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When magic works

I’ve spent much of my life wondering about whether magic is “real”, whether it “works”, whether it’s silly for me to invest my time and emotional energy into witchy stuff (even though at this point, I can’t not invest emotional energy into it; it makes me happy). I’ve spent the past eighteen years of my life trying to live magically and every few years I boxed up my witchy stuff in shame and told myself not to be so stupid. Because I was scared. Because trusting in that which I cannot see makes me feel vulnerable. But I could never bring myself to get rid of anything; particularly my crystals.

This week I’ve done two specific witchy things which made me think. I stuck a pin in the arm of my sofa after I lost my watch (thanks to @loveofakind who posted about this!), and I reblogged a money spell. Neither of which are things which take a lot of time and effort, but both of them made me think “eh, I really don’t think this’ll work but what’s the harm in trying”.

Straight after I put the pin in the sofa, I found my watch. The morning after I reblogged the money spell, I had a meeting with my new employer and they told me they’re giving me a relocation allowance for my move across country. I wasn’t expecting to get that because I asked weeks ago and they hadn’t responded so I thought it was a “we’re not gonna give you the money but we don’t want to have to tell you that” kind of situation.

Part of me is thinking, “Well, was it the witchy stuff? Would I have found the watch/got the money without it? I mean, the watch was literally right in front of me, and the money from my employer was already a possible option. Where’s the PROOF that there is a direct causal link between my witchy stuff and the money/finding my watch?”. I’m a researcher. I work in analysing evidence to form conclusions based on that evidence, and most of my job is about disentangling coincidence from causality. But just because I apply those rules to my job doesn’t mean I have to apply them to my life.

Witchcraft is a total mindshift for me (and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that). I’m finally learning to reconceptualise what I mean by evidence and when my actions, my body and my experiences are that evidence. Because ultimately, I don’t know that my actions led to those particular conclusions. What I do know is that I achieved what I wanted to achieve. I found my watch, and I can afford to move across country. And I don’t know whether my actions played a part in that, but I also don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t reblogged that post or put a pin in my sofa.

And the biggest part in me learning to feel comfortable as a witch is realising that I’m not trusting something “out there” to achieve the goals I’m aiming for. I’m learning to trust myself.



Just need to get rid of some stuff I never wear before I move in a year! Included items listed in the caption. Or send me an ask if you’re interested!



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Cophine Ring Thing... Again

I know that I wrote about this before, and this post is just a confirmation. The ring in Cosima’s hand (The last image) is Delphine’s. Because Cosima has her own ring in the other hand (The first image). For what we know so far, Cosima still have Delphine’s stuff in her power, (The white sweater and now the ring) I want to know what others stuff she has, it would be interesting to know that because that would show us how close they was together. That show that no matter the relationship that Cosima had with Shay, she could never get rid of Delphine’s stuff because she still was in love of her.


So a few years ago I bought this white littlefee/yosd dress but the doll it was for never came into existence.  I’m going to be posting up a bunch of stuff for sale but I was just so reluctant to get rid of this dress because I really adore it.  I’ve been wanting a new look for Leilani and while the dress needs some minor alterations (neck and bodice are slightly too large) I’m really pleased with how it looks on her!  Of course I need to comb her hair too… ha!  So the dress gets to stay!


My folks picked me up from the airport, fed me, took me home, fed me some more, and then we opened Christmas presents. I got a new blanket, an awesome infusion pitcher, some cool dinnerware, and a new ORIGAMI A DAY calendar so, as I did four years ago, I will be posting an origami a day this year. New Year’s resolution: made!

Then they fed me again. Good God. Not that I will ever say no to a kolache.

Also, Mum – not known for her ability to get rid of stuff – has discovered Marie Kondo. I have never in my life so badly needed this gif: