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Honestly I’ve been meaning to get rid of the character limit lol, hope you enjoy!!

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Part 1!! ( part 2 will be posted tomorrow since it’s very late for me right now 😔)

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*madara a/u’s*

- modern world: he’s that businessman who always wears expensive suits and fancy watches.hes a leader of a very high and powerful corporate business of the uchiha family that was once allied with the senju family and their business. Madaras business, at first hand looks like they peacefully handle trades with other countries, but in reality the corporate is filled with smuggling, druglords, black market dealers and many many more awful critters, and madara is the one who gathered them all, and as easily as he gathered them is just as easily as he can get rid of them. His love life is something no one knows about, when he’s not working he’s boxing and when he’s not boxing he’s watching the love of his live work at a school, this s/o doesn’t even know he exist. But he rather keep it that way since his work is a very dangerous life.

- medieval/ fantasy world: their was once a human kingdom that peacefully co-existed with elfs. But that soon became no more when madara the 2nd hand to king hashirama, decided to lead a rebellion against the kingdom with the group of loyal elfs that he commanded, his reason for this rebellion was the constantly being pushed away when it came to political situations. His rebellion caused the gap and distrust between elfs and humans. Some say he died in the elf rebellion, killed by king hashirama himself, others say that he sealed his soul inside his own wife that was known for blinding the reapers eye and avoiding death many times. Many secretly await his return from his

“ slumber” so that the elfs may lead the rebellion once again.

- sci-fi world: one of the 4 leaders that command everything about the space station/troops. Madara handles the army, anything war related is commanded by him, but it also causes him to clash heads with hashirama since he is the one that handles a more peaceful side of new contact and basically deals with everything after war. Madara used to be very open to peace negotiations, but that quickly changed when his brother izuna died in a first contact war with a new race. A new side opened in him that caused him to be cold and blood thirsty, many have talked about forcing him to retire, but many are also scared at what may happen if they force him to quit.

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*tobirama a/u’s*

- modern world : a lawyer, he handles any falling out or problems that people have with the senju business corporation, he also takes care of any blackmail or possible actions being made to make the senju family look bad. He’s a busy and tired man, but he’s also a single father, s/o left him because of how much time he would spend on his job, but because s/o was in such a rush to start a new life, they also left their child with him and they haven’t contacted each other since. As tired as he is when he comes home, he makes time to at least spend 1-3 hours with the kid.

- medieval/ fantasy world: he comes from a race called zeornat, they live deep in the icy cold mountains and have become immune to the icy winds that cause frostbite to anybody who isn’t zeornat. He is 2nd hand to the king that rules the kingdom in the mountains, and they are known for being peaceful and neutral to all kingdoms when it comes to war. Tobirama handles a group of warriors that travel between kingdoms and provide aid in war, he’s so used to the cold that he tends to sweat easily at any temperature that isn’t freezing cold, but let’s just say that the ladies get to look at a sweating shiny, embarrassed guy taking of his clothes so that he can cool down at the river.

- sci-fi world: he’s the creator for the devices given to everyone so that languages can translate faster and easier, not only does he personally learn every single language of all alien races, but he’s a part of peaceful affairs that travels planet to planet, making sure all political problems (and translators) are caught up to speed. He was once talking to a a fairly new alien species, he ended up saying something that didn’t translate the way he wanted, and well let’s just say that he’s married and he doesn’t even know it.

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* izuna a/u’s*

- modern world: a very sick young man, not having many years left to live, he is given full attention in his home. Constantly being flooded with doctors/nurses, maids/butler’s and family. He doesn’t know what his elder brother madara has turned the business into. But he can tell that it isn’t exactly a clean business by the way that madara tenses at every word when speaking about it, when he’s not laying down or sleeping due to his health, he’s painting, He’s painted the trees, sky,earth,vases and many things. But his favorite piece of artwork would be when he drew s/o, a painting only he has seen and the last painting he stared at while he was put to rest surrounded by his family.

- medieval/fantasy world: he belongs to selkie tribal group, known for their quickness and thievery, they roam the lands and take what they can. Izuna is known for being a guardian of the tribe, his loyalty shines through him and many of the people trust him. When they aren’t on land, they travel in packs through the sea, avoiding the hostile pirates and mermaids and stealing from small merchant ships. Izuna himself never takes part in the stealing ( he’s a horrible liar when he gets caught) but he’s best for protecting the others as they may their way back to base. He once came close to falling in love with a mermaid, but since he enjoys being on land more, the relationship became a bit distant.

-Sci-fi world: he was a first responder to space battles, known for his quick saves and shielding of other ships, he became a vessel of hope. He was constantly nagged by madara about how he shouldn’t distribute ship shields( basically ships can shield each other with a special force field, but that also takes away their own ships force field) and he would always tell madara “ I’m just doing my job, helping the bigger guys”. But sadly all heroes come to an end sooner or later, during a war in first contact, he decided to sacrifice his ships shield in order to save a bigger fleet containing a huge amount of soldiers. Much to madaras plead, he still went ahead and depleted his shield supply, saving the fleet at the cost of his own life. His ship was shot and exploded, nothing left of him or his ship remained after. But his spirit continued to live through the heart of the soldiers and fleets.

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ok why couldn't they get rid of post limit instead

why couldn’t they delete the whole website and finally free me from this hell i haven’t logged out in eight years

A Prayer for the People Who Make Orphan Black Gifs

Dear God,

Be with these blessed souls come the 19th of April

For they shall enter the valley of many black nights,

The only light the glow from their overworked Photoshop

Pulsing from their tired computer screens.

Grant them the adrenaline to gif through the morning

And the wifi to upload so that all may enjoy.

May all their work be seamless and beautifully colored,

And the recipient of as many notes as humanly possible.

Bestow upon them the knowledge that

Though they toil through the lands of keyboard shortcuts

Alone and exhausted, eyes droopy and dry,

The bloggers are ready to embrace them wholeheartedly.

Give us, come April, new Fee-isms to enjoy,

Some Alison dancing, and more angles of Delphine’s hair.

Let neither tears, nor death, nor conspiratorial mysteries

Distract these gif makers from their all-important task.

Begin to strengthen their Photoshop powers now, Oh Lord,

So that they shall be ready, armed with tools and layers and brushes,

To capture every moment, every clone, every eye line and eyeliner.

In these hours of darkness, shield tumblr from its many malfunctions,

For you know as well as we do, they are really not all that sorry.

And if you could look into getting rid of that pesky post limit,

We’d appreciate that, too.

We pray all this in your name, and the name of Tatiana Maslany,

Forever and ever. Amen.

- Clone Club.