getting real sentimental about books

as i get older, the library has become like a time capsule to me

if there’s one good thing about living in the same place for so long, it’s that the library has become “my” library. i’ve been going to this library for as long as i can remember and now checking out a book that i love feels like running into an old friend

while browsing the photography section, i came across us and them by helmut newton and alice springs, a book that i loved dearly as a teenager. and there it was, waiting for me, the exact same copy that i spent so much time with years ago

it shouldn’t be surprising that i would discover this book again, but to think of all the books that the library has removed from their collection over the years, and the books that have been lost or damaged, and this particular book is still there. there is a notice inside that some of the pages have been ripped out. a portrait of karl lagerfield was cut from the middle of the page and then taped back in, but it is still there and i am so happy to have found it again