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Tfw he calls you “Guardian” and your stomach does The Thing

I was doing some serious gif-setting of some serious Destiny 2 moments when I noticed the adorable little secret smile that Hawthorne gets right after Zavala calls her Guardian and I just?? Too cute

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Dear, since you're in Noctis and Gladio hell, that just means you're automatically transferred to their dads' hells as well during different times of the day. That's how it is, I don't make the rules *Shrug*.



*looks back and forth between the two*

Renora Week Schedule

For anyone who doesn’t know for some reason, Renora Week is being run by @renora-week. FOLLOW THEM. PLEASE.

From November 27th to December 4th (Australia time), I will be flooding your dashboards with Renora. I’ll be releasing a fanfiction each day. Summaries are down below. Get ready for me to reblog some of my best(ish) Renora content each day also.

And please send me any Renora related asks you have. Headcanons, personal opinions and interpretations, and maybe even ficlet requests? That kind of stuff. I’d love to answer!

Day 1 – Childhood Memory - Time to Cry

Little Lie never had time to process his loss when they stumbled through the woods. Surviving was their first priority, but now they’re safe at Kuchinachi and Lie is using his semblance to avoid his grief.

Day 2 – Passions - A Passion for Pancakes

For Nora, food was always an unpleasant necessity, and never a luxury. She hated trash, but she hated hunger pains more. She never ate anything fresh or tasty until the day Ren cooked for her.

Day 3 – Anniversary - A Day to Feel

It is unfortunate their anniversary falls on the same day Ren lost everything thirteen years ago. Nora isn’t sure if he wants to celebrate or commemorate. She could ask about it, but would that make a potential day of sorrow all about her?

Day 4 – Family - Conditions Apply

Ren is the most well-behaved child. Nora is the least. They’ve always been a package deal. Unfortunately, that makes finding foster parents a challenge. Ren has to choose between a second chance at a loving home, or his best friend.

Day 5 – Dress Up - Yet to be titled

For the past week, Nora has been staying up late and sleeping in, and she refuses to tell Ren why. Concerned for her health and high levels of secrecy, he does some snooping, and finds an unfinished knitting project.

Day 6 – An AU - Lovestream

Ren and Nora always insisted that they were just childhood friends, but things become really complicated when their subscribers decided to play matchmaker. The last thing they want is a Truth or Dare livestream, but that one request floods social media.

Day 7 – Life or Death - Keep Talking

Ren has never been one for words, but while bleeding out and losing consciousness in the back of an ambulance, Nora needs him to keep talking if he is to remain alive.

Day 8 – Free Choice - Yet to be titled

Being invited to Ren and Nora’s baby shower was the greatest welcome back gift Team RWBY could have expected from their long mission. Their imaginations run wild with what this child will be like, but none of them expect what they get.

Titles may be subject to change. Also, not all of them are written yet. I’ll try my best to get it all done and polished in time 😊


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okay guys, real talk. i don’t want to put a damper on the dash but i’ve got a really important psa that we’ve stressed in the past but i’m going to bring back again today. ooc drama is not accepted. ooc vague blogging that’s directed at people is not accepted. bullying is not accepted. negative anon messages are not accepted. and finally, rules of the roleplay, especially activity, are not up for negotiation because they’re there for a reason. i’m going to lay out some standard stuff, but we have been receiving red flags in certain areas lately.

if you have an issue with a member, or the admins there’s an appropriate way to deal with issues. (yes yes i know ive gone on about this 50 billion times before, but hey, it’s your regularly scheduled chris wants this to be a fair roleplay post). you have the right to make complaints if you feel like the rules set out have been violated, but we as admins also have the right make choices for the safety and benefit of the roleplay. if do you do not agree this, discussion is the most appropriate way to go about this issue. but the truth is we can’t cater to everyones wants, and that’s just the way it is. we don’t play favourites, rp is supposed to be a democratic thing. provoking admins and members with hate isn’t helpful. for us or you. one thing i like to point out, is no one here would like to be bombarded with hate messages for decisions we had to, but not necessarily want to make. there are human beings behind these posts, and these characters. we want to help you guys in times of trouble, but problem solving is a two way street.

hope everyones having a great day. x

there’s a lady who lives across the street that’s definitely up to all kinds of questionable shenanigans and illegal activities and I just heard her dog unleash the worst scream I’ve ever heard my entire life so I was instantly pumped and my first thought was “this is the day I’m going to prison for murdering a bitch. this is how it ends for her and how it begins for me” but in the end it turned out the dog is fine now I’m so psyched up to fight though that I need to run to Scotland and back tl exert some of this energy