changed is most prevalently straight people wanting queer people to belong to them. Sera being changed is especially this. Bi Cass is bi people wanting more representation. And rather than take it from other queer people we’re looking at a character we read as bisexual and going “could I have that playable please.”

And yeah, the person who made the mod did it just because they could. So what? We’ve been wanting Bi Cassandra since the game came out. A huge number of queer people were and are thrilled by this, and yet a section of the fandom decided it was hideous.

I will note that Bi Solas and Bi Cullen mods are out there, and yet there hasn’t been an uproar. Why? Because someone modded a woman to be bi, and it’s not in a way that allows fetishization for the straight gaze, and that simply cannot be allowed.

I will also note there are incest mods, there are “lets make a black/brown character white with blonde hair and blue eyes” mods, and those people have not been harassed off Nexus or Tumblr.

But no. Dare to allow a woman to date another woman, and suddenly this is the hill people will die on. This is the reason to harass and hound someone. This is where they draw the line.

If someone makes Bi Dorian or Bi Sera, I’m not going to harass them. If someone uses it, I’m not going to harass them. But if someone can actually follow me and not understand the difference between changing queer sexuality, and making a character people already read as bisexual be outwardly bi, I have no idea why the hell they’re following me.

FULL TRANSLATION OF HORRIFICATOR UNDER THE CUT. Enjoy knowing what everyone is saying :)


1. I am not a professional translator :P I am a french canadian 19 year old, so there’s bound to be a few mistakes in here, but i did my best :) It’d be super cool if y’all gave this a like or reblog, since i spent like 4 hours translating + another hour formatting for tumblr :P

2. If anyone would like to use my translations to make a sub, you are more than welcome! I ask only two things: First, please put at the beginning of the video (perhaps during the intro song) “Please support the show and it’s creators by watching the official premiere of the english dub on December 6 on Nickelodeon!” Second, please credit me for my translations somewhere. At the beginning of the video, end, description, it doesnt matter. Just put somewhere :)

3. I had major difficulties translating the song, so in the end i decided to just not. If you want info as to why/the lyrics that i do know, feel free to drop me a message :)

Full translation of the entire episode under the cut, or linked here

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I fear for this next election

The news are flooding in about the candidates and it’s a bit frightening how bad the outlook is. Let me break it up.

We’ve got hellspawn Trump pushing insane ideas like making Mexico pay for a wall on the border and killing an amendment to make children born in the US to undocumented parents automatically illegal. The first one is never going to happen. I mean seriously. Look at that. Just look at that idea. How do people even think that it is possible??? The second is a frightening possibility because the overpowering majority of Republicans are racist as all hell and any excuse to get rid of illegals will make them hard without realizing the effect of what it is they are actually doing because OMG YES GET RID OF THOSE FILTHY DEGENERATES (that hurt to write, I’m so sorry). But he is pushing for any form of publicity he can get because in the long run, people will see and hear his name more than anyone else and there is an entire category of voters who will vote without any idea of who they are voting for, knowing only the biggest name out of the list in front of them. Another category will vote out of spite for the opposite party in a “lesser of two evils” way as it appears to them. Also can we mention his utter disrespect for women, horrifically racist comments (that drug addict and rapist speech, to name one), and hasn’t actually held political office that I’ve read about? It is scary how many people are behind him and willing to have a president like THAT in office for a minimum of four years unless he fucks up enough to convince Republicans to agree to impeach him. I’m impressed with his publicist who got him the bald eagle photoshoot, even though the design looked like a badly photoshopped middle schooler’s homework assignment. And way to go placing all his helmets and whatnot. Painful. But people fall for that shit so yay, go feed that part of the media! Bald eagle in the photo? ALL THE PATRIOTISM! Totally ignoring that he offends 98% of the people he speaks to so I don’t want to even think about what will happen if he ever handles foreign matters. You can read more about his most recent escapade here and decide for yourself: link. And he seems to forget that deporting undocumented people will reveal a lot of jobs that people don’t want to do but undocumented people (is there another term? Illegals sounds off and I don’t know if this is the official term) have been working hard at to build themselves up for their families’ futures. And frankly, you try finding a massive amount of people who would eagerly work inhuman hours for well below minimum wage if it means they can get two feet under them and work for what they want.

We have Clinton on this side. Well…I haven’t seen a single scrap of positive publicity for her. At all. I don’t have high hopes for her. It would’ve been awesome to have a female president but this just isn’t the year. Sometimes, political suicide might be better just so that people can put their votes to good use on Sanders, who is one of the most positive candidates I’ve seen in a while.

Sanders! He’s pushing great platforms, has a life-long history of supporting and acting on his words and for his cause, and is touching subjects others avoid. He’s not getting the publicity he deserves, though, because channels are just straight up ignoring his speeches and refusing to attend his events. The main way he’s getting his platform out is through the internet and Twitter, effectively reaching the younger crowd. This post sums up his platform so far: link. Yes, it has some issues that will need some maneuvering to fix (like finding funding for medical staff if healthcare is free and funding for teachers if education is free) but he is taking rational steps that others haven’t touched before. He also supports the gender, sexuality, and racial equality movements and speaks out about the injustices, something he has done his entire life. He even marched with MLK and has maintained his views. Why aren’t more people supporting him?

All in all, I really hope people come to their senses and vote the right way because this election sounds like it will change the US and foreign relations as we know them. A lot of political issues are peaking and we have a brutal, selfish, racist, sexist extremist on one side and a rational candidate on the other side who has been supporting the same ideals his entire life, with political experience (unlike Trump, who is a businessman). Was that last phrase unfortunately biased? Absolutely. But sometimes, nothing else works to make people realize what the stakes are in something as big as electing the leader of a country THAT THEY LIVE IN for the next 4-8 years.

pilferingapples  asked:

Feuilly, and Coming Home? (happytimes please I need happytimes)

can do happytimes! :D

Five times Feuilly came home; and one time he didn’t, but it was okay


It’s small, and dusty, and the one window is too dirty to see the street below; the austere beige that covers the room is discoloured in places, and there’s a draft coming from under the door. The walls are paper thin, and the neighbours aren’t quiet.

But there’s also a bed in the corner of the room, which is miles better than the haystack of a mattress Feuilly had been sleeping on at the workshop; a little table, a chest to put his clothes in, a cupboard for bread and cheese and bowls, and a small but serviceable stove. It’s not too far from the workshop, but far enough not to encounter coworkers when he doesn’t want to. The drafty door has a lock, and the landlady, a Mme. Jackowska, has a kind and warm smile.

All in all, it seems to be a better place than anything Feuilly has ever lived in - and most importantly, it’shis.

“Home,” Feuilly whispers. He sets his bag on the bed, and looks around. He doesn’t quite feel it, not yet - perhaps he could hang some curtains on the window, find a little rug to place near the bed - but in his fifteen years, it’s the first time he is anywhere close to having a home to himself, and he smiles.

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anonymous asked:

I wonder how long a person will disagree when you say "I'm not worth all this trouble" before they start to get tired, agree, and leave.

Oh, sweet Anon. I’m so sorry you’re not feeling okay. Here’s hugs: {}{}{} (and if hugs are not your thing, read those braces as a non-intrusive friendly gesture.)

It can happen. I don’t know how long it takes. It differs from person to person.


You can decide to stop trying to convince yourself and others of something that simply is not true.

it’s tough to feel worthy if you’re not treating yourself with care. And it’s tough to treat yourself with care if you feel unworthy.

But look, just take your time. Go one step at a time. Because I care about you, even if I don’t know your name, and because I care about you, I’m going to give you a recipe that’s worked for me.

It may or may not work for you, but I hope it does.

1) First, you breathe.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, pause, and simply bring your attention to your breath. There is no wrong way to do this. Simply attend to yourself, to your breathing, to the air flowing out and in.

Then go on with what you were doing.

And come back. Every so often, throughout your day, bring your attention back to your breath. Does it slow? Get faster? Become deeper or shallower as you bring your attention to it? It doesn’t need to change, not at all. But if it does, as you notice your breath, notice too how it changes.

And let it go.

Several times a day, focus on the sensation of the air entering and leaving your nostrils. And maybe the number of times you do this increases. And maybe the length of time you attend increases. Or maybe not. You can’t do this wrong.

I don’t know the science behind this, and maybe someone reading this does and will let me know if I’m correct or full of caca, but I get the sense that the oxygen you take in helps your body get rid of bad stuff.

Breathe a little. Give yourself some time. First you breathe.

2) Then you eat. 

Think about what you eat and when. Think about how much you eat. Think about how much white food, like bread and sugary things you eat. I know for myself that white food ain’t right for me. I also know that the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where my older son spent his first month used sucrose as a pain killer. It’s a pain killer. It’s a drug.

If you need to, make a schedule. Make it so that your phone or your watch sounds an alarm every so often to remind you to eat. 

Use food to fuel you.

If you drive a car, you may have heard that you shouldn’t run your car out of gas, because sludge at the bottom of the tank gets drawn into the other systems of your car. Shitty fuel can really clog stuff up. So you want to fill up, with good fuel, not constantly, but not at the last possible instant either.

Some people need to fuel themselves every 2-4 hours. Some can go 6 between daytime meals. You’ll have to bring your attention to how you are feeling and what your system is telling you in order to figure out how often you need to fuel yourself.

And use the good stuff: I know it’s more expensive and takes more time, but you are worth it. Lean protein and lots of veggies are going to fuel many people the best. Other people need other combinations of foods. Just be aware that some foods can have a damping effect on stress, but that damping effect is both habit forming and dangerous for your sense of worth. Use those foods carefully. Sometimes it’s better to feel the things.

3) Get some exercise, outdoors if you can. 

It doesn’t have to be hard. Walking is good. If walking isn’t on your menu, choose an activity you can do that gets your larger muscle groups moving. If it’s just enough to give you a slight sheen of sweat, all the better.

4) Sleep.

Insomnia, like depression, can suck the life right out of you. If you’re not sleeping well or regularly or long enough, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of sleeping better.

Some of these things are:

a) Stop caffeine intake after noon. 
b) Read in a chair, sleep in your bed.
c) Read books rather than electronics before bedtime.
d) Go to bed about the same time every night.
e) Get up about the same time every morning.

(Caveat: I do a, d, and e. I also take Ambien and Melatonin - on the advice of a doctor!)

5) Community.

Notice whether you hang out with other people. Notice who they are. Are they supportive? Do they acknowledge that you are having difficulties? Are you spending all your time with one person? People generally do better in a supportive community. Look around. You might need to put yourself out there a little. And here’s something that can help with that:

6) Gratitude.

I have found that if I can find something to be grateful for, and especially if I am able to express my gratitude, I begin to feel better. Give it a try. Your someone did something sweet for you, say thank you. Say it loud enough, clearly, and with gratitude. Find the things about the sweet thing that you like and name them. People love to be appreciated (in general). 

7) Service.

Do you see how awesome you are, Anon? By asking me this question, you’ve given me an opportunity to be of service. And I hope I’m being helpful to you, but even if I’m not, somebody might find this helpful. That helps me feel good about myself. And I would imagine that if you can find opportunities, even in really small ways, to be of service to others, service of any kind, you’ll gain a better and better understanding of how worthy you are of self-care, self-love, and the love of others.


If you are living with a condition that requires medication, use it on schedule. 

If you think your medication is fucking you up, get yourself to a doctor and talk it over, as frankly and authentically as possible. Don’t adjust your meds without the advice of a professional. Please.

Consider finding a counselor for mental health, emotional, or dependency issues.

If you already have one, go see them. 

Many universities provide free counseling to students. If you are a student, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it.

You don’t have to do all of this, or any of this, or all of it at once. I’m just leaving this here in case it is helpful to you.

I want to reiterate that I am not a doctor or a therapist, nor do I play one on tv.

All that said, I invite you to come off anon and talk to me any time.

I wish you the best,