getting real sick of this shit lol

5 hours of Set It Off on loop + a color palette from a challenge meme I’ve always wanted to try = one relatively spoopy skeleson. Looks like Sans is getting real sick of your murder shit, pdc. 

* Hey there b̷̢̢̛͡ų͝͏̡d̨̛͢͠d̸͠͏y̡͘͘͢ ̶́, , don’t you know how to greet a new P A L?

  • <p> <b>Y'all:</b> Jason Durelo stole a song from Imogen Heap!!!!<p/><b>Black People:</b> First of all, who? Also, No he didn't. Here's proof that she was paid and credited.<p/><b>Y'all:</b> Whatever, lol. He still can't write anything original. He ruined a great song and turned it into a fuckboy song.<p/><b>Me:</b> Can I be real with y'all? What does it say about this White lady's skills as an artist that y'all have to lie and say a Black dude stole her music JUST to get Tumblr talking about her??? You know, since we're throwing shade.<p/></p>

some people are so fucking rude on servando’s Instagram like holy crap these are real people with actual feelings, you can’t just comment shit like that ??? I don’t give a fuck how badly you ship Talex or whatever, have some respect. it’s one thing to say stuff on tumblr, but to actually comment on people’s social media? Grow the fuck up

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I dont even care. Ive made her (@marythenurse) quit writing which was what I wanted. One less of you sick people writing this trash! Buh bye

You know what’s funny, that you say I’m such a horrible person for what I like when you’re going out of your way to go on someone’s blog (that you don’t even like) just to send hate. (Anonymously might I add.) Cause people like you are cowards lol. Who’s the real sick piece of shit now? And we’ve got a whole Negan thirst squad WHO ISNT GOING ANYWHERE so get used to us 😘😘😘😘

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SS is abusive? LMAO you lost the discussion already bitch. Already! Sasuke tossing Karin around in the kage summit did you forget that did you forget he pierced her. He didn't move a fucking finger for her he just took a cheap shot. Sakura came and attacked him and they were enemies while Karin wasn't yet he attacked her. You sick fucks thinks it was meaningful because is his revenge? How disrespectful for people who do get abused. Stay pressed Sasukrekens lol.

Sasuke literally gives 0 shits about Sakura whereas he awakened a new technique to save Karin. SS is abusive, let’s be real, Sasuke regularly called Sakura annoying, tried to kill her so many times, has 0 respect for her powers (but he appreciates Karin’s) and he chose Karin, but was forced into a team with Sakura.

Sasusaku shit please instead of pathetically protecting your oh so perfect ship on anon, go read the manga.


My 6x04 thought process

So these are some notes I took while watching, they really are just me rambling:

•I like how they started right away with answering what we couldn’t hear Mr.D telling Ali and Jason last week

 •15 months older than Jason…could this mean that Jason isn’t Peter’s son but instead Charles is???Could this be why Peter is/was so involved with the Radley situation and Mrs.D. It’s obvious there could be some mental health issues with Spencer, which means it could run on her side of the family.  It could also mean that Jason and Charles are both of Peter’s kids.

•"Charles is dead" hmm just like you Ali…ok. 

 •What was the point of bringing Sara into the show if all she’s going to do is shower?! 

 •Why is Tanner is still on the job? Maybe the girls wouldn’t have been kidnaped if it wasn’t for her 😒 

•Omg Caleb is just the best bf! How he worries about and makes sure her safety is number one 👌🏽👌🏽 

•Ezra better not tell Spencer to write or his hot dog story. Seriously he should stick to selling coffee and dating minors. 

•ok for real though he’s too pushy telling Spencer to go to the cops. Like do you ever just shut up Ezra?! 

•Emily, Caleb is more stable and speaks in one accent I’m pretty sure brining Caleb along is the best idea. Chill girl. 

•Ali’s hair though 👌🏽👌🏽 

•wow nice father Mr.D. Him saying that just makes me think that Charles isn’t at all dead. But it also makes me think that he was never the real father, he was never really attached to him. Like what father says that?! 

•wtf is Emily wearing?! Did she make one of her 500000 flannel shits into shorts?!  

•Seriously who isn’t dead or dying in the Ali’s family. I can’t keep up! 

 •Does this Aunt have anything to do with Bethany. Was that her daughter in Radley?? Maybe that’s why Bethany would call Mrs.D aunt Jessie. But idk lol! 

•yes Pam!! I’m sorry Emily you went through a lot so no you can’t help her. 

 •Go back to the roof Sara and stop being sketchy!!!

 •Lmaoooo love how that kid looks nothing like Jason!! That or puberty was on his side and now he’s hot! 

•Mrs.D probably lied to Mr.D about him not being dead. She was probably the only one who truly loved him but Mr.D felt he was more of a burden. But for real can someone just stay dead on this show?! 

 •why does that lighting of the house remind me of Ravenswood? Stop pushing that shit on us! 

•I’m loving that the girls are working with both Ali and Jason ❤️❤️ 

•Aria’s go to when things get tough is throwing shit around lol 

•oh hey Lorezo reject, you’ll probably only be around for two episodes bc Ezria are soulmates. I know it makes me sick too! 

•I really don’t like Emily being alone with Sara. I feel like Emily would be more safe walking by herself than with Sara at the moment *trust no bitch*

•Jason and Ali hugging *crying* 

•If Paige saw Emily and Sara in the pool she’d probably drown Sara! 


•I hate to say this but Ezra is right for once. But this is Spencer’s way of gaining control and it really does not surprise me that she is looking for relief from drugs. It would have actually annoyed if they didn’t give her that story line after the doll house. Once and addict always and addict and that’s an important aspect to her character.  

• If he’s alive (that’s IF), Charles trying to hurt her and having an obsession with her now makes sense.  Ali was this perfect kid to Mr.D and even Mrs.D. He may see something that is beautiful loved and treasured, but also someone who may have taken the love away from him that he felt he deserved. 

Over all this was an ok episode, obviously there wasn’t anything huge answered but it’s little things right now that are building up to the actual answers that we’ve been looking for!