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Larries are just never going to get over the reality of solo Harry and the reality that he's clearly doing his own thing now and that the band as they know it is likely done. I feel like the deep down knowledge that they'll likely not see Harry and Louis together or interacting in any way for a long long time is really what's driving this negativity at the core. They have to know their "babygate" isn't ending. They know the band isn't coming back. Harry is an easy target for all that rage.

they know. they just can’t deal with it in a healthy way

All right, im gonna knock out a bunch of anons in one post because i only have like 40 posts left, sorry about the length of this lol

Anonymous said:They’d be calling it contrived and saying he was trying to pander to them if he did tweet a daily thank you anyways. They’ve been looking for reasons to poke holes in him since the day the Columbia deal was announced. Larries will literally never ever be satisfied with anything Harry or Louis do. The complain Harry doesn’t engage with them enough yet complain Louis doesn’t do “professional promo” enough. It’s nonsensical. They need to admit they’ll never be happy and move on.

Larries are harry and louis’ biggest haters. 

Anonymous said:We’ve said this before for many years they always go back to 2012 never fails if things are going bad all the sudden all the pictures from 2012 and all the made-up GIFs always seem to manage to pop up on their Pages again they are an open damn book because they have absolutely nothing new at all to post

Larries are at DEFCON Level 1 LOL 

coveredinclovers said:Lmao your gif game is killin me today 😂

im trying lol 

Anonymous said:The irony of Larries accusing pretty much anyone who’s ever been closed to the boys of gaslighting and then spends days/weeks/years trying to work the fandom up with their “worries and concerns” only to have Harry kill it all with these huge damn shows and appearances. I’m living

It’s fucking glorious isn’t it???? i’ve never felt more alive 

Anonymous said:Liam isn’t even with Sony, larries need to stahp. looking forward to solo Lima after 84 years it’s now been btw

Soon, lol

Anonymous said:I just saw a baby onesie that says “Mama’s Little Hippie” on the front with a peace sign and it made me think of Harry’s future children.


Anonymous said:Did I imagine it or did Cameron say in that podcast that Harry isn’t a big fan of Bowie? That made me lol. I mean, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect him as an artist and like some of his work… But yeah. I don’t think he’ll be singing Bowie in carpool karaoke

Yeah, like i wouldn’t call myself a Bowie fan. I know his best works and all that, but im not a stan or anything. 

Anonymous said:Larrie tantrums are honestly performance art. It totally boggles my mind that they can honestly not see what Harry’s doing for what it is, actively pursuing a major solo career and using all of the resources at his disposal to release an album that he and his amazing team believe in. It’s so a beautiful thing and they’re missing out. But they will not be missed, which makes all of the amazing comments about sott across all social media (and we’ll outside the 1d bubble) so much more fun to read😁

can they just leave? we don’t need them. 

Anonymous said:NGL really sick of these Larries tweeting asking for 1D to be in Harry’s episodes, if they keep it up they’ll get James or Ben’s attention and this is not at all about the group- I hate to see them make it about it. Totally unfair to solo Harry. I mean can Harry come in and but into your favorites solo promo?. I can’t believe ppl keep RT this!!

imagine harry butting into one of the others’ solo promo…..dear lord, the absolute hate meltdown would probably break tumblr

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ok why couldn't they get rid of post limit instead

why couldn’t they delete the whole website and finally free me from this hell i haven’t logged out in eight years

A Prayer for the People Who Make Orphan Black Gifs

Dear God,

Be with these blessed souls come the 19th of April

For they shall enter the valley of many black nights,

The only light the glow from their overworked Photoshop

Pulsing from their tired computer screens.

Grant them the adrenaline to gif through the morning

And the wifi to upload so that all may enjoy.

May all their work be seamless and beautifully colored,

And the recipient of as many notes as humanly possible.

Bestow upon them the knowledge that

Though they toil through the lands of keyboard shortcuts

Alone and exhausted, eyes droopy and dry,

The bloggers are ready to embrace them wholeheartedly.

Give us, come April, new Fee-isms to enjoy,

Some Alison dancing, and more angles of Delphine’s hair.

Let neither tears, nor death, nor conspiratorial mysteries

Distract these gif makers from their all-important task.

Begin to strengthen their Photoshop powers now, Oh Lord,

So that they shall be ready, armed with tools and layers and brushes,

To capture every moment, every clone, every eye line and eyeliner.

In these hours of darkness, shield tumblr from its many malfunctions,

For you know as well as we do, they are really not all that sorry.

And if you could look into getting rid of that pesky post limit,

We’d appreciate that, too.

We pray all this in your name, and the name of Tatiana Maslany,

Forever and ever. Amen.

- Clone Club.